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Business JitiSrussss. JgJ X F I R A T I O N OF LEASE. GREAT SALE OF STOCK! THE PREMISES TO BE RE-BUILT. £ 3,000 WORTH OF P, A P E R Y TO BE CLEARED AT ONCE. MUST BE SOLD TO PREVENT DAMAGE. SALE NOW OX, AND WILL BE COX. TINUED THROUGHOUT THE MONTH. NOTE THE ADDRESS JOHN HANDLES S, THE CANTON DRAPER, LONDON HOUSE, COWBRIDGE ROAD. CANTOS TRAMS AND 'BUSES PASS THE DOOR. 11) AVIES AND SHERWOOD, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF, AND PENARTH. BEST VALUE IN OUTFITTING. GENTS' MERCERY, TAILORING, &c. JfJXTENSION OF V 1 S I T FOR ANOTHER WEEK EMINENT PHYSICIANS HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE "jVX AGNETAIRE" (Protected by Royal Letters Patent) FOR THE PREVENTION, RELIEF, AND CURE OF DISEASE. M R LON S D ALE, M. E., Inventor and Patentee of the "MAGNETAIKE," IS NOW RE-VISITING CARDIFF, AD MAY BE DAILY CONSULTED, FREE OF CHARGE, FOR ONE WEEK MORE, At his Private Consulting Rooms at MR J. LONG'S, PHOTOGRAPHER, 63. CROCKHERBTOWN UNTIL SATURDAY, JANUARY It, 1335, Where he will give Adfice as to the Application of Curative Electricity, and Explain the Principles of his Patent Magnetaire Appliances, of which he has a Large Assortment, suitable for every part of the body. HOras OF ATTENDANCE:— Ten to One, Two to Five. aqASix to Eight. A 32-page Pamphlet. oonta.ning Testimonials, Pries List, aral full particulars, Free on application. The following are selected from a mass of testimony in possession of the Patentee CARDIFF TESTIMONIALS. INDIGESTION, BILIOUS, AND LIVER COM- PLAINTS. Cardiff Rope Works, Penarth-road, Grangetown, Cardiff, Jan. 8, 1335. D,-g,r this last 2T years I have been a great sufferer from the above-mentioned com- plaints, and I wish to express my greatest satisfac- tion, and to testify to the benefit that I have derived from your 4 Magneiaire" appliances which I purchased iroui you some we^ks back, and I must say that since I have had the pleasure of wearing it I have not been troubled with my old and inconvenient complaints. I can eat and digest my food with comfort, and as regards my strength it is about do-able. You are at liberty to make this statement public for the benefit of others who may be similarly afflicted. -Respectfully yours, Mr R. Lonsdale. SAMUEL WAUGH. IMPORTANT TESTIMONY I BRONCHITIS AND HEART DISEASE. 28, Windsor-road, Cardiff, Dec. 17, 1884. Dear Sir,-For many years I have been suffering from i ronchitis and Heart disease, and although I have consulted with several physicians, and tried many remedies, I have received very little benefit from them. I few weeks a?o I bought one of your "Magnetaire" appliances, and am glad to tell you that 1 have derived much benefit from it.—I am, yours respectfully, JOHN EYANS. Mr R. Lonsdale. INDIGESTION. 39, Croft-street, Roath, Cardiff. Dec. 18, 1884. Dear Sir,—A short time a.40 I purchased from you an appliance for Indigestion and rain in the back; I am very pleased to inform you that I have derived great benefit fro. it. Can now eat any- thing I fancy, and am quite tree from the pain and inconvenience I felt before purchasing the Mag. netaire." Y ours truly, Mrs C. WARREN. Mr R. Lonsdale. IESTIMONIAL FROM THE REV. R. II. DIGNUM. Neville Cottage, Pearl-strset, Roath, Cardiff, November 24, 1884. My Dear Sir.-For the third time I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to the continued beneiit I receive from wearing your admirable Magnetaire Belt. To me its effects are simply comforting and delightful. I cAn eat and digest my lood with comfort. That terrible nervous action with which I was troubled for years has been sub- dued. For months together I have been free from it. I also find the "Magnetaire" Soles a perfect luxury The appliances are a blessing indeed to me for the last two years. I wish you success in your efforts to benefit suffering humanity. I shall be glad to an-wer any quesci ns which anyone may desire to ask me upon the matter. With gratitude for the good I have myself received, with very kind regards, I remain, Dear Mr Lonsdale, yours most faithfully, ROBT. HAYDON DIGNUM. To Jlr Lonsdale. WEAK LEGS. NUMB FEET, SWOLLEN ANKLE, AND WEAKNESS OF THE VOICE. 214, Pearl-street, Roath, Nov. 17th, 1884. Dear :Sir.-ome years ago I had an attack of cholera, which left a thorough weakness in my Ies, numbness in feet, and swollen ankle, causing pain and greatly inconveniencing me in getting about. I am pleased to teil you that after wearing the Belt and Soles I purchased of you during your last visit a few hours I began to feel an improve ment, and after a week's trial the change was won- derful my legs were altogether stronger, the swell- ing of ankle had gone down, feet free from numb- ness, and the circulation restored through my body. I found a great improvement also in my voice, which was very weak; can now speak stronger, although it is ten years since my voice broke down. I am highly satisfied with what your Appliances have done, and 3hall always recommend them with confidence in any similar case.—Yours truly JOHN TAYLOR'Builder Mr R Lonsdale. CRAMP AND RHEUMATISM. 157, Bate-road, Cardiff, Nov. 1 1384. Sir,—In answer to your inquiry about the Magnetaire that I purchased of you during your last visit to Cardiff, I am slid to say it has done me great good, especially in removing Rheumatism and Cramp, ana soothing the several complaints that come viitli age. I also have known several who have worn the Magnetaire," and in every case it has relieved or cured them. If a rich person or two were to club a few stray sovereigns together and purchase some of your appliances, and give them to the poor and needy, who cannot buy such earthly blessings, they could say hereafter. They weresick, and I visited them. If any person wishes to know more about tno appliances they may call on me, and I can give them some practical experience. Respectiullv yours. GEORGE SADLER, Artist. Mr R. Lonsdale. MR LONSDALE HAS NO AGENTS. THE APPLIANCES CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS IN CARDIFF, AND ARE STAMPED "MAGNETAIRE." ——— 71996 LONSDLE AND CO., SOLE MANUFACTURERS, 11905 447, WEST STRAND, LONDON M P AINE. BILL POSTER. DIS- TKIBUTOR, &c., 25, CARDIFF-STREET ABERDARE, bess to inform the public generally that he rents all the largest and principal Bill-Posting Stations in Aberdare, Aberamau, Hirwain, and all out- yinpr districts. Contracts made weekly or yeariy N.B.—Note.—At Paine's Temperance Hotel and Board Ins House, at above address, tooacco, cigari, and refresh ments of ail kinds may be had at any time, and good accommodation for travellers. &-c 8059—44U67 S W A N S E A OFFICE "SOUTH WALES1 DAILY NEWS," 2. COLLEGE STREET All crtiers ircm NEWSAU-ENTS will receive prompt UMation, and be execnr ■ noon the same tehm as £ rom the Chic:' Office. The DAILY NEWS neiisered to Subscribers ear every morning in ar.y nan of the town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Saveu o'cloe will »ecure mssriioa in tiie nest morning's issue of tile AlLY N'B W ti Ifoshtfss Abbrtssgs. AT the present time Clothing so much de- notes the position of the wearer that to be ill clad or clothed in garments that are badly made and fitted at once conveys an im- pression unfavourable to the wearer. It is, therefore, of great importance that all who study appearance should be careful to make their purchases only from such houses as make Style, Fit, and Quality, combined with economy, their leading features. Winter especially requires that change in our attire which is so necessary for the due protection of our health and comfort. It is, therefore, of great importance that we should be supplied with overcoats and other warm clothing, not only at a moderate charge, but also fashion- able and well made, as well as being selected from materials of modern design and durable character. To these important requisites MASTERS and COMPANY have especially devoted their attention, and the reader may depend upon being supplied with all he re- quires at either of their establishments. Every person to whom economy is an object should certainly inspect their stock before purchasing elsewhere. The position occupied by this firm in the markets as the largest buyers of clothing in Wales or the West of England enables them fre- quently to secure goods at such prices as defy competition, it being an indisputable fact that the tradesman who can buy largest must buy on more favourable terms than the smaller buyer. There can be no surer indi- cation than an increased trade that the public duly appreciate fair dealing, and that the efforts of MASTERS and COMPANY to supply goods of sterling value at the lowest remunerative profit have been fully recognised is proved by the result. 102e GENTLEMEN can reduce their expenditure per G cent. by having their daughters taught Scientific Dress cutting.—Apply Dresscutting Association, 21, Castle-street,'Carditf. 777

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