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CURRENT SPORT. Oxford University Hare and Hounds ran and won their second match of the sea-son on Saturday, when they defeated the Blackheath Harriers by 18 points 1»37, as against 21 to 34 in 1899. A. H. Huxtable, University, 46min. 35sec., finished first; H. K. Briscoe, Pembroke, 46min. 59sec., second; and that promising runner, E. F. Judson, Blackheath H., 47min. 3sec., third. The 7! miles Shotover" course was in a very heavy state. For the first time for several years the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds visited South Croydon for their annual match against the South London Harriers. Unfortunately a late start resulted in most of the competitors losing the trail, and the result had to be declared no race." A. Shrubb held a good lead, with J. H. Bessell second, at two miles. The feature of the joint six miles handicap held by the Higbgate Harriers and Herne Hill Harriers, at Waltham, was the excellent running of the back- markers. J. Pratt, Highgate H. (scratch), who for two years in succession has finished second to C. Bennett in the Southern Championship, again had to rest content with second honours. His time was 40ncin. 59 l-5sec., F. Appleby, Herne Hill Harriers t30sec. start), who covered the course in 41min. 15 2-5sec., winning by 60 yards. The British amateur champion and record-holder, W. J. Sturgess, won the 10 miles walking champion- ship of the Polytechnic Harriers at Wembley by a minute and a quarter from J. Butler, holder of the records from 14 to 21 miles. Sturgess's time, lhr. 19min., was excellent, considering the adverse condi- tions. He and Butler dead-heated for first place ia the sealed handicap. E. W. Dover, the Essex champion of 1896, 1897, and 1898, easily won the six miles walking cham- pionship of the Essex Beagles. His time was 55min. I5sec. E. A. Snackman (7min. 30sec. start) secured khe sealed handicap. The Corinthians beat Southampton at the Queen's Club on Saturday at Association football by three goals to one, and thoroughly deserved their victory. Showers fell throughout the game, and the turf had become somewhat soft, yet the amateurs ex- celled at all points of the game. Fast aud clever, fibeir forwards constantly ran through the profes- sional halves and backs, and in passing and dribbling were all excellent. There was still some weakness at half, but Thwaites was good in the centre, and C. B. Fry and W. J. Oakley could not have been better at fall back. Still, the brilliant work of the forwards had most to do with the result. G. 0. Smith, E. E. Foster, and L. J. Moon combined admirably, and A. M. Hollins and B.O.Corbett made many dashing runs on the wings. Foster scored the first goal in great style with a hard shot following a capital run, and he and Smith got the others early in the second half. That by Smith came after a passing run with Foster and was the best feature of the match. For the most part the Southampton men were outclassed, but A. Chad wick, the centre-half, played splendidly. He could not have had better forwards ag;ainst him, and he worked untiringly and with great skill. The visiting forwards showed little combination and for the greater part of the game showed to little advantage; they improved towards the finish, and Wood scored their goal shortly before the end. Robinson, England's goalkeeper, could not play owing to an injury, but his absence made no differ- ence to the result. In the Football Association League Championship the results were. Aston Villa drew with Newcastle United (two all), Sheffield Wednesday beat Liverpool (3-2), Sunderland beat Stoke (6-1), Everton beat West Bromwich Albion (1—0), Notts County beat Bury (4—0), Manchester City beat:Preston North End (4—0), Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Sheffield United (3—0), and Derby County beat Blackburn Rovers (4—0). Another round of the qualifying matches for the Association Cup was played on Saturday, when the chief winners were Richmond, Reading, Luton, Burton Swifts, Middlesboroogh, Kettering, and Darwen. Several games were drawn. Among other Association games on Saturday the Casuals beat Old Malvernians (4-2), London Cale- donians lost to Oxford University (3—1), Notts Forest beat Gainsborough (4-2), and Tottenham Hotspur beat Portsmouth (8-1). With the University match at the Queen's within rather more than three weeks of its decision the games of Oxford and Cambridge have continued to absorb the chief attention of Rugby Unionists. Thus on Saturday at the Rectory field there were several thousand people tc see the match of Cam- bridge with Blackheath, who in the previous week had been badly beaten by Oxford oa the Iflley- road ground. But on Saturday Blackheath had a better side although, much to the surprise of most good judges, they had the capacity of beating Cambridge, who began the season as strong favourites for the University match, by one goal to one try. Too much reliance should not be placed on this result in comparing the University teams. The weather on Saturday was execrable. A nasty wind and heavy rainstorms rendered accuracy in play impossible. And then the Cambridge executive were trying two new halves who really failed, although G. R. Pilkington, the old Clifton bov, came out fairly well now and again. But neither he nor P. Powell accepted the advantages made by the for- wards, and thus was the three-quarter line practic- ally left in the lurch. It was at this point that the game turned, this, too, in spite of the hard individual work done by A. E. Hind and F. H. Jones. The Cambridge forwards in the absence of their two chief men-the captain, Greenlees, and J. Daniell, the English captain—scrummaged cleverly their foot- work as the pack broke up was particularly good under adverse conditions, and with a pair of capable half-backs they would probably have won. Still, if Shey lost they know that they did their best on a bad day and were only beaten by the difference between the failure and success of a place-kick. Sagar, the Cambridge full back, in no degree slurred his reputation as one of the best full backs of the day. Blackheath won by a goal placed by Bulloch from a try by R. Forrest, to a try by A. E. Hind. The latter's try was a superb piece of work in which he showed his pace to full advantage. The result of this match more than ever increases the interest in Oxford and Cambridge. Everything seems to rest on the capacity of the Cambridge scrummagers to Control the ball; and there is no doubt that the Cambridge pack is very powerful, although their game outside lacks the skill of the Oxford men. It is the old story of the 'Varsity match and most of other matches—everything hangs upon the control of the ball in the scrummage; and the forward is still the dominant element in Rugby football. Oxford University had a light task in the Parks on Saturday, when the Harlequins came up to oppose them. They scored four goals and nine tries to nothing, and had Rogers been in his usual form in front of goal the score would have been considerably heavier.* Too much; importance must not!be;attached to this big win, for the Harlequins are not the side they were in days gone by. Still, Oxford regarded as a distinctly useful side, and if Swanston can only prevent his men from getting stale he should go very near putting the Dark Blues ahead once more in Rugby football; at present the scores are equal. In the Rugby County Championship a verv level match was witnessed at Fallowfield, Manchester, between Lancashire and Yorkshire, a drawn game being the result. At first the game was played in midfield. but Sherwood intercepted a pass and scored a try for Yorkshire by a good run. Nichsolson and Brettargh did good work for Lancashire, and, mainly through the efforts of these men, both of whom played for England last season, the home team drew level before the finish. Devon had a hard match with Cornwall and only beat them by a penalty goal and a try. Such a result points to a great im- provement in Cornish football, and when the small number of clubs in the county is considered such a performance, following close upon their win over Somerset, is altogether highly creditable to the Cornishmen.' The great strength of Wales has always Jain in the small Inumber of clubs upon which the country draws, and such would seem to be the reason tff Cornwall's recent improvement. The match between Richmond and the London Scottish was robbed of a good deal of the interest .mtialtv attached to the meeting owing to the in- I ability of the Scotsmen to place a representative team in the field. Smith and Cowey, two of their most consistent players, were absent, and the four three-quarter backs had never played together before. Under such circumstances combination was not to be expected, and it was a fortunate thing for the Northerners that the weather did not allow of much open play. The game was in the main confined to the forwards, and in this department the teams were equally matched; but once the ball got free Richmond showed themselves much the better team. In the first half each side scored ,once, Taylor crossing the Scottish line and Dove. after a good run by J. Wilson, gaining a try for the Scotsmen. Reynolds was successful with his place- kick, while W. Wilson failed with his attempt. The second half went all in favour of Richmond, and, following a brilliant run by Hacking, Hanbury scored a try. Alexander failed to kick a goal, but a little later he sent the ball over the cross-bar from a penalty against Coldstream, who was badly offside. The game was won by Richmond by 11 points to three, but the winning side were only about a try better than the losers. Amongst other good Rugby matches on Saturday, the Old Merchant Taylors beat Coopers Hill by four goals, the Old Leysians beat Kensington, Cardiff beat Gloucester, Edinburgh Academicals beat Edinburgh Wanderers, Marlborough Nomads beat Croydon, Swansea beat Leicester, St. Thomas's Hospital beat Rosslyn Park, and Liverpool beat Manchester by a goal to nothing. Wellington College beat Marl- borough College by two tries to nothing at Welling- ton on Saturday. Under Football Association rules on Monday, West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa drew, and Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Oxford City. Under Rugby rules Cambridge University beat Edin- burgh Academicals.



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