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A REVELATION IN TEA DRINKING INVOLVING ENORMOUS SAVING. STONEHAM'S GOLDEN TIE TEAS. Saves ffloney MORE Cups of good Tea per lb. can be made from Stonoham's Golden Tips than from any other Tea. Saves Time Stoneham's Golden Tips produce strong Tea quickly. Only three minutes required for perfect infusion. Saves Health Stoneham's Golden Tips possess none of that harmful astringency found, in many so-called cheap Teas. Saves Disappointment- Stoneham's Golden Tips can always be relied on To be obtained only from :31 VlOt* W. T. STONEHAM '? j — rcl ARGYLL STORES, lb. ABERGAVENNY. Bib. parcels post paid to any part of the Kingdom, ?'? REPAIRS AY MAKE ??, ?Q 'b tOR ?l 99??90CAR-RITEO D -OUT c'- J> f)o CARRIED OUT OF CAR f\\Jt?'????\? D??? k tUjLb j ??"  OF CAR ??,a,trre e i?innttee?rreessttee?d d f you are mterested  SUPPLIED. may we advise you ? PERFECTION. CARS FOR HIRE. ———— TYRE REPAIRS. EARLY DELIVERIES. We have already placed Contracts for the following: BEAN BUICK CHEVROLET ,J OTHER CONTRACTS BEING COMPLETED. I DEMONSTRATION MODELS WILL ARRIVE SHORTLY. |I | t ABERGAVENNY MOTOR Go. (1919) Ltd.9 |I| Q o ABERGAVENNY, I MON. J MOTORS, Abergavenny r INCOMIP, TAX. In view of the increasing stringency of Income Tax Regulations, it becomes imperative that all traders should be in a position to comply with the requirements of Surveyors of Taxes, and thus secure equit- able assessments. —.— o ————.—. Systems of Accounts for different Businesses provided. TRADING AND PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNTS AND BALANCE SHEETS PREPARED. INTERVIEWS BY APPOINTMENT. INCOME TAXRETURNS, ACCOUNTS, ADJUSTMENTS & REPAYMENT CLAIMS. R. H. JACKSON, Whitwell, Abergavenny. Certified Accountant and Auditor and Inoome Tax Expert. MUSIC IN THE HOME NOW is the time to secure a = = PIANO, ORGAN. O GRAMOPHONE, or other Musical Instrument for Your Home. = = HEINS & CO.. Ltd., 23 FROGMORE STREET, ABERGAVENNY. Have a Magnificent Selection of PIANOS by all the Best Makers, also Grand Variety in ORGANS, GRAMOPHONES, RECORDS, MUSIC, and MOUTHORGANS. YOU CAN HAVE A PIANO FOR CASH, OR ON THE ONE, TWO, OR THREE YEARS' PURCHASE SYSTEM. No need to go out of your Own Town to get THE BEST You get it HERE IN FROGMORE STREET, and have been getting it for FORTY YEARS. ONLY THE PRESENT VALVE IS BETTER THAN EVER. Put your faith in us. We GUARANTEE ALL WE SELL, and if vou are not satisfied we change it, no matter whether it is a Piano, Organ, or other Instru- ment It is all the same to us, because WE WILL GIVE YOU ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK. So DO NOT DELAY, BUT COME IN NOW AND LOOK AROUND. PIANOS by COLLARD, BRINSMEAD, PAYNE, WALLIS, COOPER- SOUTHAM, ROGERS, CROWLEY, TAYLOR, BYERS, EAVESTAFF, BANSALL, KING, WITTON, KEMMLER, WERNAM, and OTHER MAKERST FOR CASH OR ON THE EASY PAYMENT PLAN. We charge 5 per Cent. per Year for Easy Payments, and we GUARANTEE EVERY INSTRUMENT. WHEN YOU DEAL WITH US YOU ARE AS SAFE AS WHEN YOU BUY CADBURY'S COCOA, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG BECAUSE THERE IS A REPUTATION BEHIND IT. OUR REPUTATION IS BEHIND ALL WE SELL. HEINS & Co., Ltd., Piano, Organ, Gramophone, Record & General Music Stores, 23 FROGMORE STREET, NEAR POST OFFICE. ABERGAVENNY. > I' OVERCOATS, ? '? THE ™EUY To BUY. MATERIAL and LABOUR are advancing in PRICE, therefore the finished article must follow. CALL and INSPECT my splendid Ranges of OVERCOATS and SUITS, bought when prices were 20% lower than at present. I Men's Overcoats, from 50s. to 115s. I Suits t. 60s. to 1205. ¡ Youths' Beys' and JsienilGS' epallj moderate. ABERGAVENNY'S \IT I-I BUTT I CLOTHIER & OUTFITTER '? ?* ?? ? ? 7 & 8 HIGH ST. BULBS BULBS BULBS Messrs. PITT & Co. beg to announce that they are daily J receiving BULBS of all kinds direct from Holland and the principal growers, but owing to restrictions placed on many kinds (now removed) they are unable this year to issue the general Bulb Catalogue, and trust that they may be allowed to quote specially for large or small quantities. HYACINTHS, Specially Selected and Grown for Glasses or Pots, in all colours. ? „ H Bedding ?,l Mirlatur"elected for Forcing, also Bedding in Masses, k colour. ? „ Roman-Specials only for Forcing. Also TULIPS, DAFFODILS, NARCISSI, FREEZIAS, &c. CROCUSES (White, Blue, Yellow to name or mixed), SNOWDROPS, Double and Single SCILLAS. In fact everything in Bulbs and Roots are arriving in their turn. To keep pace with the enormous FLORAL TRADE for WREATHS, CUT FLOWERS, &c., we are preparing to force Bulbs extensively, and our Designs will continue to be of Natural Flowers only. PLANTS of all kinds are in great demand. Our stocks are healthy and good. Growers seeking large quantities of CABBAGE PLANTS receive special quotations by n-riting PITT & CO910 BRECON ROAD NURSERY, ABERGAVENNY. BROKEN. HEARTS MADE SOUND AS EVER! I All you have to do is get married and then select Furniture for your Happy Home ft8iit Llije vast stocks held by that well-known Firm, BEVAN & COMPANY Opposite TOWN HALL, NEWPORT; PONTY- POOL, CARDIFF and throughout South Wales. At their numerous branches they hold far and away the largest selection of up-to-date Fur- nishings in this part of the United Kingdom, consisting of several hundred Suites, Cabinets, Wardrobes, Overmantels, and every require- ment for complete Furnishing. All Goods warranted and sold at most moderate Prices. Delivery Free up to 200 miles from all our Branches, BEVAN & CO., LTD. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. JONES & COMPANY, ARE NOW SHOWING J Furs, Fur Coats, Dainty Blouses, Children's Party Frocks, Ladies' Evening Gowns 3^riL.ILI3SrERlZ- Gloves, Woollen Scarves and Coats, Japanese & Oriental Goods Cushions, Cosies, Fancy Linens, Blankets, Eider Down Quilts. CUSTOMERS are invited to walk through our Establishment, where they will find a large display of Suitable Goods for PRESENTS. BANK HOUSE Abergavenny. | I. _I Wines. PORT. Sandeman's 1908, 1913 Vintage. BURGUNDY. French and Australian. CLARET. = = Bordeaux, St. Julien. SHERRY. = Fine Old Amontillado. Sparkling Burgundy, Champagne, &c. PRICES ON APPLICATION, MORGAN & ETVAlSrS THE SUPPLY STORES, Abergavenny and Crickhowell, H. oeII., ABERGAVENNY MOTOR GARAGE, BRECON RD., ABERGAVENNY. OVERHAULS AND REPAIRS A SPECIALITY — — — — VULCANISING BY H.F. PROCESS ACCUMULATORS REPAIRED AND RECHARGED — — Large Stock of Tyres & Motor Accessories Any Make of Car or CARS FOR HIRE. Motor Cycle supplied. GARAGE ALWAYS OPEN. Telephone 2. Telegrams: Powella." -=§ HOME COMFORTS. A Few Christmas Suggestions. We have now on Show numerous articles suitable for XMAS & NEW YEAR GIFTS, at prices to suit everyone. Owing to limited frontage, you are respectfully invited to Walk through our Showrooms, irrespective of any desire to purchase. E. HOWARD DAVIES & Co. H1GB ST anfl J0H"'S Lm ABERGAfEN! TEL. 5 2. Is Business Booming ? IF NOT, WHY NOT ? IS IT YOUR FAULT ? ALL THE BIG BUSINESSES HAVE BEEN BUILT UP BY ADVERTISING HAVE YOU ADVERTISED YOURS ? If you have any Special Lines, proclaim them in bold type. Tell People the GOOD VALUE You can offer. Your Profits are made 07Z what you SELL, NOT on what you KEEP IN STOCK. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE I THE ABERGAYENNY CHRONICLE THE BUSINESS BRIHGER pORDS pORDS pORDS71 We can, offer Delivery of New Standard CHASSIS, Two & Four-Seater Models, with or without Starter, in approximately, FOUR WEEKS from DATE of ORDER. WRITE 'PHONE or CALL for full Particulars to- H. MOON & CO. 19 & 42 Cross St., Telephone 92. Abergavenny We can also offer early delivery of, MAxwell Cars and Trucks, Buick and Belsfze Cars, Dianond, Clyno and the MassProduction O.K. MOTOR CYCLE. which retails;at 38 Gns. MONUMENTAL WORK. IT WILL PAY YOU TO ORDER NOW FROM STOCK. DESIGNS & ESTIMATES on application. -WE SPECIALISE IN- BRASS MEMORIAL TABLETS. 80BIRT PRICE & SONS, Adjoining Cattle Market P.O. 30 Abergavenny. Telegra- Stanley, Abergavenny. | CHAS. P. STANLEY, BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Rags. ¡ Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit Skina. etc., 1 etc. BEST PRICE GIVEN. I ■ I Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon yo. I immediately. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICLES FOR SAUL I JESSE PRITCHARD. PRACTICAL BUILDER, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street. ABERGAVENNY. Every descnption of Bnilding Work promptly exe- cuted. Yarrte and Paths Asphalted, Cemented or Gravelled ac moderate charges. Careful attentlci Kiven to all Jobbing Work. Heating Apparatus. Boiier and Grate Fixing a speciality. I A Trial Ord-t respectfully ooU Mea DELIABLE pURNlTURE of every I description H! BE?T AND ill CHEAPEST DOWNES Frogmore St. Abergavenny. REDWOOD'S BREAD AND CAKES PERFECTIO N Redwood's Hygienic Bakery Flannel Street. DEAFNESS HEAD NOISES- THROAT & NASAL CATARRH and all troubles due to Loss of Hearing, quickly yield to 'Mackay's Auraline' A remedy of established reputation in every part of the world. Perfected and invented by a well-known Fat Specialist. Numerous testimonials prove conclusively the efficacy and superiority of this specific over every other known treatment.—Sold by most Chemists at 3/- bottle, or direct from iTHE MACKAY REMEDY CO., 106 Liverpool Road, Islington, London., f YE OLD FIRM, Estd. 1857. WILL EVANS, (Late J. E. Evans). SCULPTOR, 2 BRECON ROAD MONUMENTS In Marble, Granite arc Stone. I MEMORIAL BRASSES. DEIGNS FREE DESIGNS ^FREE 1-