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.J The County Observer Forty-seventh Year of Publication. Scale for Advertisements. PBR ONciAl Announcements.? Single Column. ?P&rHamentary Addresses.. ? I<e? Notices < 6d. per tine. ?roBpectUtfes of Companies Election Addrettses I Property and Stock Sales t Auction Sales .} Municipal and other bodies ) Municipal and other bodies ) Ordinary Notices. }- 3s. per inch in depth. Balance Sheets. Statements of Accounts. Nouses Wanted Houses to Let .J ?Entertainments .? Agricnitura) Shows. ) Subscription Lists. ?- la. 6d. per inch. Wedding Presents .) J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. ") ?Servants Waited. 12 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost. Articles Found. Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. Must be paid for when the order is Riven, or double the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stampa. ..Printing ore-very Description AUCTIONEERS' Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. SomCTORS' Prospectuses, Lithographic Maps, &PI&E. TRADESMEN'S Cards, DilIHeads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, CotnfTY OBSERVER OSice, USK, Momnouthshire. '??7 ANTED, in J?y. yonn? Country Girl as ?Y GP?NERAL, ior country honse. No dairy. _Apply. Misa ROM.BT8, Maes Baryn. Goytre, near Pontypoo). .? ROGERS' ASSISTANTS. — WANTED. \Tr CAPABLE JUNIOR. HAND; country branch live out. Progressive wages.—App'y, T. RHODES, 97. Pt-aacod Street, Windsor. ?< ROCERY & PROVISIONS.—WANTED, for ?Jf country br"nch. reIiaMe ASSISTANT, about -23. Also smart JUNIOR. Permanency and oppo!- -tunitv for ))dvnneem<<nt. Stfte atye, pxponence, and ,wages. B. FROM-, 94, High Street, Bedford. A N ep?ninc for an APPRENTICE to the A TAILORING TRADE.-For terms, &c., apply THOMAS, Usk. TUT'ANTED. APPRENTICES to the DRESS- W MAKING. Apply. Mrs. CoorER. late Mrs. Wheeler's Establishment, Isca Cottage, Usk. HY7 ANTED, resnectable LAD as APPRENTICE W to the SADDLERY TRADE.—Apply, DAVIES, Usit. -> tTT ANTED, TO RENT. COTTAGE, with few W Acres of Land Valley of Usk or Wye.— J<J., 11, Penygraig Terrace, Pontypoo!. tT7 ANTED, an int'-nigent LAD as APPREN. tr TICE to the PRINTING TRADE.—Apply, <" COUNTY OBSERVER Office, Usk. T?7ANTED in Us?, the end of July, UNFUR- W NISHED APARTMENTS, Bed and Sit? ting-roome. Moderate terms. —Apply, "H.' «Ub<'erver" ORloe, Usk. T70R DISPOSAL, GENERAL DEALER'S JT BUSINESS, eituate in Bridge Street. Usk; pood position.—For terms, apply, MM. T&EHBARNB, Usk. -LIOR SALE, a good TRAP with brake, and X Harness anit cob price il7.—Appty, STBAD- MNG, Bridge- end House, Ut-k. -r<OR PALE, by TENDER, about 4 ACRES of jr? MOWING GRASS.—For partieu)ara appty to MARFELL and PooLE, AuctioneeiH, Trostrey Court, 'Usk. ?Tt7 ASTE PAPER FOR SALE, good and clean \T Ss. per cwt. — Apply ht tbo Co??orx OMERVEn OSce, TIsk. 1C" The man who doea not advertise is nowhere and that indvidual will soon need advertising for. -The Rev C. H. Spug,cieon. oC t WATCH & OHAtM FCR 0!<E OA?SMOM??=? & Boys iuid C!r)s can eet ? NICKED ??'?!? & FLATEO WATCH, atao a. (.'HAIN :u)d <B*?."?SSt i?, CHARM, for feUms 1 ? doz?.n p?ck.tgea o< ?* '"? t? BLUINRttFivfpenceench. Semiyour ??U\? ??S''?LU'?E??D'M?tm'M?':? <<l. Gtpsy Road. West Norwood. t.ondoM.B.B. I WHO AKE THE LARGEST FURNISHERS? t BEVAN AND COMPANY. Notwithstanding a!I that more than one other 6rm have to say to the contrary, maintain emphatically that this distiuction belongs to them, and they defy any other furnishing firm to prove the contrary to the satisfaction of any South Wales firm of chartered accountants I 11 WHO ARE THE BEST AND CHEAPEST CJLJL FURNISHERS? BEVAN AND COMPANY Submit that this still more important question is answered in their favour by their immense and ever-increasiDg business, so successfully carried on for the last nfty-one years. In innumerable instances they have during that period served three generations m the same family, and their great desire is that every one of their great army of customers shall receive the highest possible satisfaction, both as to prices and quality. Before purchasing elsewhere see our immense stocks, and astonishing prices, which will be more convincing than all we say in this advertisement. .Delivery rree Xlitsst,#-ated Catalogues Gratis BEVAN AND COMPANY (LIMITED), REGISTERED AS THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS, CARPET AND MUSIC WAREHOUSEMEN AND HOUSE FURNISHERS, CLARENCE-ST. <& HANBURY-RD., PONTYPOOL. QIMPSON'S FOR ? GENT. 8' SUITS TO ? TO ? MEASURE ? $ ? ? ? ?MM wN FROM FROM GE NTS.' SUITS W MADE TO MEASURE ON THE PREMISES At 3S/6, 42/6, 50/ 59/6, 70/ etc. ? W ?mMm??'?????DMhM U. n, UimpUUU) Cr? Street, iulUjpUUi ,,HOLLOWAY'S @", P I L L b ARE A SURE CURE FOR INDIGESTION ????<????? and its a.ttenda.nt ailments, such as BILIOUSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, 18 Pains in the Cheat and Side, BAD APPETITE, NAUSEA, GIDDINESS, &e. AND WILL BE FOUND WITBOUT EQUAr, for the USE oi FEMALES. NEVER BE WITHOUT THEM, AND ? BO NOT BE PERSUADED TO TiIKE SUBSTITUTES. 1 Manufactured only at 78, New Oxford Street, London sold by all Chemists and MedicineVendors. ALES AND STOUT. The Alton Court Brewery Company's Harvest Beer, 36 gallons, 24/- '? X Ale, 4! gallons, 3/3; 9 gallons, 6/3; 18 gallons, 12/6 XX Ale in 41, 9, and 18 gallons lOd. per gallon XXX Ale in 4! gallon Casks 1/- per gallon 2 Ind, Coope, and Company's (Burton) Family Ale, 41, 9, and 18 gallons 1/- per gallon "Porter in 9 gallons 1/2 per gallon J ?' Stout in 4-! and 9 gallons 1/4 per gallon 2 5 per cent. Discountfor Cash M?«Ft order or on delivery. IND, COOPE & CO.'S BOTTLED ALE AND STOUT. Family Ale, Imperial pints 3/- per dozen half-pints 3/9 per dozen I Stout pints. 3/6 per dozen half-pints 2/- per dozen The Executors of the late Edward Jones, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. -¡. -¥ -¡.. FACTS ABE STUBBORN THINGS! ftiP JUPYM?" PpP!!m <'oinntnpp iiiG AmdMid uMtit Mt)didH)iS. UfFER LLANCAYO, UsK, MR. W. BuNMNG, May 24th, 1901. Usk. DEAR SiR, The No. 12 Alexandra "Separator I purchased four years ago has given me every satisfaction, and does its ?I work to-day as satisfactorily as it did when I purchased it, and has not cost one shilling per year for repairs. I consider the Alexandra Separator pays for itself In a few months, as the quantity of butter is greatly increased and the quality very much improved. There is also a great saving in labour over the old-fashioned system of setting the milk in tins or pans. Yours faithful!y, RICHD. H. MAR.FELL. The above spealcs for itself and needs no comqnent. Please Note Separators are sent on Trial for couple of weeks. PRICES, BOOK OF 400 TESTIMONIALS, &c., ON APPLICATION. WILLIAM RUNNING, USK. R. HERBERT, -r-Y SQTTA.TtE:, TTSB: A GENT FOR W. & A. GILBEY'S, WINES & SPIRITS HENNESST'S THREE STAB BRANDY, JAMESON'S IRISH WHISKEY. Rogers' A.E. Ales and Stout in Quart Flagons, <Sc 4, 9 & 18 Gallon Casks. 2 GW BASS' ALE AND GUINESS'S STOUT IN BOTTLES. CYCLES! CYCLES!! 'wi C??rade. ? -p ? Q S??RY, ?&?. Sole Agent /or SWIFTS, ROYAL ENFIELDS. BUDGE WHITWORTHS, TRIUMPHS, SUNBEAMS, COVENTRY CYCLES, &c. Repairs ncne too diNcuIt. Cycling taught by competent Instructors. SVV313POXI.S. SVVZP-rS. Sole Agent for USK & MONMOUTS'—y. JBT. G. _v,4Vr.Ry. For Sale by Pnvate Treaty, A LL that DWELLING HOUSE known as A "TWYN COTTAGE." situate at Twyn SherIBF, about a mile-and-H-haIf from the Village of Raglan and a mile from LIandenny Station. This property consists of a six-roomed cottage, with large garden and orchard attached, and contains 2 roods and 35 perches, or thereabouts, the wbol& being in the occupation of Mr Frederic Jonea, a.t. the low rental of £9 per annnm. The greater portion of this property is FraohoM. but a portion of it is Cothotd of the Duke of Beau- fort, subject to a cot rent of 5s. per anuum. Land Tax, 4s. 3d. For further particulars appiy to WATKINS & CO Clab Chambers, Pontypool. LIandenny. r('O BE LET, from the 24th day of JUNE, 1901 A VILLA RESIDENCE, known as "THE MOUNT," situate in the ViHHge of LLAKDENNY, close to the G.W.R. Station, adjoJBin? the road frcm Llandenny to Usk, with t acrti of Gurden around. The House contains following accommodation :— On Ground Floor-Dining and Drawing Rooms with Bay Windows, Kitchen, and Fantry First Floor—Three Bedrooms and Store Room also good Brick.buitt Outhouse.—Apply to J. MAITLAND WATKINS, SoHcitor, Ufk. Llanbadoc, Monkswood, <&: Glas- coed (U D.) School Board. RENDERS are invited for tha Paintina-, Coloring, L and other Repairs to the above TSCHOOL. For further particulars apply to E. WADDINGTON, Usk, Clerk to the Board. Mmoed Church Tea Party Thursday, June 27th, t901. Tea 4-6 near the School. Tickets One Shilling. ESTABLISHED t85L B!RKBEBK B??K SMithMnptom Bldngs., Chancery Lane. London, W.O. CURRENT ACCOUNTS ?% 0 ? en the mimmum monthly b&t&ncta, ?? 0< ?? y_ wh<a not dtawn betow JE100. ?? ?.- DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS ???. an Dep<xit<,M!payaMe oa demand. ???°/ ?2/o ?2/o STOCKS AND SHARES Stocks and Sharee purchased and sold for customers -me BIBKBHOK ALMANAOK, with full panicular8, post free, mANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager reephons No. Ii CoHxMTt. TdegrClphw A<MfM< BXUBBex. LONDON." Usk Post OSce. LETTER BOX CLEARED FOR DESPATCH. Week I)ays-9.10 a.w, I p.m, 5.15 p.m, 7.50 p.m Sundays—7.50 p.m TELEGRAPH BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Week Days—Ha.m to 8 p.m Sundays—8 a. m to 10 a.m PARCEL POST Week Days—7a.mto8p.rn MONEY ORDER <& SAVINGS BANK BUSINESS Week Days—9 a.m to 6 p.m Saturdays—9 a.m to 8 p.m DELIVERIES COMMENCE. Week Days-7 a.m :} p.m Sundays-8 a.m PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Executed at the "COUNTY OBSERVER" OFFICE.