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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Urban District Council was held at the Town Hall, Lsk, 011 I. Thursday evening, when there were present;- Messrs. H. A. Addis, J.P. (chairman), C. Voyce, J. Knight, W. S. Gustard, R. Morgan, G. Mundy, I W. Workman, James Davies, A. F. Lucas (clerk), and T. Rees, jr. (surveyor and inspector of nuisances.) STREET COMMITTEE. The Street Committee reported that the branch sewer in the lower part of Maryport-street having ,been opened and the levels taken, it was found that there was a natural fall the wrong way of ,2ft., and that, after allowing for this, a fall of 1ft. 9in. was all that could be obtained for the proposed new branch from the Cattle Market to the junction with the main sewer at the corner of Old Market-street and Maryport-street. They recommended that the new sewer be put in and proper flushing tank of approved dimensions -connected with same. The following tenders had ,been received by the Chairmau of the Council For grass crop, Thomas Morgan, X-5 5s. Leslie R. -Lucas, E4. Stone :—Thomas Coggan and Son, .3s. 3d. per cubic yard. The tenders of Messrs. T. Morgan and T. Coggan were accepted. Mr. R. tRickards, of the Priory, made an application for permission to straighten his boundary wall in Maryport-street. from the side door of his lodge to the corner of Vine Tree Cottage, which he was about to re-build. They recommend that the application be acceded to, under the superintendence of the Surveyor. It was resolved to at once proceed with the branch sewer. Mr. Rickarde' application was granted, it being generally conceded that an improvement would be effected thereby. THE BATE. On the proposition of the Chairman the general "district rate at Is. lOd. in the JE, payable on July 26th, was sealed. GAS COMMITTEE. The report of this committee referred to ttie notification of the Gas Company that from the 24th ult. the price of gas would be increased by .3d. per thousand cubic feet. Upon the basis of last year's public lamp consumption—390,954 -cubic feet—the increase would mean an addition 1 to the lighting bill of X8 2s. lid. The Committee suggested that the Company should reduce the rate immediately the price of coal will permit. In • considering the gas bill it was found that the meter lamp in Porthycarne-street registered jnore itlian twice as much as the other meters, and the -Company suggested that the lamp had been -,tampered with, but proposed having the meter tested. The Committee approved of the proposal -of the Secretary, which was subject to the .approval of his directors, that half the amount registered should be charged, bringing the figures -to about the average of this meter. The Committee aeeemmended that any persons found tampering with the street lamps should be prosecuted. The report was adopted, the Chairman remarking that the Gas Company had agreed to his proposal as to the reduction. FINANCE. The following accounts were ordered to be paid:—James Syinonds, winding clock, one "quarter to July 1st, £ 1 5s.; G. H. Jenkins, half- year's salary as M.O.H., £ 10 Usk Gas Company, one quarter's lighting district. £ 12 4s. 7d ditto, Town Hall, £1 19s. 7d. Usk Water Works company, Ltd., quarter's water rental, 158.; Surveyor, on account of manual aud team labour, X9 16s. In reply to the Chairman, the Clerk said there •was a balance in hand of £22 lis. 2d. The following payments to Treasurer were .reportedJ. Studt. £ 0 County Council, £ 90; T. Morgan, JE5 5s. C. Voyce, £1 Is. The Chairman reported an application from Mr. T. Morgan for the aftermath in the Council's L fineadow, he having had the grass. He was willing to pay 30s. for it. On the proposition of Mr. Mundy, seconded by Mr. Knight, the application was unanimously raiited. MORTGAGING THE KATES. The Chairman said the next business was the .-sealing of the mortgage of the rates for the loan jfor the Cattle Market. The document was dated t,hat day, and was made to the Public Works Loan -Commissioners for £ 3,000— £ 2,000 down and £1,000 subsequently upon certificate-the Council to repay S.50 every half-year and interest at the xmte of 3:; per cent. per annum on the balance aemaining due until iu 30 years the loan is ,paid off. On the proposition of the Chairman, seconded Iby Mr. Yoyce, the seal of the Council was affixed to the mortgage also to the certificate from the Commissioners for L2,000 to be paid to the Treasurer of the Council. JtTlilLEE CLOCK. Itfr. Symonds submitted an estimate of los. for splitting the Jubilee clock in proper working order, and 10s. for scaffolding, which was accepted. A COMPLAINT. Mr- Rogers wrote stating that in consequence of Mr Togarmah Rees. the Council's engineer for the -Cattle Market, not being at home when he called at his office at Newport to see the plan and specifications, and Mr. Rees's clerk failing in his promise to send him a date when he could see ,them, he had been debarred from tendering. He ;asked for an explanation. The letter was ordered to be referred to Mr. Bees for a reply. TENDERS FOR THE CATTLE MARKET. Tenders were opened for the construction of the '■'Cattle Ma'rket. Particulars are withheld until a • decision with regard to them is arrived at. Mr. Gustard suggested that a small committee should, with the engineer, consider the tenders. Mr. James Daviee objected strongly to this, and ,a warm discussion ensued. Ultimately, however, the matter was referred, as suggested, to a.committee, which was composed of the following, with the Cliiirinaii :-Messr,. Frank Jennings, R. Morgan, James Davies, G. Mundy.







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