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Sales by Auction. h' PREUMETARY. I' 4' <; r .MARKET HAtL. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are favoured with instructions to catalogue and remove, fur convenience of sale, 350 LOTS OF VALUABLE ANTIQUE FURNITURE early in January Next. Catalogues in due course. PRELIMINARY. BERTHLLANFACH, LLANELLEN. THURSDAY, JANUARY 8th, 1920. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed by the Representatives of the late Mr. F. Holmes to Sell by Auction the HOUSE- HOLD PUR.NITURE & EFFECTS on the above date. PRELIMINARY. TALYCOED ESTATE. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., have received instructions to conduct an Important Sale of TIMBER early in the month of Feb- ruary, comprising :— 2,000 Oak 200 Ash 106 Scotch, Larch Elm, Beech 80 Acres of Strong Coppice Mr. Griffiths, Talycoed Lodge, Nr. Monmoutfi, will show the Lots to intending purchasers. PRELIMINARY. POSTON COURT ESTATE, HEREFORD- SHIRE. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been instructed to Sell by Auction, in Three Lots, at the BOUGHTOIZ ARMS HOTEL, PETER- CHURCH, on MONDAY, 22nd DECEMBER, 1919, THE HILL FARM and other portions of the above Estate, in the Parish of Vowchurch, containing in all an area of 92a. or. 35p. Auctioneers' Offices, Abergavenny. HEREFORDSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES FOR SALE, Being portions of the POSTON COURT ESTATE (In 3 Lots), in the Parish of Vowchurch, gnd known as THE HILL FARM," containing in all an area of 83a. ir. 22p. (or thereabouts), with suitable Homestead and Buildings, and now let to Mr. James Price. A useful SMALL HOLDING, known as WILDINGS," containing in all 4a. ir. 13p. (or thereabouts), with comfortable Cottage, now let to Mr. Robert Wilding. Several Enclosures of PASTURE LAND, called and known as OLD CWRGAN," containing in all 4a. 2r. op., now let to Mr. James Price, which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has received instructions to offer for Sale at the BOUGHTON ARMS HOTEL. PETERCHURCH, On MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, 1919, At 2.30 p.m. prompt. All the above properties are within iL miles of Vowchurch Station on the Golden Valley Branch of the G.W. Railway. For further particulars and orders to view apply to the Auctioneer, Abergavenny, or to Messrs. Hilder, Thompson, and Dunn, 36, Jermyn Street, St. James', London, S.W. 1. PRELIMINARY. PANT-Y-GOITRE, Near ABERGAVENNY. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has received instructions from Major J. D. Berrington to Sell bv Auction at the above the whole of his Valuable FURNISHINGS AND EFFECTS, on THURSDAY, 15th JANUARY, 1920. Auctioneer's Offices, Abergavenny.. MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANTILIO CROSSENNY, LLANGATTOCK LINGOED AND LLAN- VETHERINE. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been instructed to Sell by Auction, at an early date, the Outlving Portions of GLEN TRETHY ESTATE situate as above, and containing in all an area of 600 Acres (or thereabouts). Particulars of Sale, with Plans, are in course of preparation and may be had in due course from the Auctioneer, Abergavenny, or from the Vendor's Solicitors Messrs. WITHAM, ROSKELL, MUNSTER & WELD, i Gray's Inn Square, London, W.C. 1. Established 1747. DAVIS & SONS, AUCTIONEERS. Property Specialists and Expert Valuers For the County of Monmouth. ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS. 26, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. TEL., 2815. 1 MAGOR HOUSE, USK. TEL. 8- BRECOXSHIRE, HEREFORDSHIRE, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE BORDERS. PARISHES OF EWYAS HAROLD, CWMYOY, AND PARTRISHOW. Desirable Freehold Farms, Water Mill, Small Holdings and Woodlands. MR. C. L MARRIOTT will offer for Sale yb Auction, at the AXGEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, 23rd DECEMBER, 1919, at 3 p.m. punctually, Lot I.-THE GREIG FARM, Ewyas Harold, extending to 35a. 2r. 6p., with House, Cottage and Garden. Lot 2.—THE CWM FARM, Cwmyoy, ex- tending to 50a. 3r.,5P. Lot 3.—CASTLE FIELD, Cwmyoy, cont, ai.n- ing about One Acre.. Lot 4.—THE NEW INN FARM, in the hamlet of Fwthog, Cwmyoy, extending to about 2a. 3r. I3p., together with a Cottage and Garden lying near. Also a Piece of Land called THE LANGETT." Lot 5.—COED DRAW WOOD, adjoining Lot 4, containing a quantity of excellent Timber of good length, consisting of Oak, Fir, Larch, etc., and containing about 15a. ir. 25p. Lot 6.—PONTYSGIBB MILL, Partrishow, COTTAGE, Garden and Outbuildings, and Valuable Trout Fishing in the Grwyney, the whole containing about 3 Acres. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, 41 Broad Street, Hereford, or to Mr. A' J. FRANKLIN, Solicitor, Brunswick Lawn, Gloucester. Mr. Frederick J. Shaw, P.A.S.I., LAND AGENT, Chartered Surveyor & Valuer, Late Government Valuer to Somerset House and Board of Agriculture. Surveyor to Boards and Commissions, and Agent for extensive Landed Estates and other Properties, in many parts of the Country. OfficeWESTGATE CHAMBERS, NEWPORT, Mon. Miscellaneous. BADMAN BROS., Crickhowell, are open to H receive TENDERS for the Demolition of the Building known as Beaufort Arms Stables, situated in Beaufort Street. Work to consist of (1) The stacking of building material. (2) The clearing of the site. Tenders to be addressed to Head Oflice; Carlton Chambers? Newport, Mon. C,ariton Cha=bers,, liew p ort, MOZL. ( Miscellaneous. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. Re-openlng Monmouth Rd. Garage. This business which has been closed during the War has been re-opened by The Abergavenny Motor Co., (Xexo), Ltd. THOS. TEMLETT, Manager. A. J. WIBBERLEY, (SAUNDERS & Co.), 50 CROSS STREET. ABERGAVENNY. POULTRY CORN (Best Mixture) 2/10 per Peck ROUND INDIAN CORN 3/3 „ USE LASCO MEAT & LAYING MEALS for SOFT FOODS and with HARDCORN as above. You will have a FULL AND REGULAR EGG SUPPLY during the Winter Months. A Large Stock of ALL KINDS of FEEDING STUFFS All Orders delivered promptly in Tom and District. FRED. HASELL, CONFECTIONER, WELCOME CAFE. TRY our XMAS CAKES and MINCE PIES. Home-made Mince Meat. Abergavenny Borough Band. WINNING NUMBERS in PRIZE DRAW:- Vf 2030, 606, 2107, 2202, 1845, 2476, 2188, 263, 1122, 2000, 1015 2062, 2547, 2943, 1407, 189, 2211, 818, 952, 2821, 2737, 2767, 841, H97) 1712, 750, 1412, 2792, 2291, 1683, 1816, 3275, 171, 1736, 2238, 936, 3020, 2340, 778, 1023, 713, 538, 2299, 374, 2334, 1492, 2036, 2647, 1775, 1523, 1210, 638. Vouchers for the issue of Prizes must be claimed within seven days.—Apply Secretary, at Headquarters of the Band. WINNING NUMBERS .of MR. A. C. SMITH'S DRAW :—385, 2085, 88, 1298, 397, 1917, 2049, 1014, 1618, 552, 1311, 7?5, 279, 456, 1313, 1816, 7264, 1001, 480, 502, 309, 562. CRICKHOWELL UNION. TENDERS FOR SUPPLIES. TVERSONS desirous of contracting for the I supply of Groceries, Flour, Meat, Boots, Coal, Cordwood for the Conveyance of Poor Persons, the supply of Clothing, and other articles, and the furnishing of Funerals from the 1st January to 31st March, 1920, are requested to send sealed tenders to me at the Town Hall, Crickhowell, by the 24th December, 1919, together with samples of such articles as can conveniently be produced. The Guardians do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. Forms of tender will be furnished on applica- tion to me. THOS. VAUGHAN, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Town Hall, Crickhowell, Dec. 15, 1919. COLISEUM ABERGAVENNV. Telephone 33. MANAGING DIBICTOB RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAGES W. H. WALLER. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Star Photo Play THE WHITE MAN. An Absorbing Six-Act Drama, with an All Star Cast. "HAROLD OF THE SAXONS"" A Drew Comedy. FLAME OF THE WEST A Stirring 2-Reel Drama. PATHE GAZETTE (changed twice weekly), also WEEKLY PICTORIAL will be added. FRIDAY & SATURDAY: CHARLES RAY IN THE GIRL DODGER. A Delightful Screen Story in Five Beautiful Scenes. PINK PYJAMAS A Stoll Comedy. HANDS UP Chapter 11. Featuring RUTH ROLAND. A BEAUTIFUL PARAMOUNT PICTURE OF INTEREST. REVISED PRICES: Adults, 5d., 9d. and'l/ Children admitted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at J-price (with parents) to 9d.& l/-seats. Children's Matinee on Saturdays. Admission 2d. Doors open at 7. Commence 7.45. Saturday at 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. Matinee Tuesday and Saturday at 2.30. REMEMBER the man with ready money is master of the market. WE are prepared, at short notice and without preliminary fees, to LEND from t10 upwards privately, on Note of Hand only, on reason- able terms, and the MONEY can be repaid by easy I instalments to suit borrower's convenience. GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, Established 1870. 2, WILSON'S CHAMBERS, COMMERCIAL STREET, HEREFORD. I N.B. — Write for pamphlet of testi- monials from satisfied borrowers (writers' names being omitted), sent post free, in sealed covex. XVanted. WANTED, a Day Girl, at once. — Apply Chronicle Office. WANTED, Two or Three good Laundresses; regular work.—Apply 76 Park-street. WANTED, good Machinist and Skirt Maker.— Daniels, Abergavenny. WANTED, Cook-General and Housemaid.- Apply Clunmore, Western-road, Aoergavenny. GENERAL Wanted, in February, for London. Able to help with two children.—Apply Mrs. Jellard, The Willows, Abergavenny. WANTED, a situation as Chaffeur private or commercial.—Apply H. W., Chronicle Office. WANTED, Cash Clerk good character quick and accurate.—Apply to Morgan & Evans, Abergavenny. HOUSEMAID Wanted.—Apply Mrs. Charles Davis, Highfield, Belmont-road. WANTED, House, moderate size, with Land up to 30 acres. Vacant possession.—Address, Box 30, Chronicle Office. WANTED, comfortable Bedroom, with attend- ance, after Christmas permanent, for young man.—Apply L., Chronicle Office. WANTED to rent, small House with Land, suitable for 'chicken farming, within 5 or 6 miles of Abergavenny.—Particulars to Searle, The Bungalow, Dixton-road, Monmouth. £ 5 MOLESKINS.—Million Skins Wanted. Five Pounds per 100 for Best Quality.—Gerrard, Furriers, Edinburgh. WANTED, an intelligent Youth as Apprentice to the Printing. Good progressive wages.— Abergavenny Chronicle Printing Works. WANTED, Second-hand Pianos and Organs, for cash. Best prices given.—Send card to Heins & Co., Ltd., The All-British Firm, 23 Frog- more-street, Abergavenny. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing best prices given will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. MOLESKINS, ETC., WANTED.—We pay up to to 120/- per 100, also skins of rabbits, hares, foxes and otters. Cash by return. Send for price list to the Largest Cash Buyers in the world.—Western Fur Co., 13 Bridge Street, Bristol. WANTED, Rabbits (shot or trapped), also Roasting Chickens.—State price to Holt, Fish and Rabbit Dealer, 602 Huddersfield- road, Oldham. £ 10 BONUS.—Wanted, within a few miles of Abergavenny, a good 6-roomed Cottage, with or without a little land: Careful tenants.— Box No. 12, Chronicle Office. AGENTS with first-class connections amongst farmers, Wanted by old-established firm to sell Basic Slag, Superphosphate, Farm Seeds, Cakes, etc., as,side line. Payment by com- mission. -Address, C.K.J care Messrs. Deacon's, Leadenhall-st., London, E.C. For Sale. FOR SALE, about 100 Bushels good (jider Fruit.—C. James, Treveddw. FOR SALE, a Bacon Pig 16 score.—Lewis, Pyscodlyn, Abergavenny. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. BRASS-RAIL FENDERS, Fire Brasseg, at G. R. Boundy's, 22 Frogmore-street. KITCHEN FENDERS, Pokers and Fire Irons, at G. R. Boundy's, 22 Frogmore-street. SENSIBLE PRESENTS. Buy a Vacuum Cleaner for the house. Prices from 42s. up- wards. Worth their weight in gold.—E. Howard Davies & Co., House Furnishers. SAFETY RAZORS, Strops and Brushes, at G. R. Boundy's, 22 Frogmore-street. ♦ Children's Toy, Painting and Reward Books, at all prices.—M. Morgan & Co., "Chronicle" Office. BAKING PANS, Cake Tins, Patty Pans, at G. R. Boundy's, 22 Frogmore-street, Aber- gavenny. TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty, Six Long Leased Houses (999 years) three in Oxford- street and three in Prinory-road.—Apply to Mr. G. Morgan, 19 Priory-road. No reasonable offer refused. —————————————- 4 w FOR SALE, Rum Cask, about 100 gals. used once for cider.—Watkins, Prospect, Llanthewy FOR CARTRIDGES—Kynoch's, Eley's, Schultze, or Curtis & Harvey's, try Bevan's, 10 Cross-street, Abergavenny. FOR CUTLERY of all descriptions, including Stainless Steel Knives, go to Bevan's, 10 Cross-street, Abergavenny. FOR ALUMINIUM Kitchen Utensils and Enamel Ware of every description, try. Bevan's, 10 Cross-street. FOR BROOMS & BRUSHES, Polishes; and every description Carpet Sweepers, including the Sweeper Vac., go to Bevan's, 10 Cross- street, Abergavenny. THORLEY'S PIG POWDERS, as simple remedies for ills in pigs are the best. Certain cure for Catarrh, Cramp, Constipation, Eczema, &c. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS Thorley's Food for Cattle is a condiment for Horses and all Stock. During ploughing or heavy work extra exertion is required from your horse. Give your horse a packet or teacupful in the night-manger food. IMPORTANT TO POULTRY Keepers. OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice should be mixed with all Soft Food. Sold by I— Wm. Davis, 7 Cross Street, Abergavenny. FOR SALE, Kitchen Table and Chest of Drawers.—McCann, Carpenter and Joiner, Baker-street (over Howard's Garage). OVUM, THORLEY'S POULTRY SPICE surpasses everything yet introduced for poultry.—Sold by T. Rees, Corn Merchant, 16 Cross-street and Castle-street, Abergavenny. FOR SALE, New Oak-framed Couch in leather, also Six Solid Mahogany Dining-room Chairs, Twenty-one vols, London Encyclopaedia, the complete Seven Vols. Lloyds Encyclopaedia Dictionary.—Apply 24 Richmond-road. ONE cottage poultry-keeper got 343 eggs from 16 birds in one month after using Karswood Spice (containing ground insects). Packets 2-.rd., 71d., x/3. Jeffreys & Son, Frogmore Stores, Abergavenny. 7-ID. SPENT on Karswood Spice, containing ground insects, produced 73 EXTRA EGGS, value 30/ in one month for one poultry- keeper. Strongly recommended by Jeffreys & Son, Frogmore-Stores, Abergavenny. ONE-TENTH of a farthing per bird per day is all Karswood Spice costs. And it produces eggs galore. Packets 2id., 7id., 1/3.—T. Rees, 16 Cross-street, Abergavenny. 15 ENTRIES, 14 winners, was the experience of a poultry-keeper who used Karswood Spice. He dominated, the whole show. Packets 2-Vd., 71d., 1/3.—T. Rees, 16 Cross-street, Aberga- venny. PULLETS lay well in bad weather if Karswood Poultry Spice is added to soft mash. Prove it to your profit. Packets 21d., 7^d., 1/3.— Jeffreys & Son, Corn Merchants, Frogmore- street, Abergavenny. For Sale. FRUIT SYRUPS AND CORDIALS for Christmas and New Year can be had in the following flavours :—Orange, Black Currant, Raspberry, Port Wine, Concentrated Lemon Syrup, Ginger Brandy, Peppermint. Each bottle contains sufficient to make 18 tumblers of the finest beverage, when diluted with hot or cold water. Quality guaranteed. Price, 1/9 each. -L. CARTER, Cordial Manufacturer, I I Baker Street, Abergavenny. POULTRY, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys lay more and larger eggs on Karswood Spice, con- taining ground insects, nature's own egg pro- ducer. Packets 2^d., 7|d., 1/3.— Jeffreys & Son, Corn Merchants, Frogmore Stores, Aber- gavenny. FOR SALE, a Bacon Pig 16 score. Lewis, i Pyscodlyn, Abergavenny. J.>r,o¡,¡.a. To Let. TO LET, Garden Ground at Hollycroft," Mardy.—Apply Hodgens & Cnnlifie, Solicitors, Abergavenny. TO LET, with possession January loth, 1920, Green Dragon Inn, Govilon.—Apply Charles Edwards' Brewery Limited, Llanfoist, Aber- gavenny. Lost or Strayed. LOST, since September, Two Welsh Ewes one horned.—Apply Bevan, Tresenny, Grosmont. TAKEN in mistaken, an Umbrella, Oct. 1st, from Nursing, Class held in Trinity School Room. Will the lady kindly return same to Hanbury, Brecon-road, where she may have the one left, in exchange. STRAYED, on the 1st December, from Little Trostrey Farm, near Usk, 20 Radnor Store Ewes shorn round butt of tails.—Informa- tion to G. T. Smith, as above, or the Police. Miscellaneous. THE TONIC WITH t ———————— A DOCTOR,S t———————— GUARANTEE. If you want to maintain or Regain Perfect and Vigorous Health, Take FORT-REVIVER The Great Non-Alcoholic Tonic Stimulant. Free from Drugs. A leading West-End physician writes :— The. physician hesitates to prescribe medicated wines because of the danger, especially to nervous patients. of the craving for drugs with which certain Tonics are 'fortined.' ?it is a pleaure, therefore. to recommend a Tonic Liqueur like Fort-Reviver, which is free from alcohol and contains no noxious medioament. There is nothing like FORT-REVIVER for giving a feeling of energy and exhilaration, and a glow of health. It is & most d?'? liriously refreshing to.ia and unrivalled for its recuperative effects. Made from the juices of choice fruits, highly concentrated Obtainable Everywhere. 5/6 Large size bottle. 3/9 Smaller size bottle. Write to-day for our 50-page Illus- trated Booklet, post free. Including Bus route map of London. H. & C. Newman, 41/42 Upper Rath- bone Place, W.l I 'I lii.I i, Luscious, Fresh and British- FOR PURE HOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS -TRY- THOMAS DELAFIELD, KINGS ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. PIN YOUR FAITH to NOSTROLINE" Nasa- Specific for Nasal Catarrh; Head Colds, In- fluenza, Sore Throat and all infectious dis- orders of the nostrils. Acts continuously day and night. Convenient, pleasant, safe, and effective. Of leading Chemists everywhere 1:3 (by post 1:5). Sold byH. T. T. Robe3ts, 56 Frogmore-street, H. Shackleton, 9 Cross- street, R. M. Williams, 51 Cross-street, Aber- gavenny T. B. Dougall, Bethcar-street, A. Williams, Church-street, Ebbw Vale. NEW NUTS. EXTRA FINE BRAZILS, per 1/4 lb. BLACK, SPANISH & CHESTNUTS, very cheap. ORANGES, cheap and good. RUTHER, ABERGAVENNY. COULD NOT SLEEP FOR ITCHING. INOLAK CURED ME. YOU use INOLAK for Itching Eczema, J[_ Pimples, Chillblains, or any skin trouble. First touch will stop itching and start certain cure. No matter what you have tried, use INOLAK, the only remedy that will DRAW OUT all that causes skin trouble. Does not burn or sting. Will always cure. Get INOLAK, 1/3, 3/ 5h> of ROBERTS, Chemist, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny, and Chemists everywhere. CURES ALL SKIN TROO-BLESl Ask for a FREE SAMPLE from SHACKLETON, Chemist, Abergavenny EVANS, Chemist, Brynmawr; THORTON, Chemist, Blaenavon; or writesMAURicE SMITH & Co., Ltd., or write MAURICE SMITH & Co., Ltd., ,¡, Kidderminster. b9xes, :.} .èl 3. Jj. Iarge bgxes, '3-? 3?. ?  ? ^Miscellaneous. USEFUL GIFT SUGGESTIONS. FOR LADIES AND f J I GENTLEMEN M Perfumery, Pins, Slides, Combs, Hair Brushes, Walking Sticks, Pipes, Pouches, Cigarette Cases, etc, ATTRACTIVE USEFUL INEXPENSIVE. R. J. HARRHY, 5 HIGH STREET. THE PROBLEM of the purchase I OF SUITABLE XMAS GIFTS may be happily solved by a visit to our SHOWROOMS at 161-2-3 Commercial Street, NEWPORT. He* The value of such a gift is greatly enhanced if it be of USEFUL as well as ORNAMENTAL character because it is a constant reminder of the giver. We have in our SHOWROOMS (over a third of a mile in length)1 hundreds of such articles and give below a few suggestions of the form such gifts may fittingly take • ■ Trays Photo Frames Baskets Cushions Down Quilts CoiLl Boxes Cabinets Rugs Tea Carriers Flower Stands Pictures Carpet Sweepers Bronzes Easy Chairs Baby Chairs Clocks Vases Trinket Sets Cigarette Boxes Jewel Trays Ash Trays Floor Cushions Mirrors Fancy Tables Brass Ware Table Covers Baby Carriages We trust we may have the pleasure of seeing you in our SHOWROOMS. Your quest will undoubtedly be rewarded in the discovery of the "VERY THING both in price and kind to fit the case. Of course you are aware of our unassailable position as makers of RELIABLE FURNITURE and will study your own interests by inspecting our stock before deciding to purchase, where .every article is marked in plain figures. P. GANEI, Ltd., The HOUSE of FAME for FURNITURE, 161-2-3 COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT, and at CARDIFF and BRISTOL. Floor Mops THE KOMO — THE O'CEDAR Hearth Rugs & Mattings. G. R BOUNDY, 22 TIROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY I ALLCOTT & WILSON I The Central Ironmongery & Cycle Stores, 6 CROSS STREET, ABERGAVENNY. Tel. 144. r *+JT M a PLEASE NOTE I • Last Day of Sale, L DECEMBER 24th. I OPPOSITE BANK HOUSE ARMY BOOTS NEW 1919 PATTERN 709 Pairs to select from in 4, 5, & 6 Fitting, and 5 to 12 in Sizes. The only Store that suppliep the 3rd Mons. Regiment. '■"•m -V79QS 2 HIGH ST, ,&. BT-? Abergavenny Miscellaneous. BOROUGH THEATRE. TWO PERFORMANCES SATURDAY, at 6.3* and 8.30. THE MUSICAL COMEDY ENSEMBLE, "SALAAM NEXT WEEK. FOR FIVE NIGHTS The HERO HATHAWAY & VIVIAN A. BARON REPERTOIRE CO. of Well-known Artisste. MONDAY- _1 "MOTHS" Adapted from the famous Novel by OUIDA. TUESDAY— "THE LION & THE MOUSE." By CHARLES KLEIN Author of Potash and Perlmutter." WEDNESDAY— < '># CAM I LLE. By ALEXANDRE DUMAS, from the famous Novel "La Dame aux Camilliaj," as played by Mme. Sarah Bernhardt. FRIDAY & SATURDAY- "THE CHINESE PUZZLE." By MARION M. BOWER and LEON M. LIOx, direct from the New Theatre, London. MAGNIFICENT NEW YEAR ATTRACTION: "THE QUAKER GIRL." Under the Direction of MR. VVVIAN THOMAS, is coininig. Prices: 3'6 and 2/4 (reserved), 1/10 and 1/3, including tax. Town Hall, Abergavenny. A HIGH-CLASS CONCERT MONDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 1919 Will be given by the RENOWNED GWALIA GLEE SINGERS (28 Voices) NANTYGLO Royal National Eisteddfod Winners, Corwen, 1919 CONDUCTOR MR. W. R. LEWIS. SECRETARY MR. W. M. JENKINS. Assisted by the following Eminent Artistes SOPRANO MISS E. M. LEWIS, Tonypandy The Rhondda Nightingale. CONTRALTO MISS BESSIE WILLIAMS, Beaufort. BASS MR. SAM. LUCAS, Varteg. (Gold Medallist, and Semi-National Winner). Elocutionist MR. J. ROWLEV JONES, C.C., Brynmawr. CHAIRMAN: MR. O. J. OWEN. Reserved Seats, 2/6; Second do., 1/9. Limited number at 1/3 (tax included). Iroors open at 6.30 p.m. To commence at 7 sharp Plan of Hall may be seen and Seats booked at Messrs. Heins & Co., Music Warehouse, Aber- gnvenny. a BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. TENDERS are invited for PAINTING the j. Exterior of No. 26 High Street. Specification can be seen at the Borough Surveyor's Office. Tenders, endorsed Tender for Painting 26 High Street," to be delivered at my Office not later than 14th January next. 1920. WM. H. HOPWOOD, Dec. 19, 1919. Town Clerk. CHRISTADELPHIAFHATL; LION STREET. ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY NEXT, Dec. 21, 1919, At 6 o'clock (Please note alteration of time). Subject: "THE ANGELS' SONG." What Does It Portend ? GOME AND HEAR AND JUDGE FOB YOURSELF. SEATS ARE FREE, AND No COLLECTION J NIGHTINGALE, 3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENT NEW PIANOS in About Half-price. Best the world at lowest prices. '=.4.=- Ikrgaiifimij Cjjrnnirl? JJEtmtuumtljs trire ^.iSfaertiaer. J FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1919. 1 Friday Next being a Bank Holiday, the Chronicle will be Published on WEDNESDAY. All Advertisements and Correspondence, therefore, for that issue must reach us not later than TUESDAY MORNING.