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Sales by Auction. ARKET HALL SALT.. -FRIDAY, AUG. 29. JE5 REWARD $5. fof information (v.-hen proceedings will be take against the Person w' wilfully took awav a LARGE CRtMSON RUG from the Sale Room previous to the Lot being offered by Auction. J. STRAKER, SCN & CHADWiCK, Auctioneers. AGRtCULTURAL SALE FIXTURES. SEPT. i')—Abergavenny Annual S'leep Sale. Cefndyglwyd Dispersal Sale—oostposed SEPT. 25—Fair Day Sale of Pedigree Rams. OCT. —Prize Colt Sale and Show. OCT. 2—Great House Dispersal Sale. OCT. 9—Penishyplwydd Dispersal Sale. OcT.i6&i7—Llans.untfraed Dispersal Sale. OCT. 23—Crowneld Dispersal Sale. OCT. 31-P,llyrl1v,-yacd Dispersal Sale. Later Sale Fixt'.tres to be announced. J. STRAKER, SO:4 & CHADWiCK. ABERCAVENNY FAIR DAY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.I., will Sell by Aucti.'n 15 OXFORD DOWN RAMS the property of H. White, Esq. 15 KERRY HtLL RAMS the property of D. Bowen, Esq. Pedigrees on application. PARISH OF LLANTILIO PERTHOLEY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., will offer bv Auction on FAIR DAY. SEPT. 2=¡th, All that FREEHOLD SMALL HOLD)NG known as CROSSHOWELL, containing an area of 3 Acres (or thereabouts). Particulars from the Auctioneers, or of T. VAUGHAX, Esq., Solicitor, Crickhowell. EWIAS HAROLD ANNUAL SHEEP SALE. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER i2th. ENTRIES CLOSE NEXT MONDAY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, Auctioneers. ABERGAVENNY ANNUAL SHEEP SALE. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th. ENTRIES CLOSE SEPTEMBER oth. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK. BLAENAVON. SALE OF LONG LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., will submit to Auction, subject to Conditions of Sale, on WEDNESDAY, the 17th day of SEPTEMBER, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Licx HOTEL. BLAEXAVOX, All those Two Valuable DWELLING HOUSES & GARDENS situate and known as Nos. 13 & 14 HIGH ST. each let at i8s. per lunar .month and held on Lease for a term of 999 years from June ist, 1865, at the annual ground rent of £I ios. od. Particulars from the Auctioneers Aberga- venny; or of J. R. JACOB, Esq., Solicitor, Abergavenny and Blaenavon. PRELIMINARY. PARISH OF LLANTILIO PERTHOLEY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.I., will offer by Auction in September the FREEHOLD SMALL HOLDING known as CAP-GLAS, containing 9a. 2r. Op. (or there- abouts), with possession in February next, and now let to Mrs. Morgan at the Annual Rental of 1I8. Particulars h-om the Auctioneers, or of T. VAUGHAN, ESQ., Solicitor, Crickhowell. BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.I., will offer by Auction on FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, All those Three Freehold Shops situate and known as Nos. 26, 27 & 28 CROSS STREET. Particulars from the Auctioneers, or of J. MOXON, Esq., Solicitor, Newport. MARKET HALL,ABERGAVENNY. Removed from CASTLE STREET HOUSE and MAINDIFF COURT, ABERGAVENNY, for convenience of Sale, On FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER igth. IMPORTANT UNRESERVED SALE OF Househotd Effects, many Lots of New Linen, 10 New Bedsteads which I J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., will Sell by Auction, under instructions of Mr. Bowen (who is giving up housekeeping), and The Matron, who has recently purchased the Linen and Effects for a Nursing Home but is unable to secure a suitable residence. KITCHEN UTENSILS, WARE, CHINA AND II GLASS. RECEPTION ROOM APPOINTMENTS ix MAHOGANY, including nne Dining Room Table, Fenders, Suites, Sideboard, Six Travs, Pictures, Carpets and Rugs, Overman?el, Mirrors, 9 Curbs, T'?o Handsome Suites, Easy and other Chairs. THE BEDROOM APPOINTMENTS include Toilet Tables, Wardrobes, Ware, Bed- steads and Bedding, Skin Rugs, Part Suites, Toilet Ware. Pine Old tntaid Mahogany Wash- stand Cabinet, 32 Sheets, Quilts, 20 White Blankets, 50 Face and Bath Towels, 8 Eider- downs, 34 Pillow Cases, 10 Pillows, io Bolsters,' 10 Overlays, 10 Mattresses. 15 Single and Full- size BEDSTEADS. Sale at 2 o'clock. Ter'us Cash Day of Sale. Auctioneers' Omces, Abergavenny. ABERTILLERY. In the Estate of JAMES DOOLA. deceased. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed to o'.Ter at an early date All those TWO MESSUAGES AND PREMISES known as 66 & 68 GLADSTONE STREET, ABERTtLLERY together vith FIVE MS SHARES in the VALLEYS BOTTLING & MINERAL WATER CO., LTD. Further particulars from the Hotel Valuers, Abergavennv or from the Solicitors, Mr. ) O'DRISCOLL, Cork, or of Mr. W. J. EVERETT, Pontypool. LION HOTEL, BLAENAVON. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ist, 1919. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.t., are instructed by Mr. Jennings, whose Lease ex- pires this month, to remove, for convenience of sale, to the FORGE HAMMER SALE ROOM, his substantial Private HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE including several Massive Suites, Piano, etc., etc. 1919 Modet Four-Seater FORD CAR, delivered in April last, together with Two New Goodyear Tvres Stepnev, Inner Tubes and Accessories, also POULTRY AND OUTDOOR EFFECTS. Sale at i o'clock. Hotel Valuers' Omces Abergavenny. FAIR DAY. SPECIAL ENTRY. FIVE PEDtSREE SUFFOLK RAM LAMBS, the property of W. G. Buchanan, Esq. J< STRAKER, SON &.CHADW!CK, Auctioneers. Sales by Auction. FAIR DAY. SPECIAL ENTRY. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWiCK, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction for the Representatives of the late Edgar Morgan, Esq.. The Carriages and Harness. including a splendid LANDAU (complete), Light-running awheel DOC CART, Clothing, Saddles, Single and Double Harness, Clipping Machine, Bits, Five Bridles, Crops, Whips, Collars, &c., &c., also bv another direction SEVERAL CART, LORRY & STACK COVERS, Rugs, Rubber Mats, Clothing, Saddlery and Harness. Sale at 11.30. Auctioneers' Omces, Abergavenny. Abergavenny Third Prize Show and Sale OF FOALS will take place on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 1919. ENTRIES CI.OSE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7TII. Schedules and Entrv Forms from J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWiCK, Auctioneers. GREAT HOUSE, NEAR ABERGAVENNY. i Mile from Penpergwm G.W.R. Station. IMPORTANT UNRESERVED DiSPERSAI. SALE. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWtCK, F.A.I., are favoured with instructions from Mr. H. Williams, who is retiring, to conduct his first Sale on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1919. 81 wen-descended HEREFORD CATTLE, includ- ing the Pedigree Hereford Stock Bull Towns- end," bred by T. L. Powell, Esq., calved 9th March, 1918 sire, Adclbcrt 26.591. 230 Cross-bred and Shropshire SHEEP, viz no smart Ewes (2 and 3 years), no Ewe and Wether Lambs, 2 Shear Shropshire Ram. 4 Shire bred MARES & COLTS. A Portion of the AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. 200 Acres of Grass Keep to December 25th. Luncheon (by ticket) will be on the tables from 11 o'clock. Sale at 12 o'clock. A Final Clearance Sale of the Valuable Horses, Implements and Machinery will take place about April next. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Abergavenny FORTHCOMING AUTUMN SALE FIXTURES BY MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t. TREVOLLOG FARM, Cwmyoy, for Mr. E. Jenkins, 17th September, 1919. GREAT CAMPSTONE, Grosmont, for Mr. H. Emerv, i9th September, 1919. QUARRELLS GREEN, Abbeydore, for Mr. W. Addis, iSth September, 1919. GREAT CEFN, Llanvihangel, for Mr. D. Ed- wards, 22nd September, 1919. YSPITTY FARM, Abergavenny, for Mr. W. Bruten, ist October, 1919. PENTRE FARM, Abergavenny, for Mr. T. Nicholls, 3rd October, 1919. FIRS FARM, Olchan, for Mr. S. Watkins, loth October, 1919. ROAD FARM, CrasswaU, for Mr. G. Watkins, 15th October, 1919. TYDU FARM, Llanarth, for Mrs. Morgan, 2oth October, 1919. THE MILL FARM, Llantilio Crossenny, for Mr. Watts, Saturday, 27th September, 1919. PEN-Y-BAIR FARM, PARTRISHOW, for Mr. James Davies, 24th October, 1919. LOWER TRESENNY, GROSMONT, for Mr. Thomas Farr, goth October, 1919. Other Sales in course of arrangement, details and dates of which will shortly be announced. COAL PIT FARM, Forest Coal Pit, for Mr. John Pritchard, nth September, 1919. GREAT CAMPSTONE FARM, GROSMONT. (Two miles from Pandy Station, G.W.R.) 91 Capital Shorthorn and Cross-bred CATTLE 345 Cross-bred SHEEP 5 HORSES & COLTS which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.L, will Sell for Mr. Henry Emerv (who is giving up his milk business) on FRIDAY, igth SEPT., 1919. Sale at i p.m. sharp, BLAENAVON, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Property For Sale. MR MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction at the Liox HOTEL. BLAENAVOX, on On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 1919, at 6 o'clock precisely, suqject to conditions of sale, the undermentioned Valuable Freehold Properties. viz. LOT l.—All that Freehold Dwelling-House known as No. 4 Vincent Street, Biaenavon, now let to Miss Lewis at a rental of £24 per annum, tenantpaying rates and taxes. The House con- tains Dining Room, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Four Bedrooms and Bathroom (h. & c.) LOT 2.—All those Four Freehold Cottages known as Nes. 68, 69, 70 & 71 King Street, Btaenawon, now let to Messrs. Morgan, Iron, Evans, and Osborne, at l6s. per lunar month each, Landlord paying rates and taxes. There are Gardens in the front of these Cottages, and Yards at the rear. LOT 3.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 8 Rifle Street, Biaenavon, now let to Mr. W. Hill at 18s. per lunar month. Landlord paying rates and taxes, j LOT 4.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 9 Rifle Street, Btaenavon, now let to Mr. Lewis Evans at i8s. per lunar month, Landlord paying rates and taxes. LOT 5.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 11 Rifle Street, Btaenavon, now let to Mr. George Thomas at iys. per lunar month. Land- lord paying rates and taxes. One half of the piece of Garden Ground at the rear of No. 10 Rifle Street will be included in this lot. LOT 6.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 13 Rine Street, Btaenavon, now let to Mr Thomas Underwood at 14s. per lunar month, Landlord paying rates and taxes. LOT 7.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 14 Rifle Street, Blaenavon, now let to Mr. S. Hawkins at 14s. per lunar month. Landlord pay- ing rates and taxes. A small piece of ground in front of this lot will be included in the sale. LOT 8.—All that Freehold Cottage known as No. 10 Rifle Street, Btaenavon, now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Horace Parry at i8s. per lunar month, Landlord paying rates and taxes. One half of the piece of Garden Ground at the rear of No. 10 Rifle Street will be included in this lot also the Outhouse and Coal-house situate at the rear of this lot. Lots 4 to 8 (inclusive) will be sold subject to and with the benefit of the right of the tenants respectively to the use of the w.c. accommoda- tion as now used respectively. For further particulars and orders to view apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny or to the Vendor's Solicitors MESSRS. HODGENS & CUNLIFFE, Abergavenny. QUARRELLS GREEN, ABBEYDORE. 51 ExceHent Hereford and Cross:-bred CATTLE, viz. 5 young Cows and Calves, 2 Cross-bred Cows in milk and in calf, 9 fresh Barrens, 6 Fat Heifers, Hereford Heifer (in calf), 6 two- year-old Heifers, 6 Barren Heifers, 6 Yearling Bullocks, 3 Yearling Heifers. 133 Btack-faced SHEEP, viz. 74 grand young Breeding Ewes, 45 sound and healthy Theave and Wether Lambs, 12 forward Yearling Wethers, 2 two-vear-old Rams. 12 WAGON HORSES & COLTS. COLLECTION 0,'? MODERX IMPLEMENTS AXD MAcmxEs, including Biackstone Oil Engine in new condition, also Excellent Crop of Cider and Pot Fruit in Wells Orchard (about 3 acres) which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell for Mr. William Addis (who is leaving) on THURSDAY, 18th SEPTEMBER, 1919. Sale at i p.m. prompt. THE MILL, LLANTILIO CROSSENNY, MoN 8ALB OF LIVE & DEAD STOCK, FURNI- TURE, &c., which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell for Mr. Charles Watts on SATURDAY, 27th SEPTEMBER, 1919. Sale at 2 o'clock. IW Sales by Auction. CEFN FARM, HAXVIHANGEI. CRUCORXEY, 111 Sound and Heaithy SHEEP 34 Capita) Hereford and Cross-bred CATTLE 9 HORSES & COLTS (including some capital pitters). t COHECTIOX OF MODERN IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINES, which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., will Sell for Mr. David Edwards (who is leaving) on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER. 22, 1919. Sale at i p.m.. sharp. YSBYTTY FARM, ABERGAVENNY. IMPORTANT SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK. 48 Capita! Hereford and Cross-bred CATTLE, viz. 18 young Dairy Cows in calf and in milk, l fresh Barren Cow, 22 two-year-old Fresh Store Bullocks, 3 Fresh Heifers, 4 Young Calves. 192 Cross-bred SHEEP, viz. I09 grand young sound and healthy Breeding Ewes, 83 Store Lamb;. 2 HORCES, viz. Half-bred Horse 10 years old, promising Cart Sucker. 14 STORE PIGS, 14 Prime GEESE. !MELEMENTS, &c. Broad-wheel Cart, Spring Cart, Set Heavy Harrows, Set Light Harrows, Chain Harrows, Pulper, Cake Crusher. Horse Rake, 4 Pig Troughs, Casks, 3' H.P. OIL ENGINE (nearly new), ChaScutter, Chicken Coops, Sheep Racks, together with 49 Acres ExceHent GRASS KEEP to Christmas 1919, and 50 Acres Excellent GRASS KEEP to February 1920, Very Excellent Crop of SWEDES off 5 Acres, which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.t., will Sell for Mr. W. G. Bruten (who is leaving) on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ist, 1919. Sale at i p.m. sharp. TREVOLLOG FARM, CWMYOY. 10 CATTLE, viz. 2 capital Cows (in calf), 3 Yearling Heifers, 2 strong Yearling Bullocks, 2 Bull Calves, Heifer Calf. 4 HORSES, viz. S-year-old Mare with Foal, 9-vear-old Mare with Foal. IMPLEMENTS & MACHINES Narrow-wheel Cart, Drum and Horse Works, 2 ChaScutters, Winnowing Machine, Fulper, etc.: etc., which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell for Mr. Edward Jenkins (wlio is giving up farming) On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER lyth, 1919. Sale at i p.m. sharp. FIRS FARM, LLANVEYNOE, LONGTOWN. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF FARMING I STOCK. 284 Grand Young and Healthy Radnor SHEEP, viz. 53 excellent young Breeding Ewes, 59 thriving Yearling Ewes and Wethers, 47.very pretty Ewe and Wether Lambs, 121 forward Wethers, 4 Rams. 28 weH-descended HEREFORD CATTLE, viz.: 6 voung Cows, 15 thriving Yearling Bullocks' and Hciffi's, 6 strong Calves. 8 HORSES & PONIES, viz. Capital 8-yr-old Cart Mare (in foal), good in all gears very promising .}-y ear-old Cart Filly, well-grown Cart Sucker. 5 Mountain Ponies. IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS AND PART HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell for Mr. Samuel Watkins (who is retiring) on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1919. Lunch at 11.30. Sale at 12.30 sharp. Wanted. WANTED, a good Cook-General.—Apply Mrs. Trevor Jones, Bryn Usk, Monmouth-road. WANTED, to put about 40 strong young Ewes on halves.—Apply W.A., Chronicle Omce. WANTED by Business Man, Sitting Room and Bedroom.—M.D., Chronicle Omce. WANTED, Washerwoman to come in or take washing home.—Mrs. Hobbes, Lloyds Bank. WANTED young Lady for Grocery Business.— Morris, Bristol Stores. WANTED, Boy about q or i; for Farm work. —Apply Lewis, Pyscodlyn Farm. AUCTIONEER'S PORTER Required. Good wages to suitable and reliable man.—Montague Harris, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Abergavenny. GIRL Wanted as General. Good wages. Easy conditions.— J ones, Ashbrook, Windsor-road, Abergavenny.. WANTED to Purchase, Gent's, Ladies' and Children's cast-off Clothing. Good prices.— E. Henimings, 20 King-street, Abergavenny. WANTED, for Abergavenny, reliable Assistant Driver.—Apply by letter, British Petroleum Co. Ltd., 12 Dewsland Park, Newport, Mon. FURNISHED or Unfurnished Rooms Required in or near Abergavennv family two.—Apply B.P., Chronicle Omce. WA-NTED, young Girl as Kitchen Maid.—Write Mrs. Crawshay, Llanvair Rectory, Aberga- venny. WANTED to Rent, or Purchase (freehold), six or eight-roomed House in. or near Aberga- venny.—Apply P., Chronicle Omce. WANTED, Junior Assistant. Fine opportunity also Boy to learn trade.—Bradleys, The Great Clothiers. GOOD GENERAL Wanted four in family. References required.—Apply Lewis, Glaslyn, Govilon. FURNISHED or Unfurnished Rooms Required by Gentleman and wife.—Apply 25 'Chronicle Omce. HOUSEKEEPER Wanted in Country Licensed House age 35 to 40 trustworthy. Widower, no family.—Apply W. Edwards, Rising Sun, Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny. WANTED to Purchase, Unfurnished House, either in or within three miles of Abergavenny. Price offered about £2,000.-Send full par- ticulars to A.K.A, Chronicle Omce. WANTED, in Farmhouse, useful Help or General (young) small family, comfortable home. State wages.—A, Chronicle Omce. WANTED, strong Boy to work on Farm good wages.—.W. Johns, Grange Farm, Ystern Mewern, Near Monmouth. PEARS, Nuts, Sage and Thyme Wanted, cheap for cash.—Thomas Jones, Greengrocer, Albany Street, Newport. WANTED, good General for Farmhouse.— Apply Mrs. Powell, Llwyngwyn, Llanvihangel Crucorney. MILK Wanted. Any quantity.—A. James, Church Crescent Dairy, Ebbw Vale. WANTED, Second-hand Pianos and Organs, for cash. Best prices given.—Send card to Heins & Co., Ltd., The All-British Firm, 23 Frog- niore-street, Abergavenny. WANTED, Two smart Junior Clerks (Male or Female) also Omce Boy.—Apply in own handwriting, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Seargeant Bros. Ltd., Abergavenny. HOUSE-PARLOURMAID Wanted. Good wages. Housemaid kept; two in family four servants.—Apply Mrs. Beckwith, Moor Park, Crickhowell. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing; best prices given will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gtTtnny. DRESSMAKERS.—Wanted, at once, a number of competent workers, including experienced evening gown hands, ist bodice and skirt hands, also Tailoresses and some junior workers for high-class trade.—Apply to Augustus C. Edwards & Sons, 16, iy, 18, High Town, Hereford. For Sale. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.-Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. THE SWEEPER-VAC" and other Carpet Sweepers again in stock at Bevan's Hardware Stores, 10 Cross-st. Ask to see one. FOR SALE, Three Freehold Dwelling Houses, together with large Plot of Land, situated in Albert-road, Abergavenny.—Apply to F. A. Carter, 13 Priory-road. ALUMINIUM and Enamelled Culinary Utensils. A splendid selection now in stock.—Bevan's Hardware Stores, 10 Cross-st., Abergavenny. SPECIAL CHEAP LINE.—Lined Blouse Cases. Splendid for Week-end Visits. From 30/— Bevan's Hardware Store, 10 Cross-st., Aber- gavenny. SPRING CLOTHES PEGS at G. R. Boundy's. PICTURE FRAMING executed promptly. Fresh stock of mouldings arrived. Trial solicited.—Ernie Delaneld. GLO FUEL for Box Irons at G. R. Boundy's, The Ironmonger, Abergavcnny. FOR SALE, young Store Pig, about 6 score.— Woodland Cottage, Llanvihangel Gobion. FOR SALE, pure-bred White Wyandotte Cockerels, 15/- each. Can be seen at Llanvair Rectory, Abergavenny. MINCING MACHINES low priced good quality-at G. R. Boundy's. FOR SALE, several hundred good Cabbage Plants—Webbs' Emperor, Hurst's First and Best, and Wheeler's. 1/3 per 100.—Henry Townsend, 28 Stanhope-street. RUSTLESS FURNACE PANS, Doors and Gratings at G. R. Boundy's, 22 Frogmore- street, Abergavenny. FOR SALE, Two BuS Orpington Ducks and a Drake, 10/6 each also Pen Rhode Island Red Fowls-cock and six hens.—Mrs. Haines, Penpergwm. DOLLY CLOTHES PEGS at G. R. Boundy's. FOR SALE, Dan-y-rheol, Freehold Cottage and Garden, Llanover. Situated about four miles from Blaenavon and from Abergavenny. Tenders to be sent not later than the 3oth of September to W. Lewis, Ty'r-Ewen, Goytrey, Pontypool. DAIRY THERMOMETERS at G. R. BouxDY's. NOSTROLINE" Nasal Specinc strikes a mighty blow at many preventable ills. It banishes nose infection, stops Influenza, Nasal Catarrh and Head Colds, and guards against Pneumonia and Consumption. Use it yourself and tell your friends. Of leading Chemists everywhere 1/3 (by post 1/5). Sold by H. T. T. Roberts, 56 Frogmore St., H. Shackleton, 9 Cross St., R. M. Williams 51 Cross St., Aber- gavenny T. B. Dougall, Bethcar St., A. Williams, Church St., Ebbw Vale. £12 gilt was off her legs through cramp and chill. Owner tried three other makes of pig powders without avail. Karswood Pig Powders improved her in twelve hours, and soon put her right. Owner says he would have lost her otherwise. Twelve for i/— Wibberley, 50 Cross-street, Abergavenny. GREY HAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using. Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price is. 6d. (postage 6d. extra). Manu- facturer G. W. Harrison, Hair SpeciaHst, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross Street; Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King Street. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., IS., 2s. 3d., and 3S. 8d. postage 2d.—G. W. HARRisox, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Bryn- mawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King-street. Crickhowell Kirkland TO DOG FANCIERS. SOLDIER Demobilised, Expert with Dogs in War and Peace. Airedales bred, trained, and taken out to the Western Front by me, were the nrst draft of British War Dogs for the Great War Can now arrange with any Lady or Gentleman to prepare, condition, train or handle their Dogs for any Exhibition, or to care for Valuable Dogs during Owners' absence from home Treatment and Advice given in all diseases of Dogs Airedales always for Sale and at Stud. Purchases and Ex- changes undertaken of All Breeds Young' Airedales trained for Police work, on deposit order of two months, £10 each Puppies from £2 upwards -E PRITCHARD, Tump House, Ffwddog, Crickhowell To Let. TO LET, Graigddu Cottage, Llanthony, in good repair 3 bedrooms.—Apply Matthew J. Knight, Llanthony Abbey. Miscellaneous. AT SERVICE at Govilon Farm, Pedigree Short- horn Bull. (Dam, goo gallons, recorded). King Henry V!th Grammar School, Abergavenny. Headmaster H. W. NEWCOMBE, M.A., B.Sc., with StafE of Five Assistants. Tuition Fee (per Term) £I 2 0 The Headmaster, and the Second Master, are authorised to take in Boarders. Particulars can be obtained from either of them at the School. Next Term commences Wednesday, Sept. 17th. Admission to the School will be by means of an Entrance Examination which will be held at the School on Tuesday, Sept. 16th, at 2.30 p.m. The Headmaster may be eeen by parents at the School on Monday, September i5th, from 2.30-4 .p.m., or on Tuesday, September 16th, from 10 to i or from 2.30-4. Forms of application may be obtained from the Headmaster, or from FRED BAKER GABB, Clerk to the Governors. County Intermediate School For Girts, Abergavenny. Headmistress Miss HOULISTON, Newnham College, Cambridge, Historical Tripos Class II. With E\ght Permanent Assistant Mistresses. Tuition Fee (per Term) £I i o Pupils from a distance lodge at houses ap- proved by the Governors under the supervision of the Headmistress. Next Term commences Wednesday, Sept. 17th. Admission to the School will be by means of an Entrance Examination which will be held at the School on Tuesday, September i6th, at 2.30 p.m. The Headmistress may be seen by parents at the School on Monday, September 15th, from 2.30—4, and on Tuesday, September 16th, from I 10—l and from 2,30-4- Forms of application for admission into the 1, School may be obtained from the Headmistress, or from FRED BAKER GABB, Clerk to the Governors. Miscellaneous. OPPOStTE BANK HOUSE ARMY BOOTS NEW 1919 PATTERN 500 Pairs to select from in 4, 5, & 6 Fitting, and 5 to 12 in Sizes. The only Store that supplied the 3rd Mons. in 1914. f" ?"B?!"??1? "V??& ? "'sn sr, ???—<w?)???)??BL. ??? ?<—<' Abergavenny EYESIGHT HEADACHE This is the result of neglect. Some small defect exists in the eyes, which though too f slight to prevent clear vision, is serious because it places the eyes under a constant strain. Nothing wastes nervous energy like eye- strain—indeed Dr. A. L. Ranney says, I look to Eyestrain as the chief cause of nervous derangements." Nearly everyone nowadays suffers from some kind of nerve trouble-neuritis, neu- rasthenia and nervous breakdown are every- where. It behoves everyone, therefore, to make sure that their eyes are not imperilling their! health. J Pains in and around the eyes (especially behind and above) as well as at the back of g the head, nearly always indicate eyestrain. J Whereas medicine can only relieve the :) symptoms in such cases, proper Glasses will g remove the cause, and thus effect a per- J manent cure. g Headaches which follow eye work such as n reading, sewing, sight-seeing, railway travel- U ling, or visits to theatre or picture house—all g show the need for Glasses.. Chronic headache-the kind which recurs g periodically—can be cured, in 19 cases out of 20, in this way. Best Quality Lenses and Frames correctly Fitted by I HARRY SHACKLETON, QUALIFIED CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, 9 CROSS ST., ABERGAVENNY. Oculist's Prescriptions Dispensed. LTD., THE FURNISHERS. HAVE REGULAR DHLIVHRIBS TO ABBRGAVRNNY AND DISTRICT AND CAN GIVR YOU THE ADVANTAGE OF SELECTION FROM LARGE STOCKS at LOW CASH PRICES (all plainly marked) QUICK AND FRHH DHLIVHRY SHOWROOMS (over a third of a mile in length 181-2-3 CODlDlercial NEPOT. Elegant Fitted and Unfitted LADIES BAGS In SILVER MOLE, CROSS GRAIN, MOROCCO and FINE SEAL and other Leather. I Ladies' and Gent's Attache & Dressing Cases. Brush Sets, etc. M a MORGAN & CO. Chronicle Of&ee, ABERGAVENNY. 11 I Miscellaneous. LOANS. THE CORPORATION are prepared to J_ receive LOANS on Mortgage of the Ratet and various undertakings. For terms, apply to TOWN CLERK, Town Hall, Abergavenny. Town Hall, Abergavenny, July 2jth, 1910. CHRISTADELPEIAN HALL, LION STREET. ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY NEXT, SEPT. 14, 1919, At 6 o'ciock (Please note alteration of time). Speaker: MR. H. GREEN, Treher&ert. Subject The ProMem of Life and the Divine Answer. COME AND HEAR AND-JuDGE.FOR YOURSELF. SEATS ARE FREE, AND No COLLECTION. CARTRIDGES AT G. R. BOUNDY'S 22 FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY. Ga!vanised Corrugated Sheets Wire Netting. Roofing Fetts. I TME TONIC WiTH I ————————— A DOCTOR. S GUARANTEE. If you want to maintain or Regain Perfect and Vigorous Health, Take FORT=REV!VER The Great Non-Alcoholic Tonic Stimulant. Free from Dritgs. A leading West-End physician writes :— The physician hesitates to prescribe medicated wines because of the danger, especially to nervous pafienu, of the craving for drugs with which certain Tonica are It is a therefore, to recommend a Tonic Liqueur like Fort-Reviver, which is free from alcohol and contains no noxious medicament, and yet whilst being palatable and invigorating as well as refreshing, contains the most natural and beneScial of nerve restoratives. There is nothing like FORT-REVIVER for giving a feeling of energy and exhilaration, and a glow of health. It is a most de- lieiously refreshing tonia and unrivalled for its recuperative effects. Made from the juices of choice fruits, highly concentrated Obtainable Everywhere. 6/C Large size bottle. 3/a SmaHersi?e bottle. Write to-day for our 40-page IHus- trated Booklet, postfree Including Bus route map of London. H. C. Newman, 41/42 Upper Rath- bone Place. W.I "I IIIL ii- ? oi- l I Fresh and British. £12 gilt was off her legs through cramp and chill. Owner tried three other makes of pig powders without avail. Karswood Pig Powders im- proved her in twelve hours, and soon put her right. Owner says he would have lost her otherwise. Twelve for i/— Jeffreys & Son, Frogmore Stores, Abergavenny. FOR PURE HOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS -TRY- THOMAS DELAFIELD, KtNGS ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. HENRY TOWNSEND (for 24 years Foreman to Mr. Pitt) begs to offer his services to anyone in the neighbourhood desirous of having thei Gardens attended to in a practical and up-to- date manner. Estimates given for all kinds of Garden Work, or anything required for the Garden. BUDDING and GRAFTING under- taken. All kinds of PRUNING a speciality. Terms Moderate—Address 28 Stanhope Street, Abergavenny. DO YOU COOD. MtRACULOUS CHEST COUGH AND MEAM unum a A o ri N MA r- !ELt?!jm a?? Mp?a?R BH?M?fhBMt* imm«:diate!y the COUCH of tile dÎ8e&" and alralOat all ill effecta. Prices, 1/t and of all Ch«MM Mtd StONl. If difficult to obtain send direct 01' lit to the Sole G. CElt. aN & HUQHE3, The lnflammatlort Refnedtet Ce.. BLACMAVOt "THE BREATH OF LIFE." A ?o/den ru/6 /br Aea/?A/ ? ?1N( eever have a meat meal tt without stewed fruit and M BIRD'S CustardJ ? Stimulates estion I U Provides nutrition I