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BELIEVERS in cremation will derive encourage- ment from the report just issued by the Council of the Cremation Society of England, which shows continued progress of the movement in this country. During the year under review 301 cre- mations have been carried out by the society at Woking, as against 240 during 1899, being an in- crease of 25 per cent. This brings the total number of cremations performed at Woking up to 1824. During 1900, 88 bodies were cremated at Manchester, 16 at Glasgow, and 40 at Liverpool. This brings the totals at these places to 475, 75. and 102 respectively. The recently-formed London Cremation Company has been fortunate in secur- ing an extensive site which will enable them to mate provision for the disposal of the ashes of an immense population for a number of years, and at the same time to create a beautiful place which will remain an open space. A TON of gold is worth £ 125,583. A ton of steel made up into hairsprings is worth 91,576,458-more than 12J times the value of pure gold. Hairspring wire weighs l-20th of a grain to the inch. One mile of wire weighs less than half a pound. The balance gives five vibra- tions to every second, 300 every minute, 18.000 every hour, 432,000 every day, and 157.680,000 every year. At each vibration it rotates one and a quarter times, which makes 197,100,000 revolu- tions every year. In order that we may better understand the stupendous amount of labour per- formed by these tiny works take, for illustration, a locomotive with six driving wheels. Let its wheels be run until they shall have given the same number of revolutions that a watch gives in one year, and they will have covered a distance equal to 28 complete circuits of the earth. All this a watch does without other attention than winding qaee every 24 hours.


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