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PONTYPOOL. PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY- Before A. A. WILLIAMS, Esq. (chairmoin). W. P. JAMBS, Esq., W. L. PKATT, Esq.. E. FOWLER, Esq,, T. WILLIAMS, Ecq., W. B. WITCHEI.L, Esq., and S. T. GUIFFIN, Esq. DISMISSBD.—.Tames Jones, dealer, Lower Race. was summoned for assaulting Laura Frankham. at Pontypool, on the 28th May.—Complainant stated that she bad been keeping company with the defendant for thirteen months, but they had parted. On Monday he met her while she was talking to some friends, and asked her to go for a walk. They went up over Cae Brest, and there the defendant misconducted himself. She resisted, and be then assaulted her, and struck and bruised her, so that she had marks on her face. On Tuesday she saw him in Pontypool Park with a young lady, and she told the latter not to be misled by him. He then assaulted her, and in the struggle she tore off his tie, and he tore some ribbon out of her hat.—Defendant said that the complainant as-ked him to go for a walk. and she would persist in following him about —Samuel Crane, speaking as to the occurrence in Pontypool Park, said that Miss Frankham snatched at the defendant's tie before he touched her.—The case was dismissed, the parties having to pay 3s. each. MALICIOUS DAMAOE.—Sarah Shergold, was summoned for doing malicious damage to a d^or, damage 2s. 4d.—Annie Flippant, the complainant, said that defendant pulled the knob off her door and she had paid 2s. 4d. to get a new one.—Mabel Flippant also gave evidence.—Fined 83. 4d. inclusive. WIFE DESERTION.—Edward Davie*, collier, Garndiffaitb, was summoned by his wife, Sarah Ann Davies, for desertion, persistent cruelty, &c.— Complainant said she was married to defendant on the 26th March, 1900. He had behaved cruelly to her, and she was afraid te live with him. He turned her out of the nome at Christmas, and f-lie had often had to sleep at her brother's house. He also kicked her on the 4th November.—Martha Jones, sister of complainant, corroborated.—A separation order was granted, and defendant, who said he earned 24s. per week, was ordered to pay 78 per week towards his wife's maintenance THEFT OF COAL.-Editti Bryant was summoned for stealing coal, value 4d., the property of Hoskius and Llewellyn, Ltd., at Golynoo, on the 17th May.-P.C.Lee gave the facts.—Fined 6a. FOUND THE SLIPPEItS.-liltry Ann Sewell. Talywain, was charged with stealing n pair of slippers, the property of Sarah Bright, at Talywain, on the 25th May.—Complainant said that on the Saturday night filio had been to Pontypool and had bought the slippers for 2s. 3d., and had put them on the top of a bag. On Sunday she went, to lock for them to put on the child, and then she missed them. She saw Mrs. Sewell's child wearing them, and she then went to defendant and asked her if she had found the slippers, but she denied having done so. and said that the slippers had been bought at Pontypool. The case was afterwards placed in the hands of the police.-P.S. Groves deposed that he interviewed defendant with regard to the slippers. First she said she had given Is. lid. f jc them, then that she found them in the house, and afterwards admitted that her little boy found them. She added that Mrs. Bright should never have them.- A fine of 5s. was imposed. -Defeiidatu t, How can she make me out a thief when I didn't find the slippers." DIVERSION OF A LEVEL CROSSING. Mr. Habbard, Paddington, made application for the Great Western Railway Company for powers to enable the Company to close a level crossing at Llanhilleth, upon the completion of a road in substitution for it. The road had been completed, and viewed by Mr. E. Fowler, and Mr. T. Williams, two of the magistrates then sitting. Due notice had been given to the Abertillery District Couueil. The order was granted.

America's .Chinese Tariff.

A Determined Suicide.

Danger of Oil Limps.

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