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Sales by Auction. tMPORTANT AUTUMN FARM SALE FtXTURIES. Sept. iS—CEFNDYGLWYD FARM Dispersal Sale. Oct.!T2—GREAT HOUSE FARM Dispersal Sale. Oct.[<.r-r EISHYPL WYDD FARM Dispersal Sale. Oct. 16 & I-—LLANSANTFRAED Dispersal C- Sate. J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.L, Auctioneers. Till:: J. STRAKER. SON & CMAOWtCK, F.A.L, are instructed by Mr. W. L Rogers. who is re- tiring, to nx THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, -for his highly important AGRtCULTURAL DMPERSAL SALE. AuctioneeTs Omces, Abergavenny. MONMOUTHSHIRE ————— PARISH OF TREGARE. SaJe, with in December Best, of one of the most fertile FREEHOLD MIXED FARMS in The County, situate fttd known as WERM-Y-IOtCLLYH within 3 of Raglan and 9 miles of Abcrga- venny contammg in the 'whole an area of t77a. 21. 2p. <or thereabcuts) well watered and in a high state of cultivation, now and .lor many years in the occupation of E-van Grif&ths, Esq at the very kiw .annual rental of [,190, tenant paying tithe. ExceUent Commodious Homestead. Capital of Outbuildings. Three Collages. Also an that FREEHOLD situate and known a.s :< -J PEMYUM) in the same Parish, containing an ..rca of 84a. <r. H? ?s? together with ??' Commodious Homestead. Outbuildings. Cottage. the who!e bemg let on a February tenancy to Mr. Thomas Hughes at the low rentJt of £63 her annum, <?- & filii ?- VWO FREEHOLD EMCLOMWE3 et USEFUL CRAM LAHD adjoining Orchard Farm and Hands, comprising aboot 10&. 2v. 24?., insthe occupation cf Mr. Smitn, tiM* Vendor. which >,toA! I. nRA.ER 80M & CWADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed to oSer by Pubbc Auc-tion, subject to Conditions oi Sale, m Two Lots, at the A.¡c.1tl. ABERGAVENK\, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, On TUESDAY, the t2th of AUGUST, 1919. Particulars ot Sale and any other information may be obtained from the Auctioneers at thei Omcea, Aberga\'enny cr as to Lot i, from H. GALUENNE LEMMON, Esq., L.L.B., Solicitor and Nctary PabHc. Abergavenny or as to Lot 2, from MESSRS. GARDNERS, HEY- WOOD & CMTY, Scttdtors, Abergavenny; as to Lot 3. E. WADDINGTON, Esq., Solicitor, Usk. BRECOSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANGATTOCE:, CuiCKHowEU.. <. tTRAKER, SOM & CHADWMK, F.A.h, are instructed To cfSer by Public Auction, subject to Conditions ci Sale, in one or more lots, On TUESDAY, the i-zth of AUGUST, voio. At 3 p.m. in the aftemecn, at the ANCEJ. HOTEI., If AD those FMEMOLD HILL FARMS known as LAaWERW WAWR and LASWERM WAeM containmg m the tM)L tf. Mp., now hdd by Mrs. R. Thomas amd Mr. T. Thomas on a yearly tenancy expiring Peb. 2nd, 1920, at the tow Annual Rental of In. Particulars of Sale and any further informa- tion may be obtained from the OSces of the Auction«'rs, Abergavenny or of H. F. W. HARRIS, Es< SoNcitor, Brecon. With Possegsiú!} of Glùnaion 0!. completion. BOROUGH OF ABERGA VE.Y. DMtRARLE twOMttWUTH ROAO FfeeMd RMMentM ProperMes COTTAeE. STABmM:. 6ARDEMS. Compnsmg aB that Pair of SEMI-DETACHED RESIDENCES known as BRVtMMK Md CLAMAFOM Stone built and Slated, with- Modem Appoint- ments, the whole secluded by high boundary walls, with Tradesmen s and Rear Entrances frotn the G.W.1L.-I.) and commaading a high elevation overlookine the picturesque vallev of the Usk THE COMPACT ACCOMMODATION in each Residence anords Entrance HaC, 3 Reception Rooms, 5 Bedrooms, Attic, Bathroom (h. & c ), Lavatory and weU-arranged Omces Cellarage Front and Kitchen Gardens GLANAFON is in the occupation of Miss Walford, whcee tenan<"y expires on t he 29th day of September the low RtTtdJ of £30 per annum. Tenant paying Rates BRYNUSX is in the occupation ci Mr Trevor Jones on Lease expiring July nth, 19Zt>, at the low annual Rental of £35, Tenant paying Rates, and which mchtdes the Two-Stall STABLE and Loft over as under the same roof, with the Brick and Slate built COTTACE situate at the rear of Brynusk, fronting the G W R Lane and now occupied by Mr Harris at the rental of 16s per lunar month, Landlord paying Rates Town Gas and Water and Telephone 'aid on which J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.L (unless sold by Pnvate Treaty) win oger by Auction as a whole or in two lots, subject to Conditions of Sale, on TUESDAY, AUGUST nth, 1919, At 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, at the ABKRCAVK?WY, Together with Together with the 11 Modem Freellold COT__TAGES situate m MILL STREET and known as Nos 18, 20. 22, 24, 26, 30, 32: and Nos. I to 4 COURT B. To be onered in one or more lots, and all let on weekly tenancies, producing the CroM Aanuat Reetat e< i115 10t. Od., Landlord paying Rates There is an easement to this lot subject to the Rental of los per annum. Orders to view and any further information as to both Lots may be obtained from the Auc- tioneers. Abergavenny or as to Lot i, W. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Esq.. Solicitor, New- port and as to Lot 2, J. R. JACOB, Esq., Solicitor, Abergavenny. NANTOER LANDS. Half a mile from G.W.R. Station. I. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWMK, F.A. are instructed to Sell by Auction m the Cattle Market on TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th, ACRES OF EXCELLENT OATS growing adjacent to the Mam Road. Particulars froni the Auctioneers. Removed from GLIFFAES icr of Sale to THE CLARENCE HALL. J, STRAKER. SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.L, are ia\'oured with instructions (the estate havina been scldt to Sell by Auction. 150 Lots Ot VatuaMe FURNtTURE & EFFECTS including a 'c'v Garden Tool< Bt-e Hives, CIav Pigeon Trap, Chemicals and BcttJc-s, 12 Pairs of Heavy Curtails, Chintz Curtams, eTc., Occa- sional Tabics. Ebornzed Music Cantdbllrv Canul Bear Figure, TWO LARGE VALUABLE 0<L PA!MT!MGS ? Gi!t ait.r Rosa) and The ¡by Antlers, Loo Table. H,!n¿?me Library Table, Couch. Ottoman Sc.fas, Rugs, Massive Bronze Figures, Benz!res S"viss Cse of Hvdrcmeters HANDSOME LAR6E BENARES CABtNET with canopy, Baths, Croquet Sets, Chairs, Candelabra Mirforf, Re-wood Settee, etc., etc. Sale at i 30 sharp. All Lots to be 'moved by I) p m. on day of Sale, owing to the Cinema Show at 7 o'clock. Auctioneers' OrRcet; and .ber- gavenny. Sales by Auction, -T- ABERGAVENNY. CIIAIX ROAD MEADOW. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK have received instructions from Mr C. Holly to offer by Public Auction, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th. i')tQ. in the CATTLE MARKET. 6], AMM of STANDING WHEAT. The haluage of above ran be carried by one ho1õ6e Wi]l intending purchasers please inspect same E\\ IAS HAROLD MART. < nrPORTANT SALE NOTICE. OX AND AFTER MONDAY. JULY 28. 1919, Me<M<- J. 8TRAKER, SOM & CHADWICK s have been instructed by The Live Stock Com- missioner to hold WEEKLY GRADING MARTS until further notice. TY-DRAW, CHAIN BRIDGE, USK. J. STRAKER. SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.I., are instructed bv Messrs. Doel to sell by Auction, in the CATTLE MARKET, at 12 noon the CROP OF 2i ACRES et CAPITAL WHEAT growing on above lands. PRELIMINARY. PWLLYRHWYAED FARM, LLANOVER. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed by the Trustees of the Llanover Estate to announce an Important Sale of FARMING STOCK to take ? place about the end of October. BRECONSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANBEDR. PossEssrox o'sr CoMPLETiox. J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed to oner by Auction on TUESDAY, AL'GUST i2th. 1919. at 3 o'clock m the after- noon. at the ANGEL HOTEL, All that tMALL FREEHOLD FARM known as MYLADISSA containing an area of 18a. 2f. MB. Particulars of Sale from the Auctioneers, or of T.VAUGHAN.Esq., Solicitor, Crickhowell. IMPORTANT SALE OF FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, MARKET HALL, FRIDAY, AUGUST i5TH. which J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., will conduct for Mrs. Lynk (who is leaving) and the Representative of the late Miss Brown. Sale at i o'clock sharp. Details next week. TY GOYTRE. Adjacent to Nantyderry Station. J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., having .sold the Farm. are instructed by Mrs. Jones to Sell the useful LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, CRASS KEEP, and Part HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE on THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 ist. Auctioneers' OSIces Abergavenny. LONDON HOUSE, CRICKHOWELL. THURSDAY. AUGUST i4th, 1919; J. STRAKER, SOM & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed by Mr. Hudson, who has purchased the Freehold, to Sell by Auction the remainder of the MILLINER'S & OUTFITTER'S STOCK-IN- TRADE together with 12 VALUABLE SHOP MIRRORS ¡ft. x 4ft., 3ft. x 2ft., and .sft. square, Counters, Shelving, Show Cases, 12 Bentwood Chairs, Cash Till, Fittings, also surplus FURNITURE. Sale at 3.30 (following Sale m Clarence Hall). Auctioneers' Onices Abergavenny and Crick- howell. YSBYTTY, ABERGAVENNY. Important Sate et Live and Dead FarnMnt; Stock am! GraM Keep. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.AJ., has been instructed to Sell by Auction by Mr. W. G. Bruten (who ia quitting) On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 1919, QUARRELS GREEN FARM, ABBEYDORE HEREFORDSHIRE. MR. WILLIAM ADDIS, who is retiring from farming, has 6xed THURSDAY, SEPT. i8th, 1919, for his Important Sale of LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK. MOMTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., Abergavenny. FORTHCOMING AUTUMN SALE FIXTURES BY MOMTAQUE HARRIS, F.A.t. TREVOLLOG FARM, Cwmyoy, for Mr. E. Jenkins, lyth September, 1919. GREAT CAMPSTONE, Grosmont, for Mr. H. Emery, i9th September, 1919. QUARRELLS GREEN, Abbeydore, for Mr. W. Addis, i8th September, 1919. GREAT CEFN, LIanvihangeI, for Mr. D. Ed- wards, 22nd September, 1919. YSPITTY FARM. Abergavenny, for Mr. W. Bruten. ist October, 1919. WILMASTON, Peterchutch, for Mr. A. E. Goodwin, 2nd October, t9i9. PENTRE FARM, Abergavenny, for Mr. T. Nicholls. 3rd October, 1919. LLANTHONY COURT, Cwmyoy, for Mr. J. Gwillim, 8th October, 1919. FIRS FARM, OIchan, for Mr. S. Watkins, loth October, 1919. ROAD FARM, Crasswall, for Mr. G. Watkins, 15th October, 1919. TYDU FARM, Llanarth, for Mrs. Morgan, 2oth October, 1919. MILL FAR\f, Uantillio, for Mr. Watts. Date not fixed. PEN-Y-BAIR FARM, PARTRISHOW, for Mr. James Davies, 24th October, 1919. LOWER TRESENNY, GROSMONT, for Mr. Thomas Farr, 3oth October, 1919. Other Sales in course of arrangement, details and dates of which win shortly be announced. VOWCHURCH. HEREFORDSHIRE. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., has been in structed to Sell by Auction, at the BOUCHTON ARMS HOTEL, PETERCHrRCU, on MONDAY. i8th AUGUST, 1919, at 2 pm. precisely (subject to Conditions of Sale) ALL THAT Freehold Shop, Dwening house & Premises called and known as COMMERCE HOUSE, Vow- church, together with the GOODWILL OF AN EXTENSIVE BUSINESS consisting of an OFF- LICENCE tor the Sale of Beer, Wholesale and Retail and an excellent GROCERY BUSINESS, which was for so many years carried on so successfully by the late Mr. Smith, and latterly by Mr. Ware and Messrs. Thomas and Booker, and which now comes into the market owing to the death of one of the partners. For full particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny; or to the Vendor's Solicitor MR. S. W. WATKINS, Pontrilas. MARDY, NEAR ABERGAVENNV. SALE OF A DESIRABLE FULLY-LICENSED -ROADSIDE INN, WITH LAND. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., has been instructed to Sell by Auction at the Axc.EL HOTEL, ABERGAYENY, on TUESDAY, the 2t)th AUGUST. 1019, at j pIP., .subject to Cc.nfMtions 'J! Sale'LL mAT FREEHOLD ROADSIDE tNM situate as a b ove acd cabled and kr?'n a' NEW tNN I together with the THREE COTTAGES AND GARDENS ahd the TWO ENCLOSURES OF CAPITAL MEADOW LAND coiitainiui; iu aU 3} Acres (or thereabouts), and now iu the occupation of Mr. M. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny or to the Vendor's Solicitors MESSRS. HUMFRYS & SYMONDS. Her?i-L Wanted. GIRL Wanted, immediately, for Housework. Apply Matron, Nursing Home, Abergaveimy. WANTED, a Kitchenmaid.- Mrs. Broster, Coed Clas, Abergavenny. GIRL Wanted, as General good wages.— J ones, Ashbrook," Windsor-road, Abergavenny. WANTED, a Man to trim hedges.-R. H. Pritchard, Bryn Caen. Penpergwm. I WANTED, a Lad to work in the garden.- R. H. 1'ritchard, Bryn Caec, Pzupergwm. WANTED, Two Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms —Apply G R Chtonicle Omce WANTED, smart Male Assistant age about 24 years.—Apply, stating full particulars, to Manager, Co-operative Society, Abergavennyt WANTED, large Linen Chest, in good con- dition state price. — Address B.P.S., Chronicle O&ce. INTELLIGENT. APPRENTICE Wanted for the Printing Trade age 15 l6. — Apply Chronicle Printing Works. GENERAL SERVANT Wanted good home to suitable girl. — Address Mrs. Bevan, Silver Grill, Flannel Street. RESPECTABLE GIRL for Housework taught cooking maid kept liberal outings. —Mrs. Lee, 16 Gold Tops, Newport. WANTED, General; good references three in family.—Mrs. Lyons, Rothcr House, Abcrga- venny. WANTED, Second-hand Pianos and Organs, for cash. Best prices given.—Send card to Heina & Co., Ltd., The All-British Finn, 23 Frog- more-street, Abergavenny. WANTED, Grocer's Carter. Steady, reliable man, permanent situation. State age, wages required, references nrst letter.—Apply V. E. Jones, Central Supply Stores, Usk, Mon. WANTED, good General. References required. —Apply Mrs. Bull, Pen-y-val, Hereford-road, Abergavenny. MAN AND WIPE require position. Man for Stables or Garden Wife willing to help in Housework.—Apply P., Chronicle Omce. WANTED, Apartments for Artistes engaged at the Castle Fetes August 4th and 5th.—Apply, stating accommodation and terms, to Coun- cillor A. C. Graham, 6 Tudor-street. SUPERIOR and thoroughly capable House keeper Required for Farmhouse must be fond of children. Farmer's daughter pre- ferred. Good salary given.—Apply X.Y.Z., Chronicle Omce. DISCHARGED SOLDIER, R.A.F., experienced Accountant and Bookkeeper, large experience of Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering, desires Work in either Une.—D.H., "Chronicle" Omce. PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS.—Wanted, alt kinds of Second-hand Instruments in good or repairable condition. Highest prices given for suitable instruments. Before buying or selling, consult C. W. Harris, Pianoforte Tuner, 7 King-street, Abergavenny. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing best prices given will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, <t Chapel-road, Aber- gaftlUly. Lost or Strayed. WOULD tJhe Person seen taking Umbrella from Whitecastle on Saturday kindly return s&me to Brynderi School. WILL the person who picked up Ferret between Plough Inn and Cefn Cottage, on 2ist July, kindly return same to Quarryman's Arms, LIanthewy Rhytherch. Expenses paid. De- tainer prosecuted.—J. Prosser. LOST, on Friday, July 25th, Two White Fantail Pigeons, from Police Station, Llanvihangel Crucomey. Finder rewarded. Information to Police. For Sale. SPRING CLOTHES PEGS at G. R. Bonndy's, Frogmore-street. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gamboa, &c.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. LADY'S Second-hand Bicycle for Sale good condition.—Apply A.C-, Chronicle Omce. FOR SALE, Baby's American Folding Pram— Apply 4 Chapel-road 100 GALLONS OF CIDER for Sale.—Apply Roberts, Cwmcelyn, Llanellen. PRAM. for Sale good condition £2 los. od.. bargain.—Pant Cottage, LlaneIIen. SEPARATOR for Sale, second-hand, Alfa Laval," in good working order.—Apply J. Boaden, Bailea Farm, Gilwem. FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, Freehold 'House and Shop known as 40 Monk-street.—Apply for particulars, 13 Merthyr-rè., Abergavenny. FOR SALE, strong Brown Mare very fast; used to tradesmen's work. — Whitehead, Goytre Hall, Abergavenny. BIRDS reared on Xarswood Spice from the start give far better results than others, and produce better progeny." So says Mr. Hard- wicke. a Bristol expert, who is known the world over. Packets 2td., 1/3.—Jeffreys & Son, Corn Merchants, Frogmore Stores, Abergavenny. LARGER eggs and more of them are got with Karswood Meal (Sussex Ground), 3}-lô. bag i/i, and Karswood Spice, containing ground insects, packets 2d., 7id., 1/3. Prove this to your pront. Start them to-day.— J eSreys & Son, Corn Merchants, Frcgmore Stores, Abergavenny. LADV offers privately, valuable 3-guinea Presentation Set of TaMe Cutlery—six table knives, six dessert knives, pair meat carvers and steel. Unsoih.d. Accept 07/6. Approval willingly.—Write A.J .H., Abergavenny Chronicle. £12 GILT was on her legs through cramp and chiIJ. Owner tried three other makes of pig powders without avail. Karswood Pig Powders improved her in twelve hours, and soon put her right. Owner says he would have lost her otherwise. Twelve for i/— A. J. Wibberley, 50 Cross-st., Abergavenny. GREY R.AIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price is. 6d. (postage 6d. extra). Manu- facturer G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. So!d by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Chemist, 9, Cross Street Bryumawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King Street. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and I BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not toucu it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., is., 2s. 3d., and 33. dd. postage 2d.—G. W. HARRisox, Chemist, Reading. Sold by for Abergavenny H. Shacklcton, Chemist, g, Cro'ss-street. Bryn- ma\r A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King-street. Crickho'veH Kirkland. Miscellaneous. COL!SEUM ABERGAVENNY Telephoae 33. MANA&INQ DiMcroR RICHARD DOONBR. RESIDENT MANAONB W. H. WALLER. I SPECIAL ATTRACTtOM MOMDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: JtMMY WtLDE AMD PALL MOORE 5,000ft. <n length. ThM PMure wit! te ahewn Four TillitS en Monday ant TaMday—3.30, MO, 7.30 and 9.30. Showing how The LKtte Wonder Mtured h:$ fanMM V!ttery for the Wedd'< ChampieMhip. "LESS THAM KtM." Sensational Drama, featuring WALLACE REID. OAO'S KMOCKOUT STon COMEDY PATHE GAZETTE (changed twice weeklv) also WEEKLY PMTORtAL. THURSDAY. FRIDAY & SATURDAY :— Star Photo. Ptay. Pox Super Dratnath: PreduetMMt THE BUMDMESS OF DtVORCE With aa ALL-STAR CAST. BtLLY'S SWEETY Srou. CoMKDY "MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE X, Chapter 8. Featuring MOLUE tUHC. A BeautifMt PARAMOUMT Ptctore of tnterMt. REVISED PRICES: Adutta, 5d., 9d. and 1; Children admitted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at hall-price (with parents). Children's Matinee on Satordays. Admiaaioa 2d. Doors open at 7. Commence 7.45. Saturday at 6.30 and 6.30 p.m. Matinee Tuesday and Saturday at 2.30. Y ? STWF ? MIRAOULOU8 OMteT OOUQH AMD LUMe HEALER WBt <tfM<t thw WMtWt <f tht thtttt aM M<M. 1? M? ?., ef tB O?oottM <? S?? tfdiZMh to <b«th. t<? diMtt «tMttt i? — M '< th* Soh ProprietOl'8Z Q. DEAKtM & MUCHtM, The hdhmtmtttwt nwrnttaM Ie., tMMMHt "THB BRBATH OF UFB.' tMPORTAMT. SPRAY POTATOES AT OMCE. BORMRtTE, SULPHATE OF COPPER, SOOA Md othef SPRAYtMG MATERtALS <n Stock; abe KMAPSACK SPRAYtMC MACH!MES tor Sate e[ Hire. ? SEEDS' SEEM THAT CROW Best Stocks procurable. Autumn et OMMS, Cabbage, S*<nach, Let uc«, &c.. Mow en Sate. SUNDRIES:—Flower Pots, Bamboos, Stales, Labels, Rania, Tar String, &c. 'VEED KILLER. INSECTICIDES, MANURES CUT FLOWERS, PAHeS, FERMS and aM Mnd< e< che!ee Floweriag Ptantx. The Largest Stock of Flowering Plants d South Wales. WREATHS, CROSSES and ether ARTMTtC FLORAL OEStGKS xuppMed at shwt notite. Natural Flowers used only. No ArtinciaJ or Paper Flowers used. BOUQUETS tor Weddtngs or PreMntatMM a xpMiatity. HENRY PITT7 F.R.H.S., Seedsman &nd Nnrserym&n, Brecon Roa.d Nursery ABERGAVENNY. FOR PURE HOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, W!MES AND SP<R!TS TRY THOMAS DELAHELD, KtNGS ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. TO DOG FANC!ERS. SOLDIER Demobilistd, Expert with Dogs m War and Peace. Airedales bred, trained, and taken out to the Western Front by me, were the nrst draft of British War Dogs for the Great War Can now arrange with any Lady or Gentleman to prepare, condition, train or handle their Dogs for any Exhibition, or to care for Valuable Dogs during Owners' absence from home Treatment and Advice :>Í.ven in all diseases of Dogs Airedales always tor Sale and at Stnd. Purchases a":d Ex- changes undertaken of All Breeds Young Airedales trained for Police wor]. on deposit order of two months, IO each Puppies irum £2 upwards —E PRITCHAE-D, Tump House, Fiwddog, Crickhowell HENRY TOWNSEND, (for M Years Foreman to Mr. pitt) Bees to oner his services to anyone in the neighbourhood desirous of having their Gardens attended to in a practical and up-to-date manner. Estimates given for all lands of Garden Work, or anything required for the Garden. BUDDtNG AND UNDERTAKEN. AH kinds ot PRUMtMG a Specialty. TKRAM MODTE I Address 28 STANHOPE ST., ABERGAVEKNY Miscellaneous. THOMAS & SOMS' The Noted House for Blouses Costumes Household Linens I Dress Goods Millinery 1 Curtains I Furs Fancy Goods, 4cc. I We beg to state that we have a competent Staff of I C stumiers and Dressmakers and that Orders can be Now despatched with our pre-war promptitude. GOLDEN FLEECE, ABERGAVENNY. MONDAY and TUESDAY, August 4 & 5 A M X7??- Ab ON?si A?ISIOC I At, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY I August 5 & 6 MONDAY & TUESDAY, AUGUST 4<h & 5Ut, IN THE CMTLE CROUMM Great HortMtarat ExhUtUon 152 CLAMES Entfies to Mr. F. J. DAVIES, 37 Castle Street. AMO MKMMTER FETE by some of the Leading Vajiety Artistes of the present day. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5<h & 6th tMBAtLEYPARK: Brand MiUtary Tournament By H.M. m LIFE GUARDS. Wonderful Competitions with Sword, Revolver and Lance. THE LATEST FROM OL.YMPIA. ATHLETIC SPORTS Ow 2100 in Mzes. Entries by July 26th to Mr. P. FRASER, Frogmore-street. A<h<M<MM to Caatte or Patt, t 3 (!tMtud!nt! tM). EtMtMure in Paftt. 2/4. Metwr-Cara, 5 i Is Business Booming- ? tF NOT, WHY NOT? IS IT YOUR FAULT ? ALL THE BIG BUSINESSES HAVE BEEN BUILT UP BY ADVERTISING HAVE YOU ADVERTISED YOURS? If you have any Special Lines, proclaim them in bold type. Tell People the GOOD VALUE You can oSer. Your Profits are made on what you SELL, NOT <?M what you KEEP IN STOCK. j !T PAYS TO ADVERT!5E I THE ABEREAVENNY CHRONICLE THE BUSINESS BMN6ER CORN PRODUCTION ACT, (1917) AGRICULTURAL WAQES BOARD (EMCLAMD AND WALES). Propow to WMY the Definition of OwMtttne Em- ploymem in Glamorgan and Menmeuth. rJr[_ <HE Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales) hereby give Notice, as re- quired by Paragraph 4 of the Agricultural Wages Regulations, 1918, that they propose to make the following Order ;— (i) In the case of any workman employed in agriculture in the area comprising the ad- ministrative counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth, and the comity boroughs of CardiS. Merthyr Tydnl, Swansea and New- port, who under an a.grm6tlt with his employer is entitled either (a) to week's holiday on full pay in each half-year, or (b) to a fortnight's holiday on full pay in each year, or (c) to payment of double pay for a week's work in each half-year or for a fortnight's work in each year the provisions of the Orders of the Wages Board dated the i8th February and the 16th May, 1919, that in addition to any other employment which ranks as overtime em- ployment under any Order of the Wages Board all employment in excess of 6!. hours on a Saturday or on such other day (not being Sunday) in every week as may be agreed between the employer and the work- man, except time spent on such day by Stockmen of any class in connection with the feeding and cleaning of stock, shall also rank as overtime employment, shall no longer apply. The Agricultural Wages Board, as required by Paragraph 4 of the above-mentioned Regula- tions, will consider any objections to the above proposed Order which may be lodged with them within one month from the date of this Notice. All objections should be in writing, and should be addressed to the Secretary, Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), 80, Pall ¡ Mall, London, S.W. i. The objections should state precisely and so far as possible with reasons what is objected to. Dated this twenty-ninth day of July, 1919. Signed by Order of the Wages Board, R. E. STANLEY, Assistant Secretary. Agricultural ages Board (England and Wales), 80 Pall Mail, London, S.W.I. Discharged, Demobilised and Ex-Sefvice Men. nnENDKRS arc invited for a DINNER to be- JL held in MARKET HAI,L on SATURDAY, 2 -;rd AUGUST. Minimuui number, 4°0. Successful Tenderer must provide all plates) cnttery and glass, ircludiug pints and half-pints. Tenders to be in by Friday, 8th August, 6 p.m., to Secretary Dinner Committee, Town Hall. Successful Tenderer to provide i waiter for each 10 diners. Dinner to be Roast Beef and Mutton, Boiled Beef, at least Two Vegetables, Bread, Fruit Tarts, Biscuits and Cheese. All Discharged, Demobilised and ex-Service Men are requested to register at the Town Hall on OT before Friday, the 8th August. CORN PRODUCTION ACT (1917). AQRtCULTURAL WACES BOARD !ENGLAND AND WALES). PMpOMi to wary the Definition of Overtime Employment threuehOMt En:)and and Wa!M. THE Agricultural Wages Board (England JL and Wales) hereby give [Notice, as re- quired by paragraph 4 of the Agricultural Wages Regulations, 1918, that they propose to vary the Orders of the i8th February and the i6th May, so as to provide that the said Orders shall be read and construed as if all references therein to time spent in connection with the feeding and cleaning of stock were omitted therefrom. The Agricultural Wages Board, as required by the above Regulations, will consider any objec- tions to the above Proposal to vary which may be lodged with them within one mouth from the date of this notice. All objections should be in writing, and should be addressed to the Secre- tary, the Agricultural Wages Board England and Wales), 80, Pall Mail, London, S.W. i. The objections should state precisely, and so far as possible with reasons, what is objected to. Dated this twenty-fifth day of July, iqiq. Signed by Order of the Wages Board, R. E. STANLEY, Assistant Secretary. Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), 80, Pall Mall, London; S.W. r. Borough Theatre, Abergawenny. IMPORTANT VISIT of the CELEBRATED HOW)TT & BOLAM PLAYERS, in Selections from their West-End Repertoire. MONDAY, AUGUST nth and FIVE FOLLOWING NIGHTS. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY The Most Beautiful Costume Romance ever written— "HER K!NGDOMOF LOVE." (from the Princess's and Lyceum Theatres. THURSDAY ONLY The Great Problem P!av "THE SWOF ANN STANHOPE." FRIDAY & SATURDAY: The New Divorce Ptay "THE CUSTODY OF THE CHILD." f SCENERY, MOUNTING AD COMPANY AIJ. PA", EXCEU.ENCE. Doors open 7.30. Commence S o'clock. Prices i/- to 3/- (tax extra). Scats may be booked and reserved at Messrs. IIeius & Co.'s, Piauofortc and Mu-dc :\Ierchants, Progniore Street. LOANS.. rtnHE CORPORATION arc prepared to Jj, receive I<OANS on Mortgage of the Rates and various undertakings. For terms, apply to a TOWN CLKRK, Town Hal], Abcrgavenny. I To-,v-ii IIall, Abergavenny, July 25th, 1919. Miscellaneous. .n:=:=:=-=: -====:=-=:===-=-=- NOTICE. ABERGAVEMMV STEAM LAUNDRY. fN consequence of the advanced prices ,JL of Coals, Material, and Labour, the DHre<-tors regret they are C<MnpeMed to r tnerea$e the price from 2<i. to 4d. in the i MANAGERESS _0_ CHRISTADELPHIAN HALL, MON STREET, ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY MEXT, AUGUST 3, 1919, At 6 o'dock (PleMe note .JteratioD of time). SpeatMf: MR. E.W. COLLARD, Newport Subject ETERHAL UFE. COME AXD HjEAtt AND JUDGEOB YOURSELF. FREE. ASD No CoLLECTIOtf. BOROUGM OF ABERGAVENNV ??\ TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all 1 RATES & WATER CHARGES for tb? current Half-year must be paid to the Collector (Mr H. G. Grimths) en $r before 14th AupMt next Proceedings will be taken immediately after that date to recover al! Rates not then pud WM. H. HOPWOOD, Town Clerk. To\vn Hall, Abergavenny, ist August, 1919. ABERGAVEMNY HORSE SHOW AMD AGRtCULTURAL ASSOMATtOM. Patron TnB LORD TREOWEX. President: COiE,. E. CuRRE, M.F.H., Itton Court Chepstow. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1119. To be hdd ijt BAILEV PARK AND CATTLE MARKET ABERGA\-ENNY. luatping, Trott!n& A<heuKnrai, Ktiw, Hunter yd HarMM CiMtM, CatMe, Sheep, Pi? Wee!. Hone ShMtttt, tnd Dairy Predxee. ? PRtZES MM PRtZES EMTRtES CLOSE TVES9AV, AMUST 1Mb. Schedules from the Secretary W. M. CHADWICK, F.A.I Market St. Chambers, Abergavenjiy. CASTLE GROUNDS ABERGAVENNY. 'The NUGGETS' CONCERT PARTY. Dany <t 3 & 7.M. PROGRAMME CHANGED NIGHTLY. THE EVENING PERFORMANCES wUl coa elude with a POCKET OPERA, a POTTED PLAV, or a LAUGHABLE FARCE. FREE PALMtSTRY. Patrons of tûe Shilling Seata can have a FREE Reading of the Hand by M!SS MAM LAMCHESTER, A.M.U., Me Sectety PafrnM. '¡'iJ.u' f Dn ASTHMA a ?? t t 0 P? S ???? ???? N?? tt ??..— )m THE SAFE AND SURE REMEDY FOR ? Gi1'8S instant 1C¡¡et !rO'!] u)'It.:h, Suffocation, at\<t Shortllcs:; of. ¡;<:ath. It is a!ro a reliable \>pedic .for Bronchlba insist on ASTHMA CURK. iM Price, 2/9 per ChemtStstn Mt Wale' If t¡) obtalll wnle CEDDES MAXU'-ACrCRtXG CO.. ? Shtrtey Chem) Works. Southampton MB PAMDY SHOW. HORTICULTURAL EXH<BmOM AMD SPORTS. THURSDAY. AUGUST Tth, t9<9. Open at 2 p.m. RECORD ENTRIES IN ALL CLASSES- FOOT & CYCLE RACES. HORSE JUMPtNG COMPETmOM For particulars see small bills. Admission to Exhibition and Sports, r/ Children, Half-price. Secretary Horticultural Section: GEO. CALDICOTT, Llanvihaiigel CruCOfae, Secretary of Sports Section GEO. WATKixs, Pandy Too Late for Classification. MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANTILLIO rERTHO!<i:Y. VatuaMe FreehoM Farms For Sate. MR. MONTAGUE HARRtS, F.A.t., has n instmcted to Sell by Auction at the A\(:HL HOTKI,, ABERGAVENNY. on TUESDAY, th. 26th AUGUST. igiQ. at 3 p.m., .subject t,. Conditions of Sale, in Two Lots, the mentioned VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES namely LOT T.—AU that Valuable FREEHOLD FARM called and known as LLAND!LO FARM, .situate as above and containing in all 37 Acres (or thereabouts), with suitable House and Buildings, and now iu the occupation of Mr. Lewis Williams a.s tenant. LOT 2.—All that Valuable FREEHOLD FARM called and known as LOWER PANT FARM, situate as abjve and containing in all <00 Acres (or thereabouts), with substantial House nnd Buildings, and bemg in the occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Lewis as tenant. For further particulars, with plans, apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavcuny or to the Vend'r'w Solicitors MESSRS. ('.ABB & WALFORD, Abcrgavenny. Personal. OBSERVER is also observed. Observer can have fmJ informatio;! at any time, on applica- tion but it require.? courage—that Observer lacks.