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m The County Observer Forty-eighth Year of Publication. -0- Scale for Advertisements. PER INSBBTIOJT. Official Announcements. 'N Single Columa. Parliamentary Addresses.. I Legal Notices j" 6d. per line. Prospectuses of Companies ) Election Addresses. ) Property and Stock Sales I .ti.. 8.1. Auction Sales | Municipal and other bodies | Ordinary Notices. }- 3s. per in eh in èJept. Balance Sheets. Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted. Rouses to Let Entertainments. ) Agricultural Shows. I Subscription Lists. )> Is. 6<5. per inch. Wedding Presents. I J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. "t Servants Wanted. J2 words 18 worda 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9di. Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. Must be paid for when the order is givem, or double the above scale charges will be made, Remittances received in Postage Stamps. fiO Printing of every Description AUCTIONEERS' Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. GOUICTOBS' Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TEADESMEN'S Cards, Bill Heads, & Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, COUNTY OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, at once, a GENERAL SERVANT good reference.—MKS. LEWIS, Llanishen Court, near Usk. WANTED, APPRENTICE to the IRON- MONGERY.-WILLIAM BTJNNING, Usk. FLAG FOR SALE—about 3 Yards—second- hand.—CLAKK, Woodbank House, Usk. TRAP FOR SALE, cushions complete; price, £ 14.—Apply, I. T. BANBURY. Kensington Cottage, Llanbadoc, Usk. SKETCHES OF MONMOUTHSBIRE-pub- S lished by J. H. Clark in March, 1868, cloth, gilt, at 2s.-Double the Published Price will be eiven for Clean Copies sent to the PUBLISHES of the ° County Observer" Newspaper, Usk. W ASTE PAPER FOR SALE, good and clean; 8s. per cwt. — Apply ht the COUNTY OBSERVER" Office, Usk. O LET, with immediate possession, IVY 1 COTTAGE, NEW MARKET STREET, USK.— Apply. J. PARKER, Kemeys, near Usk; or to MARFELL AND POOLE, Auctioneers, The Willows, Usk. BRADFORD'S UNIVERSALLY APPROVED LAUNDRY and DAIRY MACHINERY Over 450 Gold & Silver Medals and First Prize Awards 4. Vowelt" Washing, Wringing, and Mangling Machines, Laundry Requisites, "Diaphragm" Churns, Miller Workers, Dairy Appliances. Liberal Cash Terms. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free. THOMAS BRADFORD & Co., 140-142, High London, London 130, Bold Street, Liverpool Victoria Avenue, Manchester; Crescent Iron Works, Salford FREE. JSL f CYCLES! CYCLES! Marvel- lo»s Bargains 2,800 Cycles, pipa\ Motors and Accessories. Bargains in Eadie's and B.S.A. Machines. FREE to any address, the most interesting 50 page Catalogue in the trade. Second- hand Cycles from 30s. 2,000 New Machines from X2 17s. 6d. Plated Hims, Rim Brake, Free-wheel Machines from Yl 10s. each. Every class of Machine in Stock. Accessories Half-Price-50 per cent. cheaper than others. Marvellous Bargains; Agents wanted trade supplied. Don't buy before you have seen our 60 page new Illustrated Catalogue, which will be an eye-opener and money- maker to all interested in the Cycle trade. Tiiis Catalogue FREE to all.- W ARRILO Vv & CO., WESTON SUPER- MARE. -=- = £ e £ the Label on Selvedge. l .V I VEL LAeg: Does not Shrink For Blouses, Shirts, N'ight-dresses, &c. To be obtained from all leading Drapers, or name of nearest sent on a pplication to 'VIYELLA' (M.H), 5sa, Friday Street, London, E.C. V > j I SIMPSON'S Crane Street;, PONTYPOOL, FOR SUITS ttJ¡ To Measure SUITS tCJr Ready-for- ear Ip-lo-Datc, -"r4- Good and Cheap. UNIDER NEW TAILORING DEPARTMENT (management) <► | I Fit, Style, and Workmanship Guaranteed. I. C ~r~m~ PUBLIC JSTOTICE ————— During the current three months, and by way of Celebrating the Coronation Year, BEVAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED, Have decided upon making the following ASTOUNDING OFFER!! Handsome Walnut Sideboard, with usual drawers, cupboards, and plate-glass back. Full-sized Five Pillar Inlaid Walnut Loo Table. Strong Suite in good leather cloth, & consisting of couch, 2 easy chairs, & & small chairs. Very pretty Walnut Overmantel. Full-sized Brass Rod Fender with Dog^Eads. Beautiful Set of Fire Brasses. 1 The Lot only ACIO 12 6, Delivered free within one hundred miles of their respective Establishments YOU GET MARRIED! And then entrust your Furnishing Order to this well-known, old-established Firm, whose largeiresources, vast selection, reliable goods, and wonderfully low prices, will make your home the happiest spot on earth J For Highest Quality and Lowest Prices, go to BEVAN AND COMPANY OPPOSITE TOWN HALL, NEWPORT, ALSO SWANSEA, PONTYPRIDD, CARDIFF, AND PONTYPOOL. k fe k OLL YJS f 1, p I ILLS ARE A SURE CURE FOR INDIGESTION and its attendant ailments, such as BILIOUSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, I mUmim Pains in the Chest and Side, BAD APPETITE, NAUSEA, GIDDINESS, &c. i B AND WILL BE FOUND WITHOUT EQUAJifor the USE si FEMALES. I YWF NEVER BE WITHOUT THEM, AND J ■ Vl 00 NOT BE PERSUADES 19 ME SUBSTITUTES. | Manufactured only at 78, New Oxford Street, London sold by all Chemists and Medicine'Vendors. IND COOPE & CO.'S BOTTLED ALE AND STOUT. ¡, f Family Ale Imperial Pints, 2/6 per dozen. Family Ale Imperial Half-pints, 1/9 per dozen. Double Diamond- -Imperial Half-pints, 2/- per dozen. Double Extra Stout Imperial Pints, 3/6 per dozen. Double Extra Stout -Imperial Half-Pints, 2/- per dozen. 1 The Executors of the late Edward Jones, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. — — ii ■' II The" Connty Otor" iwper aid Priil Cofflpany, til PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK @||l& ,( 'bvÍJI11 has been established 47 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH —and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property for Wants of all kinds, & within a radius of many miles. It is read by all classes of the community, being essentially A FA M I ILY PA PIF, B combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parish Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes on Local and General Current Topics, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden Operations; Housekeepers' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literature Markets; A Serial Story; And a variety of other interesting reading matter. Special Reports are given of the Meetings of the Monmouthshire County Council, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture, c., With which no other Paper in the County attempts to vie. County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTS will be held at the several Court-townis on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGE OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at, the tIme hereunder mentioned:— Time, a.m. May June July CHEPSTOW 10 5 2 7 Barrv 106 3 8 CARDIFF 10 7 4 9 „ ..10 8 5 10 „ 10R 6 11 „ 10 It:) 7 12 Abergavenny 10 — 9 Blaenavon 10 12 14 TREDEGAR 9.30 13 10 15 Pontypool 10 14 11 16 Newport.. 10.30 15 12 17 „ 11 16 13 18 Monmouth.. 10 17 22 Ross 9.30 — 14 Crickhowell.. 11 — 16 Usk 11.30 — 18 J Mother, Sister, Daughter, a dainty box of the very choicest Assorted Sweetmeats, V only procurable from us, and of a quality unpurchaseable in c C Provincial shops. Send postal order for 1/ 3/6, or;5/ ana f c receive bv return of post, carefully packed, and delivered J /free, a "CORONATION" BOX. The best value M London, i x Goocls manufactured fresh daily.—'Address, WAHLBxixlGS, i 87, YOllK ROAD, LONDON, S.E. # COLEMAN'S DWM THE FINEST TONIC IN THE WORLD. 6,000rft 6,000 NORWICH & LONDON. PRINTING CANNOT BE DONE FOR NOTHING NOR, AS A RULE, I WHILE YOU WAIT, BUT IT CAN BE DONE CHEAPLY AND WITH DESPATCH AT THE OFFICE OF THIS PAPER I MESSRS. WAUGH & SON, I Music Warehouse9 I MONMOUTH. Have much pleasure in announcing that they have been appointed SOLE AGENTS In this district, for itiE Orchestral Piano Player, THE "IIANEELDS" LATEST AND MOST JPEEPECT p INSTRUMENT Of its kind. MESSRS. WAUGH will be pleased to give an exhibition of its marvellous capabilities to any residents in Usk or neighbourhood who may care to visit their new premises in Monmouth, NO. 4, PRIORY STREET, (Opposite the Post Office.) PRICE LISTS POST FREE ON APPLICATION.

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