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-ir5 litt Anrkcn. m Essr's JpELL AND CO., MASCFACTURERS & AUCTIONEERS, 3, CASTLE-STREET (late Angel-street), CAUDIFF, Will SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, all kincteof GLASS. CHINA, MAJOLICE, JET, and-fcAKlHiN- WAKE, every Evening at S*ven o clooK, SPECIALITIES IN DlN*fBB AND TEA01, SERVICES. Private sale durin.- the daY- Inspection invited. jyTESSRS igSMAS & ~Co7; "aa.SSs AGEXTS' CB'B.TEBED Al,;COUNTAXTS d-c Beg to announce ^at^the^ have opened "business 14, ST. J ° H U A R E, CARDIFF where ^^11^ on the above, and trust strict and at'en 10n being given-toall matters entrusted to them, to receive a meed of public Vi vol' th,at -our cxperi anee extends over a period ^rs. during which time it was our privi- ties held in h 6 of ttle iilr^est Property and Stock /•rmvincmi -l e Western part of Wales, and thus feel Kat-isf ift; eniI'usted with your favours, to give Tsi-m both to vein.ors and purchasers. j «rms strictly moderate. "°serve 14, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. Agents for Lite, Fire, Accident, Plate-glass, and farming Stock Assurance Societies. Annuities n-ranged for without delay. 130e GULPHOLINE LOTION. THE CURE -FOR SKIN DISEASES. IN A FEW DAYS ERUPTIONS, PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, ENTIRELY FADE AWAY. BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT. PERFECTLY HARMLESS. CURES OLD-STANDING SKIN DISEASES. REMOVES EVER* KIND OF ERUPTION, SPOT, OR BLEMISH, AND RENDERS THE SKIN CLEAR, SMOOTH, SUPPLE, AND HEALTHY. Thore is scarcely any eruption but will yield to Sulpholine in a few days, and commence to fade away, even if seemingly past cure. Ordinary pimples, redness, blotches, scurf, roughness, vanish as if by magic whilst old, enduring skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, acne, blackheads, scaly eruptions, rosea' prurigo, tetter, pityriasis, however deeply rooted: "Sulpholine" successfully attacks. It destroys the animalculse which mostly cause these unsightly, irritable, painful affections, and always produces a dear, smooth, supple, healthy skin, "Sulpholine" Lotion is sold by most Chemists. Bottles, 2s 9d. pEPPER'S QUININE AND JRON T ONIC. HEALTH, STRENGTH, ENERGY. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NERVE STRENGTH, GREA1 MENTAL STRENGTH, GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH, Fallows the use of PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC. It improves the appetite, promotes digestion, greatly strengthens the nerves, increases str. ngth of gives firmness to the muscles, alters pale countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circula- tions, overcomes bodily weariness and weakness, cures ",Ltliy painful complaints—neuralgia, sciatica, dzc.; is raedyfor dyspepsia, stomach affections, &c., and aoroughly recruits the health. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIC. MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 1 .,ew. smaller size bottle oi this valuable medicine is UnV uPPlied at 2s 6d, thus bringing it to the reach of 111 classes, and greatly preventing the many injurious imitations, largely offered. PEPPER S TONIC. Insist on having it. Bottles, 16 doses, 2,,6d; next size, 32 doses, 4s 6d. Sold everywhere pEPPER'S TARAXACUM AND pODOPHYLLIN. THE SAFEST ANTIBILIOUS MEDICINE. 4 FLUID LIVER MEDICINE, WITHOUT MERCURY, MADE FROM DANDELION AND MANDRAKE ROOTS. now used and regularly prescribed by many ilbysicians instead of blue piil and calomel for the cure °i dyspepsia, billiousness, and all symptoms of con- gestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the sh- ulders, headache, drowsiness, no appetite, urred tongue, disngreeable taste in the morning. TA Idin JSS, disturbance of the stomach, and feeling of general depression. ion. Bottles. 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Pepper's. LOCKYER'S SULPHUR JJAIR ID ESTORER. I THE BEST. THE SAFEST. THE CHEAPEST RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GREY HAIR INSTANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FADING. OCCASIONALLY USED, GREYNESs IS IMPOSSIBLE. BEMOVES SCURF, AND EMBELLISHES THE HAIR, CAUSING IT TO GROW WHEREVER THIN AND PATCHY. Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. 11945 TRIMNELL'S LIFE-GIVING AND PRESERVING Jjl EE VI N E rpONIC, | ru either Sex; will cure all kinds of nervous I I i«oLiiiity arising from any source of weakness, from I whatever cause it may arise. These are a few of the .'jmptoms of Nervous Debility :—Depression stu<lylrdi'siik^a?tUude for exertiou. unfitness for s v* •■.viriro m Mushing,. dimness of sight, "P 6'0re deafness and noise in the ears, sense of tightness, of suffocation, constant mental misgiving, pains in the loins and a constant sense of weariness, irritation of the kidneys and bladder, palpitation of the heart, general tremu knisni^n any sudden impulse, extreme diffidence, tOl1(1 of moping' alone, morbid sensibility, careless about life, its joys, its pleasures, and its duties irregularity of the bowels, feeling good for nothing, hlhre of memory .intellectual power and faculties J'IIIVO or less impaired, extreme restlessness, flatu- tncy and indigestion, frequent headaches, silent wretchedness arising from the tVar of physical weak- ness. f«ar of insaniLj', miserable forebodings for the n° lloP6 'ur the future starting during sleep, AYO nuckad fee!iri? w'thout apparent cause. One or siirht of TrinineH's Nervine Tonic will cure treated or negWtp ab°ve- wliere it has been badly e^cta cure. it will require a longer time to 0n, trial ^\4«ffiStnt9f0PerPaCkH •- r- fr vou have Vendors throughout tue World. II 0UpXeo^ny difficulty in obtaini^s ic> SCl.'l Stamps or r', "ce Order rlirprf- tn th<. Proprietor, and it wi.l be forwarder at once' Afl 2s Sd sizes Post Free to q[ kingdom. N.B.-Nolle are genuine unless they have the Proprietor's signature on the Government Stamp— W. TRIMNELL. TO IMITATE THIS WOULD BE FORGEZty. HILL DIRECTIONS ON EACH PACKAGE. SoLE. MANUFACTURER AXD PROPRIETOR W TRIMNELL, MEDICAL BOTANIST, 16?e 9, MOIRA-TERRACE CARDIFF_ XTERVOIJSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY, -*r and VITAL POWER.—A gentleman having wieu in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a *'inple means of self-cure. He will be happy to for. war-i the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope.—Address J. T. Sewell, w.ek. bliddlesex. ?if> ^OUTH WALES EVENING ECHO. I SWANSEA. £ Ecbo,' FIRST EDITION, is pub- L>vnnv Ce» CoUe^e-scroet,Swansea. EVfJfiy EKNOON. AT FIVE O'CLOCK. ,r' c'l', aewsa"ents at Swansea, Hafod, Plasniarl, Wiimbles, <.Vc., am. by the bovs of the Self Help ^igade. ^i/ CLVf/. EDITION, which contains all the v*test .s/nvs. Telegrams, Stock Exchange Closing -"t'ces, Markets, Sporting and Local Intelligence of the ^A>?J)u,'li^d m Swansea at 8.30 p.m. Sold by R SrV'OiJD, News Agent, Great Western Building, -street, Swansea, and by newsboys. public ^miiscniBnts. THEATRE ROYAL, CARDI;FF, LKSSEE & MANAGER Mr EDWARD FLETCHER. ACTING MANAGER Mr JOHN SHERIDAN. TO-NIGHT, THURSDAY, January 15th. And Every Evening until further notice. Mr Edward Fletcher's Fourth Christmas Pantomime. YE QUEEN OF HEARTS. Her Wonderful Tarts, and Ye Knave who stole them or Princess Ye Sleeping Beauty and Herne, Ye Demon Huntsman. PRODUCED ON A SCALE OF UNRIVALLED MAGNIFICENCE. Mr Alberto and Miss Hales in their Astounding SOMERSAULT DANCE. Procession of Kings and Queens of Er'aland from William I. to Queen Victoria. GRAND TRANS- FORMATION, "BIRTH OF THE ROSE." New Comic Harlequinade, invented by the Clown, the Famous JOLLY LITTLE LEWIS. Day Performances every Saturday at Two o clock. Half price to all Children for Day Performances. PHILHARMONIC. TO-NIGHT 1 TO-NIGHT! AND EVERY EVENING' DURING THE WEEK, the Grand Spectacle of EGYPT IN 1882. The whole of the mag- nificent scenery painted expressly by Mr Edwin Day and Mr Frank Jones. Music by Mr H. Ball. Mechani- cal Effects by lr Clark. Scene 1-13irdseye View of Alexandria. Scene 2—Grand Square before the Fire. Scene 3-Graiid Square after the Fire. Scene 4—Eve of the Battle. Scene 5-Bombardment of Alexandria- Great Naval Battle-Occupation of the For: s-Victory of the Ships—Town in Flames. The ships in action are as follow The Inflexible, Monarch, Invincible, Sul- tan, Penelope, Alexandra, Condor, Temeraire, Superb, Helicon. The fireworks in the above production in- vented and made by C. Adams and Co., Pyrotechnic Artists, Summer-street, Birmingham, Expensive Engagement of Mr CHA". OSWALD, the Laughing Philosopher the Four AUBREYS, in their Marvellous Entertainment; Prof. ARMSTRONG MOSE and ocher Negro Comedians Miss BLANCHE BARRi TT. Serio-Comic and Dancer Mr HARUY TURNER, London Comique. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30. Prices as usual. Half-price at 9 o'clock. For the Best Tobacco and Cigars,try Morrella's Cigar Divan, adjoining the hall. The best and cheapest place in Cardiff. 967 A R R B~R OTHERS^ TAILORS. 64, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. re now offering a very choice selection of stylish Caihmere. worsted, West of England, and Scotch Autumn and Winter Overcoating, Suitings and Trouser- ings. In their selection strict attention has been given to secure the most fashionable patterns and colours, com- bined with materials which B.B. can guarantee for durability, feeling assured that the latter, combined with good fitting garments, is the only method to secure the continued confidence and support of their cus- tomers Gentlemen who have not been able to obtain gar- ments to their satisfaction in Cardiff, and have been compelled at extra expense and mconvenience to order elsewhere are very respectfully solicited for a trial, as in B.B. they will find cutters who can compete with any in the kingdom, while their prices will be found as reasonable as first-class materials and workmanship will permit. 122e TERMS. CASH 71253 EXTRAORDINARY REDUCTION JLIJ IN SUGARS. BROWN MOIST 1^1 per lb. Is 3d per doz. WHITE do lgd do. Is 6J do. 2 FINE CRYSTALS 2d do. Is 9d do. LARGE do. 2d do. 2s do. EXTRA do. 2d do. 2s 3d do. FINE DEMERARA.. 2d do. 2s do. FINEST do. 2d do. 2s 3d do. GRANULATED 2d do. 2s io. FINE LUMP. 24d do. 2s 3 1 duo FINEST LUMP 2jd do. 2s 6a do. W ']\JARCHANT AND 00., ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. FOR THE CHEAPEST AND JGEST JFIRUITS GO TO "W THOMAS AND 4 CO., I THE NEW SHOP, 1 AT 8 ST- john's-squa^e- "GCONOMY IN FUEL. H ALL'S PATENT FEED WATER HEATER. ^J/'ILLIAMS" PATENT BLOWER AND W SMOKE CONSUMER FOR STEAM BOILERS JOHN WILLIAMS AND SON, SOLE LICENSEES & MAKERS, QU EEN-STRE ET, CARDIFF. 107e QROSBY'S BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR 0 c RocIBY's c ROSBY'S /CROSBY'S c ROSBY'S' c ROSBY'S CROSBY'S 4 "CROSBY'S ROSBY"S c ROSBY's /CROSBY'S /CROSBY'S jpROSBY'S c R.OSBI /f~^ROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S ViROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S ^IROSBY'S IpROSBY'S ,IttosB ROSBY':S |^ROSBY'S ROSBY'S CROSBY'S CROSBY'S /^SROSBY>s /^ROSBY'S I^KOSBY'S XROSBY'S jpROSBY'S X-^ROSBV'S ^ROSBY'S £ 1ROSBY S ^ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is tbe only rational sub. stitute for opiates, nar- cotics, squills, &c., so frequently recommended for COUGHS, COLDS, &c. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is invaluable to Travel- lers, Sportsmen, Emi- grants, &c., who have to encounter exposure to the inclemency of th" weather. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Works wonders in case j of PULMONARY CON- SUMPTION, and has been used wi v signal success- in Asthma & Bronchitis. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is an almost infallible remedy for all Chest C°mPlaints, & is equally efficacious in Night Sweats, Influenza, Quin- Sys, &c. DR. ROOKE'S TESTI M O N I A L. DR. ROOKE, Scarborough, author of the •• Anti- Lancet,' writes as fol- lows I have repeat- edly observed how very rapidly and invariablyit subdued Cough, Pain, ami Irritation of the Chest in cases of Pulmonary Con- sumption and I can, ^th the greatest conti- nence, recommend it as a most valuable adjunct to n otherwise strengthen- treatinent for this fli-W se.1' BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR issoldinbottles,atl3iAr> Is 9d. 4s6d, & lis each, bv all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, and Wholesale by JAMES M. CROSBY, Chemist, Scar- borough, England. l^LIXIR I^LIXIR PJLIXIR. |^LIXIR. J71LIXIR ELIXIR. ,ILIXIR. "Xj^LIXIR. LIXIR. "I^JLIXIR. | riLIXIR J71LIXIR. I^LIXIR. gj^LIXIR. T^LIXIR IT^LIXIR I^LIXIR l^lLIXIR. BTlLIXIR. Jj .iLIXIR B7MJXIR. "BTILIXIR. | T^LIXI IL^LIXIR. ELIXIR | ,-ALIXIK. I^LIXIR. ^LIXIR ij^LIXIR jgOXm g^LIXIR. I^LIYIR ELIXIR 11 IXIR JMLIXIR imLIXIR. I^LIXIR. c ROSBY'S BALSAMIC_CUUGH ELIXIR l IBusimss :Abbr£.5s£z. 3B JOTHAM & SONS, OVERCOATS FOR BOYS & rjlOPCOATS FOR YOUTHS. HANDSOME AND jLiL BECOMING. ARE NOW SHOW. J-TL ING MKN;S OYER- ■ COATS AN D COilIPLETE Ac-lk SUITS IN TVTEWEST STYLES 4-1 AND MAKES DIRECT FROM MANU- facturers. SUITS IN TWEED AND WORSTED, OVERCOATS IN ENDLESS VARIETY VFOVELTIES IN SMALL BOYS' -L™ OVERCOATS. CJCOTCH TWEEDS, MELTONS, O ASTRACANS, BEAVERS, 26 & 27' ST. MARY-ST,, /CARDIFF. V-/ 201 e u SPECIALTIES IN WINTER CLOTHING, AT W 'P.ICE vz SONS FANCY TWEED SUITS. Prices, 17/6, 20/ 25/ 30/ 40/ 4o/ BLACK WORSTED SUITS. r.vr„ces' 2b/ 55/ 45/ 55/ 65/ FANCY CLOTH AND TWEED OVERCOATS, Priees, 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 40/ 50/ BLACK WORSTED OViiltCOATS, Prices, 25/ 35/ 45/ 55/ NAP AND PIJLOT OVERCOATS. Prices, 25/ 35/ 4b/ 55/ NEW MAKES IN WATERPROOF COATS HATS, SHIRTS. HOSIERY, AND UMBRELLAS, ADDRESS-THE CARDIFF HOUSE. 60 & 51, T, IARY-ST., 46 & 47, CAUOJjINE-Si REHT, Hie CARDIFF. 23 CHINA c HINA. CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA QHINA CHINA TEA SETS, good patterns, from 10s od TOILET SETS, complete. from os 6d. Cottage DINNER SETS, from 10s 6d. Sets of JUGS, from Is. TUMBLERS from Is 6d per dozen. A choice selection of which will be found at EVANS'S CHINA ROOMS, 58, BRIDGE-ST. A good assortment of Fancy Articles suitable for Christmas Presents. ^TLAbb GLASS (jLASS x GLASS Q.LASS GLASS GLASS GLAS8 (j-LASS \jr GLASS 207 C1 I 5, AR SCH at SCHOO PAID '1 Four Li Six Lin. Eight L Twelve Eight ments c SOUTH those in I of a seri [RISTMAS piCTURES, -V A LMANACKS, 0 R FRAMING, & c., GO TO E. W. ROBERTS., CADE (ST. MARY STREET END), THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF. 225e OOL ADVERTISEMENTS.—The tention of Principals of Private and other IL8 is directed to the following moderato PItt; .'ARIFF for School Advertisenmuts One Three Six Twelve Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. Insertion s. d. s. d. s. d s. d. nes 1 0 2 6 4 0 60 os..16..30.. 6 0 9 0 ines.. 2 0 5 0 8 0 12 0 Lines 3 0 7 6 12 0 18 0 words may be calculated to a. line. Advertise- I an also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with J the South Wales Daily News, so as to form part es of insertions. I JT^N. ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES, J T\E. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S jy ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S -DR. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S T\R. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S BAR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S U. ROOKE'S D R. ROOKE'S D R. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S 1)R. ROOKE'S D R. ROOKE'S 8R. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S f AR- ROOKE'S | \R- ROOKE'S T\R. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKES BAR. ROOKE'S TAR. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S R ROOKE'S jQR. ROOKE'S Tz. ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S! R ROOKE'S! | |R. ROOKE'S' ■ AR. ROOKE'S T\R. ROOKE'S T\R. ROOKE'S SOLAR ELIXIR AND I AND ORIENTAL PILLS. These CELEBRATED PREPARATIONS have been before the Pub- lic for nearly HALF A CENTURY, and have proved invaluable in thousands (f Cases. For a full descrip- tion of these medi- Icines and their use in the Treatment and Cure of Disease, with scores of genu- ine Testimonials,see Anti-Lancet. ANTI- LANCET. This well known work contains 172! pages, and may be had gratis and post- free from DR. ROOKE, Scarboro', England. SOLAR ELIXIR is sold in bottles 4s 6d and lis, and the ORIENTAL PILLS in boxes, 1 lid and 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; and by DR. ROOKE, Scar- borough. borough. Dit. ROOKE'S HANDY POCKET-GUIDE TO HEALTH AND HEALTH RESTORING) PLACES,' Full of pleading! illustrations audi useful informatIOn, I 33 Dages. I This Book may be obtained gratis from1 all Patent Medicine' Vendors, and post free from Dr. Rooke, Scarborough, Eng land, on receipt of a penny postage- 1 stamp. o ItIENTAJ. p I L L S. tf^VRIENTAL J> I L L S « I'ARIENTAI, pILLS 0RIENTAL D ILLS ^RIENTAL pILLS ORIENTAL r p IL LS. /"ORIENTAL O ILLS. ^ARIENXAL DILLS. d ARIENTAL DILLS, f ARIENTAL |3 ILLS.' ORIENTAl. pILLS. ORIENTAL DILLS, VRIENTAL piLLS. ^ARIENTAL niLLS.J /"ARIENTAL | I L I. S. /-ARIENTAL p I L L S. ^ARIENTAL p I L L S, r\RIENTAL piL LS.j DR. ROOKE'S FAMILY, MEDICINES. 9024 49413 ) ltíncp,5. 1Ii)!f5Z.5. fr f QOX'S _L I II S (D HALF YEAI.i y J/[ A N T L E g A L E IS NOW PROCEEDING I 21 D A y s, .'WI ¡ AND | WI^ TO THE END OF THE ilONTH. < GrREAT REDUCTION IN Lf. KINDS OF LAD I E S 1 jyj A N T L E S, lV.J. JACKETS, "jJLSTERS, jjlUR-LJNED CLOAKS. &c. F- (jos. LONDON m 4NTLE WAREHOUSE, j^/jARY-STREET, C A R D I FO, ALSO LONDQN. LEICESTER, AND VVOLVEIiHAMPTON I 22Se business dLtÙn\ZS£5. QAMUEL BROS., kj Uuiversal Clothiers. Grand Display of "• LUen's Miits, Boys' Suits, > •'•• Knicker Suits. In Choice Patterns, Auci Most Reasonable l'rices. SAMUEL BROS., Men's Overcoats. Youths' Overcoats. Boys' Overcoats. Children's Overcoats. ^AJIUElfBROsTT ^v-v' "bespoke Tailors. Trousers to Order, Frum S" 6d. Suits to Order, From 53s lid, c "j Fit, Style, and Quality Guaranteed. QAMUEL BRUS., Ladies' Tailors. Jackets to Order. Mamies to Older.. J Dolmans to Order- !Zi((;-Ig lizzloiti to orclvr. QAMUEL BROS., Hosiers. Hattiii-.s. QAIMUEL 33ROS. .-jiid ii;r Illuotrated Paui jiilci itiid Self-J{eLiaUi eilicjlt Fonus, Post Free. g A III U E L ]3 R O T H E R S 7, :SI Aii Y -KSTKEET AiSU AND 4, iiARiiET BUILDINGS, 241 CAiiulFE. 72702 J ,I, ESTA«L"fr;?-.QU) OVEJt OUARTER OF A CENTURY. ,i T-| E N R Y HI H O il A S JLJL a. STf JOHN'S CHUKOH-SyUARE. tsDLE AOiKNT 10R R A D BUR Y S D PlnZE ilEDAL g E W I N G A C H I N E S FOR (JAKDIl'E AND DISTRICT. [ GUIS WOLD'S PATENT KNITTING MACHINES. Washing Mangling iViachines of the I very Best Makes 170s 0 11 A R L E S pARDOB, TOISACCO PIPE MANUFACTURER, 4.1. BROADWAY, ROATH, CARDIFF. PUElAKERS WANTED. 245 f WEAR jpENFQUND'S gOOTS vv JL -iLt FOR HEALTH, STYLE, & 15CONOMY. I Sole Agent for the Celebrated "P. P." BOOT, Made of SPECIALLY-PREPARED LEATHER, and guaranteed absolutely waterproof. A brilliant selection of LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS BOOTS and SHOES in the newest designs, marvellously cheap. J jjLjr pENFOUND, 2, PARK HALL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF 227e -L 10, 11, 12, WORKING-STR IfiET, CARDIFF. G. aT&tos*- UNDERTAKER, HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH I PROPRIETOR, OSTRICH PLUME & GENERAL FURNISH- ING ESTABLISHMENT. The Trade supplied with Hearses, Coaches, and every requisite for Funeral Furnishing. 7 154a gVELIGIOUS SERVICES.—The atten- JLV' tion of Church and Chapel Managers is invited to the following SPECIAL PREPAID TARIFF for Ad- vertisenients announcing the holding of RELIGIOUS SERVICES, ANNIVERSARIES, and TEA MBET- IN GS One Three Six Twelve Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertions, s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Four Lines.. 4 06 0 8 6 Sis Lines. 2 0 6 0 9 0 12 0 Eight Lines.. 2 8 M 8 0 12 0 16 0 Twelve Lines. 4 0 12 0 18 0 24 0 18 Lines 6 0 18 0 27 0 36 0 24 Lines 8 0 24 0 36 0 48 0 Eight words may be calculated to a lire. This Tariff Is limited Iitriäl1! to the Advertisements enumerated above. These Notices can also appoar in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with those in the South Wales Daily Sen*, so as to form part of the series of Insertions POSTAL D J L I V E R Y JL OF TIn: SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS beg to announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving CardiIt at 2.30 3..111 and 3.45 a"m. Country Subscribers residing within the limits of GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, j As well as those portions of BRECONSHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Rliyntuuy iJ)Jey Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH 'WALES DAILY NEWS delivered at their resi dances daily by the samo as that which conveys their London letters London and West of England subscribers rece ve t:mir payers on the afternoon of publication. The SECOM EDITION of the SOUTH WALES DAILY X HVVS is forwarded, prepaid, to residents of the follow- 11; and all ether places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the first mornrng delivery sc. Fagaus Pencded s Brides-sup. Ely St. Nicholas Bunvilstone Peterstone Lluudaff Rudyr Movuanatowii Meliiiuriflith I'entyrch St. Andrew' Sully Courtyralla Dinas Powis Cadoxton I Barry j Caerphilly Bedwas Ystrad Mynach Pwllypant St. Mellon's Cefn Mably Michaelstn-leV edw Castletown Marshfield Penarth Llandough Lis vane I.lanishen Whitchurch TafFs Well Tongwynlais Walnut Treld^ PER QUAU-UR, POST-I'REF.0 9 PER HALF-YEAU 0 19 PER YEAR 1 19 }. SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS CFFICES 75 and 76. St. Marv-ac eet. lJa. _!ff. 'j¡JusinC55 AiÜ)'r£55£s. ^JHRISTMA S HOLIDAYS. | Special Low Price- iov this Weik only at J T. H. V 0MLEV j J CUSTOM HOUSE-STKEET, CARDIFF, j FANCY TWEED SUITS, Prices, 15/ 18/11, 22/ 2b/ 30/. BLACK WORSTED SUITS, Prices, 201., 25/ 30/ 35¡., FANCY TWEED & PILOT OVERCOATS. Prices, 15/ 17/0, 21/ 25/ 29/ GOOD VALUE IN~MOLE AXD CORD TROUSERS. HATS, SHIRTS. HOSIERY, VERY CIIKAP. ——— 228e ADDRESS-STAR CLOTHING STORES, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. L E IV I S A N D JjEWIS THE CARDIFF AND NEWPORT UPHOLSTERERS. LEWIS AND LEWIS, having much increased their Stock of Cabinet Furniture, Carpets, |; Curtains, Bedsteads, and Bed- ding, are now offering specially good value in all Departments. ALL GOODS WELL MADE, ARTISTIC IN DESIGN, AND LOW IN PRICE. LEWIS AND |^EWIS, 23, DUKE-STREET, 137, COMMERCIAL-ST., C AIIDIFF NE WPORT. 121e plANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE JL When you can beoonif -.he owner id a nice instrument for the small paymen: of iCs 6d PER r>IONTH OX rjlHOMPSON AND CHACKELL'S JL O lULU: SYSTEM No security required, an-l the instrument delivered I to nl11'ch'er un payment of first monthly instalment. Every instrument, guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS OX SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues fre-j on Hppiicaliou. THOMPSON AND !S 11 A OKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MEliTHYR, and _n_nn GLOUCESTER. 24ue THE WELSH FLANNEL & WOOL SHOP,' 57, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. b7, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. Try Our Real WELSH FLANNELS, WELSH YARNS I' Atso all kinds of KNITTING YARNS. BERLIN and o.her FANCY WOOLS. Try Our KNITTED :oCRS and STOCKINGS. Stockings Re-footed at 6d. per p ir. V, elsli Fiannei Shirks always in Stock. Please Note the above Address. 215e FULTON, DULOP, AND CO. CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, ALSO AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH BASS AND CO., ALLSOPP AND SONS, I' AtHl othetsof the tiJiest BURTON ALES. PRICES Per Kilderkin. Per F;rkin. 18s. 1 9s. 21s. j 10s. 6d. 24s. j 12s. And upwards. ISSe j^E W TOOL DEPOT. SHEFFIELD HOUSE (Next door to Inland Revenue Oilice), ¡ CUSTOM-HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. CHARLES PUDGE ) Begs to state that he has OPENED the above ¡ Premises with a Large and Varied Stock of I JOINERS' AND MECHANICAL TOOLS of every description, all of Guaranteed Quality, and at Lowest possible Prices. An early inspection is respectfully so'icited. EVERY ARTICLE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. 217e | JMPORTANT TO SPORTSMEN. AGE -VATOOD, rp J>AGE ^rOOD, Wishes to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff and j district that he is a PRACTICAL AND BONA-FIDE GUN MAKER, and all goods supplied by him are at Army and Navy Store prices. NOTE ADDRESS— 1, WESTGATE-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite Theatre Royal), Factory 35, Nicholas-street, Bristol. 181e JflCR pRESENTS ORNAMENTAL AND TTSEFUL, Go TO— U 'W. J)OBBS'S, 11868 151e CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. PERFECTION AT LAST IN HORSE J_ AND CATTLE SPICE. The most perfect blend ever obtained, and the BEST I FOOD for Horses, Cattle, Poultry, &c.. is THE ROYAL CONDIMENT, DISTINCT from all other Catte Foods gives universal satisfaction. May be obtained from A. J. Grove, Saddler, Aberystwith. Sample bag sent carriage paid for 14s. Small sample post free on application. Royal Cattle Food Company, Oak-road, Crumpsal', Manchester. Agents wanted everywhere. 11946 235e R J gEATH AND gONS, 12, CPOCICH17 CARDIFF. Have now on view the Jnrgest Stock of High-class PIANOFORTE S, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS, fN- SOITTif Which they are offering at a J LARG E DI S CO U NT FOR CASH. and on the three years' system, from 10s 611 per month, Pianos, from 15 guineas. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free. 23ie WALDE, N and CO., Stockbrokers and M Mining Share Dealers, White House, Tele graph-street, London, E.C., buy and sell Stocks and Shares of all descriptions, for cash or fortniglitlv ac- count at nominal commission. Options dealt in* Speculative accounts opened at from £ 1 per cent, cover with no further liability. Bankers references. Circular, post free, on application. 230e iOnsiness l.bhr£55£S. TMPOKTANT O T I O E fjl HIS DAY ON SALE AT | £ OW £ ,t,L & COMPANY'S, p E E S S G 0 0 D 8 EXTRAORDINARY. 35 Pieces CHECK LUSTRES .from lid per yard 45 STRIPED" ,,2d „ SO „ TWILLED ALPACCA ,,22d 50 „ DRESS MELTONS 3jd „ 100 ASSORTED VARIOUS.. 4M „ 50 STRIPED SKIRTING.. „ 3Jd y E R Y gPECIAL. 390 PIECES OF FANCY PRINTS, FROM ID PER YARD-worth double 1 200 pAIRS B LANKETS, AT REDUCED PRICES Brown from Is llbd per pair. White. 11 2s lld „ SLIGHTLY SOILED. Better qualities equally good value. REAL WELSH SHIRTING FLANNEL, FROM 12d PER YARD. £ jLEARING LINES IN CHILDREN'S JACKETS, FROM 4id EACH. pUR-LINED CLOAKS, FROM 7s lid. JlUR CAPES, MUFFS, TRIMMINGS, ETC, AT MAKERS PRICES. JJANKRUPT STOCK OF WOMEN'S MACKINTOSHES, FROM 2" 6 Ad EACH. ANTLES, JACKETS, DOLMANS, "OALET(")Ts?, f JL AT LESS THAN MANUFACTURERS PRICES. JpANCY QHRISTMAS GOODS. JL' <Ur TO BE CLEARED KKGAUDLESS OF COST. ALL THE ABOVE GOODS CAN BE BOUGHT ONLY FROM JJ DWELL L- COMPANY, jUL "THE CARDIFF DRAPERS," 178 CARDIFF. 70150 Advertisement Tariff. o Small Prepaid Advertisements. 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times NINEPENCE. Six Times ONE SHILLING. WORDS. ONCE. XIMLFSF TIMES. -1- s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 30 Words 0 9 1 0 1 6 40 Words 1 0 1 6 2 3 50 Words -i 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 6 -3 0 4 6 j *-■ ■1 ——— i These charges apply only to the classes of advertise* ment specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for CONSECUTIVE insertion and PAUl roit PREVIOUS TO INSERTION; if either of these con- ditions is not complied with, the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale :— APARTMENTS WA-ITED. APARTMENTS TO LET. ARTICLES LOST. ARTICLES FOUND. BUSINESSES TOR DISPOSAL BUSINESSES WANTED. HOUSES TO LET. OUSES WANTED. HOUSES TO BE SOLD. MONEY WANTED. 1 MONEY TO LEND. j MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. MISCELLANEOUS SALES. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. SITUATIONS WANTED. SITUATIONS VACANT. ITU ATIO;\S V ACA1"T. General Advertising Tariff. RATE PER LINE FOB A SERIES. CLASS OF ———————————————— ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 tor4 or 6 to 12to26& 3 5 11 25 jupd insr insr insr insrinsr Business ) Educational ./4 -/4 -l& •IZ ■Hi Publishers j Religions Services ) 0 Entertainments f -/3 -/2 -/2 Auction Announce.ients -16 -/4 -/3 -/3 ./S Legal and Public Notices Municipal and School Board.. I Tenders and Contracts i /d Public Appointments .1 Prospectuses ,c, ^9 -/9 -/9 Parliamentary Elections i Parliamentary Notices '• 1/- 1/- 1/- 1/- 1/. Government Announcements. ) PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS are charged 1 to 5 insertions, 6d per line 6 to 11 insertions, 4d per line 12 insertions and upwards, 3d per linp. Notices of Births, Marriage.- and Deaths are charged j, each. if not exceeding 20 words, and 6d for each additional 10 words. These Notices must be authen- > tieated by the Signature and Address of the sender. WORD to the Wise; Cause and cure of ■X~jfc_deliiiity, wantof energy, aii(I premature decay. In- structions to regain health and vigor. Sent on receiptof 4 st'unps by Publishers. Fitzalan-square Sheffield. 201« fl/fliSSRS W. H. SMITH and SON i-v JL il.nivcr he SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS ;'1 all early hour ptch Morning in all uarts of the follow, n_t,~>wiu':— CARDIFF SWANSEA NEWPORT J-WATH MERTHYR PORTSKEWETT CANTON" A PONTYPOOL ROAD BUTE DOCKS HFREFCFD PEMBROKE DOCK BRIDGEND NEW MILFORD HAVERFORDWEST NEATH BRISTOL GLOUCESTER LLANELLi' TENBY ABERYSTWYTH LAMPETER CARMARTHEN ABERGAVENNY Thj CARDIFF TIMES also delivered every Fr day to any address in the above mentioned Towns. ORDERS to be setil to the Manager* of the valiant boaksta Jls. ,j