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PONTYPOOL RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Sesiolls House, Usk, on Friday evening last. when there were preseiit:-Mr S. T. Griffin, J.P. (nhairman), Mr W. Marfell (vice-chairman), Rev W. W. Jones, Messrs. 1. Heath, R. W. Spencer, W. Charles, J. T. Turner, J. Williams, R. Williams, J. James, W. Newman, T. Watkins (clerk), and R. Derrett (surveyor and inspector). A balance in hand of X207 7s 8d was reported. The Clerk also reported the receipt of ES 5s from the County Treasurer towards the cost of maintenance of the road from Little Mill to Llanover. THE REPORTS. The Surveyor's report stated that twelve loads of ashes had been put upon the Church path, Llanddewy Vach, but half-a-dozen more loads were required. He had met the Chairman and Mr J. Williams at the biidge over the Soar brook at the bottom of the Darren, and it was decided to put a good bridge there as the span was so great. A little gorretting was also required there. He had marked out the land for the improvement of the Ponttiewydd-road. A little fencing woo wanted at an arch way over the stream dividing the parishes of Gwehelog and Trostrey; also some at an archway over the stream near Llandenny Walk-, but that was a joint fence with the Monmouth R.D.C., and he had written to the Surveyor of that Council to meet him there. It was resolved to order the extra loads of ashes required and to extend the bridge at Gwehelog- Trostrey at a small cost and obviate further expense for fencing. As Inspector, Mr Derrett reported that an out- break of measles had occurred at Gwehelog, and the Medical Officer had recommended the closing of the School there for 14 days. A fatal case of scarlatina-the origin of which he could not traca—had occurred at the old Royal Oak, Goytre. Several people had complained to him of a nuisauae near Usk Bridge, and be had since received a letter from Messrs. Davies, of the Woodbine, stating that the matter had been remedied. A nuisance, caused by the accumulation of slops, existed at the Black Rows, Pontnewydd. At Llangibby Schools the force pump was out of order, and in consequence the flushing apparatus at the offices was useless. With regard to the fatal case of scarlatina, Mr Charles complaiued of a pool on a waste piece of land there, and said it should be either cleaned out or filled in. No action was taken in the matter, however. As to the Usk Bridge complaint the Surveyor was asked to again report. In the Pontnewydd and Llangibby matters steps were ordered to be taken to bring about all improvement. PONTHIR AND THE WAIN WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk reported on a visit he had made to the district with the Engineer, Mr D. J. Lougher, and the suggestion that the positions of the wells should be altered was agreed to on their recommendation. It was decided to obtain Mr Lougher's terms for superintending the carrying out of the scheme, and to then ask him to prepare specifications, the special committee in charge of the matter to continue to deal with it. A JOINT BRIDGE. The Llanfrechfa Upper U.D.C. wrote agreeing to contribute their quota—one fchird--of the (cost of the repair of the bridge at Pont- newydd. I QVESTION OF ROYALTY. The Clerk read a letter from Mr Nicholl as to the royalty due iu respect of stone taken from Ty Captain Quarry. Captain Quarry. It was stated that the tenant received L2 per annum. The Clerk was asked to look into the matter and report as to the terms under which this amount was paid. PONTNEWYDD ROAD IMPROVEMENT. Mr Turner said people were complaining that this matter was not being proceeded with as expeditiously as it should be. The Chairman also remarked that it seemed a long time about, and it should be hurried on or the fine weather would have come and gone before tbev let the contract. The Clerk siid thAt as there was to be purchase of land it wouM b" n cessary to apply to the Local Government H .:He! f..r permission to ptircliage, and he had not yet, :t the quantity required. In reply to furVur questions, he said no Local Government Board inquiry would be necessary unless they wished to borrow the money for lhe work. He thought it might be carried out without borrowing.71 Mr Turner said he thought some one would buy the land for the improvement, and that the parish would not be called upon for the I amount It was decided to push on the improvement as fast as possible. AN IMPORTANT CHANGE. I In accordance with notice Mr Isaac Heath (Glascoed) moved that the resolution fixing the meetings of the Council at Usk be rescinded. He said he did this not with a view to taking the fixture from Usk altogether, but for six months— the Summer months -of the year only, since it was very awkward for those living on his side of the district to come to U^k for the evening meetings then. They had to leave early to catch their train, and there might be important business left affect- ing them. Mr Charlei;, in seconding, said it would certainly be better for his side of the district to have the change. Mr Spencer said in his opinion the members of the Council from the other side of the district were acting very selfishly in proposing the alteraliou. They did not consider the fact that if the Rural District Council meetings were held at Usk the Board of Guardians' meetings were heid at Pontypool, and from the Usk side some of them had to travel eight or ten miles to get to the latter. They were therefore placed at as gteat-if not greater—inconvenience with regard to their Poor Law duties as were the other fide with regard to highway and sanitary matters. He therefore did not consider it at all fair that the Council meetings should be held in Pontypool. and thought they should meet their public obligations in a better spirit. Mr Marfell urged that the meetings in the Summer should be held in Usk if they had a change at all, since there was a better chance of getting a quorum here in the evenings than there would be any where in the afternoons at such a season. Mr Heath suggested that the meetings of the Council should follow the meetings of the Board of Guardians. It was stated, however, that this would not work, inasmuch as the Guardians' duties occupied much time, and in much smaller Unions where that arrangement had been tried it bad failed. Guardians from the Usk side would have to leave home early in the morning, if such an arrangement were made. and would not return home until late in the evening. On being put to the vote, Messrs. Heath, Williams (2), Turner, and Charles voted for the motion and the Rev W. W. Jones, Messrs. Marfell, Spencer, and James voted against whilst the Chairman and Mr Newman remained neutral. The motion was therefore carried by five votes to four. Mr Marfell then moved that the Summer meetings be held at Usk on the first Friday in the month at 6.45 p.m., and the Winter meetings at Pontypool oil the first Saturday iu the month at 2 p.m. He said he was willing to meet the Pontypool side members half way, and his proposition was made on behalf of the business of the Council, and to ensure a quorum being present. Mr Spencer I will second that, now that the matter has gone so far as this. Mr Charles proposed as an amendment the reverse order of things, with the exception that all the meetings should be held in the afternoon, and Mr Turner seconded. Mr Heath thought the Usk side had acted generously in the matter, and he should support Mr Marfell's proposition. Mr Marfell replied to Mr Charles on the question of the members' convenience pointing out that his arguments applied as much to the one side as the other. In the result the proposition was carried by five votes to four, the voting being the same as before with the exception of Mr Heath. THE CORONATION, I The Chairman suggested that the next meeting should be held on Friday, June 27th, with a view to the members accepting an invitation from him to dine at the Three Salmon's Hotel, Usk, that evening as a Coronation Celebration. The suggestion was adopted and the invitation accepted.

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