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BIT uátilln. ESSRS JpELL AND CO., M AN U FACT UK KKS & AUCTIONEERS, CASTLE-STREET (late Angel-street), CATJDIFF, SELL hv AUCTION, wituout reserve, all kiocts Of CHINA. MA.TOLtCE, JET. and EA?'lHBN- WA.UE, uvery Evening at Seven o'cleelc, SPECI ALITIES IN DINNER AJ"f1> TEA SERVICES. d2 ate ,,aie (iu),in,, tiie day. inspection invited. i\j^sskTS thomJS & coT7 "UM. SE LAND ^S^oMMISSiON AGENTS. 1 v-i'. TTKH^. AUJHTOKS, v CHAR iiiitEP accountants, &c., to announce that they iiave opened business premise? at 14, ST- JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF, where they purpose carry 1111; on the above, and trust that by stricc and untiring attention beinc given to all •natter* entrusted to them, to receive a meed of public uppnrt. F '>eg to add that our esperiance extends over a P'.rioi: It) years, during which time it was our privi- J ^1' V c,'jn' fi1' S0,Pe largest Property and Stock ales );eld in the Western part of Wales, and thus feel "°l'VfnC4-' 1 with youv favours, to give satisfaction both t° vendors and purchasers. Terms strictiv moderate Observe:-1,; JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. Agents for Li!e, Fire, Accident, Plate-glass, ana arming Stock Assurance Societies ,n Annuities arranged for without delay. I,aue JPOR JPRESENTS QRNAMENTAL AND „ USEFUL, W. D0BBi's' ri 11863 lole CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. PERFECTION AT LAST IN HORSE AND CAT AXE &PICE. The most perfect blend ever obtained, and the BE:T Ooo for Horses, Catttej Poultry, &c.. is THE ()YAII CONDIMENT. DISTINCT from all other 'U- Foods gives universal satisfaction. May be rained from A. J. Grove, Saddler, Aberysrwith. "'ample bag sent carriage paid for 14, sainnle uost free on application. Royal Cattle Food Oompanv, ■ i\.a,< Crumpsall, Manciiesier. Agents wanted ^v-irywhere. 11946 235e WELSLT FLANNEL &Y\ROOL HOP: b7, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. ry Our Real WELSH FLANNELS, WELSH YARNS Also all kinds of KNITTING YARNS. BERLIN and other FANCY WOOLS. Try Our KNITTED SOCKS and STOCKINGS. Stockings Re-footed at, 6d. per p ur. Welsh Flannel Shirts always in Stock. Please Note the above Address. 215a LIFE-GIVING AND PRESERVING P, V I N E rjlONIC, For ?ither Sex; will cure all kinds of nervous debility arising from any source of weakness, from whatever cause it may arise. These are a few of the Symptoms of Nervous Debility :-Depression of spirts, inaptitude for exertion, unfitness for study, dislike for society, dislike to enter any kind of busess, involuntary blushing, dimness of sight, sparks before the eyes, deafness and noise in the edrs, sense of tightness, of suffocation, constant mental misgiving, pains in the loins and a constant sense of weariness, irritation of the kidneys and {"adder. palpitation of the heart, general tremu • J isuesson any sudden impulse, extreme diffidence, *ond of looping alone, morbid sensibility, careless about life, its joys, its pleasures, and its duties irregularity of the bowels, feeling good for nothing, failure of memory .intellectual power and faculties more or less impaired, extreme restlessness, flatu. lency and indigestion, frequent headaches, silent wretchedness arising from the fear of physical weak- ness, fear of insanny, miserable forebodings for the pte- tnt, no hope for the future starting during sieep, looking and feeling ill without apparent cause. One or t'vo packages of Trimnell's Nervine Tonic will cure sligut cases of the above. Where it has been badly treatet or neglected it will require a longer time to effect a cure. Is lid and 2s 9d per packet One trial is sufficient to prove the virtue of the above Compound, to be had at most respectable CbcTui-cs. Druggists, and Medicine Vendors throughout the World. li you have any difficulty in obtaining it, send stamps or Post-office Order direct to the Pro!met<:>r, and it will be forwarded at once. i. 1 2s (11 sizes Post Free to any part of the fcingooro. N.B.—None are genuine unless they have the Proprietor13 signature on the Government Stamp- W. TRIMNELL. TO IMITATE THIS WOULD BE FORGERY. FI LL DIRECTIONS ON EACH PACKAGE. SOLE MANUFACTURER AND PROPRIETOR W, TRIMNELL, MEDICAL BOTANIST, 167e 9, MOIRA-TERRACE CARDIFF iftnttrn. M0X'-T ARTVO ,^ITHOUT DELAY by the f ARING-CROSS BANK (Regd.). x.ui oft!street, strand, London. KstaLlisbed 1870. Caj it:il £ 150,000. Reserve Fund, £ 50,000. ADVANCES IMMEDIATELY MADE UjjGn Approved Promissory Notes as follows, without deductions. Advance £ 25—12 monthly repayments of E2 5 10 60 „ „ 4 11 8 100 9 3 4 Larger amounts the same in proportion. Advances < f £ 25 to £ 2,000 granted at a few hours' notice in tow a or country, male or female. on mortgage niture, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, &c v. ".ù.),t removal, and to assist persons into business. Also on deeds, policies, 'and reversions at 5 per cent. for month to 14 years. Distance no object. Easy j j', v ients. Strictly private. Call or write. -ce-Before applying elsewhere, ask any solicitor, ,n leer, <tc., in.England and Wales knowing this W4.15' a ^HUJrt1JK?:ti.once find out y°u are treating £ X anWDvfnf]frif?oed^870>' safe- and bona-flde Bank. Having la ^e^apital, we do business cheaper t-iau others. Responsible Traders, Farmers and othtr.- can have money without bill of sale. No good *o;- n e fQr refused. 'vent accounts opened according to the usual r'Ti'N.-e of other banks. No charge for keeping ic<i. !ts. Interest at the rate of 4 percent, allowed on tiip minimum monthly balances. Deposits of £10 and upwards received at 4 per cent. fsr m- num payable on demand. Subject to three months' notice of withdrawal, 6 M" :ant. %tlbiect to six months' notice of withdrawal, 8 per r'ctto twelve months* notice of withdrawal, 10 170 Paid monthly, quarterly, or as agreed. A. WILLIAMS, Manager. SOUTÐ: WALES EVENING ECHO. SWANSEA. Tie Evening Echo •—~ ^hSTlftt the Office, 2j C^FttST EDITION, is> pub- /TERNOON. AT FIVE (^street. Swansea, EVEK » Tfca SPECIAL EDITION, which ,OI1.. c I aiest News, Telegrams, Stock Ex^ains all the ^nc-js, Markets, SportijiS and Locul Int^se ^Closin^ is published in Swansea at 8.30 p.m. t>" 'XiQFORD, News Agent, Great Western jl>gh-street, Swansea, and by newsboys. ng, A WORD to the Wise; Cause and cure ot lk..debility, want of energy, and premature decay. In- •■i.. uctions to regain health and vigor. Sent on receiptof 4 stamps by Publishers. Fitzalan-square Sheffield. 201e BOROUGH OF NE^VFORT WILLIAM WILLIAMS, 12, Lower Merchant ^r'eet, behind the Town-hall Comoration bill-poster kto 0r' Rents the principal hoardings and stations >su w?0rc and Neighbourhood. Two good bill Tow?8 VVork attended to with ouick despatch o"arlna country. Old estaollshed—moro than a century 8053 34063 JVJESSRS W. H. SMITH and SON i in earivHTer the £ 9FTB W..tLES DAILY NEWS ;IK towns M°rningin aU parts of the follow Ko\THFF SWANSEA NEWPORT o'VNTON MERTHYR PORTSKEWETT t;i'7E DOCKS^1J(JNTY1H)0L ROAD J'KIDGEND iJEREtCl'D PEMHROiCK DOCK JvEATH HAVERFORDWEST X.UAJ«WTLY Tf^?.0L GLOUCESTER *■ I • e *'t0-^»^Managers of^tJj^variou^J nbli! Amusements- I THEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. LKSSEE & MANAGER Mr ED^^ IHERIDAN. ACTING MANAGKK >LR TO-NIG HT, SATURDAY, JanuaryJ0th^.me^ Mr Ed ward Fletcher's Fourth Cfi ;gARTs. YE QUEEN OF «^«h0 stole them Her Wonderful Tarts, and > e i^"„d Heme, Ye Demon or Princess Ye bleeping Beau^,f niuitsniaii- unkivALLED raooacED ON^SCAU; Ve Villap'K "i K 11 Ye Grand Palace of ^aBallet. Gorgeous Castle of Windsor. Mi«s Hales in their Astounding Mr Alberto and WW SOM ERSAUl-T D. d Queens of England from Procession of vict^ia. GRAND TRANS- William I- to ,^|^XH OF THE ROSE." New FOR^IATro. invented by the Clown, the Comic rn'Lli LEWIS. Fr £ vUIPerformances every Saturday at Two o'clock. r.^r< 0Den at Half-past One. Half-price to all Children for Day Performances. P H 1 L II A It M 0 N I C C. MORELLA'S PALACE OF 4 VARIETIES, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF LESSEE AND MANAGER J. MORELUA. GRAND CHANGE OF COMPANY' SATURDAY. JAN. 10, AND EVE IS Y EVENING. P\rst appearance in C.adili' and most expensive engagement of THK FOUR AUBREYS, The Marvellous Grote SftueS- Snfirin'i nnrl inmnrbnh pn. 1 gugement, fur one week on !y, of the GREAT LEON ATI, the Champion Bicycle Ascensionist of the World, iie- engiigement for Six Nights only of Mr HARRY FREE- Eondon Star Coimque. First appearani e in Cardiff of Messrs ROSE AND OTTER, the Knockabout Niggers. First appearance in Cardiff of Miss BLANCHE pAi!Kl'.TT, ^t rio-Comic and Iiancer. Re-eiig<tj;ement fornix Nights, on ai'-coun:of greKt Success of Mr HARRY TUHNER, the Celebrated London Star Comique. TUHNER, the Celebrated London Star Comique. Prices of Admission: Private Boxes. 3s each stalls 2s Pit and I romenaue, 1 Gallery, 6d. Half-price at I 9 o'clock to Private Boxes, S alis, Pit, ai.d Promenade 2s Pit and romenaue, 1 Gallery, 6d. Half-price at 9 o'clock to Private Boxes, S alis, Pit, ai.d Promenade 59b Mr GEORGE HARRISON, Chairman. LOOK OUT FOR .-IR BQGER TICHKORNE. PIANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can liecome the owner of a nice Illstrumeut for the -small ii.,yii,,en, of 10s (jd PER MONTH ON rjUIOMPSON AND gHACKELL'S lURE SYSTEM ? No security required, anu tiie instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first monthly instalment, Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not. approved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS I approveu. ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free on anplication. THOMPSON AND SHACK ELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, ¡ QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. Also at SWANSEA, NKWiORX, MERTHYR, and GLOUi'KSTEI:. 240c A RR brothers, TAIIORS, i fA, ST. MARY-STREET, ] CARDIFF. r-al now offering a very choice selection of stylish Ca^hriere, worsted, ^\est of England, and Scotch Autumn and Winter Ovcrcoating, Siutir,n;s andTrouset- inss. In their selection strict attention has been given to secure the most fashionable patterns and colours, com- IIJlgs. bined with materials which B.B. can guarantee for durability, feeling assured that the latter, combined with good fitting garments, is the only method to secure the continued confidence and support of their r-s- lomers Gentlemen who have not been able to obtain gar- ments to their satisfaction in Cardiff, and have been compelled at extra expense and inconvenience to order elsewhere are very respectfully solicited for a trial, as in B.B. they will find cutters who can compete with any ill the kingdom, while their prices will be found as reasonable as first-class materials and workmanship will peimit. 122e TERMS. CASH 71253 "^jTEAR JDENFOUND'S JgOOTS FOR HEALTH, STYLE, & ECONOMY. Sole Agent for the Celebrated "P. P." BOOT, Made of SPECIALLY-PREPARED LEATHER, and guaranteed absolutely waterproof. A brilliant selection of LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS BOOTS and SHOES in the newest designs, I marvellously cheap. j H. p ENFOUND, 2, PARK HALL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF 227c T\TaLDEN and CO., Stockbrokers and + Mimng Shave Dealers, White House, Tele o f •in(K,n' E.C., buy and sell Stocks and Hares ot 11 description-, for cash or fortnightly ae- count at numinal commission. Options dealt in- Speculative accounts opened at from £ 1 per cent. Oiver with no further liability. Bankers references. Circular, post free, on application. 23\Je I CJAo()-b ADVEP.TlSEiVlEiNTS. -Tlie 10 attention of Principals of Private and other SCHOOLS is directed to the following moderate PRE "AID TARIFF for School Advertisements f One Three Six Twelve Insertion. Insertions. Inse1'tions, Insertion s. d. s. d. s. II s. d I Four Lines 1 0 6 40.. 60 Six Lines 1 6 3 0 6 0 90 I Eight Lines.. 2 0 S 0 8 0 12 0 Twelve Lines 3 0 7 6 12 0 18 0 Eight words may be calculated to a line. Advertise- ments can also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with those in the South Walts Daifri Nmvs, so as to form part of a series of insertions. DR. ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES. r\B. ROOKE'Si |AR. ROOKE'S |~v !• ROOKE'S g \R. ROOKE'S gy;. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE' bar. ROOKE'S: R. ROOKE'S D R. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S J^R. ROOKE'S j^R. ROOKE'S; g^R. ROOKE'S |^KR. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S r\R. ROOKE'S l\R. ROOKE'S1 BR. ROOKE'S n. ROOKE'S! T\R. ROOKES KOOKE'Sj | )R- ROOKE'S J}U ^OKE'S R ROOHE,s g"VR. ROOKE-S JvR. ROOKE'S l^vR. ROOKE'Si ■r=vR ROOKE'Sj J^R. ROOKE'S.! JJR. ROOKE'Sj J^R. ROOKE'Sj J^R. ROOKE'Sj: SOLAR ELIXIR AND ORIENTAL PILLS. ] These CELEBRATEDI PREPARATIONS bavej been iieforethe Pub- lic for nearly IlALFI A CENTURV.andhavej proved invaluable in thousands of Cases. For a full descrip- tion of these xnecii- cines and their use in the Treatment iind Cure of Disease, with scores of genu- ine Testimonials,see Anti-Lancet. ANTI LANCET. This well known work contains 172i pages, and may be had gratis and post- free from Dit. ROOKE, Scarboro', England. SOLAR ELIXIR is sold in bottles +S 6d and lis, and the ORIENTAL PILLS in boxes, Is qd and 4s 6ù each by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors and by DR. ROOKE, Scar- borough. "DR. ROOKE'S HANDY POCKET-GUIDE TO HEALTH AND HEALTH RESTORING PLACES,' of pleasing usaf,tTations and 3S naie,anformatlon- obtainedbo ,l.Paten?^S Vendors, ,and »e free from Dr. Rooke Scarborough, t, land, on receipt Cf a penny postage. stamp. 0RIENTAL I |T> ILLS. "ORIENTAL JJ ILLS. Y^RIENTAL HILLS ORIENTAL piLLS ORIENTAL pILLS ORIENTAL pi L L S. ORIENTAL jl> ILLS. I/ORIENTAL piLLS. ORIENTAL IP ILL S. ORIENTAL piLLS. ORIENTAL ¥> ILLS. "VRIENTAL pILLS. 0RIENTAL pI L LS. ORIENTAL p I L L S. ORIENTAL pILLS. Oriental P ILLS. QRIENTAL ¡ piLLS. [ORIENTAL pIL L S. -UEDICINF, DR.. ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES. 1 9024 ,43413 > EBusiness ¡abr£5S£5. JOTHAM & SONS, QVERCOATS FOR BOYS & rjlOPCOATS FOR YOUTHS. HANDSOME AND JL-L BECOMING. ARE NOW SHOW- ing MEN"S OVER- 1. COAT-S AND COMPLETE SUITS IN IVFEWEST STYLES -LI AND MAKES DIRECT FROM MANU- facturers. SUITS IN TWEED AND WORSTED. OVERCOATS IN ENDLESS 0 VARIETY jVT 0 YELTIES IN SMALL BOYS' OVERCOATS. COTC TWEEDS, MELTONS, kJ ASIRACANS, BEAVERS, &C. 26 6)1 t7 ST. MAPY-ST., CARDIFF. 204e CHINA c I-IINA ^JHINA £ JHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA TEA SETS, good patterns, from 10s 6a TOILET SETS, complete, from 6s 6d. Cottage DINNER SETS, from 10s fed. Sets of JUGS, from Is. TUMBLERS from Is 6d per dozen. A choice selection of which will be found at EVANS'S CHINA ROOMS, 58, BRIDGE-ST. A good assortment of Fancy Articles suitable for Christmas Presents. GLASS QLASS LASS GLASS GLASS: G LASS QLASS GLASS qlass 4NLASS: VjX 207 JgCONOSIY IN FUEL. HALL'S PATENT FEED WATER HEATER. w ILLIAMS'PATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER FOR STEAM BOILERS JOHN WILLIAMS AND SON, SOLE LICENSEES & MAKERS, QUEEN-STRE ET, CARDIFF. 107e CHRISTMAS piCTUREsi A LAFANACKS, FOR FRAMING, &c., GO TO E. W. ROBERTS', 5, ARCADE (ST. MARY STREET END), THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF. 225e MPORTANT TO SPORTSMEN. RP J>AGE ^^OOI>, Wishes to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff and district that he is a PRACTICAL AND BONA-FIDE GUN MAKER, and allgoods supplied by him are at Army and Navy Store prices. NOTE ADDRESS— 1, WEsTGATE-STREKT, CARDIFF (Opposite Theatre Royal), Factory 35, Nicholas-street. Bristol. 18le QROSBWBALSAMIO COUGH ELIXIR CROSBY'S CROSBY'S CROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S /ROSBY'S ^^ROSBY'S y^ROSBY'S V^ROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S ^ROSByS ^ROSBY'S f^ROSBVS ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S /CROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S X^ROSBY'S CROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S £ CROSBY'S |^<ROSBY'S I^ROSBY'S c HOS V, /CROSBY'S .CROSBY' rf"1ROSBY'S jpROSBY'S BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is the only rational sub- stitute for opiates, nar- cotics, squills, &c., so frequently recommended for COUGHS, COLDS, &C. BALSAMIC COUGH ELTXIR Is invaluable to Travel- lers, Sportsmen, Emi- grants, &-c., who have to encounter exposure to the inclemency of the weather. BALSAMJC COUGH ELIXIR Works wonders in cases of PULMONARY CON- SUMPTION, and has been useil with signal success- in Asthma & Bronchitis. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is an almost infallible remedy for all Chest Complaints, & is equally ellicacious in Night Sweats, Influenza, Qum- sys, &c. DR. ROOKE'S TESTIMONIAL. DR. ROOKE, Scarborough, author of the Anti- Lancet,' writes as fol- lows I have repeat- edly observed how very rapidly and invariably it subdued Cough, Pain, and Irritation of the Chest in cases of Pulmonary Con- sumption and I can, with the greatest confi- dence, recommend it as a most valuable adjunct to an otherwise strengthen- ing treatment for this disease." BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR is sold in bottles, at Is lid, 9,1. 4s6d, Alls each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, and Wholesale by JAMES M. CROSBY, Chemist, Scar- borough, England. ELIXIR ELIX!R |^LIXIR. ELIXIR. gTUJXlR |ELIXIR. |7\LIXIR. -g^LIXIR. VpLIXIR. T^LIXIR. |^LIXIR J^LIXIR. ELIXIR. I^lixir. iniLIXIR JjlLIXIR. j^LIXIR Elixir. I^LIXIR. "f^LIXIR1 "^UXIR. I^LIXIR. Tj^LIXI V^LIXIR. B^LIXIR. p^LIXIR. rraixiR. -CiLIXIR B,ELIXIR |7\LIXIR f^LIXIR. jgLIYIR. jgLIXIR jgLIXIR I^LIXIR. I^LIXIR. j ^JROSBY'S BALSAMIOICOUGH ELIXIR^j Bustttesa ^Dresses. NEW EVENING PAPEP. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. THE South Wales Echo Will be published EACH EVENING, As follows: FIRST EDITION 2 O'CLOCK P.M. SECOND EDITION 4 O'CLOCK r.M. SPECIAL EDITION 6 O'CLOCK P.M. 28 COLUMNS. 28 COLUMNS. 28 COLUMNS. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY THE SOUTH "TALES JJCHO Is supplied with a SPLENDID SERVICE OF NEWS Comprising TELEGR AMS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, Wired by REUTER'S AGENTS, THE PRESS ASSOCIATION, THE CENTRAL NEWS, AND OUR OWN REPORTERS AND COR- RESPONDENTS, Up to the latest possible moment ,N FULL REPORTS o ALL LOCAL MEETINGS, Including POLICE-COURT NEWS. QUARTER SESSIONS NEWS. TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS. ASSIZE COURT NEWS. CORPORATION MEETINGS. LOCAL BOARD MEETINGS. SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS. FOOTBALL MATCHES. CRICKET MATCHES, &c., &c., &o. In addition it contains LATEOX SPORTING TELEGRAMS, A SPECIAL EY ARTICLE, WIRED BY A LEADING AUTHORITY ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE. LATEST SHIPPING TELEGRAMS, FROM LLOYD'S AGENTS AND OTHER CORRESPON DENTS. SPECIAL FEATURES. In order to render the "SOUTH WALES ECHO' one of the most. attractive E vell-llg Papers in the Pro vinces, a variety of SPECIAL FE TURES will be in. troduced, includin SERIAL STORIES by Eminent Authors. SHORT TALES. JOTTINGS UPON POLITICS, ART, AND LITERATURE NOTES ON MUSIC AND THE DRAMA WIT AND WISDOM. CHAT FROM THE METROPOLIS. FACTS AND FANCIES. ECHOES OF PUBLIC OPINION. SOUTH WALES ECHO WILL BE ISSUED THIS AFTERNOON FIRST EDITION .2 O'CLOCK P.M. SECOND EDITION 4 O'CLOCK P.M. SPECIAL EDITION.6 O'CLOCK P.M. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER PUBLISHING OFFICES.75, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. -PROPRIETORS..DUNCAN-.&:SONS*- lustness jutftrissgs. GREAT SHOW OF OVERCOATS AND AUTUMN AND WINTER CLOTHING, AT JJOYLE AND CO.'S, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES AND NEWEST STYLES IN BOYS', YOUTHS', AND MEN'S OVERCOATS, GUITS, EEFERS, T ROUSERS, ATS, AND H OSIERY, The prices will be found on comparison to be so astonishingly low that no one need now deny themselves the luxury of a well made and com- fortably fitting garment. BOYLE AND CO., GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 11869 CHURCII-STREET, CARDIFF. 127e ESTABLISHED OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. JJ E N R Y rr H 0 M A S, ST. JOHN'S CHURCII-SQUARE. SOLE AGENT FOR JJ R ADBURY'S PRIZE MEDAL G E W I N G 1\1 A C H I N E S FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT. GRISWOLD'S PATENT KNITTING MACHINES. Washing i;J Mangling Machines of the very Best Makes 170e 10, 11, & 12, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. G. ArST0NE' UNDERTAKEf, HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR, OSTRICH PLUME & GENERAL FURNISU- 1NG ESTABLISHMENT. The Trade supplied with Hearses, Coaches, and every requisite for Fuueral Furnisuisi'j. 7 154e J, JJE WTON AND CO., TAILORS, HABIT AND BREECHES MAKERS, 13 CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, Are now Showing a Chbice Selection of GOODS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER WEAR, Consisting of WEST OF ENGLAND, SCOTCH, AND FRENCH GOODS, IN THE NEWEST MAKES AND STYLES. Fit and Style equal to any London or Provincial House. An Early Inspection Solicited. 108e Established Twenty Year 71405 EWIS AND L E W 1 8 THE CARDIFF AND NEWPORT UPHOLSTERERS. LEWIS AND LEWIS, having much increased their Stock of Cabinet Furniture, Carpets, Curtains, Bedsteads, and Bed- ding, are now offering specially good value in all Departments. ALL GOODS WELL MADE, ARTISTIC IN DESIGN, AND LOW IN PRICE. LEWIS AND L EWIS, 23. DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF CARDIFF 1137, COMMERCIAL-ST., < NEWPORT. 121e i I FULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO. I CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, ALSO AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH I BASS AND CO., ALLSOPP AND SONS, I And others of the finest BURTON ALES. PRICES Per Kilderkin. 18s. 21s. 24s. Per Firkin. I 10s! 6d. 12s. And upwards. 155e r R. J. JJEATH AND SONS, t 12. CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. Have now on view the largest Stock of High-class PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS, IN SOUTH WALES, Which they are offering at a LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH, and on the three years' system, from 10s 6d per month. I Pianos, from 15 guineas. J Illustrated Catalogues Post Free. 237e ELIGIOUS SERVICES.—The atten- tion of Church and Chapel Managers is invited to the following SPECIAL PREPAID TARIFF for Ad- vertisements announcing the holding of RELIGIOUS SERVICES, ANNIVERSARIES, and TEA MEET- INGS One Three Six Twelve Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertions, s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertions, s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Four Lines I 4 -» 40 60 86 Six Lines. 2 0 6 0 9 Of 12 0 Eight Lines.. 2 3 8 0 12 0 16 0 TwelveLines. 4 0 12 0 18 0 24 0 18 Lines 6 0 18 0 27 0 36 0 24 lines 8 0 24 0 36 0 48 0 Eight words may be calculated to a lire. This Tariff is limited strictly to the Advertisements enumerated above. These Notices can also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with those in the South WaZa avow, £ o,a# tolorm'part of tbe series ot Insertions. -■ business JU>fcr*sses. QHR 1ST MTs H OLIDTYI. Special Low Prices for this Week only at T. H. C OlsILEY, J CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. FANCY TWEED SUITS, Prices, 15/ 18/11, 22/ 25/ 30/. BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Prices, 20/ 251-, 30/ 35/ FANCY TWEED & PILOT OVERCOATS, Prices. 15/ 17/6, 21/ 25/ 29 -J. GOOD VALUE IN MOLE AND CORD TROUSERS. HATS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, VERY CHEAP. ■ 228e ADDRESS-STAR CLOTHING STORES, CUSTOM IIOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. 0H A R LES pARDOE, TOBACCO PIPE MANUFACTURER, BROADWAY, ROATH, CARDIFF. PIPEMAKERS WANTED. 245 M P 0 R T A N T g A L E I AT F. Cox s J^ O N D O N jy- A N T L E w A R E H 0 U S E, 23, ST- MARY'STKEET' -1 A P, D I F CAHDIFF. THE FIRST HALF-YEARLY 0LEARANCE g A L E IS NOW ON, AND WILL CONTINUE FOR 21 DAYS. ALL MANTLES, JACKETS, ULSTERS, WATERPROOFS, FUR CAPES, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, &c. AT HALF THE ORIGINAL PRICES. N OW ON SALE. SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR PRICES. ¡ .4 72628 239e EXTRAORDINARY REDUCTION IN QUGARi" n BROWN MOIST I par lb. Is 3d per dcz, WHITE do 1 d du. Is fed do. FINE CRYSTALS ird dc,. lb Sd do. LARGE du, 2, d". EXTRA T', 2vU 2s 3d da. FINE DEMJ.iiARA.. cid 2s (í, FINEST iio.. 2AJ do 2s 3d do. GRANULATED 2d do. 2s uc,. FINE LUMP 22d do. 2s 31 do. FINEST LUMP 2d dû. 2s 6i do. W. MARUHANT ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. N E W T 0 0 L DEP OT. SHEFFIELD HOUSE (Next door to Irland Revenue Office CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF CHARLES PUDGE Begs to state that no lJ: OPENED tLt alov: Premises with a Larsa and Varied Stock of JOINERS' AND MECHANICAL TOOL:* of every description, all oi Guaranteed Quality, ana a* Lowest possible Prices. An early inspection is respectfully solicited. EVERY ARTICLE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. 217e SPECIALTIES IN WINTER <0 CLOTHING, AT W PRICE & SONS FANCY TWEED SUITS, Prices, 17/6, 'lJJ/ 25/ 30/ 40/ 45/ BLACK WORSTED SUITS. Prices, 25/ 35/ 45/ 55/ 65/ FANCY CLOTH AND TWEED OVERCOATS, Priees, 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 40/ 50/ BLACK WORSTED OVERCOATS, Prices, 25/ 35/ 45/ &&/•. NAP AND PILOT OVERCOATS, Prices, 25/ 35/ 45/ 55/ NEW MAKES IN WATERPROOF COATS. HATS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, AND UMBRELLAS. ADDREss-THE CARDIFF HOUSE, 60 & 51, ST. MARY-ST., 46 A 47. CAROLINE-STREET, U le CARDIFF. 23 FOR THE CHEAPEST AND jgEST JjIRUITS GO TO | W. rjlHOMAS AND CO., THE NEW SHOP, AT 8CJT TOHN'S-SQUARE. O 218 NERVOUSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY, -Ll and VITAL POWER.—A gentleman having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple means of self-cure. He will be happy to for- ward the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope. —Address J. 1. Sewell, L'TEsa., Cbiswick, Middlesex. 212 itosiress lbhresses. IMPORTANT NOTIOB T HIS DA, y ON SALE AT JJOWEtiL & ^(OMPANY'B, JJRESS G 0 0 D 8 J^XTRAORDIN ARY i 35 Pieces CHECK LUSTRES .from lid per YArd 45 STRIPED „ 2;d 80 „ TWILLED ALPACCA 2,d 50 DRESS MELTON? 3:0. 100 ASSORTED VARIOUS.. „ Il-d M oO STRIPED SKIRTING.. 5td m E r-I Y SPECIAL. 390 PIECES OF FANCY PRINTS, FROM liD PER YARD-worth double X 200 PAIRS BLA N KETS, AT REDUCED PRICES:— Browa from Is llkd per pWw. White. „ 2s Hid SLIGHTLY SOILED. Better qualities erjually good value.. EAL WELSH SHIRTING FLANNEL, FROM 12id PER YARD, CLEARING LINES IN CHILDREN'S JACKETS, FROM Aid EACH, FUR-LIED CLOAKS, PROM 7, lid. FUR CAPES, MUFFS, TRIMMINGS. ETC., AT MAKERS' PRICES. gANKRUPT STOCK OF WOMEN'S MACKINTOSHES, FROM 2s ó2d EACH. MANTLES, JACKETS, DOLMANS, p ALETOTS, AT LESS THAN MANUFACTUREES PRICES. FANCY 0HRISTMAS GOODS ( TO BE CLEARED REGARDLESS OF COST. ALL THE ABOVE GOODS CAN BE BOUGHT ONLY FROM OWELL & 0OMPANY, "THE CARDIFF DRAPERS," 178 CARDIFF. IGIIO