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A REVELATION IN TEA DRINKING INVOLVING; ENORMOUS SAVING. 5T0NEHAM\S GOLDEN TIP TEAS. Saves Money MORE Cups of good Tea per lb. ran be made from Stoneham's Golden Tips than from any other Tea. Saves Time Stoneham's Colddn Tips produce strong Tea quickly. Only three minutes required for perfect infusion. Saves Health Stoneham's Golden Tips possess none of that harmful astringency found in many so-called cheap Teas. Saves Disappointment- Stoneham's Golden Tips can always be relied on To be obtained only from ?)BSE?? gg HO I* ?Y. T. STONEHAM '? g — ?' ARGYLL STORES, ■ lb. A.BEHCf 8lb" parcels post paid to any part of the Kingdom. 'it.81'E- "i?;< ,¿ ) 'I' e I Manicure TOBACCONIST I J I | y LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S HAIRDRESSER I E ,_u ???'?1 Specially PMed Private Room for Ladies' Hairdressing, including 1 Shampooing. Appointments if desired. a Shampooing. i?' desired. B ? N2! ? ?? I cater for al! the above Department? on the most scientific aiid ? H 5 g ? down-to-now methods, at B 11t=!ANY I ACCOUNTANCY Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts and ?PP?n?TRHfV Balance Sheets prepared. Periodical Audits performed. Businesses supervised.- IfUPHilf? THY Claims for repayment. Abatement or Adjust- I It a ment prepared. Appeals against Schedule D, Excess Profits Duty Assessments conducted. G0MHERGI4L ideal Courses of Instruction in all Com- rHncnTiON :ercil Su bjects. Students prepared for ? ?? -? ??- .< ? Examinations. F ?/?t?cr?r??i —wmTWELL,— R. H. AS, ABERGAVENNY. REPAIRS TO PIANOS AND ORGANS. OUR REPAIRING DEPARTMENT is now re-organised and equipped. M'r. S. V. ALLEN has returned to us after nearly C; \1T 1 Five years' War Service, and und er his supervision we are in a position to entirely repair your old Piano or Organ. b;OW IS TF-XE TIMS to have that Old Piano made \l,T 1. I equal to new. We will examine any Instrnment free I and give you a quotation, and it costs you nothing unless we actually do the work. Every Detail is Guaranteed. DO NOT DELAY. P2AS0S ARE VALUABLE. WHY NOT MAKE YOURS WORTH MUCH MORE, PIANOS & ORGAN 3 Re constructed, Polished Tuned, Toned, Regulated. Re-strung, and made equal tc new at our own Workshops— 23 FROGMORE STREET, ABERGAVENNY. PIANOS SOLI) BOUGHT & EXCHANGED. 1 1." u J..ï 1. l j.l I U _J 1. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED AND All-BR!THH FIRM, I Hems & Company, Ltd, j '1: Iii; r¿ :1 1 JJ, "b< 23 FROGMORE STREET, .p ->i) <>( ;J r ¡-< (j & Jl -Lí W A '1 11 l'f.-{ r" n r '?; -.¡; Y i.i. U f f I ABERGAVENNY, Send a Postcard, it is to your advantage. -===-=== I I: !< ? -?aa? !I A A  At  At Reasonable i| Prices. i ? ?-M? 11 i Ii Casement Cloths II Casement C!oths Cretonnes = I Printed Linens = II Carpets = = Linoleums = = Ii Bedding, etc. = II  ? ? '?  j! E. HOWARD DAVIES & Co. HIGH ST, and 5t JOHN'S LANE, II II ABERGAVENNY. TE.L 5 Ii (E. HOWARD D?VtES, Proprietor).. 2. I I!   THE ABERGAVEKNV STEAM LAUNDRY, CO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, ————— if HIGH-CLASS WORK, REASONABLE CHARGES. Address: Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. I i i <" SUMMER HOLIDAYS t n J i All Summer Goods, I CHILDREN'S HATS. &c., At GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. W. H. BUTT; HIGH STREET ABERGAVENNY. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. New Stocks of Cabbage, Tripoli Onions, Winter.,Letute, Turnips, etc., for present sowing. I-IAVING now a full Staff of demobilised men, I am prepared tl,- lay out GROUNDS, 11 TENNIS COURTS, BOWLING GREENS, with expert m&.i.. Wreaths, Crosses and Floral Designs a Speciality. 40 v»JJL5* ? ??????:?? ABERCAVENNY SE?STORES? I C e/T^rST* A FROGMORE f TREET. g I b( -1 A\ ABERGAVENNY. —| j r?t J'/A? ?? BS_??BS? jnNt ??"? ? AABr)iT?:'?v?????T'?'W ?????? i ? ?? Ij?jL?J=?Bj?? ALWAYS PRASER S;! j -FLOR15T AND 40' FRASER S A ??E?A? ALWAYS FRASER S:! goal* A FACT BEYOND ALL QUESTtON? BEVAN & CO., LTD., E?&??S? ? ??? ?S?.? Hold the Largest Selection of every -T of i Household Requirementsl in the Principality. Peliable Goods! Moderate Prices! Free I Delivery from the whole of the Firms numerous"Branches! t DON'T LIVE IN SINGLE MISERY! i 'EST far Kws s £ d l! RA\G!i!i) fl CAri!)IFr (1; fif({1h1íJ ?' ? F 0 ? TY P ? ? ? ??'% £ & £ & SWANSEA J~* ??t LL??tU?Y ???- V F f:J:;¡Y GET MARRIED MARRIED;I i WITHOUT! i DELAY I -AND i Secure a Happy Home by placing your rurnisliiug Order in the I 1.  d  capable han d s or j AI 'T lïlJld.e 1\ 1. I BEVAN & COMPANY I PONTYPOOL. NEWPORT. C Ax. D IFF0 i I ,j U J..J i t A lJ.t'i 1 (: 1 t 11 !J 1 ¡ Uli IWIBIi! II *11 HI I 1 t Dehlery }ree up 'O 200 miles from all Branches. II IMTnaiBI j II D II bUi oclo Autumn Millinery. < Costumes, Blouses, &c. JONES & COMPANY, BANK HOUSE Abergavenny. '¿. Lisbon Red Wine port Type Indian Chutney 1/3 & 211; Boftle. I New Shipment. I Vegeta Per Tin 6d. & ll2d. I An Assortment of Choice English Vegetables, i cooked leady for use in Stews, Soups, etc. 4s. per bottle. MORGAN & I THE SUPPLY STORES, Abergavenny and Crickhowell, j t P IRlllcim liW.aBBTBT™j»'.m?«W«ig-<1W1lltrjWWmirBf i EYESIGHT HEADACHE j! I This is the result of neglect. Some small < j defect exists in the eves, \rliich though too j slight to prevent c1er vision, is serious o because it places the eyes under a constant c strain. f str a-U. ¡ Nothing wastes nervous energy like eye- ? strain—indeed Dr. A. L. Ianney says, "1 f look to Eyestrain as the chief cause cf nervous i, derangements." 5 Nearly everyone nowadays suffers from [ some kind of nerve trouble—neuritis, neu- rasthenia and nervon.- breakdown are every- where. It behoves everyone, therefore, to make sure that their eyes are not imperilling their health. ( Pains in and around the eyes (especially j behind and above) as well as at the back of the head, nearly always indicate eyestrain. ] Whereas medicine can only relieve the ¡ > symptoms in such cases, proper Glasses will > remove the cause, and thus effect a per- ¡ 1 manent cure. j > Headaches which follow eye work such as I reading, sewing, sight-seeing, railway travel- ling, or visits to theatre or picture house—all 3 show the need for Glasses. J j Chronic headache-the kind which recurs I periodically—can be cured, in 19 cases out of 20. in this way. Best Quality Lenses and Frames correctly Fitted by HARRY SHACKLETON, oculist's ¡¡ k fl; iÀ 'ÍiJ.. b Uot xi Oculis '5 QUALIFIED [CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, Prescriptions Dispensed. 9, CROSS ST., ABERGAVENNY. I all, -Ði«1\r# r 5'- T :EI: Powell, I ABERGAVENNY MOTOR GARAGE. I i BRECON RD., il.BE.RGii¥ENNY, ] OVERHAULS AD REPAIRS A SPECIALITY — — — — J VULCANISING by H.F. PROOFSS — — — — — —! L ,4.\1.0 .\1\.T In," :1.1'.1 -I A C Ui? I U L ATS REPAIRED AND RECHARGED — — — 1 i Large Stock of Tyres & Motor Accessories • I I Any Make of Car or Motor Cycle supplied. I CARS FOR HIRE. I | GARAGE ALWAYS OPEN. j 1 GARAGE PI.LWAYS OPEN. i11 Telephone: 2, TeSegrams: "Poweila." j Telehone 2. Telegrams: "Powella." ¡ :r.v, •* :• /• •; •• • v \J — i «. v •- ■* j tr'" ;R: o- c 0; 0" ¡:: ;:>nj": I h f: H'J I r Tf:; b -'? I fif:J. r | "i j 1 K] J ¡ .:¡;( Vlf,.t}!:51; I ?..????\??? ?- ASERe WEMMY? Ai'?-.tL?.lW??.MCros?S?. 13 Î .? ?.??'?' r- "v /■ 333 ilaiine Street »• • z-s'.d (• t- I- «'i ir\r- ^■r7 r i y J-iisL u 'j v, V. M. 11 w it! i !lio- "v /■'? I n- over 1' ru'.CK r>. we. 1 r> :i j tc>> ->s —•- j- /'■ :■ ) ■ 'r: •' ?? h S ? ?????????&1?????iL?<E?? ??? COACH & MOTOR BODY BUILDERS WHEELWRIGHTS. MOTOR BODIES designed and SPECIALITY built, or any class of Vehicle HOODS RE-COVERED & Fixed required. on'the premises in 8 hours. EEPAIES of all descriptions. NEW HOODS & PAINTING WIND SOEEENS LETTERING fitted to any make of TRIMMING. Car in 24 hours.- ESTIMATES FREE. FOUR GREAT POINTS 1. Best Material. 3. Prompt Dispatch. 2. Best Workmanship. 4. Personal Attention. WORKS PRINCES ST., ABERGAVENNY. -I L i NIGHTIXGALE,3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENT NEW PIANOS About Half price. Best in the world at lowest prices. POULTRY CORN UP IN QUALITY, DOWN IN PRICE: 3 PER PECK. FARM & WARDEN SEEDS, all guaranteed NEW. SEED POTATOES. ARTIFICIAL MANURES AH at lowest possible prices, consistent with good quality, LARGKST STOCK? MONMOUTHSHIRE, AND l.vzsx PRICKS A. J. WIBBERLEY, CORN & SID MERCHANT, 50 Cross St., Abergavenny, P.O. 30 Abergavenny. Telegrams; Stanley, Abergavenny. CHAS. P. STANLEY, BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Rags, Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit Skins, etc., etc. BEST PRICE GIVEN. Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon yole iinmediately. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICLES FOR SAT,S. JESSE PRITGHARD, PRACTICAL BUILDER, A. Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, [ AUEHQAVENNY. Everv daHcripuot: >y. Work proiupiiy axe- cntea. Y&ros end I/V-Jit Aspbeit^cl Cementji or Gravelled at mode;ale cbnre;ng. fVrefni stfvatjcB | to all Jobbing Work. Heating Apjjar&tr. Beif.;r end Grate Fixing I a «pcefs.ljty. A Trial reswrtfunv itei H BASIL JONES DENTAL ROOMS, .> l J. I.:S, 12, CROSS STREET, SevC-ud Floor: ABERPAVENNY. 7 HOURS 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. THURSI.)A\S 10 a.iii. "LI-o 1 p.m. CONSULTATIONS FREE. MODERATE CHARGES. REPAIRS completed in 3 HOURS, OELSABLE pURNlTURE I of every I description ? BEST AND 1 I CHEAPEST DOWMES I Frogmore St. Abergavenny b.l f.f REDWOODS BBEAD AND f? A 1?' 't?Q CAKES PERFECTION Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. T\rANTED to puiv'aase ANTIQUE W Fnmiture, C?ina, GIM, OU Sheffitld Plate, Pewter. Brass, Bracket and other Clocks, Sporting Prints and Engravings, etc. Particulars by post will receive prompt attention. HARRY LYONS, ROTHER HOUSE, ABERGAVENNY. COLLECTORS are invited to com- I c munkate with the above, who has several pieces for sale which may be seen by appointment. >