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rÜfS 1111 Anctign. AUCTION APPOINTMENTS. CARDIFF AUCTION ok STORAGE CO (LIM.) (Mr .f. G. H.YDDOX. Auctioneer! Usual Saturday 's Woefcly Sale of Furniture.Jan 3 ana BO WRING. Paintings, at Cardiff Jan. 7, 8. 9,,10, 12. Hors-s, ic.. at Cardiff Ja"- 2F Furniture uud Appointment, at Cardiff Jan- 224 -=- FORTHCOMING SALES ^OTTWaLTZ 'and B o WRING \X \X PBOPBlET BS oy THE CARDIFF HOIiSE EXCHANGE. OFFICES AKP SALEAOC s :-ll. HIGH-STREET CA iJFF. QP WD:SE:)D y JANTJABY 7TH, AND FOUR FOLLOWING PAYS. AX iu HIGH-STREET, TH# I v itlUEXT COLLECTION or OIL POINTINGS, FO KMh0 BY MK GEORGE WILSON, of London, inchfin-^ specimens by Si-AGNOLETTO, BROMLEY, AiviF'iiLD 1. i:i, C,)f,prp, R.A.. J. THORS, IOM Bahkfji. Biw-kt FOSTER, &-c. The vUl be on vievj January 5th and 6th. 0- ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, JANUARY 22ND THE VERY SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND APPOINTMENTS FROM OAKFIELD," B/-lo.,ijrxc- T MAJOR BUTLER, WHO IS Leavikg .,Io (by older I;. a Merest removing from P-Oath to Peaarth ana refurnishing) larger portion of the CONTENTS OF A lO-ROOMED VILLA. The vrhoia will 1.1> on virt-A January 20th and 21st, &pd .ta¡"gu"¡;, randy Mono ay, January 19tb. Air Full particulars and .^talogues of all the above Sales may be had posor on personal applica- tion to the Anci .oiieers. ;.co U High-street, and Cardiff Horse k;x(,bazg.). 163e SALE TO MORROW. AT THE CARDIFF AUCTION AND STORAGE COMPACT'S f.ALE ROOMS (adjoining Messrs tT'-ost; A- -eds picture shop), 24, 25, and 26, 7JIGH-STU-KE'A. CARDIFF. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ARTIES FURNISHING OR REQUIRING A MARKET FOR DISPOSING = OF SURPI r3 FURNtTURE ,STOCK, ok OTHER KFFECTS, :f R MAPDOX btcs to announce that .iVl aj nngen.eut* Veen completed for con- tinuity tc hold sALES hy.1 UCTION of all classes of new ,t.Go.m',H;j GOODS FURNITURE or <?thforwar-led y ■ the manufacturer, or fiol:' pr-.7-; v uncos, for ai.. lute sales at these rooms "i!AroT. x J S T^and SATURDAY Jr. 'JT r-!I- R, COMMENCING AL- W» rL > r> IS ELY. „ r ;EKLY SALE") offer ex- cept* )*] <■LroTt'i'iitif^ c '■ ARTIES FiTRNISHl?NOt a»a Lntity « EW and SECOND-HAND ITIt 2 'RE of *v«rv tie. iption is bemt constantly U>v rrm \LL P.\XLZ' OF THE COITNTRV for ei. I u4! Surpl» Stocb on hand. o, parties ban at furniture «. dispo^ of, will find at these sales r»ds on a-ount of Goods forvarded Furuitaro po-.basedm cases where the of lotting and arranging mu^ be ware by 12 cVlcck 'Up lay pnor to either of tht Vici leBt Ooods *>n view inornir^s ^if sales. Ths Kplerulid cellars in ■ sement as also a portion of ■t>9 a^ileHes for storage purposes, or either of the auction for '.v.hni nor occupied by the company s CÍiiQ") to be t ;.Ins, apply on the premises. T« 27 J. < J. MADDOX, an(! Secretary to the Company. "jpELL AND C°- MAN-> ACTURERS & AUCTIONEERS, i, CASTLE-STREET (late Angel-street), K CARDIFF, IOW SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, all kinds of GLASS. CHINA. MAJOLICE, JET, and EARTHEN. WARE, t-ery Evening at Seven o clock, oPEClALI'fIFS IN DINNER AND TEA SERVICES. 2C3 *,he day. Inspection invited. It/fESSRfi THOMAS & CO., JJrJL AUCTIONEERS ViOU^K. LA N D, AND COMMISSION AGENTS, VALUERS, AUDITORS, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, Ac., e. to arnouact* tiiat they have opened business premises at 14. ST. JOHNS-SQUARE, CARDIFF, vjaf3 Miev piirptist carrying on the above, and trust th^t by siriot aa.1 tmtiring atteution being given to all n;at,WTF ciitvns?^^ t' bú1U, to recsive a meed of public otpp Tt. Uo bc-.C tc; that -urexperijnce extends over » p«riod ■:<! lb yep rt, during which time it 2^?? JP*}; Isfje to rondbot scm-j' t the largest J?rop*y.Stociv SaJe» h^«i in til- W-starn part of Waltw. and th.w coa%inueri, « ,atr^tcd with your favo-S, to give saiisiaction to vendors and purchasers, Obs"fve?^fsTjOHN'S.SQUARE, CARDIFF- A^euis for Lite. Fire, Accident. Plate-glasa. and Fsruring Stcb Assurance Societies. Annr.itiea arrrjii -1 for without delay. 130e :r: "TORTE. A 1GUINEA A BOX vv beischaSts PILLS A RF a. hunted by Thousands to be worth L a Oi;i.\ka A BOX for bilious and nervous dis- olmiit,gnb as wind a!td pain in the stomach, sick hisa Jaicte. *uldiness, fulli;3ss and Bwellinc after meals, <lfezkie.SK and drowsintt'K, <»ld chills, flushings of best, Ti of opoetif2, shortn '<-> of breath, costiveness, scurvy, ';kiush«* «jn the akin. di»Urbed sleep, frightful dreams, ,1¡.j ail nervoas and trcirbung sensations, &c. The tirst wilt,ive relief in tiveitv minutes. This is no fie- •or. for tiey have don- 1c in thousands of cases. Every ^i ffierer is eai .iestU- u .ited to try one box of these inf andthTy ^ill U wledged to be 'YfVRTH A GUINEA A BOX. faiaal^ of all b "lese Pills are invaluable, as a fp Aosmtti ilcÍD carry üf all gross humours, open all tVi a.TTig*ftrm ir.d bril4, all that is required. No fs-Tialo afeouln i, withr iu" them. There is no medicine lot: be Uk2u4 ta fcyiial BRL;JHAM'S PILLS for removing or Ir"e. u; -rity of the system. lî taken a«ca>xiifflS kE the dlr given with each box, they V" fsTat^er. of sill ages to sound and robust tee, itomach, li.ip^ired digestion, and alldis* ovde" '.t irtt iivsr, thtyy rict like "MAGIC," and a few doier wi'l b« t'cond to wonders upon the most irraciiut or^urid in the human machine. They streng- then "¡eo whole mui cuLi" system, restore the long lost -■ T ,^ion. brinu b?ck the keen edge of appetite, and /»*« fittian w-a< the ROSE-BUD of health the ibvaMil wiergyoi the bumanframe. These are • i- hy lilous-dtembracing all classes of Boci ty, sad trf the best guarantees to the ner yohs drbiliiAted 1;3. BEECHAM'S PILLS have the U-gese e&li oi any nfcterV. medicine in the world. BtfFCSAM'S JiAGIC COUGH PILLS s i <if-dy fo' Coaftl's in general, asthma, difficulty lns of breath, tightness and op- 116 chest, .seezing, &c., these Pills stand Vi .u fhej sp> -_dily remove that sense of oppres. sic r.; T-ncaftyot" brsithing which nightly deprive t; pft'ienttt rent, Let any person give BEECHAM'S Pi iisR. ti iuJ, >*nd t'a# taost violent cough will in a « tiifle be raDftd. Cac^jflx.-Tiie ptoUcwb requested to notice that awon- p.StHelen's,' are on the ilavtrniaw^istoiai *cli box of the Pilia. If u 6it, th 1\T" forg" Preiared 'isiy, aad -old wboiesa»y an(j recail, by the •>rurneror, T Beofliam, Chemist, Sb j £ eien's, Lanca- .iiir'i?, ;,a bcieeStt 1? 1AJ and 2s 9d each., g8nt post free !i\ .ji to.. pll,UAatft for 1.5 or 36 stamps. -Sold by all Cha.ifcU and Petsni Xaiiome Dealer$. N.B. -Full ditectioTis een with each Kx 11506 Religious services.—The aw,n. t on i' ChH?oh ,i7id Cliapel Manac-ers is inviv'j to (loving SFE'iAL PREPAID TARIFF for Aú i>itbseih^nt.i tHbe-jnens.- the holding of RELIGIOUS 1* ANN Yr.llSARlES, and TEA MEET- ] ,,(}:. Three Six Twelve 3<»rtlons. Incertloi;?. Ir;?crtioJ:s. s. 8. C Ó 0 8 6 t; 0 9 12 0 5 0 12 Ú 12 J IE 0 21 Ü 1 r 27 0 3o 1I 24 6 36 v W 0 <■ u» a iii c. Tins Ta-riit II I" 'U""n¡11t' ,'n lt1J(.f.'fI.¡'" > M.vr r/in r'.KLV NKWb in Li -d-s .!Jour Li -d-s .!Jour _0 f'HII.IP 1\" .ü.1 RHO. ? rETBUTOR t — ( Jbtants ■ < in .Vontyyrl up 040 1" y&ytiz ^.ntitsgmgnts* ru ot ROYAL, CARDIFF. TV^cr- MiNAGER.rTMTEDWARD FLETCHER. Manner Mr JOHN SHERIDAN. TON IGHT, FRIDAY. January 2nd. And Every Eiening until further notice. Grand Pro- duction on a scale of unrivalled magnificence of Mr Edward Fl&caer's Fourth Christmas Pantomime, W QUEEN OF HEARTS. Her Wondeftl Tarts, and Ye Knave who stole them or Princess Sleeping Beauty and Herne, Ye Demon Huntsman. Ye,Village oSnoozewell—Magick Change. Ye Grari Palace of Cards. 'orgeous Naiad Ballet. Ye Ancient Castle of Windsor. Mr Alben and Miss Hales in their Astounding SOMERSAUT DANCE. Processionof Kings and Queens of England from William I. o Queen Victoria. GRAND TRANS. FORMATION "BIRTH OF THE ROSE." New Comic Harliuinade, invented by the Clown, the Famous JOLV LITTLE LEWIS. Day Perfonances every Saturday at Two o'clock. Doors open t Half-past One. b3231 Half-price < all Children for Day Performances. pirlini A R M 0 N I 0. MORRtLA'S PALACE OF VARIETIES, ST MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. LESSEE AND IANAGER J. MORRELLA ?).NIGHT TO-NIGHTI! Re-en-age Ient for Six Nights of Air HARRY TURNER, nportant re-engagement of Miss LILLI ERNEST, l-engagement of Mr ARTHUR WEST. Re-engagemft of Miss MARIE FREDERICKS Re engagemftslof Mons. GASPARY, Miss MAUD MONTRESSR, Messrs CARLIN and PRICE (the Enny Comedians and Mashers. Re-engageme: of Master FRED ALBION, Juvenile Irish Comedian. Prices of AnissiOn-Private Boxes, 10s 6d; Box Stalls, Ss; Stis, 2s; Pit and Promenade, Is j Gallery, 6d. Half-pri< at Nine o'clock. Box Stalls, 2s; Stalls, Is; Pit and Ibmenade, 6d.—Mr Geo. Harrison, Chair- man. 19le LOK OUT FOR TICHBORNE. RAND CHRISTMAS SHOW. RELIEF OFGEN. GORDON AND EXPEDITION UP THE NILE. A Syaw of the above may be seen in E. N. NAISH'S WINDOW, BIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. All ChristmaljFigures manufactured on the premises, aid are guaritteed pure and of the best quality only. E. N. NAISH, SUGAR BOILER, BRIJGE-STREET, CARDIFF 226e CHINA HINA INA Cl CHINA QKNA CHNA CU:NA CHNA QHNA riA SETS, good patterns, from 10^ 6cl DlLET SETS, complete, from 6s 6d. Cottage DINNER SETS, from 10s 6d. 5ofa ".7-0- u lo. r-JMBLERS from ls6d per dozen. Ahoice selection of which will tound at EVANS'S CHINA ROOMS, 58, BRIDGE-ST. A good assortment of Fancy Articles suitable for Christmas Presents. GLASS. GLASS GLASS X LASER ^j_LA«S ^j_LASS gLASS GLASS £ 1 LASS IJ i LASS OT 207 TMKON, J-JUNLOP, AND CO. CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, Ast AT WINDSOR ROAD, PENABTH B S s AND CO., A IL S > p p AND SONS, Ai others of the finest BUIton ALES. Pe- Kildorkinf1 IC15S Per Firkin> 18s. I 9s 218. 10s. 6d. 24s. I 128. Andupwfi, it-r R. J. HEATHiHD SONS, 12, obockbmwtown. kltDIFF, JUd now on View the largest StoC'f High-class p j A MQgt>RTES. OEGANS^jj HARMONIUMS, IN SOUTH WALES, Which they are offering at a LARGE DI.SCOUNT FOR CA, and on the three years' system, from 10s 6d per mon Pianos, from 10 guineas. Illuswated Catalogues Post Free. 237e OROUGH OF NEWPORT WILLIAM WILLIAMS, 12, Lower Merchant street, oemnd t«e Tovm-hall Corporation bill-poster and crier. Renrs the principal hoardings and stations in Newport and Neighbourhood. Two good bHi posters kept. Work attended to with quick despatch Town and country. Old established—mor« than quarter of a 8058 o4063 J^R. EOCIiE'S FAMILY MEDICINES. DB. KOOKE'fi TVR. ROOKETS =pviy TAR. ROOKS'S Kb. rookbs DR. ROOKFS y^R. ROOKTS TPkR. ROOKPS rvR. ROOKJf-S |^wR. ROOKED ROOKfi; r \B. T\E. ROOKEs T\B. ROOKEs T\R. ROOKEk j"\R. ROOKE' TVB. ROOKE^ ITVR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE"? rvR. ROOKES J^R. ROOKES |R. ROOKE'S J~^R. ROOKE'S | \R- ROOKE fc J-VR. ROOKE'S |^R. ROOKE'S tXR «90KE t ivl. ROOKES "g" \K r.OOKE'S Ijk XOOKK-b J) t RùüI\:li; %11,. ROOKF'S JI. ROOKIE SOLAR ELIXIR AND Oriental Pills. These Celebrated PREPARATIONS have been before the Pub. lic for nearly HALF A CENTURY,and have proved invaluable in thousands of Cases. For a full descrip- tion of these medi- cines and their use in the Treatment and Cure of Disease, with scores of genu- ine Testimonials,see Anti-Lancet. ANTI. LANCET. This well known work contains 172 pages, and may be had gratis and post- free from DR. ROOKE, Scarboro', England. SOLAR ELIXIR ) sold in bottles < 6d and lis, and ,ae ORIENTAL llLLS in boxes, Is ijd and 4s 6d each, l>f a41-Chemists and Medicine $sudors; and by DR. HOOKE, Scar- trough. .t)r., ROOKE'S }1 vNDY IDB 10 ih.UTA KVV> lis '.L'iH PLAC!E&: flfl of pic •!»!_ < i-traviocs ac-i ir.fomatitn. f.aac«s. jJ'JH Uiiot )T-.y JJe, • # ■ uiedgratis trow t?atfcja .Modii-inp ;i ami j '.roir. Dr. Ifooke,' iIItf'lfJr(.er,h, Ka K *d- f, 11 ioccipt i a pci^y JH. sbnp. /^WRIENTAL DILLS. ^VRIENTAL V> ills! ORIENTAL T> ILLS ^"VRIENTAL P ILLS. f|RIENTAL V) ILLS ^VRIENTAL t)Il L S. ^|RIENTAL DILLS. RIENTAL DILLS. RIENTAL DILLS. RIENTAL ILL S. /RIENTAL V) ILLS. d \RIENTAL ILLS. | VRIENTAL jt>IL L S. jjVUIFN'i AL |> ILLS. P Ilt .r.. IORiENTAL j|> I X, J, S. ;Z\I;lKNTAl,j ;.il. T !j J' v <>iTUli-NTAi 1 I 1' S. X'AWILY j 9024 49413 jSuaxttm ^t>rggags» JOTHAM & SONS, OVERCOATS FOR BOYS & OPCOATS FOR YOUTHS. HANDSOME AND' BECOMING. JH BECOMING. Are now show- ing MEN'S OVER- COATS And complete SUITS IN "VTEWEST STYLES J-l AND MAKES DIRECT FROM MANU- facturers. SUITS IN TWEED AND, WORSTED. OVERCOATS IN ENDLESS! VARIETY N OVELTIES IN SMALL BOYS' OVERCOATS. SCOTCH TWEEDS, MELTONS, s ASTRACANS, BEAVERS, 4 26 & 27 ST. MARY-ST., /CARDIFF.. 204e | jyj ONEY gAVED IS MONEY E ARNED. FIRST Q1REAT SALE OF R I S T M. A » JT* • BUY YOUR QHRISTMAS FRUIT AT JjDWARD K I N S E YS, 2, CUSTOM TOTOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. jgY SO DOING you WILL SAVE 225* 20 PER CENT. fkWE "WELSR FLANNEL & WOOL X SHOP.* b7, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. f Try Our Real WELSH FLANNELS, WELSH YARNS; Also all kinds of KNITTING YARNS. BERLIN and other FANCY WOOLS. Try Our KNITTED SOCKS and STOCKINGS. Stockings Re-footed at 6d. per pair. Welsh Flannel Shirts always in Stock. Please Note the above Address. 215e FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, ORNAMENTAL AND TTSEFUL, Go xo— U W DOBBS'S, I 11868 151e CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. XERVOUSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY, trieiand VITAL Pt)WER.—A gentleman having trieiand VITAL POWER.-A gentleman having simp, Tain every advertised remedy, has discovered a ward leans of self-cure. He will be happy to for- stainpeParticulars to any sufferer on receipt of a Esa.. ch*.d directed envelope.—Address J. T. Sewell, gk. Middlesex. ?12 (J s BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR piROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBrs ROSBY'S Z^ROSBY'S /Crosby'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S l^ROSBY'S /^ROSBl'S ROSBY'S /■^ROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S ROBBRS /CROSBY'S ipROSBY'S piROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S ROSBRS ROSBY'S JlROSBY'S g CROSBY'S | j0ROSi,i 1ROSBY'» ^ROSBY J ^ROS!;vs J -1R063VS ^'no.-&rs /iRC-iBY'S iu t iROSiY'S r LSAMIC COUGH Is ELIXIR stitu only rational sub- coticsfor opiates, nar- frequefluills, &c., so for Coutrecommended Colds, &c. BALSAMS. ELIJPOUGH Is invaluable lers, SportsmeTravel- grants, Ac., who Emi- encounter expostf to; the inclemency of to weather. 'e BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Works wonders in cases of PULMONARY CON- SUMPTION, and has been used with signal success- in Asthma <ft Bronchitis. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is an almost infallible remedy for &U Chest Complaints, & is equally efficacious in Night Sweats, Influenza, Quin- sys, &c. DR. ROOKE'S TESTIMONIAL. DR. ROOKE, Scarborough, author of the Anti- Lancet,' writes as fol- lows I have repeat- edly observed how very rapidly and invariably it ¡ subdued Cough, Pain, and Irritation of the Chest in cages of Pulvr. mary i snmptior.; aa.3 I ctt, with tho fjreatest conti- dcrjeo, raramntond it as a Jnoiit valuable adjcr' -.r to ar otherwise str^iijtthi ii- inc trfwitrnent for this aiseMe." K A1,SA\jIO CO USUI Sl.fXJR [ issold in borUes, at Is ls9d. 4s6d. & lis cacti, b, all Chemistr: ^rd Fitoiit Mcdiciae Vendors, ^a«l W!iolesale by JAMES M. Chemist, Scar- | l»oruus A England. ^LIXIIV ^LIXIR LIXIIEL LlXIR. LIXIR LIXIR ^LIXIR. ^LIXIR. ^LIXIB. ^LIXIR. ^LIXIR. ^LIXIR Ilixir. IjjXIR. JJLDL. T^LIXII. TTMJXIR' ^Mlixir. "E^lixis. 'HLIXIR' 171LIXIR. f^LIXIR. piLIXl:. fLIXIR. LIXIR. LIXIR. J^LIXI-J "J71 LIXIR |W jyfrixm E"' t4> IXIft U jpLIX.'R J^LIXIR. IiAI$iMTG COUGH,. TELT^Uj Sfogntisa Ibbnssts. NEW jgJVENINa pAPER NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL BAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. THE < South Wales Echo t Will be published EACH EVENING, As follows: 4 FBST EDITION 2 O'CLOCK P.M. SSCOND EDITION 4 O'CLOCK P.M. SPECIAL EDITION 6 O'CLOCK p.m. 28 COLUMNS. 28 COLUMNS. 28 COLUMNS. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY THE: gptJTH WALES JjJCHO Is supplied with a ^PLEKTDID SERVICE OF NEWS Comprising TEJltQRft MS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, ) v Wired by RENTER'S AGENTS, THIT PiESS ASSOCIATION, THE CENTRAL NEWS, AND OUR OWN REPORTERS AND COR- RESPONDENTS, Up to the latest possible moment FULL REPORTS I o ALL LOCAL MEETINGS, Including POLICE-COURT NEWS. QUARTER SESSIONS NEWS. TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS. ASSIZE COURT NEWS. CORPORATION MEETINGS. LOCAL BOARD MEETINGS. SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS. FOOTBALL MATCHES. CRICKET MATCHES, &c., &c., &c. In addition it contains LATEST SPORTING TELEGRAMS, A SPECIAL MONEY ARTICLE, WIRED BY A LEADING AUTHORITY ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE. LATEST SHIPPING TELEGRAMS, FROM LLOYD'S AGENTS AND OTHER CORRESPONDENTS. SPECIAL FEATURES." In order to render the "SOUTH WALES ECHO' one of the most attractive Evening Papers in the Pro vinces, a variety of SPECIAL FE TURES will be in. troduced, including SERIAL STORIES by Eminent Authors. SHORT TALES. JOTTINGS UPON POLITICS, ART, AND LITERATURE NOTES ON MUSIC AND THE DRAMA WIT AND WISDOM. CHAT FROM THE METROPOLIS. FACTS AND FANCIES. ECHOES OF PUBLIC OPINION, V OUTH WALES EOHO WILL BE ISSUED THIS AFTERNOON, FIRST ION .2 O'CLOCK P.M. SECOND 4 O'CLOCK P.M. SPECIAL EITION.6 O'CLOCK P.M. l F £ ICE ~eM HALFPENNY, I | PBIQE ONE 3^-TjFPENNY NEW LIBERAL P^lPER, NEW Il £ LEAL Pi^'ER. r,, LIBERAL PArR T-' t. J:¡Ht t „i>. DUNCAiH soif ,y=., IBttgtmas ^^&rggsgs> GREAT SHOW Op OVERCOATS AND AUTUMN AND WINT CLOTHING, AT jgOYLE AN D 0 O.'S, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES AID NEWEST STYLES IN BOYS', YOUTHS', AND N'S QVERCOATS, SUITS, R EEFERS, TROUSERS, HATS, AND JJOSIEiY^ The prices will be found on comparison to ie so astonishingly low that no one need now dem themselves the luxury of a well made and com fortably fitting garment. gOYLE AND CO., GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 11869 CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 127e • J E F F S or 282, BUTE 8 T R 9 CARDrpri WHO is REMOVING TO 286, (4 DOORS ABOVE), Begs to return his thanks to the public generally for the patronage he has hitherto received, and to assure them that nothing shall be wanting on his part to merit an increased continuance of the same. PRIME MEAT FRESH DAILY. 236e PERFECTION AT LAST IN HORSE AND CATTLE SPICE. The most perfect blend ever obtained, and the BEST FOOD for Horses, Cattle, Poultry. &c.. is THE ROYAL CONDIMENT. DISTINCT from all other Cittte Foods gives universal satisfaction. May be obtained tram A. J. Grove, Saddler, Aberystwith. Sample bag sent carriage paid for 14s. Small sample post free on application. Royal Cattle Food Company, Oak-road, CrumpsaU, Manchester. Agents wanted everywhere. 11946 235e fJlUZZONE FOR A STHMA. TUZZONE FOR Å STHMA. rpUZZONE fOR JgRONCHITIS. TuzzoNE FOR B RONCHITIS. T UZZONE FOR COUGHS. rpUZZONE FOR ROUGHS. A new Cough Cure, which thousands praise as an important discovery. One Dose of this pleasant and marvellous medicine does more to remove a cough, no matter how long standing, than a bottle of the many worthless so-called remedies in the market. In Asthma Tuzzone has no rival. Be sure when asking for Tuzzone that you get it. Hitherto no spurious imitation has appeared in the market, owing to the very unique way of preparing this medicine and the impossibility of copying it, thus Tuzzone stands alone, unapproxched in excellence as a&afe and certain cure for Coughs,Colds, Asthma, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, and all diseases of the Lungs, Air Vessels, Chest, and Throat, Tuzzone triumphs when all others fail. Sold in bottles, Is lid and 2s Sd, by all Chemists, Proprietor, A. J. Abdy, 33, Fetter-lane, London, EX.— Agents: Stranaghan and Stephens, Cardiff and Penarth 190e 71682 CHRISTMAS piCTURES, A LMANACKS, FOR FRAMING, & c., GO TO E. W. R0BERTS'' 5, ARCADE (ST. MARY STREET END), THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF. 225e J, N EWTON AND CO., TAILORS, HABIT AND BREECHES MAKERS, 13 CROOKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, Are now Showing a Choice Selection of GOODS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER WEAR, Consisting of WEST OF ENGLAND, SCOTCH, AND FRENCH GOODS, IN THE NEWEST MAKES AND STYLES. Fit and Style equal to any London or Provincial House. An Early Inspection Solicited. 108e Established Twenty Year 71405 CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL, POSTING, AND CIRCULAR riSTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITS- OFFICES: CHURCJEI.ST-SET CHAMBFJT& SECRETARY: FB H. SIMPSON. Best Permanent wsting Stations in Cardiff and eiehhonrhood contractors for all descriptions 01 Advertising Cir-^ar Distributing «fce, ^91 orders promoclv attended to. -aZbI PAINE, BILL POSTER, DIS- TRIBUTOR, 2E, CARTSH-i- » i A £ EKDa.SE, begs toinfenj t<> t»Nir ] he rtmts all the largest *t»d pnociptu UU»t-»-5ti'i3 1 St&tions m Aboniarsj, Aoeratiin, dirwMn, arf* a-«i oct- j villi? districts, irudo weekly <x ypariy j A T^peratite Hdsi iic&r i j ine House, as al:« address, tobs.-xo, cigars, air' mresta ments of -ju kxud« may be o*d p 5 any time, ac .oiiiruor;aticyn '0, travellers. Ac vjOf-V ■ tT|WBS w'. ti. SMITH anc SON j 3.1 <ie;;vc iv rooxH tales zm,r yaws } :n in K-nt-y butr- "a.:h Moruinr: iti a parts of uip ;.¡! low CAitDIFl' SWANtKA ROATH MrrrHYR poPTjiKi-^firrr CANTOX AliFRDARK PONTYlfOOI. B'TE DOCKS I-IERKfrGFD PK.M^iifrTfV. P- iv. NiSW .vUiJ-OR^ HAVFKjbvR3>V-»l. NE>TM BiasT-»;^ LlwiNE! TENBY A bftE&gF1- lampkifr c4"fAB'<"HK>> | llH Cxi 2 jo acy addr" tn -t (■ business ),bbrt55tS. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Special Low Prices for this Week only at T. H. c OMLEY, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. FANCY TWEED SUITS, Prices, 15/ 18/11, 22/ WI-, 30/ BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Prices, 20/ 25/ 301-, 361-. FANCY TWEED & PILOT OVERCOATS. Prices, 15/ 17/6, 21/ 25/ ZB¡.. GOOD VALUE IN MOLE AND CORD TROUSERS. BATS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, VERY CHEAP ——— 228e ADDRBSS-STAR CLOTHING STORES, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. jgCONOMY IN FUEL. IIALIIS PATENT FEED WATER HEATER. WILLIAMS' PATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER FOR STEAM BOILERS I JOHN WILLIAMS AND SON, SOLE LICENSEES & MAKESo, [QUEEN-ST^13 ET, CARDIFF. 107e \VEAR J>ENFOUND'S jgOOTS FOR HEALTH, STYLE, & ECONOMY. Sole Agent for the Celebrated C-P- P." BOOT, Made of SPECIALLY-PREPARED LEATHER, and guaranteed absolutely waterproof. A brilliant selection of LADIES' «*<n3 £ DRESS BOOTS and SHOES in the new-o- desls, marvellously chp,- J £ £ K U N D, 2, PARK HALL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF 227e ENLARGEMENT OF JpREMISES NEW AND EXTENSIVE HOW ROOMS. THOMAS DAVIES Beg to call the Special Attention of Parties about Furnishing to his Immense Stock £ !ABINET JJtURNITURE All Goods Marked in Plain Figures at Lowest Prices. BEDSTEADS, BEDSTEADS, One visit to his Establishment will convince anyone that T. D. is in a position to supply Goods of every quality equal to any house in the Kingdom. F IRE-IRONS- FIRE-IRONS. T H 0 M A S D A V I E S, GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHER, 7, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE, CARDU F. 200e QORNS lyju NDAY'S QORNS A "yiRIDINE." CORNS I (Registered Trade Mark.) • A CERTAIN /^ORNS I CURE FOR CORNS. /^ORNS J Painless and Harmless. V This infallible remedy introduced by CORNS I J.. MUNDAY has obtained a world- W/ wide reputation. CORNS It succeeds where ell Plasters and Caustics have failed CORNS IN REMOVING BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS & WARTS. c ORNS In Bottles, price Is, by post Is 2d. /NAR>IS t Messrs WILCOX and CO., English, I J French, and German Chemists, Xnnwo i 2ffl, Oxford-street, London, W., /^ORNS write Aug. 5,1884. \J Please send a further supply of your CIORNS VIRIDINE.' We find that it gives j great satisfaction to all the customers 1 to whom we have sold it, as it really fl lUrtiNo (joes what it professes to do; and v_y mauy who have suffered for years from CORNS bad corns state that since using it their feet have become quite com- their feet have become quite com- COR-NTS t fortable. WTe have also found it equally • efficacious for the removal of warts. CORNS —— |^<ORNS ♦ PREPARED ONLY BY go^s; j. MuitD ay«I. CORNS CHEMIST, Vy HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. QORNS S0LD BY ALL CHEMISTS. gOUTH WALES EVENING ECHO. SWANSEA. The Evening Echo,' FIRST EDITION, is pub lished at the Office, 2, College-street, Swansea, EVEF AFTERNOON. AT FIVE OpCLOCK. j.ri. Sold by newsagents at Swansea, Hafod, Plafjejp Mumbles, &c., and by the boys of the Sr Brigade.' all the The SPECIAL EDITION, which cor-tai closing Latest News, Telegrams, Stock Exchare'nee of the Prices, Markets, Sporting and Local Intel" Sold by R day, is published in Swansea at 8.30 p-'rn Building, MOGFOBD, News Agent, Great We High-street, Swansea, and by newsbrj ,irAT>A tit- /iuse and cure of A WORD to the Wise premature decay. In- JA-debixity, want of energy, Sent on reCeiptof structions to regain health an' Sheffield. 201e 4 stamps by Publishers. Fitz^ POSTAIoFm LIVERY SOU^H WA, £ S DAILY NEWS. Tho D. Of the SOUTH Wales Daily News ine Propnet°rhat a specij^ concession of the Pnl^ a/!»es they are enabled to despatch their Kila^iwrtio' each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff 3-45 Country Subscribers residin within tw "ql^mORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, I As well as t'hose nortior BREC^jNSHIRE and MONMCUT1 'it' ain the Tredegar and Jtlifmue nay now have the gO'TM Wa jred a1- -he:r °)T.,>Sfc. a?" -h r. nvfej; -ce .aei paf,- SE' NE-Wii"/ \TIII.; a.. District St. Fv P¡)I. v bn ?5t.W t.11 B b t p, r> t*.y. r- !8usiuig5 ^dwssis. _n- rpAPESTRY QURTAINS. jg-OWELL AND QOXPANY All NOW SELLING A SPECIAL PARCEL 01 125 PAIRS T APESTRY ^1I}KTAI»S?» 19F. 13 D USUAL IPRICF- iSs. ilB. gOWhlcJ; Q O MP ANY, "THE CARDIFF DRAPERS.' CAKDI? V. 178a 7 NEW TOOL POT. (Next dc "0 u.1.1,u. R"'ot*e Oflice^, CU8TcJ. HOUSE STREET, CARDIFF. CHARLES PUDGE Begs to state that he na." OPENED ibe Abcvo Premises with a lw; :wd Varied h vci: <if JOINERS' AND TOOLS of every description, all o" J'lanuteed QatJity, f.:w af Lowest possible Prices. An early inspection >- -espe^uieJIy "OOO EVERY ARTICLE MARKED I* *V-iIN >HSt.»ES. 21711 JMPORTATS'i ySPOR-TSM^BN. pABE \,yooD? Wikih- to inform the i habitants )f CF, di I and district taa be is PRACTICAL AND BO x -ilDE GUN MAKER, and all goods snpplied by iiiir fire at Army zJBfl Navy Store prices. t' NOTE ADDRESS— 1, WESTGATE-stfeet, cassdifF (Opposite The ttre Boyal), Factory 35, Nicholaa-sbreet. 3i;stoi -181a SPECIALTIES IN WINTER K3 CLOTti !N,I, AI: W trice A 8.0 is FANCY TWEED StTIT. Prices, 17/6, 20/ 9Jí-. 40, 45i. BLACK WORSTED SUITS. Prices, 25/ 35/ *5/ 5of-, 65/ t, FANCY CLOTH AND TWEED OVEjiiAiAlfc, Priees, 15/ 20/ 25/- 36/ Wf-. iOh BLACK WORST;*r> OVEJftt OATS, Prices, 25/ &J:" NAP AND PILO- O'SKOJ.VfS, Prices, 25/ &> '!t> NEW MAKES IN WATE3PiiOOF COAT. HATS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, ADDRESS-THE CARTillF IIOFr;. 60 A 51, ST. CA iOMNF S i llle CA* £ **> i"> CHRISTMAS JJOLiDAYS. FOR TJIE QHEAP-ST AND JpEUITt GO 70 W. rpHOMAS AND COot THE NEW SHOP., AT 8CT. JOF -N-'S-S(riARK o O m aT,T>TCtT and CO.. Stockbroker and Mining Share Deale: H'hit? Hy-se, Tele granh-street, London, E.C., b»<v wiu en* Shares of description. for Jasb o rorts^xaLi\ i- count at nominal commission Cyt'oi* «k-u: id accounts opened at iwm iJ- t*r rent, cover T.itb no further liability ^anktrs *Tena»b- Circular, post free, on application. ,)(;« TdYertiseient faili -0- Small Prepaid Advertiwwienf^ 20 Words BIX.PRii t Three Times Six Timss 0^ 3fiXLI<INQ. ¡ nvr.p WRFRi .GiX WORDS. ONC.E TWfSS. r TJMfcS. s. d C.. I 8. r. 20 Words" 0 6 0 1 30 wo-S 9 j 1 4q r ords 1 0 1 j 2 3 rWords 1 3 Z 3 60 Words 1 6 0. € ~hese charges apply only to th ".r; f me^t s- ;ecified below, and are st whic I are ordered ior consecut FORI KEVIOUS TO INSERTION; v dition- i« not complied with, t))e ai1vorr.i^eiBWg»U Be rharceL 1 by the Business scale ^Stm ents WANTED. Ho v> W- iplaTMl 'NTS TO LET. MOSKV ARTICLES LOST. Mop^ > » ii .P- Abticlf-^ M Ifcc :i.' < oh ft m. k^waS^ srr;. General Advertising Ta^lf. -i- ————— ,RATE Pes Las svn cu\s& op ——rrm ADVEBTJfiKMENTi..1 iO « ''OT,Íj, to: l'40-2f..tI I s ] 5•• xl. IjiHsr-i^rr i* —: v rnn Business ••••{; | .«■' n. f ,/u Educational f j l%* Publishers /j • j Religious Services .I | »5i Religious Servi .I i -fit I -it Entertainments j I |. j Auction Announcements | i i Legal and Public Noticesj -i | 1 .1 11 1 j -is» i Jb j -^1 I'va v*-• C- :t. •- Appyis^mesits J' I^-p»pect«9e3 "'&1;"¡