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.u- -aU5 »n AnxkOlu And QO., MAN0FACTURFIKS AOCTJON EERS, 3, CASTLE-STREET (late*, A "eel-street), CARBiFP, ;VUi SilLL by AUCTION, without re.Ser*?, allktadsof ,i- CHINA, .'A.lOLICE. JKT, and .KApHEN- WAIt £ every E\ e.^n at Seven SPECIALITIES ilV DINNER A^ft> TFAo,i? SERVICES.. J'nvuto salt, during the day. inspection V'-ted. iVl & s TII OM AS &* '^0., 't'.1 NI A AUCTIONKERS T HOLSE, LAND, AND COMMISSION AGENiS, VALUKRS, AUDITORS, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, &c. Beg to annouaoe that they have opened 'bu^Lit's premises at 14, ST. JOHN'S.S.QUARE, CARDIFF where they purpose carrying on rho i that by strict and untiring afren-ion L ?ove" 01 f matters entrusted to them, to re being «Jve" toJP' •supp^vt;. receive a meed of public V/eLegto arid that our periot; oi It) vears, durin "'wh'i"»-nCe ?*tends ove? ?' «W> to conduct some of?' 'ch *™e rt "P8 °"r Pnv" <ieq held in the vv* e *ar £ est Property and btocir jonvinced, if ei.:r pafi of WaJes'and tbP feel satisfaction both ^o v„. With your favours, to give Terms strctiv \eu,i?vs and purcuasers. Observe Vn 'Moderate. Agents C? fT- JOHN\S.SQUARE. CARDIFF. LJte, Fire, Accident, Plate-gjass, and Annnff;" Assurance Societie. — "umes arranged for without delay. 130e -=: jgTOR J3RESEKTS" QRNAMENTAL A\n Go T- tT SEFUL, X\7 T\OBBS'S, 11868 I51e CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. IN" HORSE AND CATTLE bPICE. The most perfect blend everobtained, and the F- C, ST OOD for Horses. Cattle, Poultry. is THE ROYAL CONDIMENT. DISTINC 1 from all other Catte Foods gives universal satisfaction. May be "beamed from A. J. Grove, Saddler, Aberysnvith Sample bag sent carriage paid for 14s. ^niaf; samnie oostfree on application. Royal Cattle Food Company WELSH FLANNEL & WOOL SIIOP" °'> BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. Try Our Real WELSH FLANNELS. WELSH YARNS Also all kinds of KNITTING YARNS. BERLIN and ocher FANCY WOOLS. Try Our KNITTED SOCKS and STOCKINGS. Stockings Ke-footed at 6d. per pi ir. Welsh Flannel Shirts always in Stock. Please Note the above Address, 215e — j T R I M'E, L L'S LIFE-GIVING AND PRESERVING E R V I N E TO-N I C, | ^or_ either Sex; will cure all kinds of nervous ebiiity arising from any source of weakness, from ^atever causa it may arise. These are a few of oj0 Symptoms of Nervous Debility Depression spirits, inaptitude for exertion, unfitness for °f h f°r society, dislike to enter any kind study, dislike for, society, dislike to enter any kind Of business, involuntary blushing, dimness of sight, sParks before the eyes, deafness and noise in the ears. sense of tightness, of suffocation, constant ntal misgiving, pains in the loois and a constant I °f v.-eavint ss, irritation of the kidneys and •i> er> PalP'tatton o t the heart, general tremu ) ^^UCSSOB any sudden impulse, extremti aifim lice, ''■id of moping alone, sensibility, careless '?bout life, its ji-ys, its pleasures, and its duties Regularity of the bowels, feeling good for nothing, ^ilure of memory .intellectual power and faculties (50ro or less impaired, extreme restlessness, flatu- and inuigestiou. frequent headaches, silent retchedness arising from the f ar of tveak- j5j.pS' fear of insani y, miserable forebodings tov the no hope for the future; starting during s'eep, tWo iH without apparent cause. One or ai:°,P*dckage of Trimneli's Nervine Tonic will cure ttenf ,;asB3 tlje above. Where it has been badly feffiii61'' r neglected it will require a longer time to **ct a cure. Is l £ d and 2s 9d per packet l!>o»e ^na' is sufficient to prove the virtue of the (jj Compound, to be had at mos-t respectable I "Irlai-st.,s Druggists, and Medicine Vendors throughout in I orld- If you have any difficulty in obtaining it, stamps or Post-office Order direct to the ""Jprietor, and it will be forwarded at once. fcingd sizes Post Free to any part of the N.B.—None are genuine unless they have the reprietor's signature on the Government Stamp- W, TRIMNELL. TO IMITATE THIS WOULD BE FORGERY. FULL DIRECTIONS ON EACH PACKAGE. SOLE MANUFACTURER AND PROPRIETOR W TRIMNELL, MEDICAL BOTANIST 167a 9, MOIRA-TKRRACE CARDIFF -I JEdii t3* JVTONEY LENT WITHOUT b RLAY by thu Sola CHARING-CROSS BANK (Kegd.). ■t'edforr-street, Strand, London. Established r 1870. Capital £ 150,000. Reserve Fund, £ 50,000. tJnnn AAI)VANCES IMMEDIATELY MADE n Approve(2 Promissory Notes as follo'-vs, Without!; A ■* dedustions. '-0 uvance £ 25—12 monthly repayments of, S2 5.u0 •» 50 „ „ 4 llv 8 »• 100 „ „ 9 3 .4 Ad Larger amounts the same in proportion. hot- vallees of B25 to £ 2,000 granted at a few hours' Df ln town or country, male or female, on mortgage ^ith^iture» tr&de and farm stock, plant, crops, &e "s,-iso removal, and to assist persons into business, 'or P°\icies, 'and reversions at 6 per cent. years- Distance no object. Easy tet^Refore'Call or write. ^ctioneer, <tc.: in ^ngL^and^Wai>"solici.^r- Vk. and you will at once fln l J!, kn0W1"a: thls Klth an old-established (1870). ^af«°»„alre, treat^ne: Having large capital, w9 do busings °Pa"fi e Jan others. Responsible' Traders^Cme s S loan °an have Money without bill of ale. No good 'oan ever refused. g a Current accounts opened according to the usual otiler banks. No charge for keeping VtiUi .^ftfcrcst at the rate of 4 per cent, allowed the minimum monthly balances. to* !P031ts and upwards received at 4 per cent. s>iv?-num Payable on demand. ler*' to three months* notice of -withdrawal, 6 bject to Bix months' notice of withdrawal, 8 per ^r'cent^ months' notice of withdrawal, 10 ^Interest paid rtprly> or as agreed. S-; A. WILLIAMS, Manager. _,H fcoUTH WALES EVENING ECHO, SWANSEA Evening Echo,' FIRST Ii:inTTnv • „i, ?,;»5 JCTSK,*ARSSR-^ ktl'^ ^PI'CIAL EDITION, which coj-tains an th News, Telegrams, Stock Pxchange Closij,^ ty • Markets, Sporting and Locftl Intelligence of the Published in Swansea at 8.30 P ,n- Sold by II Ckf°RD, News Agent, Great Western Building, hQ-street, Swansea, and by newsbovs. 1. A WORD to the Wise; Cause and cure of t(wr6bility. want of energy, and premature decay- In- st&iv.lons regain health and vigor. Sent on rectfipk°f by Publishers. Fitzalan-sciuare Sheffield. ,.Oll > °KO UGH OF NEWl>o7l~T~ Sec WILLIAMS, 12, Lower iMerchant N crie'" llle Town-iiall Corporation bill-poster i Nnwriorr1^ principal hoardings and stations '%rV kem lld Neighbourhood. Two good bill h^ti attended to with ouiek despatch °la estabushed-moM than 8058 3406S \^ESSRS W. h. SMITH anu SOJN ^r^.1??™ WALES ZAILY SEW Aft0xvtis"-— ^ in all parts of the follow SWAN'SKA VKWPrmr AWFRD VR1 i'ORTSKEWETT fe nKEiS-PPn ?°>7TYP(,0L ROAD MPEMBROKE DOCK (WKl) iml'n 0nD IIAV13RFOKDWKH i f^Errv GLOUCESTER ^DMiPTflirv ABERYSTWYTH CARMARIHEN ABERGAVENNY 5y add'rfw^^iT f'k" a^S0 ?-Blivered every Fr day ^ERs ln abova mentioned Towns fiuljlic Amns £ mnits. j rpHfiATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF'. LKSSKE & MANAGER Mr EDWARD F^KTCHEK. ACTING MANAGE! Mr JOHN &HEBIDAM. mveSSSSS—. í mveSSSSS—. H^r Wonderful iS^nd ^navewh^e ^em: or Princess Y e Sleeping Leauty an>i PRODUCED ON A%S* V. RIVALLED Ye Village of sno^eU-Ma^ck Change. Ye Grand Palace of Cards. Gorgeous Naiad. Blctle of Windsor. Mr and Mte «•'«' » SOMERSAULT DANCE- Queens of England from Procession of Kings a't**iai GRAND TRANS- I William I. to 'JrF, op THE ROSE." New FORMATION, J;iKVr,e,lted by the Clown, the Comic Harlequinade invenw^^ k TayUSPerf~nces every Saturday at Two o'clock. ^Half-price to a^Chfin^or Day Performances. P H T L H A _r m o N I c VAIOKELLA'S PALACE OF VARIETIES, ST. >IARY STREET, CARDIFF. rr«E £ AND MANAGER J. MORELLA. LE-,S GRAND CHANGE OF COMPANY <?ATt7RDxAY, JAN. 10, AND EVERY EVENING. First appearance in CardilT and most expensive engagement of THE FOUR AUBREYS, The Marvellous Grotesques. Special and important en- irno-emenfc forone-week only, of the GREAT LEON ATI, the Champion Bicycle Ascensionist of the World. h«- engasement fc r Six Nights only of Mr HARRY FREE- AJAN. the JLoi'don Star Coimque. First appearance in Cardiff of Mess\ "s KOsE AND UT TER, the Knockabout Niggers. First ap wearance in Cardiff of Miss BLANCHE BARRETT, Sunt'-Comic and Ijancer. Se-engagenier.t for Six Nights, op a ccount of great Success of Mr HARRY TUKNER, the Celebrated London Star Comique. Prices of Admission! Private Boxes, 5s each >talls, 2s Pit ana f'romena de, 1 Gallery, 6d. Half-price at 9 o'clock to Pri'.ate Boxes, S.alls, Pit, and Promenade 59o Mr G EO.RGE HARRlbON, Chairman. LOOK OUT FOK IR ROGER TICHBORNE. plANOS.- WHY BE WITHOUT ONE .Ä. When you can vel ome the owuer of a nice instrument for the small PA ymen of 10s bd PER .MONTH ON rpHOMPSON ANL' gHACKELL'S HIRE SY*VEM ? No security required, and thf to purchaser on payment of fixsfc ? prflLS if jfot Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged apj'ioved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERNIS. Catalogues free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. Also at SWANSEA, NKWj'OKX, MEitTJUYR, and GLOUCESTER. 210e BA R R BROTHi R S, TAILORS. 64, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. re now offering a very choice selection of stylish 1 Cashmere, worsted, West of i.ngland, and Scotcif" Autumn and Winter Overcoating, Suitings and Ttouser-, ings. 1 In their selection strict attention has been given to secure the most fashionable patte rns and colours, com- bined with materials which B.B. can guarantee for durability, feelii.g assured that the latter, combined with good fitting aarments, is the only method to wire the continued confidence and support of their cus- omer, G ntlemen who have not beon able to obtain gar- j ments to tiieir satisfaction in Cardiff, and nave been compelled a r< extra expt-iisy and nnonvenieuce t" oi-dei, elsewheie are veiy res ec; bUy solicited for a trial, all in B.B. they w li tind cutters who can compete with any in the kingdom, while their prices will be found as reasonable as tirst-class tDnceriais and workmanship will plmi. 122ti TERMS. CASH 71253 w EAR pENF'JUxND'S |_M)(3TS j v -A t! t FOR HEALTH, STYLE, & ECONOMY. Sole Agent for the Celebrated I "P. P." BOuT, 1 Made of SPECIALLY-PuEPARED LEATHER, and guaranteed absolutely waterproof. A brilliant selection of LADIES' and GK.NTLEMEN S DRESS 1300Ts and SHOES in the neweit designs, marvellously cheap. J H Penfound, 2, PARK HALL BUILDINGS, I CARDIFF 227e W and Co., Stockbrokers and » Mining Share Dealers, White House, Tele graph-street, London, E.C., buy and sell Stocks and I of li descriptions, for caslx or fortnightly ac- (Oiiilt at nominal commission. Options dealt in- t Speculative accounts opened at from £1 per cent. cilver with no further liability. Bankers references. Circular, post free, ou application. 23i'e I ijCflUUlj ADVERT1SEMEN Trs!—Tm: attention of Principals of Private and other SCHOOLS is directed to the following moderate PHI PAID TARIFF for School Advertisements :— One Three Six Twelve Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. Insertion I s. d. s. d. s. d s. d Four Lines 10 26 40.. 60 Six Lines 16.. o 0 6 0 90 Eight Lines.. 2 0 5 0 8 0 12 0 Twelve Lines 3 0 7 6 12 0 18 0 Eight words may be calculated to a line. Advertise- ments can also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and OUTH WALES WEEKLY in conjunction with hose in the South Wales Dailji rvM, so as to form parr 0, a series of insertions, Dl. ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES. I Y\R. ROOKED F~\R. EOOKE'S 01\, ROOKE'S R\R.\ROOKE'S U R. ROOKE'S it., D R. DR. ROORE'S DR. BOOKYll-4 U. ROOIvE' DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S J^R. ROOKE'S D It. ROOKE'S t) U. ROOKE'S OR. P.OOKE'S | \R. ROOKE'S I VR. ROOKE'S I ROOKE'S B*E. ROOKE'S J|R. ROOKE'S U. RoOKESi DR. ftOOKE S DR ROOICES ■j-VF. ROORE>iS T^R. ROOKE'S X^R. ROOKE'S Tt oll Ð r.. ROOKE'S| D R. ROOKED j ^R. ROOKE'Sj ROOKE'Sj DR. ROOKE'sj I VJL ROOKE'Sj (I- ROOKE'Sj J^R. ROOKE'Sj SOLAR ELIXIR AND ORIENTAL PILLS. These CELEBRATED; PREPARATIONS liavej been before the Pub- lic for nearly HALK| A CENTURV.andhayej proved invaluable in thousands <f Cases. For a full descrip-. tion of these medi- cines and their use in the Treatment and Cure of Disease, ■with^scores of gunu- n,\e Testimonials,see| AUti-Lancet. ANa;i LANCET, This \Well known work cic, ntains 172 pages, an d may be had gratis and post- f ree fr^ni Dlt. ROOKE, >;c, trboro', England. SOLAR ELIXIR is sold in bouM!? 4s 6d and lis, and the ORIENT A J PILLS in boxes, la lid and 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors and by DR. ROOKE, Scar- borough- -11 Pr,„i.HANDY IJOCKEX.UUIDF T0 HEALTH AND I-IFALTT, ANI) I LACES,' I Full of pleasing illustrations an5 useful information. 38 uag'cs. This Book may be obtained gratis from all Patent Medicine Vendors, and post free from Dr. Rooke, Scarborough, Eng land, on receipt of a penny postage-: stamp. |7\llIENTAL IJP ILLS. '/ORIENTAL pILLS., ORIENTAl, p i L L S £ VRIENTAL ILLS I RIENTAL I L L S I ORIENTAl, I jp I L L S. ^RIENTAL |* I H S. ^RIENTAL i piI-LS. ^RIENTAL I LLS. ^RIENTAL J_> ILLS, jj Vltlf.NTAL pi LLS. C- ORIENTAL I P%l LL S. Oi.'ENTAL II P L S. 0 AL |> I L ^L?,S f-vRlENTAYi i> ILL S. ORIENTAl, puts. ^UIENTAL piEL S 1l 11 RIENTAL |^> ILLS,] DR-iioOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES. 1 R 9024 ,49413 I Mxizhxezs l\bbrtzs£fí. I — I JOTHAM & SONS, QVERCOATS FOR BOYS & ¡ rjlOPCOATS FOR YOUTHS. JL HANDSOME AND BECOMING. ARE NOW SHOW- ING MEN's OVER- j)'L COATS 1 AND COMPLETE -CTL. SUITS IN EWEST STYLES AND MAKES DIRECT FROM MANU- FACTURERS. ¡ SUITS IN TWEED AND WORSTED. OVERCOATS IN ENDLESS 0 VARIETY ¡ \TOYELTIES IN SMALL BOYS' I JLL OVERCOATS. SCOTCH TWEEDS, MELTONS, k3 ASIRACANS, BEAVERS, &C. 2d & ST- mary-stm CARDIFF. 204e QHINA QHINA 0HINA c HI-N, A I 0HINA CHINA CHINA CHINA ^JUINA ^JHINA TEA SETS, good patterns, from 10s 6a TOILET SETS, complete. from 6s 6d. Cottage DINNER SETS, from 10s 6d. Sets of JUGS, from Is. TUMBLERS from Is 6d per dozen. A choice selection of which will be found at EVANS'S CHINA ROOMS, 58, BRIDGE-ST. A good assortment of Fancy Articles suitable for Christmas Presents. QLASS 101 LASS (4 LASS cx LASS GLASS (i LASS GLASS Q.LASS GLASS 4 M LASS 207 j JE C O N O M Y IN FUEL. I-JALLS PATENT FEED WATER .&.JL HEATER. PATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER FOR STEAM BOILERS J OHN ^yiLLIAMS AND gON, SOLE i JCENSEES & MAKERS, QUEEN-STREET, t CARDIFF. 107e 0 H RTS T M a!T J>ICTU R E S, A LlilANACKS, FOR FRAMING, &c., GO TO E. W. R0BBRTS' 5, ARCADE (ST. MARY STREET END), THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF. 225e JMPORTANT TO SPORTSMEN. T. pAGE WOOD, Wishes to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff anti district that he is a PRACTICAL AND BOXA-FIDE GUN MAKER, and all goods snpplied by him are at Army and Navy Store prices. NOTE ADDRESS- 1, WESTGATE-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite Theatre Royal), Factory 35, Nicholas-street. Bristol. 181e c ROBBY'S BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR c S Y,6 CROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S ^jROSBY'S CROSBY'S IROSBY" iROSBY'S J^ROSBY'S g^ROSBY'S UOSB 'S ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S d ~<ROSB\'S /CROSBY'S J CROSBY'S /CROSBY'S J -IROSBY'S Vv < CROSBY'S* ^JROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S 8*' IROSBY'S ROSBY'S ROSBY'S CROSBY'S ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S JKROSBY'S 4 ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S CROSBY'S > IROSBV'S /^V10SBY'S J^ac'SBrs JSro^y'S /^rosbi;'« BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is the only rational sub. stitute for opiates, nar- cotics, squills, &c. so frequently recommended for COUGHS, COLDS, &c. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR I EI,IXIR Is invaluable to Travel- I' lers, Sportsmen, Emi- grants, Ac., who have to encounter exposure to the inclemency of the weather. ——-— —- BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Woiks wonders in cases Of PULMONARY CON- SUMPTION. awl has been used with signal success- in Asthma & Bronchitis. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is an almost infallible remedy for all Chest Complaints, & is equally efficacious in Night Sweats, Influenza, Quin- sys, ke. DR. ROOKE'S TESTIMONIAL. DR. ROOKE, Scarborough, author of the" Anti. La icet,' writes as fol- lows :—" I have repeat- edly observed how very rapidly and invariably it subdued Cough, Pain, and Irrita,tion of the Chest in cases of Pulmonary Con- sumption; and I can, with the greatest confi- dence, recommend it as a most valuable adjunct to an otherwise strengthen- ing treatment for this disease." BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR is sold in bottles, at Is lid, Is 9d. 4s 6d, & lis each, by all Chemists and Patent iMedicine Vendors, and Wholesale by JAMES M. CROSBY, Chemist, Scar- borough, England. JgLIXIR ELIXIR a ELIXIR. ELIXIR. ¡ j^LIXIR { I^LIXIR. S T^LIXIR. j J^ILIXIR. j jgHXIR. I^LIXIR. l^LIXIR a .^LIXIR. j^LIXIR. Hi ■ .ELIXIR. I^LIXIR j^LIXIR. j^lLIXIR SfALIXIR. »/ L1XIR LIXIR I 1.^ UXIR. a^LIXIR. g^LIXI a^LIXIR. | ,ELIXIR. I^LIXIR. JgLIXIR. | riLIXIR a^LIXIR ELIXIR ELIXIR. VT^LIYIR. TTaiXIR EUXIR ELIxm. j jyyjxiR. | 0ROSBX^ BALSAMIG.COUGH ELIXIR ,j 1&uzin£5S NEW JQVENING pAPER Urn. NEW EVENING PAPER, NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW EVENING PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. THE South Wales Echo Will be published EACH EVENING, As follows: FIRST EDITION 2 O'CLOCK P.M. SECOND EDITION 4 O'CLOCK P. M. SPECIAL EDITION. 6 O'CLOCK P.M. ttm.' 28 COLUMNS. 28 COLUMNS. • V 28 COLUMNS. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY PRICE ONE HALFPENNY THE g 0 u T H "^r ALES "gJCHO Is supplied with a SPLENDID SERVICE OF NEWS Comprising TELEGRAMS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, Wired by REUTER'S AGENTS, THH: PRESS ASSOCIATION, THE CENTRAL NEWS, AND OUR OWN REPORTERS AND COR- RESPONDENTS, Up to the latest possible moment FULL REPORTS 0 ALL LvCAL MEETINGS, Including POLICE-COURT NEWS. QUARTER SESSIONS NEWS. TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS. ASSIZE COURT NEWS. CORPORATION MEETINGS. LOCAL BOARD MEETINGS. SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS. FOOTBALL MATCHES. CRICKET MATCHES, &c-> &c., &c. In addition it contains LATEST SPORTING TELEGRAMS, A SPECIAL MONEY ARTICLE, WIRED BY A LEADING AUTHORITY ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE. LATEST SHIPPING TELEGRAMS, FROM LLOYD'S AGENTS AND OTHER CORRESPONDENTS. SPECIAL FEATURES. In order to render the SOUTH WALES ECHO' one of the most attractive Evening Papers in the Pro I vinces, a variety of SPECIAL FE TURES will be in. trodnced, including — » 1 SERIAL STORIES by Eminent Authors, j SHORT TALES. JOTTINGS UPON POLITICS, ART, AND LITERATURE NOTES ON MUSIC AND THE DRAMA WIT AND WISDOM. CHAT FROM THE METROPOLIS. FACTS AND FANCIES. ECHOES OF PUBLIC OPINION. I I gOUTH ALES JGJCHO I WILL BE ISSUED THIS AFTERNOON FIRST EDITION .2 O'CLOCK P.M. SECOND EDITION 4 O'CLOCK P.M. SPECIAL EDITION.6 O'CLOCK P.M. f PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY NEW LIBERAL, PAPER. NEW LIBERAL PAPER. I NEW LIBERAL PAPER PUBLISHING OFFICES 75, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. rPRontiExoRS. Mxtmntss QREAT SHOW OF OVERCOATS AND AUTUMN AND WINTER CLOTHING, ¡ AT I gOYLE AND Q O.'S, I CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES AND NEWEST STYLES IN BOYS', YOUTHS', AND MEN'S OVERCOATS, gUITS, JJEEFERS, T ROUSERS, HATs, AND JLJL JJOSIERY -ILJL The prices will be found on comparison to be so astonishingly low that no one need now deny themselves the luxury of a well made and com- fortably fitting garment. BOYLE AND CO., GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 11869 CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 127e ESTABLISHED OVER A QTTARTEP,, OF A CENTURY. JJ E N R Y rjl H O M A S ST. JOHN'S CHURCH-SQUARE. bCLE M i XT FOB gRADBURY'S PRIZE MEDAL g E W 1 N G A c id I N E s FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT. GRIbVv o I"AlEi\i. KNIi iINC MAGuINi^S. Washing and -Mangling Machines of the very Best Makes 170a -1 } 10, li, & 12, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. G. A7Stone' I I U N D E R T A K E R I HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR, OSTRICH PLUME & GEN KRAI.- FURNISH. ING ESTABLISHMENT. I The Trade supplied witn Hearses, Coaches, and every requisite for Fuueral Furnishing. 7 t. 154e J. E W T O N AND CO., TAILORS, HABIT AND BREECHES MAKERS, 13 CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, Are now Showing a Choice Selection of GOODS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER WEAR, Consisting of WEST OF ENGLAND, SCOTCH, AND FRENCH GOODS, 1: THE NEWEST MAKES AND STYLES. Fit and btyle equal to any London or Provincial House. An Early Inspection Solicited. 108e Established Twenty Year 71405 E W I S AND E W I S THK CARDIFF AND NEWPORT UPHOLSTERERS. LEWIS AXD LEWIS, having much increased their Stock of | Cabinet Furniture. Carpets, Curtains, Bedsteads, and Bed. ding, are now offering specially good value in all Departments. ALL GOODS WELL MADE, ARTISTIC IN DESIGN, AND LOW IN PRICE. L E W 1 8 AND L E w 1 s, 23, DUKE-STREET, l 137, COMMERCIAL-ST., j CARDIFF { NEWPORT. 21o | FULTON, jQUNLOP, AND CO. J CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, j ALSO AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH ¡ ¡ BASS AND CO., i ALLSOPP AND SONS, And others of the finest i BURTON ALES. 1 PRICES Per Kilderkin. Per Firkin. PRICES 183. j 9s. 21r. j 10s. 6d. 24s. j 12s. ? And upwards. 155e R. J. ifEATH AND SONS, j 12, CKOCKHERBTOWN. CARDIFF, [ I Have now on view the largest Stock of High-class PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS, I IN "SOUTH WALES. Which they are offering at a I LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH, < and on the three years' system, from 10s 6d per month. Pianos, from 10 guineas. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free. 237e i OELIGIOUS SERVICES.—T he atten- XV tion of Church and Chapel Managers is invited to the tollowing SPECIAL PREPAID TARIFF for Ad. vertisements announcing the holding of RELIGIOUS i SERVICES, ANNIVERSARIES, and TEA MEET- j INGS | One Three Six Twelve | Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertions. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. i Four Lines.. 14 ». 4 0 6 0 8 6 j Six Lines. 2 0 6 0 9 0 12 0 I Eight Lire. 28 8 C 12 U 16 0 ( Twelve Lines. 4 0 12 0 18 0 24 0 18 Lines 6 0 18 0 27 0 36 0 24 lanes 8 0 24 0 3t 0 48 0 I Eight words may be calculated to a lire. Tbis Tariff ] is limited strictly to the Advertisements enumerated j above. These Notices can also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in j conjunction with those in the South Wales Daily News, J so Bsto-ftrm part of tbo series of Insertions. u-s-in-rss ]\.& £ tr £ S5 £ 5. Hill ST MA S HO LI DAYS, Special Low Prices for this Week only t I T H. C0MLEY' 1, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. I FANCY TWEED SUITS. Prices, 15/ 18/11, 22/ 25/ 30/. BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Prices, 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ FANCY TWEED & PILOT OYj .iCOATS, I Prices, 15/ 17/6, 21/ 25/ 29, GOOD VALUE IN MOLE AND CORD TROUSERS. HATS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, VERY CHEAP. ——— 228e ADDRESS-STAR CLOTHING STORES, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. QHAELBS PARDOE, TOBACCO PIPE MANUFACTURER, BROADWAY, ROATH, CARDIFF. I PIPEMAKERS WANTED. 245 I JM PORTA NT S A L E AT F, Cox's -r L o S B 0 S jy- A S T L E A P, E 11 0 U E v v 23, ST- MAKY-STKEIIT- fCc, lL X- X THE FIRST HALF-YEARLY I 0 L E A R A N C E g ALE V ..u .h .)" \.J '0 'i IS NOW ON, AND WILL CONTINUE FOR 21 DAYS. ALL MANTLE JACKETS, UL^'l'EiiS, WATERPROOFS, FUR CAPES, FUR-LJNFD C\;>:Crs, &c. AT HALF THE ORIGINAL PRICES. OW ON ALE. )0 SEE OUR WINDOWS Foil PRICES. 72628 239c EXTRAORDINARY REDUCTION IN gUGARS. BROWN MOIST lit) per lu, Is 3d per doz. 4 WHITE do ld do. Is 6d do. 2 FINE CRYSTALS 2d do. Is 9d do. LARGE «O, 2d do. 2S do. EXTRA do. 2gd do. 2, 3d do. FINE DEMERARA.. 2d do. 2, do. FINEST Jo. 2,1 do. 2s 3d do. 2 GRANULATED 2d do. 2s do. 1 INE LUMP 2jd do. 2s 3d do. 2(1 FINEST LUMP 2^d do. 2s 6d du. "W" ~\JARCHANT AND 0°7., ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. E~W T O O L D E P O^T. SHEFFIELD HOUSE (Next door to Inland Revenue Office), CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. CHARLES PUDGE Begs to state that he has OPENED the above Premises with a Large and Varied Stock of JOINERS' AND MECHAls ICAL TOOLS of every description, all of Guaranteed Quality, and at Lowest possiblo Prices. An early inspection is respectfully solicited. EVERY ARTICLE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. 217e S PEe I A L TIE SIN WINTER ks CLOTHING, AT W PRICE & SONS FANCY TWEED SUI i'S. Puce. 17/o, 20/ 26/ 30/ 40/ flj/ BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Prices, 25/ 35/ 45/ 55/ f-.o/ FANCY CLOTH AND i WE;D OVKlCCOATS, Priees, /LACK W (:R.S'ly.ij {■EKCOA'C.V, Pric< 25. ,5'w., 45/ 6s/ NAP AND HLor OVERCOATS. NEW MAKF.X IN WATERPROOF íUAT. HATS, SHIP • <, HOSIERY. AND I'M BR ELLAS ADDBESS—THE CARDIFF HOUSE, 60 & 51, ST. MARY-ST., 46 & 47. CAROLINE-STREET. llle CARDIFF. -+- FOR THE CHEAPEST AND BEST FRUIT GO TO rglHOMAS AND ^;o, THE NEW :-i-Hœ, AT 8QT. "OHl\OV'[;L' U O 21B ERVOUSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY, .1.1 and VITAL POWER.—A gentleman having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple means of self-cure. He will be happy to for- ward the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope.—Address i. X. Sewell. Esq., Chiswick, Middlesex. 212 I1USÍU£55 :l\bbr£ss£s. JMPORTANT NOTIOE THIS DAY O SALE AT H OWE,L &. COMPANY'S, D R E S S G 0 0 D S EXTRAORDINARY 3c Pieces CHECK LUSTRES .fnm ld per cd 45 STRIPED „ 2. id SO TAVILLED A LP A CCA 2d | 50 DRESS MELTONS 3d 100 ASSORTED VARIOUS,. „ 4.?0 b STRIPED SKIRTING 3,id u yERY gPEClAL. J. k? — 390 PIECES OF FaNCY PRINTS, FROM iD PER YARD—wortL double 1,200 pATHS BL\1ŒT: AT REDUCED PRICES:— Brown from Is 11 ad per pain White „ 2.- Hid SLIGHTLY SOILED. Better qualities equally good valco. EAL WELSH SHIRTING -Lt FLANNEL, FROM 1243d PER YARD. £ JLEAUlNG LINES IN CHILDREN'S I JACKETS, FROM 4id EACH. JpUR-LINED CLOAKS, FROM 7" lid. JpUR CAPES, MUFFS, TRIMMINGS, ETC., AT MAKERS' PRICES. | BANKRUPT STOCK OF WOMEN'fc MACKINTOSHES, FROM ?s EACH. ^YJANTLES, JACKETS. J^OLMAN& pALETOTS, i ?), AT LFSS TUAa -AXrf/.OTORERS PRICES. 1.,('Y' ('.i'H;,TIAS GOODS TO BE CT.E T>Er> ^GARDLESS OF COST. ALL THE ABOVE GOODS CAN Liz BOUGHT T T- a i iPi-J M o W ELL & QOjIFA'NY, "TUB CARDIFF DHAPEjjS," 178 CARDIFF. IOIIØ