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ABERGAVENNY'S GREAT DAY.  MR. WOMEti. Late of fee Optanetric Institute, London. I IS COMING TO ABERGAVENNY. Famous London Eyesight Expert to visit us. Next week is to be a great week for ABER- GAVENNY—a time which thousands of. townsfolk will remember with gratitude all their lives. MR. WORRELL, the London eyesight specialist, is coming to help them. All his great skill and lffe-long experience, all the remarkable talent and accumulated knowledge that 25 years close study of the science of sight has taught Him is to be placed freely and gladly at the service of every man, woman, or child who seek his aid. What an opportunity What a boon to the thousands of workers upon whose sight depends their daily existence, and who, hitherto obliged to rely upon rough and ready methods, which ire seldom without danger, will now be able to avail themselves of the expert advice, profes- sional skill and experienced guidance that have been within reach of the rich only. Every sufferer from defective vision in Aber- gavenny, every victim to headache, neuralgia, staring, squinting, and the host oi other distress- ing discomforts resulting from defective eye- sight is to be helped to see clearly by this famous man. The great burden of their lives is to be lifted, and instead of groping their way from day to day-losing half the pleasure of life and tunning the risk of serious eye trouble—they will be made to see once again with all the vigour and distinctiveness of their youth. WHY HE SUCCEEDS. He has travelled the world from end to end- In failing, faulty sight each particular case has to be treated on its meirits, and it is only by de- voting precise, careful study to the vision of every man, woman, and child who have sought his advice that he is able to prescribe the exact nature of lenses that will overcome the defect. If your eyesight cannot, unfortunately, be corrected, he will tell you so, but if your full powers of vision can be restored, J'ou wiD learn, you will learn, by consulting him, how this can be achieved. In the majority of cases expert advice is beyond reach. A visit to London to see a specialist whose fees are reckoned in guineas, is not to be thought of. There is no other way, but the casual choice of what 3eems to be the glasses required—glasses that really seem to help the vision, but which in nine cases out of ten -are entirely unstated to the particular defect tor which they are cbosen-aAd which, instead of helping the eyes, too often ruin the eyesight and impair the health and brain nerves as well. This visit to the London specialist about which tnany have dreamed, is no longer necessary. The specialist is coming to them. AD Aberga- yenny is invited to meet hi» and dg their ?dividual cases with him. It is an opportunity few will miss. HEADACHES.  Eighty per cent. of apparently mcurab1t cases I I of headache arc due to defects of the eyesight, and can be permanently overcome by wearing properly fitted glasses. Most people suffering from headache never suspect that their eyes are the source of their trouble., .i,yet it is so, as MR. WORRELL has foundjover^and over again. CHILDREN'S EYES. I MR. WORRELL has given close attention to eye defects in children, and all parents who are in the slightest doubt as to their children's sight should take them to MR. WORRELL and have their eves thoroughly examined. They will be grateful for this forethought in later years. THE GREAT WAR ON HIGH PRICE. MR WORRELL'S services are to cost you nothing For a week MR WORRELL'S Con- sulting Rooms will be thrown open to the public, and he will freely and generously advise and assist all those 4b0 seek his aid His one objertis to prove once and for all, by reason of the enormous business he conducts, that the high fees and inflated charges, which place the expert assistance of the specialist be- yond the reach of the great mass of humanity, can be done away with. SIGHT SPECIALIST IN ABERGAVENNY, I I It is difficult to over-estimate the boon this remarkable man's visit will confer upon the town. It is a recognised fact that over 50 per cent. of the population of our large industrial centres suffer from defective vision in one way or another-and the percentage in Abergavenny is higher than in many large towns. This is, perhaps, inevitable. The close work in the mine, workshop, and office-the training of the eyes over the desk or work-table, fre- quently in a bad light—result sooner or laterin an urgent need for glasses. MR. WORRELL can only stay in Aberga- venny for one week. Make a point of visiting him early. The opportunity will hardly occur again. To miss it now may mean a life-long regret, and, perhaps, serious eye trouble. Even if the eyes seem all right, go and consult him. Hundreds of people make a point of doing this, as they know there is no fear of being ad- vised to wear glasses when these are unnecessary, that is, if all is well, they come away satisfied that their eyesight is sound in every respect. t And it costs them nothing. HOURS OF ATTENDANCE 10 to 1, 2 to 7. DAILY (EXCEPT MONDAY). Don't put down this paper until you have fixed in your mind a time to go and see MR. WORRELL. Let him tell you exactly how things are with your eyes. It may cost you nothing in any case, the cost will be much less than is ordinarily charged. MR. WORRELL MAY BE CONSULTED AT THE Y.M.CA. FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY. FIVE DAYS OF NEXT WEEK, TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th to SATURDAY, AUGUST 9th HOURS OFJATTENDANCE io a.m. to i p.m., and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. DAILY. CORN PRODUCTION ACT. 1917. AGRICULTURAL WAGES BOARD (ENGLAND" WALES). Proposal to vary the Minimum Rates of Wages for Male Workers in certain areas in England and Wales. THE Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales) hereby give Notice, as re- quired by the above Act, that they propose to vary the minimum rates of wages fixed by any existing Order of the said Board for Male Workmen employed in Agriculture in every area in England and Wales (except as hereinafter mentioned so as to provide as follows :— 1. The wages payable for employment in agriculture of male workmen in each area in England and Wales fexcept as hereinafter mentioned) shall be not less than wages of the weekly amount specified in relation to that area by any existing Order of the Agricultural Wages Board, but the same shall be paid for a week consisting of the hours iollowing (exclusive of Sunday)- For employment in Summer-50 hours. Few employment in Winter-48 hours. 2. Any <*c- £ xi:ioa of overtime employment contained in any such existing Order bhall be varied so as to include the following :— All employment in excess of 50 hours in any week (excluding Sunday) in Summer. All employment in excess of 48 hours in any week (excluding Sunday) in Winter. 3. There shall be excepted from the operation of this Order workmen of the specified classes and employed in the areas following CLASSES. Workmen of 18 years of age and over employed 'Wholly or mainly as Horsekeepers, Cowmen or Shepherds (other than workers employed rolely as Stockmen and Yardmen). AH classes. Workmen oi iS years of age and over, ens- Ployed wholly or mainly as Horsemen, Cattle- men or Shepherds. Workmen of 18 years of age and over, em- ployed wholly or mainly as Teammen, Cattle- men, Cowmen, Shepherds or Bailiffs. Workmen of 18 years of age and over em- ployed wholly or mainly as Horsemen, Stock- men or Shepherds or as Under Horsemen, Under Stockmen or Under Shepherds. Workmen of 18 years of age and over em- ployed wholly or mainly as Stockmen, Team- sters, Carters, Shepherds or Bailiffs. Workmen under 18 years of age who arc Wholly or partially boarded and lodged by their employers and whose duties include attending to horses and other stock. Workmen of i (j years of age and over employed Wholetime Shepherds or wholly in tending sheep. Workmen of 18 years of age and over employed Wholly or mainly as Stockmen, Shepherds or Horsemen. AREAS. The administrative counties of Cambridge, Isle of Ely, Huntingdon and Bedford. The administrative county of Chester, and the county boroughs of Birkenhead, Chester, Stockport and Wallasey. The administrative counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, the county boroughs of Carlisle, and Barrow-in-Furness, and the Petty Sessional Divisions of North Lonsdale and Hawkeshead (including its detached part), in the administrative county of Lancaster. The administrative counties of Denbigh and Flint, and the parish of Llysfaen, in the ad- ministrative county of Carnarvon. The administrative county of Gloucester, the county boroughs of Bristol and Gloucester, and the parishes of Blockley, Cutsdeam, Daylesford and Evenlode, in the administra- tive county of Worcester. The administrative counties of Merioneth and Montgomery. The administrative counties of Northumber- land (including the borough of Berwick-upon- Tweed) and Durham and the county boroughs of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tynemouth, Dar- lington, Gateshead, South Shields, Sunder- land and West Hartlepool. The administrative comity of Warwick, the county boroughs of Birmingham and Coven- try, and the parishes of Alderminster, Ship- ston-on-Stour, Tidmington and Tredington, in the administrative county of Worcester. 4. This Order shall come into operation on the sixth day of October, 1919, and on and after the said day every existing Order of the said Board shall have effect as regards every workman to whom this Order applies as if the hours per week specified in this Order were substituted for the hours per week specified in such existing Order. The Agricultural Wages Board, as required by the above Act and the Regulations made there- under, will consider any objections to the above Proposal which may be lodged with them within OUe month of the date cf this Notice. All objections should be in writing and should be addressed to the Secretary of the Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), So, Pall Mall, London, S.W.I. The objections should state precisely and so far as possible with reasons what IS objected to. bated this twenty ninth day of July, 1910. Signed by Order of the Wages Board. R. E. STANLEY, Assistant Secretary. Agricultural Wages Board (Enlgaud and Wales), So, Pall Mall, London, S.W.I. ■A Iiscellaneous. | BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. Reception of Discharged 'or Demobilised Officers, Sailors and Soldiers. 1 DISCHARGED OR DEMOBILISED OFFI- CERS, SAILORS and SOLDIERS residing in the Borough, who have served in His Majesty's Forces during the whole or any part of the period between the 4th August, 1914. and the nth November, 101S, are requested to attend a PARADE on SUNDAY NEXT, the 3rd inst., at 10.15 a.m., at the DRILL HALL, Abergavenny, with the object of attending DIVINE SERVICE at ST. MARY'S CHURCH, after which those on parade wiU be received by HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR (Alderman Z. Wheatley, J.P.) on behalf of the Burgesses of the Borough. J. G. BISHOP, Abergavenny, Lieut.-Col. 1st August, 1919, BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. PROPOSED RECOGNITION OF OFFICERS AND EX-SERVICE MEN. ATOINT COMMITTEE of the TOWN COUNCIL and PEACE CELEBRA- TIONS COMMITTEE are considering what steps shall be taken in order that a civic ac- knowledgment may be given to the Abergavenny Officers and Ex-Service Men for their loyal service to the Nation in the Great War. The Committee therefore invite SUBSCRIP- TIONS for this object, which may be sent to me or to the Town Clerk. A hearty response to this Appeal is kindly requested, so that immediate steps may be taken to carry out this object. Z. WHEATLEY, MAYOR. Town Hall, Abergavenny, 25th July, 1919. SUBSCRIPTIONS ALREADY PROMISED OR RECEIVED. F. W. Blanche (Hon. Sec), Aberga- venny Lotal Football War Relief Committee £ 40 o o Abergavenny Chronicle" 500 Mrs. S..A. Scott 500 Mr. D. M. Scott 200 WISE ONES Put NOSTROIXSK Nasal Specific in your holiday kit. Guard against nose or throat infection in strange places. Stop Head Colds, Hay Fever, Nasal Catarrh, Sore Throats and Influenza INSTANTLY with this convenient vade-mecum." Of leading Chemists everywhere 1/3 (by post 1/5). Sold by H. T. T. Roberts, 56 Frogmore St., H. Shackleton, 9 Cross St., R. M. Williams 51 Cross St., Abergavenny T. B. Dougall, Beth- car St., A. Williams, Church St., Ebbw Vale. '_0_




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