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EVENING. Jr As there appears to ba a scarcity of novelties for the headines of adver- tisements, suppose we try a sequel to the" Gno I Mornins by informing you you can visit us in the morning or in illo very ¡ GOOD EVENING, ? When you can select a nice Holiday Suit, for very little money. Indigo Blue Serges are much worn this sea- son, and may be had at The Alliance from 27s 6,1 and upwards. GOOD EVENING. W t) sbali he pleased to show you any of our New suitings, which can be made to measure at very shore notice. Oniy first-class London cutters em. ployed at THE ALLIANCE CLOnUEHS, 55, ST. MAKY- i STREET: 5870 PREPAID ADVERT ISEM EN I-S. I ONCE THREIC six WORDS. ONCE. ilimll* „S. 20 Words 0 911 0 1 — 30 Words | 0 9 | 1 0 1 6 10 Words 10 16 2 3 50 Words j 1 3 j 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 ft iSiM'SCiliU. HIGHLY respectable person wishes to take charge of infant fr"Jn bin h or othe,wise, would a(,op premium required h'gHest r?ferm c? eiven,-A ? C, Echo Office, Newpott. 774e MRS ALLAN PEAIZCL Coxeter, l,on,lon), 1.l1 Modeht;r, Maker and Fitter of Lauies' Belts, 'Irusse, &c.-13, The Parade, Cardiff. | V' ANTED, t ? Fain :wo Chiidrfn; boy, 4?; ?n-i, w,tli ies: ??ct,,ibic people lerms muse be moderate.—Apply Morgan, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 70S jltiiirnnoiuaL YOU Alt'JAliT(lIV, or <.ontctnp:nteta?:nK his important step, we can Roml you valuable information which you ought to know. Sand your address, aall we will send catalogue and pamphlet ?ree.— uldress II. O. Kerr, Mostyn-road, Merfcon, Sunoy. b13 ?7'UU?7J''OFLlCK?? Hr the Metchant Servko. :i.;? I 2?, wishes to correspond with young bdy, not <'Vcr 25, with view to matrimony. ?iciose P/iOtO if possible, which wiii be honourably return* d. Mems Do ject. -Address E.. Echo" Office, Newport. 7S9 vfcDiuntiamtf. CANTON SHORTHAND SCHOOL.—Book keeping, Handwriting. Aritiinietic, Grammar, Welsh Every Evening Sepavato Instructions Certi.1c*ie<i Teachers.—Principal, Woodend House, Neville-street, C<tlltoll, Cardiff. 46 nttft Jatmtj. -.I. L'05t fini) ]feunà. T^OUND, at. Ne<Yp?rr7onFNd?.7 a black and t:m N Puppy Hound if 1;ol ciaimed within seven bays will 1 c sold to defray expenses.—7, Dumfries-plce, Newi.orc. 790 "tj^OUND. a Jar?e-?z&d St Bernard Puppy. If not .A. churned in three days wili be sold.—12, Llan- ln les-strei c, Grangetown, Cardiff. 647 jt^OUMD, July 19, Back Retriever Bitch. If not fl- claimed within Ax doys will be sold,—-Edward Cob's-row, Ystra i Rhondda. b98 | 0 T, July ?7th. doe to Ch.nies-street Wesiey?r) Cil-pel, add Broach.—Finder rewarded if taken 61, Adam-streei, Cardiff. 753 IO-T, Stolen, or Strayed from Barry, big Bay Cart Jt llorse, low in fb,h one front foot and one hind o<> white also w,:i;e face colour, li,-ht Day. Infor- ttii ion 10 the Barry Police station, and reasonab le xpenses will be paid. t63 -uontestic jlfrlmnts. LEV Lit COOKS can -.kd(I to their list of dishes j the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner nul .upp()r table by consulting the l),1ge of a little ;»o.)k entitled P.istr.v and Sivef;,ts given to all SOOKS s-ndinj; their :1.d,lre,.e. to Alire I Bird and Sons, iJiriniusaun. Jiv-sry lady and housekeeper in the land should have PaUry and Sweet". handy for refer jnce. There i nothing to pay, and thi book will be sent by return of post, free, to any address. 147 ) ISEG.\GE1' go??d Cooks. also Job?Cooks; )??vtl r-I daily employment.. Sever*! ',I iervazits wanted—Apnly Henderson, t8 A('?n) ttrret, Cardiff. 792 /~1 ENKHAL SNUVA?NTS?mlecT at once at the Mon.n.gbtry, Commercial-street Post.oBBee. Newport • 7o9-j ?,UO? Gt-ne.?i HcrTftnts WMnted at Mts Brook? <T __>>!Uli des Heistry Office, 21, Charies-atreec s"j\)h'h!(t J8/0. Late of Mow HU. Newport. 763o d 1 ENERAL -HRYA?T wanted at once.—Apply, (Y stating wages required, International Stores Pcnt.-e, Rhondda 61? ? 1E\ERA!, :'e;ant-wt;l. used to children.— 1 Apply Haulers, Drapers,Milliners, and Outtitt?rs, King-street,, li.aenavoii. 562 WANTED a ctt?n, r.sppct?'ie Girl, ?e 17, in VT Mn?l) family.—Apply 2, Invernes-place, Hoath, Cardiff. 815 WANTLJD, at once. General Servant. Must ba V t clean ti!d quick.-A!,ply Mrs Lewis, 169, New- port-road, Cardiff. 816 '-villit)g to t)e \??ANTRD, ? qu:et. respectable Cirl. ?iUing to t)e A,Iuf;,ful in all household duties.—App?y Fara- bam House, Oonway-road, Canton, Cardiff í95 W" ANTED, clean, pleasant young girl about III, T who has been cut before good character.—31, Gor on-r,,a(l, Car,l,ff. 754 f ANTED, immediately, <;ood General Servant; T Scientiric Dress Association, 11, Newport-road, Cardiff. 757 \r AXTEh:- Gener?r?HrvMt. 16orl7.—App!y28, w Uoniilly-erescent, Canton, Cardiff 715 AN'RFD, t respectable Cxirl, about 13 country T i,referr,l,i; go,i -Apply. between i ana 5, it), Conway-road, Cardiff. 711 "V-tT" ANTED, expeiienced General Servant, for ft !«Ea.UMmdy:mustw.i"h and iron.—7, Kep- poch-street, Castle-ioaU, Cardiff. 712 WANTED, a jjocd General Servant, who can wash antl iren, for a family of four persons.—Apply Mrs Day, 125, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 746 \T ¡NibD, by Aucust 19th, experienced General t? ?-erv?nt: good cook sm:Ut{amiiy.—Appty7, Park-place. Cardiff. 701 ANTED, ? good strong Farm Maid Servant vV wages, B!2 per annum -D. Thomas, Burden Hdt Farm, Wenvoe, Cardiff. b97 W ANTED, a?ood General Servant,-Apply Albion Hotel, Canton, Cardiff.  ,'ifA-rim: General Servant, with good character. -Apply Cosham Villa, Chepstow-road, New- port, Mon. 762e WANTED Itespectable Girl, about 17, as Genera in sm-vil f imily,— Apply tor addres 19, Com mercial-street, Newport. 761a ANTED, good General Servant for small family. -AppJY H6, Dock-street, Newport. 535 ANT ED 6 good General Servants also a Ku se at once.—Apply M. Fifoot, Maindee Registry Office, Newport, Mon 75le WANTED, a clean, steady General Servant in small tawily.-Apply 4, Gordon-road, Roath Cardiff. 530 -it-;rtit tlacniu. | SSISrANXS wantetl wfth good references.—Apply ??. byletter.statiusa?e and salary reqUlred,to Danish .?'y Co.. Tligh.gtreet Arcade, Cardiff. 7?07 ABOY wanted.—Apply 46, Union-street, Canton, ACar,liff 633  A KEsPECTA>lJ,E Person wanted at once as I-ui; ..L1 prover to the Dressmaking.-Apply H, Echo Oflice, Newport, Iloii. 741 B LACKSM ITH. -Wanted, a Boy about 15, one who J[) can strike-Apply T. John, 76, Iielen-strcet, Heath, Cardiff. VOi BOY w""tell; strong and willing.Apply Waterlow JL) Brothers and Lavton (Limited), Exchange Build- ings, Cardilf 694 -RiCKjlEN 'Yanted; constant work and good 1 > wages for sledy men.-Apply Thomas Brown, l?.??ager, Bryncethin Brickworks, near Bridgend. 754 BAKERS.—Please keep away from Abereavenny, D Abertillery, and Ebbw Vale penning dispute with jiasters. 528 T>AKER.—Wanted an experinced Hand for iunks H > Patent Welsh.-Apply, stating full particulars, io John Edmund, Abergivyi ifi, Bridgend. 497 CABINET-MAKKI £ wanted constant work; wages or piecework.—Apply Freedman, Universal House Furnisher, Temple-buildings. Dowiais. 076 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted at once, several Im- provers ana Apprentices.—Apply to Miss Henry, Scientific Dressmaker, Ammanford, R.S.O. 800 DRESSMAKING.—Young Person wanted as Ap- __prentic. A pp 27. Wcod-sueet, Cardiff. 689 D~ RESSMAK1NG.—Wantetlat 'once. a thoroughly experienced Bodice Baud. Alw an Assistant Skirt Draper. Permanent situation indoors.—ApP?y .vans and An"n. Londou Honte. Newpoet, Mon. 77Se %Vail Led, a young man, about I JLjL 19 good haircuiter and shaver, with reference. —Apply A Hicks, Gloster-rd., Ross, Herefoidshire^74-. HAIRCUTTING AND SHA ViG-rantcd smart L tti, well up to his work.—Apply lIir. aresser, 10, Willington.termce, Bridt;e-itreec, Cardiff. 564 JOINERS.—Wanted, two good Hands; top wages iven.-J oseph Howells, Ynysybwl, Pontypridd?a -EAG fI;ÖY-antell-hy' A. aid G., To?,l?)r, ?i l?ho??raphe?. Uuke..str<;et, Cardiff. 7o9 XJOKi'EJt wanted, able to drive and look after horse. Ji Nat-h Bros .House Furnishers, 72, Q?een-strHe:, Dardiff.  1_ ANTEl^ a n*spectab 1 e, steady Man for BMik ?V Holiday.—Appiy a' D'Arc's Grand Waxwotks, tlt. Ala,, C?t, kiift. 6?7 \\J ANT K.I), a 'pedable young Woman as attend- W ?nc: accustomed to business good reference re- quired.—Apply at D Arc's Grand Waxwork*. St. :\h ry. rtreer. WAVFKT), respectTdohTErrandi;,Iy7—Apply Rubber Co., 3. Duke-street, Cardiff. 73j WANTED at once, two gooif Dressmakers oli wage.s a>ul constaDt employment to experienced ■ hands.-Al,pl,- Mon. vole IfjSTAN riOD. Ye'tug I'n hc.114 to 30), and Ladies w (i5to?C),? prepare ill 1 heir own homes for a? fchiug Examinalions for Government apnoint- Itteucs. Sttc ;e, guaranteed liq willing workers. Pros- peetus, wit ft ev-ry inforrnation, fiec.—M. Stuart-, H. ?.C.s.)9.Be?-ro?.?e mbe, Liverpool. Jo9 j WAM'I.D a strong Errand Boy to hve mdGor. j IV 144, CTifcon-street, Cardiff. b\!9 1*7 ANTED, a 1!,0l',i Man to manage fruit an.l vege- 7 f table department.—Apply George Hopkins, Hayes Market, Cardiff. N,IVANTEI), n sm irt Lad to assist in kitchen.— T f Appiy at once, Borough Dining Room*, 36, C11 oline-stieet, Caidiff. 7H WANTED for a week or two, Shoeing aïîd TV Generd i?. -Tucker, Wheelwright, 9omteJlatioH-treet, Ca.rdiff. 722 AN'TlfD, a Young M<m for Grocery 'Busifie?, to IV mak'5 himsdi cenerally useful. Apply 22, Wells-street., Canton, Cardiff. 806 W AN TED, a Person to Wash and Iron must be expftifinced.—Apply 6, Treberbert-street, 761 I 1Á 'lJ"Y AÚJ), Apprentice to Waistcoat M kin?.— ?V Apply 53, Lower Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 6?3! WANTED at once, a sharp intelligent Lad, one accustomed to Pawnbrofcing Trade (character must bear strictest investigation) at Finsbery's, Lower Grange, Cardiff. 675 %l<7'A?i'MD7 'm?rc ?ad.—A?iy '? R Dick?n? ?, Pawnbroker and Clothier, Lhnrtb.tri'er, Newport. 7b0e \\T ANTED, a good Junior to the Grocery Trade, ti used to both counters window dressr: live nuL-Apply, -<t?ti))? age, )'eferenc, &c., II. Winter and Co., 34. Comme c!,¡.rùad, Newport. 783 > AR"l'EIJ. few noofiji?rm.ti'is furAut;us<Tctiu ?h.  -Apply Criterion, Cli?irch-?.treet, Ci? 710 V' :-iTgD, 3. once. pair ofi;;od Pit Sawyers.— Apply to E. Evans and Son, Goycrey, near PuiKvpool, Mon. £ 02 | *Y*Y 7 AN TED, a strong Krnttid Hoy must be w' iing. ?t -A¡m:y 7,_Pa! k-tree2. C?rdit. 50C W ANTFD. an ApprentIce and Improver to the  Tailoring.—Apply by letter to A.HG., H,, Cardiff. 976 fty WEEKLY and Upwards may be Realised by ;:¡;.¡ Either ex, without hindering occllp:Üi.,u.- For sample, ltC., enclose aiidres^cd envelope Evans, Watts, ,ncl Co. fP 153), Merchants, Jiirntitighain.— Thi, is genuine. 434 (!H'Tks. ?hni!i?srs, ?c. 't gl)o(l A JUNIOR CLERK wanted must write a good ?-? hMd. ami have kuow]d' of bookkeeping.— Applv statiiig age 0 (under 20 pre/erred) and previous expericne, to K687, "South Wales Da!ly News, ?xpe;(,Ile,, to "Soutti NI'ales Daily LNews, Cardiff. 687 ROC HP V ?na i?OVJS'tO?M. — Thoronghiy ex- X perienced Hand (agotl 2b) desires Re-engagement as Ti?,yeller, M:wager, or Assistant; highe-t refer- en('t-s'?-A?,\u."?<;h?" Of!k(. Cardiff ? 612 £$itiiaitanu (¡<!tanteà. uu -I BOOKKEEPING. — Tradcmons bo ks posted, balanced and accounts collected by experienced man nominal charge. -Imlusõry, lch()" OTL'CO, Ca)"( lifL bQo Renews, feibellecs. ,4. YOUNG MAN of many years' experience desires a a Traveller Ctrdtlf or X., 566, Echo" Ofiicc, Cardiff. 566 A GEN1S wanted to form \<h Md?t?eliery (1 ,1-?", '4 for the well-known tIrm.K?nd?I .md Dent, TVatchmakets to the Admiralty.—bend for particulars ?nd terms to Mr Arthur Hoblyn, Superintendent of Agents for Wales, 1C6, Cheap-ide. L"ndon, E.O 5?06667 a GOOD AGENT wanted. Salary anil commission .A loa persevering and ?rergetic man. No goods t,) M: I. m l iK) risk or outlay. Apply, by letter (95 G.), 3, H?sfj'ie!d-:treet, BishopsKate?treHt W11 lioat. I London, E.O. -E,72 0.RAElt 't: GO.. Limited, 3, Ethel-street, Binning. I Jj' ham, require lirni to r'eprfsent in I Wales district for sale of their Patent Furnace Giaies, Air Diffusers, and specialities. Application by letter, I J r lIfF. HOUSKilOLDBUS' FRIENDLY ASSOCIA. !L TIOX, LTD—Agents wanted for Cardiil i i.v tic Apply, by tetter or personally, to W. P. Roucli. to, Bute-street, Docks, Cardiff. ^oDainijB, ^partutenis, \C. WANTKD, Furnishe! Apa.'imenta (bed and 't ít,til1groom) near Queen-street I"nil parti, culrs to Mefcaut,:Ie, Daily ?ews' CS''?,C?.d)tf. 682 ?? AXi KD, .S!ti, ?nd 'two' ?-droom? for "I two Young Men hot ?nd cold baths Catit ni. State teriiis must be moderate.—Address V 713, Echo Office, Cardiff. 713 I't- PAltl'l?ll?NTS to Let tore.? m, rried -?? conple.—Apply 33, R?wdo'?p!ace, Canton. 609 yf? 0 M )? 0 HT7m.K T.hd?in'gs.' Jr Ap?rnMnts for two ? or Cei-itis m?)dei-ate.Ar,plv 8 I-Ziverni,le, c?rdift, (-OllOlÙ AALE F,o;t Sit ting-room and Bedrootn J for a gontlcinan terms Moderate.—A}P?y R.?ch?rd x-terr.?e. R .nt!? C.?rditt. 6,?O lUfiNISHED AT,artyr-eiitsfc,r one or two j gentlemen or Lodgings for respectable men turms Ricliura s-t jr., Roath, Cardiff. 764 J ODal: (S-f-a-pGl;-l- YOl-l\lftn bard: A if required must be an abstainer.—9, Bro.^ atieet, Riverside, Canton. 805 ODGINGS for a resp* ctabln yoiitig 111111, to shaj-e 3 v brdrcow terms, 3s (HI p;-r v.'tek, wa. biijjr included. 31, Thosi^er-stveHt, Cat hays, Cardiff. 801 LODGING.^ for a re'rsetaiJle Young M?n. to sha? L hedroom te-nn 3? 6d, wa,hin,, inc uded.—^5* Cmdctock-sL.,Hivershlo, Canton, Ca:d:fI. &? mHREE large Un'urnislied R ionis or llalf a Hon^ Jl in a respectable neighbourhood near tow,, wantcci for young couple no children permanency if f.uitable.—Apply Comfortable, 79P, Echo" Ofth:e Ctrdiff. 7&$ rlAO LET two or three Unfurnishetl ltooms; 3s 6d JL to 4s cd in quiet neighbourhood; widow, no r o!!( iw,*iy Ruath, Cardig 7- 'J '° 1,E 1', in AdKtn.sdown .-quare, Roath, comfortaVle Jt Bedroom and u'c of Stitting-rooni suit two i fr¡ends Wi.'Il or wilhout bo-.rti 11l minutes from" I)0cl-,s-0 670, Echo Office, Cardiff. 67) T 0 Let, uufurnisheil, front parlour and back bfTcjT room; tiliO saa view close to docks and tram • rent moderate to a respectable couple.-47, Andie« terrace, Lower Grangetown, Cardiff. 7)5 rrVYO Gentlemen, )e:?inx Cardiri' wish torecom T mend comfortable and homely Apartments?' B?uchamp-street (opposite tennis ground), Biver-?' —————— 4? 711^0 Unfuri??d Houms, or Lodgings for o?'T,. two y 'un Ladies in bnsine8; neMtra?. moderate.-F5K2, 1, 1, (iffice, Cal-dia. 58, l) XFUH.II:;IŒD \¡mrtmel;t¡.j t;-ï:t; *oven'Kra? <L? '? cbitdren ?nt Marned coup' le t?.; m(Jdrate.-A\Jply iin,t ?. Thpsi?er.strHet,,? Cardiff. '!n UNFURNISHED Apartment io LetT ?ood o?n ?J grate nochUdren. Tcrm-.modemte.-At)? 3'i, Craddoc?atre?L. Ri"erside, C?di? & !NtTRNlsUKb?(X?M't.?t?r-AFp?5,?)r me ton-terrace. Bridge-street. Cardiff. 508 r Elty deira.ble fum i,.h(1 f.r unfurnitJeå ?,'t' ments to let, with respectable mnrned cou?' no ch'tdren nor iodgar.2o,Ciyde-stree?Adamsd('? 7117 Cartiiu. 'i f'j Jor £ ali»."Ir(m3es, atti). ^T'OR SALE, at Holton. Barry (the centre of 7)' JL ?tUM?wncfB!rry),:),? Shop price £ 315 -Apply to Mr S. Hopkins, Buit:? .Siiop -price :2315 -Applytcillr '?. liol)kiiis-?, Buii(ier i, I' .,i r tames. &c., ?unt?.  P?CUASM. sm?I Villa StMey-ro?r?- Tit-ichar(I's-to.rrue.. "tate price and all partieuja? to H., ?ityNe?'-OCice. Cardiíf. '?? WAN1EI), to rent, a Cottage, with from 2U;s  ?''? of ?nd.-Address ,o,g,, Newport, Mon. 769" uhlí, Houses WANTED, a DouM< licensed. P?ic?f?  V between C.?dift and Newport -i?rticai?? t' W. Nance, 33, Wyndhain-arcade, Cardiff. 7qo HOTELS, Spirit Yu ItS, Country Inns, Beerh()Ues I ?E Dweries, Distilleries, Grocery, Dru,? J?ktng. TempeMnce Hotel, Dmin?-rooms. T<,h" I c?uists'. Stationers', Greengrocery, DaIry. Hundreds Connine Businesses "very description; £ IQ (o £O,ODO. Lists gratis, post free.-Oash &dvm,(;? consultations free.—John Downing, F. A.I., Li???..?' Auctioneer, Hotel and Publimns' Valuer, 1, ?e)?, strett, Bristol. Eslablished 1845. 739  ESTON -SlIPKR-MAUE. u?h-ctMa Uo?' V  close to Be?eh 26 rooms billiards sp??jjj Corner Vaults valuable free lease every attreketioll. -Downing, Hotel V.duer, BMto:. f]-, A.'riC-Cönei. SpiritLouse trade 500 to (,QQ Jt? barrels, and spirits over ?00 gallons annua)Iy .p? rent, B45 incominK. B?t'O (part advanced) —Down"i"n'og< r,?lit, :245 iiicoining, (1),nrt;(Iv-,iitced ) -Dowl lillg, CASti.-Handsome Spirit Vault, facing principal shipping, large proved trade; greiit thoroughfare thousands continually P!Ising.- Downing, j, Neison-street. Bristol. JL*^kfh CMSH.—Botweon Bath and Bristol, Famous Beerhouse, with large garden; btbleöt part iii-iin road present tennant thirty years.—Downing 1Compact House and SpiriTx^^j^ U between City and joint station «*lej»antiv fitted furnished excellent piovid trade. -D -Ilviiing, Nelson-street, Bristol. l&ousea, &c.. UTo Ifct. /"CAERPHILLY.—Fumithed detached Viiln four V. bedrooms, bath (hot and cold), very neal- station, to Let f, r f ,ut weeks from first Sattir,l-iy 111 August.—Apply J. W. Llovd, 3, Charles. Cardiff. • __7?30 c OTTA(; P, ,-Iii(i Sii,,all Vill '%to Let, Cantoii -Apply L 8, Working-street, Cardiff. 453 VEI OR i-Clt SALli, several Villas, oim shop, Itllthven.sireet, C[J.tle-road.-A pplY lIOdgkin- son, 1, Keppoch street, Castle-road, Cardiff. bS, rr o BEUCT, 6, Kichmond-terrace. fark- 1 Cardiff. Contains laige drawing, dtnino, and 1 breakfast rooms, six bedrooms, bathroom, all(,, two wc.s (with modern sanitary airatigiinents) two kitchens, clnna pantry, larder, wine and other cellars, laige conservatory heated ny hot water, &c.. reiit moder.tte.-Apply "South Wales Daily office, Cardiff. 14181-5356-679 rno LET, 7, Rutland-place.—Apply Osborne, "wport. 7530 «0 -justness JDrciuises, &.c. HOUSE and SHOP to Let (near Alexandta Dock), -<LA 33, Mill-parade.—Apply on the premises New- }Jun. 782e lS-ULtGWLet-:t 2s per WHe)?. Fo'n??y tr(?y ks wh"e)s for sal e b'ug 1 n, B?.—Anp'y 7 1, hes.?fr- .?r?e[,Cath?ys,C_?d.!? _— 5)7 '1 A m;,( (,;ïie':štäiJ¡-:t:alï.a¿'hllou;'J to L"t"?,;p?y I- Panteg Hoase, Ci it? are r oa (1, C;til I U.; i ft. ° ?&1 mo LKT. JIouso and oiuip. No. 20, ?'th n',jii?n)I 1 sr,reet, Docks, Cardiff.—Apply C'"t'"t House,  ihi-awi. 703 r-j<o-il'i;-lli)l\lC""n"r Shop, 2?:¡:U,; r;. JS. street, Docks, C?rdifi; suitable for any bu ' —Apply next do! ,,3 rIb LET.—House and Slup, 30, George-street, Docks suitable for any business.—Apply 82, I'ttaii ton-street, Canton. Cardiff. ó89 r»0 LET, tine: stori,d DweUing-Hous? and double- J( fronted Shop, with plate-gla>s windows, leading ,ll"Oughf'lI"e. 3, '.ommeicial-road, Newport; rent 'biroughf^re\, Viliiaett,Chepstow-road, Newpor.75o-14185 £ £ ».— C a p t. businesses tDr i¡Tl1!ínl. 1,. Colour, JIanlware.-Busy suburb remarkably \y profitable trade capable immense extension rent incoming, F.50 and t,,ck -I)uwiiing, Auc- tllneer, Bristol 5:1 MAlRDRESbING J.Ua??Es?.—Ma.ut thuro; -N1 fare populous, p.?spcrous, fUpHnur ?ubnrb kal, in 50s weekly incoming £ 60 nominal Downing. 1. Ne?ou-?r-'et,, ?ri.?toL &?1 |\ AI kV ftUSlN ESS, Weston-super-Mare.—Trade, Xp £ 15 weekly, one-thud piofits tlrsL-cl?IS, cerit-a; Wsition incoming £ 60 —John Downing, 1, ?e?cn- treet, lllituJ. tJ..1 iJlnstCviL Ai\lElUCA OHPAN, powerfull rieli tone, walnut A, case, tA guineas, or 12; od per inoiitli large pis- t uut for cash.—Moyns, Music Seller, Cardiff. 5S MISS W1LLI gives Lessons on the PiaHOforLe' and ?i. in Spanish L'?.i-.unse. ?.?odt-r?.?nqiUrisM invited. Hope Gott;¡e, Caeiieoa-road, Newport. 637 A jlANOKOHTE, a bargain (Mken for uebl], magnifi- cent upright Granu, full tdeuor,J; co, b5 HuhteM- no te<m'tin.?!? ?Hfr rd'l<:d -65, New I:ort- road, Cardiff. PIANOFORTE, wainut c.fe, iron fta.m;, fuUc?m- "-li t.)rte, )0 guineas; lbs per month. Guaranteed.—Moyns, ?ustc ?e'ier. O tiiiiff. b8? 5S COUUSH of 10 lessons, Pianoforte ;1l1ù\.¡¡Ierica.ll I UI"all, by expen..nct"Ü In'lster, a (, lJUp¡Js' resl. I ';il'}:,r:=1: ll;cljo Olli??t, (;ardit I.i,o-i n. -^irycles. Œ.rirpdrs. &r. I &" a?-I\CU HICYCLF. for Sale a.n bd: bearings J\ ,,e uly n?w cu? £ l5, take A 10s ?t?u!)) or ?.?)"e fr 50-inch ?M(,App.y 20, HaUw..y?[., ?t.wp.?. Mon. "? uiiqtt,,t:,)nabl, b-,ir,,ain for ca!sh splen- S did high-ciasa Coventry safety. Premier pit- tern • b uk throughout practically new, unsoiled, and fau-tiess. Sacntice £ 6 17, 6d approval allowed J nines Hdrri, 85, ??m.'t. Lcl %V. 613 BUCKINGHAM and ADAMS'S Diamond ,afe¡.y, No 11 list pi ice lo guineas, reduced ?'Mi c u ttcce?ones included.-Parry and ?tiU?ms, C?r- qiff. :J) "Jc LS > LCKi^T.nAM aTntAiL^A1S'S Cross Frame Safety, JL) No. Ib, 1'?? i'r ce 13 guineas, cash price St;<MS. — Parry aim V> i!lia:ns, Cam S. 3 BUCKINGHAM and ADAMS'S Diamond Safety, .i Nv J5 'U.scprce Bi.4?. reduces tuUsu?W?; accessories included. I'a?ry?'?d ?YiU?m?, Cardiff. 481 AT)\ hu?tm?5M??"d'niHy, ?owns btinru'Rx r., also c.u'lL?l ":1feL, balis :Ül uver both to ?'j!<t e),Mp-?i),i?r?ree ::5a nUlf. 75 • ^i Us'< I^FOiTiflcTi^lT, Safety Bicycle, cost Bit Us, nly £ 7 15s nearly new.- Barnett and Son, <.?r?tuie-s:tee:, Card's. 5? JUS'T forfeited, Diamond Fiame Safety, quite new, balis throughout best ted tyres worth 16 L"Ieits -,vl?at I )Inst he sold.-<J:m he éOIl at iny time at Siiibsjs, Pawnbroker, Stranu, j^\ LI W^TTATTDR^S 7STI'SATETY, RAUGENRT^ETR; f\ b?ils?I ?sr; ..e.riy i?w. £ 10 ?s; ?o.l Ormonde, £ 6.-Cycle Co., Church-road, Ncwprt. 608 N, EARLY-NEW Sisfety for Sale cost £18 18s; will take Cg 3s cash newly plated and (li.Miiclled —16, Jainer.-strect, Roath, C.i;(h: HOO^ I 6(),-l FJ: «'E, oil receipt of P. O.O. -Alarms, Is Si I, S 2s 9 i. 3s 3d, 4s 9.1 Spanners, Is, Is Ó 2s, 2s 6d Lamps, 4s gel, 1)s, 10s bd Oilers, btl. Is Saddles, 2s 9'i 'us Dti, Ó 9d l>ag% Is 6a, 2s, 2s 6d New .•safety 2s; Steel 2i pr do3 ;n Waterproof Collars, Bit.—.Morris Brothers, Gycie OUADRANT SAFETY, b.d!s to all parts.. ?5 10$ jh-ar-driving Safety, (good omi tion £ 4 -?s 0(" ty, qiiite iew ?-6 U. -.n.lty. \YimELE?AMDCUM?ANY, Ie:, Cisr.le-road, Roath, Carniff. A j. FTy^TlCYCLIC tor Sale baU bouuigs and all* c?t Bl? s..U £ 6 10s. Apply T. r?mHr. &7, HOl-i "WI, IVntypnud. bii rTu?YcLM't?-Immense bargains. Before pnr- S oh;?in" H?owhero call and inspect our i?toc? cf Reir-drivingSafeties, Bicycks, Tricvcles, :uut Tan- dems. Ai??e?rMN.-Ht, of second-h?td lUMiimes greatly r?dud to ci?r.ols d?trtc. ?ents for tin ?Huiue" Rovers.' ?rcim?.' ?ifts, Rderc'" "InviMtbles' Buckingham and Adams Cydes, Ac Kep? rin?, pÚI1Liu, ami plating. F?t ct.m m',çhiaes onlJire by the hour. day, or wMk. 11,11-1-y and Williams, Cycle Niaiittft,-Lurers aiid Agents, Cardiff Cycia Works, Westgate-street, Cardiff â8-617 j rg'?O l?UYI,' '?sIICYCLE,4 ?,Ti(l TRICVCLES.—If you wunt a flrst-clvss mount b)t 'Iüwp.t prÎl:e, call on the larg' QUII ',de!lt-et:;IJ- i?h.?L ? Waies, ?, H. D?Vl? ?nd CO. LARGE ?TOCK. All best uiakes-IItuulerV Rud?cs, ;N.wRtpid. Q"!dr?-)M,Ac. No trash kep'. "u "ive th" bes c?-h value in thu L ide, an i :M a conso- ?ueticcouruusine?is ?ud h?s been increasing ny ami bounds. We cm scarcely obt.m< some of the ni?,kes fts? I or ("tir collstalitly-iiie, ea,ii)g icu?uers. \Veon!y?kf..ratria.! Rep??phtiu? ..E..cb:?e.,on hire, &c.f asusia'. A, L. i)-V CO" Cardiff. 71?3 ToiVN,?Jr?, 1) CYCLII. (,ONIP AN Y, | I rT£ ~uTiTrj- TOWNS1CNI) CYCHC COMPANY, 113, Cummenlal street, Newport, Mon Are now showing the largest and best selection of SAFETY filCYCLES tz. TRICYCLES, | By all the leading makers, consisting of Premier's, Swift s, Rileigh s, number's, British Stars, &-c., &-c. Any of which can oe supplied upon their easy tenm of payment, or best discount allowed for cash. 3C3 H E E L E 14 AND COMPANY, t" (hcie Agi-nts, 10, Castle-road, Cardiff, For Sincers, Iveis, Centaurs, Excelsiors, Eurekas, Stars, Repairs, Enamelling, Plating, accessoiies of every Üeõcri}JLwn. 368 14KS.—Rear-driving Safety; good condition.— C, t t) e jal ?nath, '?n:iii. 7/6e f-7«i V J'lt c.jVl I hit Ble3el..Iol" Lali t'emn?'s o price BS -Apply 31, Nlay-strftt, Cathays, Cardiff. ?crs? ftbc (?mag?. W_ AN TED, Pony, 't rap, :'nd Harness, sunt'fht business .simple or redemp:i in hire.— Appiy bv letter, A. PhitM.'). ?9.Gf'u:;h-:tr?. CafdiS.  714 WAN"! El >, Horse 15 or 16 hands; must be i?ound I" unit cooap,—A. Eikiugton, 120, Cairns-street. C >ihays, Caidiff. BLACK Cuily-coateil Retriever Dog, three years old winner of several prizes. by Champion Young King Koffee, ex-L-niy l?lsie also Bitch Puppy by 2lie above, (,ut of Pedigree Litch piices low.—Apply A. Maiiiiuent, Gamekeeper, Coedkemew, Castle ton, Cardiff. t)04 BARGAIN.—For fcale. Baker's Coburn Truck, nearly new.-Apply 39, Oxford-st, Roath, Cardiff. ::F-u-oïCSALE,-a- good strong Cart Horse wiil stit -1 hauliers.—Apply 13, .Edwin.stleú, Marshes-road, Newport. 780e il*l Oit a Gig also light fltt Care, suit green- 1 grocer cheap —Appiy A. Bernstein, 199, Bute- road, Caidiff. 752 a AO It SALE, Dog-trap and Wagonnecte with move- H -1 able head, capital condition. Also Horse cheap. -Apply Carlton Livery Stables, Cithedial-road, Car. diff. 814 AOlt SALIt, lignt Varnished Trap, in good con i_ dition suit pony 11 or 12 hands.—9, Wymlham Arcade. 709 SALE., t nearly new BroughaLu, chocolate colour suit doctor or private gentleman; a bargain.—A. Hunt, 73, Eldon-road, Cardiff. 745 PURE- r.RED iiver and white Sussex Spaniel pit??h Puppy; 4 months old; cheap.-A., Gamekeeper, Coedkernew, Castleton, (Cardiff. 6.5 Bt U)i?'? SAUDt.?, ? b?rga.i)) h? all fmi-in? o; It\; ¡dNe, and: 14 new throughout, including new gin hs !Jnce 388; appioval willingly. — Wiliiam Pool, Bedford. 766 ^LK, Pony Cart and Harness suit greengrocer or ks any business warranted good B12 the lot —95, Cliftoii-streer, Roath, Cardiff. 461 SALE, stroti?? active Horse; 15-1 six years old ? warranted good and week's tri?I allowed -18, Topaz street, Roath, Cardiff. qt8 rjpHE CARDIFF AND .SO?m WAJJM MANURE JL COMfA?Y (Ltd).—Live and Dead Horses,C3oLle &c.. purchased and nm.OVCII at tile shortest notice. Address for Cardiff Gibos, Whitchurch, Cardiff. Pontypridd District, Gibbs, Treforest. Mertbyr District, Gibbs, ;.lonhYl. r« 1ACK.—Good grazing and water. Cows, 4s h?)r?es, & 5s per week.—Appiy J. McRae, "Kintaii," LIfu? daffYard, 681 SJ^ERAMBULATORS, JIail Carts, in new designs ft, cash or easy terms.—Henry Thomas, Domestic Machino Pepû:, St John's Church square, Canlifl. 65 'U SICFUL Pony Trap and Harness 2 suit business Ly J sold together or separate trial allowed.- Anply 21, Topaz-street, Jtoaih, Cardiff. 467 flaitlim 33ia?0tts. &r. gAOR. SAL IS, Black Minorca Cock, Lanhan Cock, JS? Hens, and Puilets. Fo?hou-es, t&c.-3f, Gordon- road, Ciniiff. 7^5 14 Sate,grand lot of Belgian llomers, just arrived, 4s per pair Cardiff Pigeons, 2s per pair. Country orders promptly attended to.—Win. Burgess, IS, Adam-street, Cu-nitf. 783 OiCOTGU Fancy Canaries, a few young birds fiont k i prize ami prize-bred parents, cheap.— Johnston^, Stationer, Whitehaven. 757 !• ^»RERG, Pawn!)roker, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff" JL) Ladies' Brand New Silver Watch and Albert cost about 50s new win take ;-5s 656 BLA1UEKG, Pawnbroker, 2, ?ate-terrace, Cardiff.' lu Hand Machine Wheeier and Wilson receipt shown for £83d oniy 35s almost new. 666 J>LAI1?EUG, Pawnbroker, Bute-terrace. Curdift. I A massive wide Go;d Keeper cost 21s only 10? cail ami see for yourself. 656 BLAXBEEG, Pawnbroker. 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. Sulondid pair of Opeia Glasses worth about 30. ILI., 6d []c,dy new a barg.-dn. 656 BbAlLERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, C?td)? -B ? —Uid-fashioned Cftd J.enr; very heavy 18?ct only cust. ovei £ 20. cD6 Paw D —Lady's half-hoop Diamond Eng;lement Rillg cost £ 15, new <»nly £ 7 very cheap. 65(1 jjf tHliAPEST Sewing Machines in the World they are t-asy running, noiseless, durable, interchange, aole cn!Dtllelc. £4 lis, carriage paid valued at JB8. —Bevan. Ynysyowi. 551 il, ARR Y ,—To fanners, Hauliers, <&c.—For Sale, .8 > one Sherl 24fr. x i4ft. X 1 jft., and two ditto, each 14ft. x 9i't. x 9ft. easily removed £28 the lot. —Particulars, Sheus, Ech"- Office, Cardiff. 8.8 S^llf.ST-CLASS Mortising Slachine (complete) one JL' large Fowls'-hoiise, and one !>rinitstcne, with stroiifj frame.—Apply 34, Hill-street, Newpo t 778 S ^(Olt Sale, 3i-horse nominal Otto Gas Engine] 9. Crosslev Bros.' patent.—Appiy Tovey Brothers. Dock-street, Newnoit, 'j76 — "»i ■■ ■ ■ ■ I j? OOD Living. A complek set of titting to coin-  T mencc fried <ish and chip potato bnsines.nfc.riy new. Cost %:10 10s; pnce 45s.- Wm. Hall, 1(¡, KirksfiiU-ioao, .eeds. '7^5 ? A LASS SHADES and Stands, all sizes, clivap also U Fish G]obe and Goldfish —J. C?'rdinn. Naturalist and TfiXiderunst, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 1),33 HEAD WASHING at Home made aVbyu, ?jL Tapp's Shampoo Powder; Ispurb'x.—Dep?t, o/.CoUtge.grcen.?risto!. 2623725 OWNER Removing. —Singer imprdvell system Hand Sowing Machine, with h noisome cover; per- I packed to any address.— Write E 453, South Wales Daily News Office, Ca,¡-ditJ. 4o- I 1NGER MACHINE, 111 g<il)(! cOlldi.,on, IO with cover to be sold for £210, Address W. J., Echo Office, Newport. 781" c. HOP Window Fittings for Sale, including [íiU 10 glass slides a bargain.—Apply ii3, Llaiibieddiau- gar<ens, Cardiff. ;:45 SINGER'S No. 2 Safety for Sale ball be;uin<? 0 thioughout, including pedals, lamp, bell, bag, <tc. In thorough god I condition, Price i:9 10s.—APDJV Singer's No. 2, Eci.0" Office, Cardiff. 794 mo HOUSEHOLDERS or Farmers. One irfjad JH Pump for Sale, 4in. diameter iron work and post eompiete;in working order e^ual to new weight about lewt price £1 5s worth JE3 10s,— Apply 52, Georgu-street, Cathays, Cardiff. 768 r?O HAKE?s AND CONFGTrÖN[l J. G. S. TU?KS & CO., I,1D., PATENT OVEN BUILDERS, Supply all kinds (If I'akeis 3, MILL-LANE. CARDIFF. 561-5001 rp CON'i 'H A C I ORS, BUI bDEUS, AN D OTHER. FOR SALE, GOOD GROUND MORTAR AND PLASTERING MORTAR. Direct Railway Siomg Accommodation fcr sending Mortar by rail. pONSFORl) j) R 0 S CLAItENCE WHARF, NEWPORT 217 ifliscellant'ous. FURNISH 0) our New Hire Svsteiu. Hou^e.-t o .<L' Apartments completely furnisbed on a new )"H tern adopted solely by us, whereby a?puhficity, exposure, and enquiries usually madi by other COin. panies are dispensed with. We have an iminens- stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and jiiperia quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at read. »- money price. We make 110 extra charge tor credit and all guods sent 11011le in a private van free of charge No stamp or agreement chaiges made tlo hill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and willlllHlertake to supply furniture, etc. aõ 10 uer cent, lasH than any price-list issued by any !inn ii; anliff Eleven showrooms Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing eisewherf. W<'wiU'?:ppiyR;)wort)Mor2?6dtVcckty. £ 10 worth, ?s wce!Jy; £ lo worth for os weekly; j??; worth 6s neekly, and so on in proportion. Specia! terms for br$er quantities. Please note the Address  ?OU'?'ll WALKS FURNISHING cjMP'A'?V, ?l, Castie-st. mexf to Angel Hotel). Cardiff 127d-—1105-23 i future foretold five stamps, who you will 1I),rry, eleven stamps send binh time.— M. Sautor, lIb, Ha,uJIllerslUilb-wuù, London. 518 ASTROLOGY". — What is before you. Send nmc of  birth, stMnpud a.ddre?sed cnfetope, and postal order, 1" to J. Wilson, Wit'I.r.°ndoIl, S. W. 30 rj^IjIiCTIlO II YDKOPATIIIC Establishment.-R :L Houshton, 1, E ■st-terruee, C;uIIHL Specially Paralysis, Epilepsy, Gout, and Sciatica Circular on application. 357 |jlOR Good and Cheap RODS and Twine go to E g \\ïlc"x, ltopemaka Jtemoved from Cl3.rellce. plMO to th" N iwpori antl Twini Stores, New Dock-st. (Opo-'sica St-nm t Ilotei), Newport. 216 1 LAZING LINEN like china, withou polidiing VJ irons abo Patent Stiffening six stamps 70J h\Ul<1rtJr-¡ps Sllpp!i"d.ladamc C., tleron-rcaii. J'wickenham. /;o l-yi'i;t:Y;JUí' Duuug or Dr?W!ng toon ?tute, £ Re upholstered semi for J.mies Stiochcomb, Up- b?tsterer ami Carpet Pinner. 12, Lead-street, Ro'tth '?rdt?. 933' JEWELLERY.—W riches, Watc:i Materials, H.?rd w .;e, Toys, Musical Instruments, Pipes ? whole- St.cUstpo?t free.—Wight, m Luke's-road, Binning- ham 693 J" AUNDRY GLAZING .sttC?T?Ttr?k?u?.? ?? Collars, and Fr> nts like White China. Nothing tir,ed in the smirch. No 3.pparau;; except flat iron. Extremely simple. PO. Is (or 13 stamp*). — Addre<s Laundry, 75. Liscard. Birkenhead. 7bO yy C 11 A P P L E NEVILLE-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR EVFRY KIND BOOKBINDING, AND ACCOUN l'-BOOK MAKING, AND MACHINE RULING AT MODERATE PRICES.. SEND FOR QUO rATION. 509 J 0,000 USEFUL HANDBILLS for 8s ód Cards, L Memos., or Hill heads, ruled, *;■ Bottle Labels, best value —Fisher and Co., Broadmead. Brjsiol. 396 iRiscclIaiifious Plants. (1ASII \11111 value) given for Ladies', Gentlemen's, j ;lUll CitilLlrens C,lst-oll Clotning also miscel- laneous <m:cics Ali orders punctu&il4"v attended to o; receipt of post c.rd.—Mrs Carter, 4?. Broadway, Roath Cardiff. 8£3 MilS BhtY ANT continues to buy cmt-o?C:otlies; ?A bishM:. price given; letters and parcels at- tended to immediately.—62, Conbridge-road, Canton Cardiff. 751 '?/3 R? M\RY MOR'U(7gives?t)te??hear*priM ?Ti. for Ladies' Gentlemen's, and Children's ?ft-oti clothing -J.5, Broadway, Roath. Cardiff. b9 MRS G. APHIS ?ives'?h6st?r:rctner'l7.dtes "a?i J, Gentlemen'" and C/dJdren's Left-off Cloth¡)J- ?5. Tredear'sLrêet, CardifL [80 -( Î:f)Ù¡)LD\NjjUiL F;iC-=li;ii;ï- an t i que x SiJYl and siiver-piated ware, jewellery, coins, cJoek, paintings, and curios best price giv^-il.—luce, 7, 'J'red^ar-place, Newport. Mon. 69/ Second haml Dining Table «.tat« » lowest price.—Apply Table, 804, Office, Cardiff. bO WASHING wanted, by a respectable person '• V good laundress. —Apply 16, Edward-street, Canton, Cardiff. öc3 '/v¡"T Ai\l' !J). t.: i::¡"I' a' good 'Second H?td 't Sausai"e cutting Machine.—Send particulars Kdw?d? CoMp?ny. 1, Xal bor-street, Cardiff. 654 Mloivev.. MONEY.—From ?b td' S1,C03 iM!u?dMte?y ad- ?YJt. vanced in town or country on siiaole note of hAnd. with'mL sur?ies. ?t moderate interest ?nd easy repayments no fees, ail coinmuuicitions beiii" strictly private—Apply to Mr J. Ford, 119, St Mar v- scrcet. Oamih. (Opposite j(*»> AND UPWA!?DS ADVANCED to HOUSE ?..<? HOLDERS, MECHANICS AND OTHERS, UPON THEIR OWN SECURITY. No preliminary fees repayable to suit borrowers' onvenience. bv "Mr J. P. THOMPSON, 71, AD YM-SXRKET. CARDIFF. Hours, 9 to 8. Wednesdays, 9t2 "iVi 0 N E Y" The DIRiCCTORS of  ?mLDING ? ^O., T DIITlŒ ?. i' L 1 ? .l. ADVANCE rAlLY Sums from £3 TO £ 1,000." M E T II O I) OF i; U S I NT j<- s •— FAIR INTEREST, EASY REPAYMENT'S ABSOLUTE PR IVA CY, NO DELAY NO SURETIES, Trade Bills Discounted. Prospectuses a.nd particulars free. — Apply to Secretarv, 10. CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. 36 PRIVATE GEN ILE.MAN having ; cash JJL "t command is willing to advance same to every class of Householder in sums from £5 to £300 on note of hand. No 108.11 OffiC8 routine. o preliminary fees. —Appiy, by letter oniy (ill confidence), Mr Wm. Hart, 36, Alexandra-road, Cardiff. s% DO YOU WANT MONEY. If o refuse to dc .11 business with any person who will not quote the rate of interest, or who demands exorbitant fees. By applying personally between 9 p.m., or by letter at any time (postage prepaid), to Mr W. P Thomas, 19 and 20, Market-street, Abertillery ana stating namre of seeurity (if any), you may obtain, free I of charge, the exact amount of interest which you will have to pay for an immediate advance of £10 and upwavds. Special Features preliminary fees; fixed and reasonable interest; prompt settlements repayments to suit borrowers..579 -4.529 9 CAROLINE-STREET CARDIFF^—Established 4U years. £ 5 TO ANY AMO'?N'I' ADVANCED, on day of applying, to all classes, as usual, without bill of saie. All transactions strictly private. Dis!lc' no object. Town business transacted at a great reduc- tion. Trade bills discounted.—Apply LOUIS BARNETT, 179-141 3. Caroline-street Cardiff. MONEY Lent hom Bb to £50a at a few hours J" .J. notice to faimers, cowkeepers. householders and others on promissory note alone, and on the borrower's own name. Distance n" object. N 0 charges oÍ any des. eriptlon rtre made unle.s bUf,incss is transacted. Anyone < equiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loan office routine should apply to Phillip Bassett, 11, Penuel-square, Ponty- pridd. h. .-780—129 /COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, ? ?. QUAY STREET, CARDIFF. S3 to S500can be obtained on the same daya? applied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, 1.11\! householders. Applicants may rely 011 the strictest <ecrecy being observed Charges moderate, and no tJnquiry or other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country applica- tions attended to without delay. Apply personally 01' by lecter to 1r 1,. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK 143-60 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. NO FEES. NO BILLS OFALE. NOPUBLICIIY. ? MONEYLENTON NOTE OF HAND ALONE in Sums from &20 to B?.OCU.— The National MercmMle Bank, Baldwin street, Bristol.— The Directors of this old-established, well-known office, having large available funds, oXer unusual facIlities to all resp ctable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assistance. Cash n amounts from B20 to £3,000 is advanced in all parts of the kingdom, without sureties delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower or the principal may remain so long as the interest is paid. No bills of sale taken and the transactions are not Dublished in any newspaper or gazette.— Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. Milburn, General Manager. 440  PRIVATE Gentleman t?s Money to Lend ir?n A £ 0 to £ >00, to farmers, mrket gardeners, householders, and pub ie geneially; in strict con- fidence and without publicity; no preliminary fees asked for. — Apply to William Thornley, Lundy House, Caerphilly. 629—2354 ^.musfiurrnis. CARDIFF. J H E A T It E R ü Y A L, LESSEK AND MANAHKR Mr EDWARD FLETCHER ACTINO Manacril Mr tllHN- SMKR.II>AN TO-NIGHT, TUESDAY. July 29, Mr Kennedy Miller s Powerful Iiish Combination in the now Irish Drau.i. by J. W. WHITEHEAD, THE JT It I S H M A JN Produced in London with Enormous Success. Wednesday Next. Jii y 30, special Attraction?-for the Benefit of Mr W.4C. I'ltiCE {Re-ident Scenic Artist) /^RAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. ?? POPULAR PRIOICS AND BEST COMPANIES. Crowded Niglitlv. Nothing Succeeds Like success. I TO-NIGHT AND DUItl G THE WtfEK, THE SUCCESSFUL IRISH DRAMA, "IN FEAR «' I'' THE LAW." LESTRH COLLING WOOD AND FULL COMPANY. Prices Circle, 2s Stalls, Is 6d Back Ciicle, Is; Pit. 81 Gallery, 4d. Monday Next-Hubert O'Grsdy and Company in the G1 eat Irish Piay, "The Fenian." If wet, Morning Performance Monday next at 2. rrT Ii jj; j Al P I P, e X TO-MGII i WE HAVE THE UNPAHALi.ELED F L I T U H JI; I: S Procured at an Enormous Pii -e, on the Piinciple that MONEY IS NO OBJECT WHEN THE PERFORMERS WORTH IT. SUPPOR I El) BY THE CELEBRATED COMEDIAN J) u TCI! DALY, AND D1YERS 7i4 i'-KN AIM'H. pENARTH It EG ATT A, 1890 TO BE HELD AT PENARTH ON THE 13TH AUGUST, )890. Events compri.e first, S"C H,d. and third-class Yacht Races, Pilot Cutter Hac, H .b'vilers ftace. Open Sailing Boat Race, Rowing and Sculling Rices for Amateurs and others, Duck Hunt, and Greasy Pole Competitions. Entries to be sent in not Ia* er than noon on the 11th August, 1890. Hon. See H. MORGAN REES, 41, Plymouth-road, Penarth. For further particulars see posters, or am JJny be ohttim-d from the lion Sec. 5593-757 SIVA.N,.SEA. FiV]?, YY %TtS SINCE LAST VISIT. npBK QUEEN'S HN AGEHIE. JL This MAMMOTH HndJU?TLY-CKLKCKATK!) ZOOLOGICAL OLLEOTION, now on a Grmi i Tour oi the United Kingdom. Now Ouen ALEXANDRA- ROAD, SWANSEA, THIS DAY (MONDAY;, and FOR A EEW DAYS ONLY. EDMONDS'S (late Wombwell's) ROYAL WINDSOR CAVi'LE AM) CONTINENTAL MENAGERIE, Cel- b-a'"d ill** world throughout as the largest and most complete Exhibition of its class. DcrÍ1Jt,iv Ltc-nros and P;tfù:mI,Jces of the Trained Aniimls at 3, b. 7, and 9. General Feeding extra. The Menagerie is closed from 6 to 7 p.m. daily. AdnH-;sion..s children under ten. 64 9f er 7 pm. (labourin,1. classes), 6d. Liberal reduetion for Schools and Institutions oil application to Manager on Morning of Exhibition. b;2-791e LYDNKY. T YDNKY ATHLETIC SPORTS AND AJ FLOWER SHOW, ?th AUGUST, 1890. For part cuiars and Entry Fo; ins, apply to DA VIES am&jj AULANP, llon. Secs., Lydney. 746 j ah5 bu Ruction. PORT ITC AWL. ^Il[ tLEIIE will ba a Saie by PUBLIC JLj AUC TION hp Mr C. E. ,f Brec>ni, at POaiHCAWL CAMP, on FRIDAY, August 8th, of HOSSES, the property of Members of the Breconsiiiie Moukited Infantry. bt,I<t.73I i public lloiicts. R- EV Dtt PARKE li IN CARDIFF. a —- WOOD-STR1CET CHAPEL, WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th, RKY ,J OSEPH J3AIIKER, D.D. (Of the City Temple, London,) Wili deliver hi- Popular Lecture. Subject CLOCKS AND WATCHES." Doors open at 7 p.m., to commence at 7 30. ADMISSION —6d an(i Is. Admittance before 7 (I.W. by private entrance from Havelock-street. 2s. Reserved Seats, 2s, which may be hooked on applicition to Mr S. A. Williams, 53, Gordon-road. Proceeds in aid of the Richmond-road Congregational Church Building Fund. 5644 771 r — IF:x ciir,-i sits. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE, LIMITED. EXCURSIONS TO WESTON, ILFRACOMB1", LYNMOUTH, AND OTHER PLACES. SEE DAILY NEWS FOR T I M E S OF S A I r. I X G S, rpwo HOURS CHANNEL TRIP JL THIS EVENING. BY EARL OF JERSEY. Leave Car,fif! 6, i 5 1).m, Fare. K ESTABLISHED 134-id. LOUJS BARNETT & SON, pa W n BROK k I: S, 6 and 7, CAROLINE-STREET, AND 49 & 19, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED UPON ALL KINDS OF VALUABLE PROPERTY AT 4D. pER £ ricit MONTH. CHATWOODS FiREPROOF SAFES FOR VALUABLES. 837 OPEN ALL DAY ON SATURDAY. F-Uli,ic,Tti 1 TEETii TEETH M R K E A L L, <URGKON DENTIST Just beiow Lh., Grost Western Railway Station,, Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fittiu." Set of Teeth in one ciear day. Tue ?ery best woVkmsn ship suaraiiteeii. Palniess Dentistry by Gn, also by the now Ansesthetic Cocaine. Partial Sets from 6s per Tootb. Upper or Lower Sot rom Two Guineas. K F ALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTUUIC, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doioreux Rheums, Toothache, and ail Nervous Pains. Is lid and 2s 9d per Bottle. Throuirn any Ohemis: Cardiff: Mr Munday. chemist, 1 Duke-street Mr Robb, chemist, Itoath. Newnovt: Messrs Garrett Bros., chemists, 171, Comuierciai-slreet. Neath: Mr J. G. Isaac (late J:by,n:j.1I i, clitirnisl. Llanelly lr Gwllvm gvan- Y ndon Newberv and Sou. lc'.3d-l-t rjio BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS^ il. CARD, CONTINUOUS HEATED DECKER OVIX BUILDER, has Ertcted the following; Newport (Mon.) 10 j Ca.nmn. C;?r(lift 421 Pfntypoot 2 I Uarnt?S <! Penarth j Vic:ona 2 Keynsham 2 AI,el tilJe,_y 14 Jneseare all giving the greatest satisfaction. Pricj and tesinioniais OIl application to H. CAR", Oven Builder. 744 NEWPORT, MON.  1,, ?VPOR' -Io"q. WONDERFUL MDIOINE BEECHAM'S PILLS I Are universally admitted to bo worth a. G (J IN gA a BOX for bilious and uervous disorders,such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fullness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, com cliiils, flushings of heat, ioss of appetite, shortness o( breatn, costiveness, scurvy, and blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, Ac. The first dose will gire relief in twenty minutes. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will he acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable,' as a few doses of thorn carry off all humours, and brill" about all that is required. No female shun, be with- out them. There is no medicine to he found equal to Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruction or irregu- larity of the system. If takefi according to the direc- tions givon with each box. they will sunn resr.ore females of all aces to sound and robust health. This has been proved by thousands who have tried tilem, and found the beneiits whir" are ensured by their use. For a weaic stomach, in paired digestion, and all disorders of the Liver, they act like :'wil' VIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonder. upon the most mportanc organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long- lost complexion, bring oack the keen eoge of appetite and arouse into action, with the ROSE-BUD ofheaith, the whole phy"sical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS testified continually by members of classes of society, and one ot the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is Beecham'a pills have the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. Prepared only, and Sold Wholesale and Retail OV the Proprietor, THOMAS BE ECH AM, St Helen's Lancashire, in Boxes Is lid and 2s 9d each. Sold by til Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers everywhere. 62 N.i"». — tuii directum* ri* Ivor wift- 'ani o,iy. ,1,4 Po*!tF;eeSixSt?)t)?. ARICOCELE. Its Causes, Symptoms, and Pathology, together wit a description ot fI. new and succes^fal method of treat ment without operation. By a SURGEON. London Edwin Price, 76, Chancery Lane. b79   WALES E(cifiO I?EWrORT.—SO U'i'K WALES ECHO The SOUTH WALKS ECHU is published at the NEWPORT OFFICE, 1,Tredegar-place, as follows •— FIRST EDITION P.M. THIRD EDITION 4.0 r.m. SPECIAL EDITION .ti.30 P.M. SIXTH EDITION -7.45 P.M. iSusinesii ^tiisi^sses. I BUY ALL I ALL YOUR FURNITURE AT NAISH BROS., WHOSE BEAUriFUL STOCK OF JJOUSEHOLD jpiURNITULE is admitted by all (especially customers) tQ be one of the CHIEF ATTRACTIONS IN THIS PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. TERKS—CASH OXlT. NAISH BROS, take the lead in C <rJ;ff for tlio Best Quality Furniture at the Lowest Possible Prices, and the secret of it is they always buy largely anu pay prompt cash. NAISH BROS., 7'2, QUEEN STREET) CARDIFF. j 992 LI SEEKS ~\VA KEHO USE" CARDIFF, jpURVEYORS OF pURE E JL %V j^ABRICS AT "TAREHUUSI pRICES. The LARGEST STOCK of INDIGO and WOADED BLACK SERGES and Ali kinds of Woollen Cloths in the Principality. EOXS NOTED WEST OF ENGLAND SERGES and HOMESPUNS MAHONEY BROS. LTD., CELEBRATED BLARNEY SERGES ami TWEEDS. SCOTCH and WELlI TWEEDS and HOMESPUNS. LISTERS' NOTED UNTEAKABLE TWEED FOR BOYS' SCHOOL WEAR IMMENSE VARIETY of TWEEDS for Ladies' Travelling, Cycling, and Walking U()sturr.¡>. FAST BLACK (JASMEliES and MERINOS. D rect from the Mills. FAST BLACK IHWUHE CLOAKINGS. COLOURED BROGHE CASHMERES in 21 New Art Shades, as now worn by the Rank and Fashion of the World. TENNIS. BOATING, and CRICKETING ILANNELS, Fast Colours and Tuoroughly Shnwk. PATTERNS FREE. CARRIAGE PAID on ALL PARCELS over 20s. Any Length Cut at. Wholesale Warehouse Prices. Oae triul is suffix erit to prove the superiority of goods over R t:liJ Drapers. LISTERS WAREHOUSE, QUEEN-STREET, m V A R D I F F 104 .J PIANOS, 0RGANS, PIANOS. j CHEAPEST HOUSK IX THE TRADE, Pianos from 10s 61 monthly. Organs from 5s monthly The Pubdc are invited to inspect E A T H AND 0 N S _L Stock of PIANOS, ORGANS, &c., As Pounds will os Sav-d by placing their Orders with theu:, Every Instrument Quarln.eed [1T)!1 Kept in Tune one year f, ec of charge. LARGE DISCOUNT FOK CASH. jj E A T H AND gOXS, PIANOFOKTE AN" 1) ORGAN MERCHANIS, T17NEUS, AND ItEPAIKERS, 5 1, Q U J h N S T It E E T CARDIFF, AND 34, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. C. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER & OUTFITTER, 40 and 41, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. A Lug-J S ock of UNREDEEMED GOLD and SILVER WATCHES. ALBERTS, CHAINS, WEDDING KEEPER JUNGS, 11 i .i g.iod cho;i-o <>f ]>lA\'ONJ) RINGS at a GREATLY REDUCED PIUCE, Also a HEAVY" STOCK OF MEN'S WOMEN'S, Hod CHILDREN'S UNKE DEEMED PLEDGES aud BEDDING. N.B.—Exceeding 40" 4d in the interest. 58   4 LARGE ST 0 0 K 0F TENNIS REQUISITES, TRAVELLING BAGS, GARDEN HOSE, &c (IMPORTED DIRECT FROM THE BEST MANUFACTORIES). MADE FROM THE BEST MATERIALS, AND SUITABLE FOR THE SEASON. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Waterproof Garments, and I all kind-i of India Rubber Goods, made au Shortest Notice. FULL PARTICULARS FR03I THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO I 80. mGH-STJREKT, PONTYPRIDD. 48 IJ LA NOS.=" ¥-!Ú- WITHOUT ONE When you ean become the owner of a Dice instrument for the 'IIr.8.11 payment of IOs 6d PER MONTH ON rjlHOMPSON AND S H AOKtCLT. S BIHlt SYSTEM No security required, arid the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first monthly instalment. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved OHGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAlt TERMS. THOMPSON AND SHACK ELL, PIANO FORTH: AND MUSIC WAUEUOUSK, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MKR7HYR PONTYPRIDD, PENARTH, and GLOUCBSTER. rjpUEKIsH BATHS, 1\1 ERTHYR The PROPRIETOR (WM. POOL) Bes to inform ihe Public tha; these Ratus haTe been renovated throughout and are 110W open to the Pubhc, with '111 the latet improvements. Open frl m 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. First.cI,, l urki-h, 2s Second do. (with- out Is H, or Cold j :"1.[ bll Swimming Bathi 4d. "I aID veil pleased with the Turkish Bath under It < new managemenr. The t¡¡unpoocr rloe his work well. —THOM AS WILLIA^IS, Gwiielodygarth. 629 rpHOMP80N'SBURDOCKPILLS? A. THE GREAT B!.OODPUHH<lRH.—P?r:fy he foule8t blood and relieve every disease 0 Homacb liver, and. ki<iney. These WOIH1.erful Pins cur diseases whicu eouid not be reached by anv other medi- cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, (frav¡. Pains in the B?ck, Scurvy, Bad J?f;s, Wounds or White Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Elowhes on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, ifcc., Jaundice, Droosy, and Fevers j of all kinds. In bones at 15 ld and 28 9J eacil.-Sold by aU chemists, or from tOe manufactory 44 Oxford trees Swansea, far lo or,) 13 jm fann—yn BDr ALL YOUR QLOTHING AT I RASTERS AND CO. I I jyj ASTERS AND CO. I .J ASTERS AND CO MASTERS AND CO T^^ASTEBS AND 00 1?-L ?/ 53 ——— —————————————— J MARSH AND COUpy, I FIRST-CLASS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT, IS THE BEST IN THIS TOWN I FOR ALL CLASSICS OF FUNERALS 80, ST. Thl ARY STHEET I JARDIFF. 1 PIncr: LIST ON APPLICATION I 1 5341 JESS}1 WILLIAMS' G ALINE pOWDER 1\1 AKES rpHE BEST QOOLING DRINK. PRICE IS 4D PER LB. 3&4 pARK-JjALLgUILDlNG>, CARDIFF. 281 THE CAKDIFF DRUG STORES. 28 ^-STREET, CARDIFF, SUPPLY THE IT :■ ST DRUGS AND CHEMICALS AT SIMILAR PlICES TO LONDJN CO- OPERATIVE STORES. ( iOTE OUR PRICE OF THE FOLLOWING SUMMER REQUIREMENTS SELTZOGENES, BEST MAKE, Fi ve Powders fur 5 91; three pint s;z 1, 9 i. HERB BEER EXTRACT, NO BETTKU MADE, 6 J bottles 41 each, 3s 6 i per d"Z<3D. ORANGE QUININE WINE, A PALATABLE & EFFICACIOUS TONIC, In butties Is ench double s ze, 1- 9 1. CONCENTRATED LEMONADE, In reputed puns, 9i quarts, Is 31 eacb. 567 npRY THE QOUKTY JGREAD GUPPLY QOMPANY'S MACHINE MADE PURE BREAD. ] DELIVERED DAILY FROM FACTORY, PORTMAN MOOR-ROAD EAST -L MOORS, CAHDIFF. SOI.K AGKKTS FOR ° 739 MONTGOMYRIK'S PATENT AIALT BREAD. A. & G. TAYLOR'S ARTISTIC PORTRAITS, JQ U K E gTRKET, JARDIFF, I GIVE ENTIRE SATISFACTION, JO WHICH THEIR ENORMOUS A?D EVEIC INCREASING PATRONAGE BEARS A FA.rrH?UL TESTIMONY FINEST PRonucnosx. CABINETS — Per dozen, lbs half-dozen, 10s quarter- iczen, 7s Óll. CARTES DE VISITE— Par dozen, bs half-dozen 4s quarter-dozen, 2S 61. 690 JY^URNITURE "Y-ANS, J^URMTURE -YANS, lfCRITURI VANS) I ) THE SOUTH WALES DEPOSITORY, GREAT WESTERN CO.'S GOODS STATION DAYIS-STREKT, NEWTOWN, CARDIFF. FURNITURE, PIANOS, PICTURES!, GLAS, WAREHOUSED OR REMOVED FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE, TOWN OR CO NUtY, By Road, Rail, or Sea.. Vans of All Sizes. Moderate Charges. Estimates Free. 69 ALFRED EMBRY, PKOrKJl^t'OR, I '"|AY," rapidly successful in aH cases, either reGt ntor ciir. nic an infallible wmdy in an discharge. Cures without n;ediciucs.-S0Hj lU botties, 2s bu eacb, by post 2s Od, by ail cl1emists. London Agents. F. Newbery and fcons, 1, King Edward-street, E.C. Agent for Cardiff, J Munday, Chemist. 1, Hitch-street eBusiness Business ??5?5. FRY?S PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA. To secure this article ask for Fry's Pure Conceutrated Cocoa 44 QLOTHING BEST. 0 L O THING CHEAPEST QLOTHING SMARTEST, AT MASTERS & Co„ THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS 29 and 30, S r, MARY-STREET 292, BUTE-STREET, ST. JOHN-SQUARE, .0 Xo, 1, QUEEN-STREET i ALSO AT 18 & 19, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. 39 & 40, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. 124, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 80, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 11, HIGH-STREET, HEREFORD. 11, CANON-STREET, ABERDARE. GEORGE-STREET, PONTYPOQL. 70, FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY il NOTICE OF REMOVAL E. B ARB, TAILOR {LATE b4, Sf. MAIlY-STREliTf TAILOR (LATE M, af. MARYSTREU? HAS REMOVED TO MOfiE COMMODIOUS PREMISES, 235 AT 4163 79, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. R. LEWIS. 13, CUSTOM HOUSE STREET, CARDIFF WHOLESALE DEPOT FOR PLATE-GLASS, OILS AND COLOURS, VARNISHES, PAPEI HANGINGS, Soie Consignee fur South Wales, Monmouthshire, and Hereford, of PARKER'S KATHARTIC MARVEL FLUID, Begs lespectfuliy to inform the Public that, to suit the convenience of the Xr.iue, HE WILL CLOSE EARLY ON SATURDAYS INSTEAD Oc WEDNESDAY S, as heretofore From this Week business hours will uQ b a..m. to 7 p.m.; Saturdiy' 6 a.m. to o Tun. 4045—2 V THE HOLIDAY SEASON- WATERPROOF FISHING REQUISITES WATERPROOF KNAPSACKS AND HOLDALLS. WATERPROOF COATS AND MANTLES WATERPROOF LEGGINGS & BOOTHS, ETC., ETC. GARDEN HOSE AND TENNIS Rj QUI SITES. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES FaEY ANDERSONS, THE ffATERPEOOFEES 89 Qt-:kEN-street, iAHDH'F. ? W LADIRS AND GENTLEMEN,— From the L tiul of iiml all oiher Janus, not forget^ ting Hear Ouid, j'iease come a.nd help m to put a to" to aii Jimpinjr and laming iLrougU ttic ethets (If ¡1I-w-.d.. and badiy ti:tillg BOOTb AND SHOES. A single pair mnde to ill ihe f..ot at reUil pries. Customers requinns: tiinir and shoes on the shortest notice wii! three men always ready to tackle a single ?>:iir. One 101 paicliiiig or stitching, one for putting the leather mi, alld one for finishing. Desj atc i and quality is the order of the day at this establishment LADIES' BOOT., OLRJ) AND HEELED, lsód. 2, 6d. A comfùrtalJle wa.itillg-room, slippers, anri newsp iper provided. Old Friends nnd Customers from Prnarih district are invited to come aud see my splendid sh 'p, vi iui one of the largest and best assented stocks in, aud 114 piices def ill I: all comnetirioii. LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES FIWI 2s 11 Ad JSOOTS AND SilOLS FKOM 4B lid CHILDREN' S BOUTS AND SHOES FROL. bid NOW, DOXT FORGET THE ADDRESS. THE CITY OF GLASGOW BdOT MAKING REPAIRING FACTORY, 245 B, TE STRLM (un the Bute Canal Bridge). Sh ow your 'a:] -vh V ivu.n ticker, 1 will pay your fans \? M. HlLL? PROPRIETOR. P. FREEDMAN k. CO; CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS BliDDlNG MANUFAC1 CRERS AND C A R P E T M E N Hold a la: ^e Stock of Excellent JJOUSEHOLD J^URNITUR) (THEIR OWN" WELL-KNOWN MAKE), All of which is of FIRST-RATE KL10GANT IN DESIGN AND LolV JX ICr- FOR CASH, oil OK rsa. 130 EASY HIKE-PCltCllASK S Y S IT E I Terms very moderate an inspection incited. P. F It L j D M AN & Co., 2,3, & 4, MARKET BUILDINGS, DoO'-STREEr ^5 W PORT.