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ABERGAVENNY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. LARQE INCREASE IN CASUALS. The fortnightly meeting of the Abergavenny 130anl vi < ruardians was held on Friday, Col. W. Williams presiding. There were also present Rev. H. jlorice Jones, 'Rev. D. F. Walters, Messrs. Robert Johnson, James Harrison, John Prichard. Joseph Griffiths. \V. Morris. Wm. Jones, J us,ph Howells, X. Pullin, Chas. Thomas, Alfred Edwards, F. 0. Price, and Win. Gwillim. Boots at Blaenavon. I There was sonic mseu.viou a:x>ut the boots which are being supplied a: Blaenavou. Several Guardians wanted to know why they should not be supplied by comract. as they were at Aber- gavenny. Mr. Studholme, relieving omcer..?aid that he had seen J.iessr. Briggs, who supplied the boots at Blaenavou, and they had allowed him a dis- count of 10 per cent. Mr. Harrison said that there was nothing to prevent a firm putting 0:1 is. and then taking it off again as discount. The lower priced boots were generally not marked. He did not say that Messrs. Briggs were doing it, but it was quite possible to do it. The matter was adjourned. increase in Casuals. The Master reported that there were in the house 5' < men, 31 women and 13 children, com- pared with 101 for the corresponding period of last year, an increase of two. The number of casuals relieved during the fortnight was 61, compared with 27 for the corresponding period of last year, an increase of 34. Mr. Harrison remarked on the large increase of casuals of over 100 per cent. A Deferred Motion. I Mr. -S. R. Thorne had given notice of motion that the Rural Council be charged £$per year for the office upstairs used by the Surveyor, but he was not present to move it. Mr. Pullin said he would take on the motion in Mr. Thorne's absence, but the Rev. D. F. Walters said that if they broke their new stand- ing orders in this way they would continue to break them. If a proposer was not present and had not delegated anyone to make the proposition it fell to the ground. The Clerk pointed out that notice of motion could be given by Mr. Pullin, or anyone else. Mr. Pullin gave notice that the question be discussed at the next meeting. Old Aga Pensions and Benevolent Payments. I A resolution was received from the York Union that representations should be made to the Government to amei(I the Old Age Pensions Act so that benefits from friendly societies or other benevolent societies should not be taken into account when fixing the amount of the pension. They were of opinion that the present method of calculating the income penalised those who had made provision for old age. The resolution was adopted. I tncreased Rate. The Clerk reported that the County Council rate for the ensuing half-year would te 2s. 7d., an increase of 8d on the estimate. The chairman said that they could not help it Wives of Aliens and Relief. An official letter was read to the effect that after the 31st of December any money paid to the wives of aliens at present interned would come under the head of Poor Law relief and would not be refunded by the Government. The Clerk said that they had one such case in their district of the wife of an Austrian who was interned. It was possible that he would be re- leased before Christmas, and in that case he did not suppose the woman would be chargeable. Mr. Studholme said that the man was working for Loewe's, the pipe manufacturers. Mr. Morris wanted to send a protest at once, but the Clerk said that it would be better to wait until the new' arrangement came into force, and if the woman was then chargeable they might take action. He did not think she had residential qualifications. Poor Law Conference. I Mr. Morris gave notice that delegates be sent to the Poor Law Association conference, and that their expenses be paid. The Clerk said that they paid two guineas a year subscription to the Association, but they had, up to now, taken no interest in its aftairs. In the present state of the Poor Law, it would be a most important meetirg, and he thought it would be advisable to send delegates. The Chairman's Portrait. I Mr. John Prichard, referring to the fact that the portrait of the Chairman had been placed in the Board-room, said I see that some villain has hung our chairman. (Laughter). It is a very sad thing, but I am glad to see that it is only his photograph. I regret it was not done in a proper manner. It should have been un- veiled, and some person would have been glad to have made a few remark. I -lon't know whether it would not be well to cover it up and have it done properly next time. Mr. Morris said he would second that. Mr. Pullin That thought struck me when I came into the room. Mr. Harrison Personally, I think our Chair- man ought to have been hung long since-on the wall, I mean. (Laughter) ————







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