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NEWPORT. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY. FINED E20.-William Haines, grocer, Ponty- mister, was summoned at the instance of the Monmouthshire County Council, for selling adulterated golden syrup. Mr. Lyndon Moore appeared for the prosecution Mr. L. H. Hornby appeared for the defence.—The analysis of the syrup, which was purchased in lib tins at 3d. per tin, showed that the matter contained 20 per cent. of pure and genuine cane syrup and 80 per cent. of glucose syrup—a flavourless, starchy matter.— Mr. Moore stated that the defendant was the retailer, and he sold the goodg, just as he received them from the wholesaler, who gave him a guarantee upon the invoice that the syrup was pure. If the defendant had taken advantage of the statute and given the proper notice that he intended to plead a warranty, he would have escaped the penalty.—Mr. G. R. Thompson, of Newport, tie county analyst, said golden syrup was ordinarily known as treacle in a refined state. Glucose was a dextrine substance costing about 4s. 6d. per cwt. less than pure cane syrup. It was not injurious to health, and was added to a low quality of syrup to turn an unmarketable commodity into one which wa marketable.—Mr. Hornby, for the defence, said Mr. Haines was not aware of the clause in the Act-which came into operation only this year-which made it uecessary, in order to escape a conviction, that notice of the warranty should be given before the hearing of the case. Mr. Haines bought the syrup in tins, with a warranty from the middlemen (who also had a warranty from the originating house), and sold it in the same tins unopened. It was, therefore, clear that there was no adulteration on his part, and, but for his ignorance of the law, he could have pleaded his warranty and escaped. He would now have to ask his wholesale dealer to re-imburse him.—In the resalt, the Bench said they thought it was a gross case of imposition and deception, and, in order to get at the original offender, they imposed a fine of £ 20 pnd the court costs.—Mr. Colborne held a watching brief for the merchants, whose names did not transpire.


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