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A SPLENDID SHOW, BEAUTIFUL WEATHER, AID A RECORD "GATE." The fifth annual show in connection with the Usk Horticultural and Cottage Garden Society was 'held in the Cricket Field, on Thursday, and was "an unqualified success from every point of view. The exhibits were staged or arranged in three marquees, and made a really grand display. The weather was brilliantly fine, and the ground, so charmingly situated, looked its best. The follow- ing were the officials, &c. General Coruuiittee:-Afessrs J. H. Clark, S. T. .-Griffin, F. Hill, C. A. Mortimer, B. F. Stockham, W. J. Sweet. A. F. Lucas, John George, Alfred Symonds, James Watkins, J. Lswis, J. B. Greening, A. J. Odam, F. Lewis, Williams, R. Hartwell, and E. Bowyer. Officials:-Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Joseph Davies; Secretary, Mr. Thomas Jones. Judges:—Flowers, fruit, vegetables, &c., Mr T. Spencer, Goodrich Court, Ross, and Air H. E. Geary, Wyasfon Leys, Monmouth poultry, &c., Mrs W. Marfell and Mrs Thomas, Usk. THE SHOW. Undoubtedly the strongest feature of the show was the fine lot of vegetables shown, and the weakest the exhibition of fruit, which throughout the country is very scarce through natural causes. Speaking generally the show compared very ^favourably in every respect with exhibitions of a more pretentious nature held in larger towns, and, as one gentleman remarked, on looking round the well-filled classes, "One can here almost forget that we have been troubled with an adverse -.season." The groups shown in Class I were composed of some choice plants artistically arranged, and it is interesting to note that, the exhibitors being the same this year as last, the exhibits were placed" ,in exactly the same order of merit. In Class 2 the veteran quartette from Pontypool Park, that had done battle before—and which are -really magnificent specimen plants—once more "took premier honours. The florally decorated tables laid for dessert for four persons, which were placed in the Pavilion, 'were much admired and favourably criticised. The Usk Volunteer Band (under Bandmaster J. Madley) played a capital selection of music during the afternoon, and for dancing in the evening. The Committee are to be congratulated on the viesults of their labours, and much praise is due to the Secretary, who performed his arduous day's -work with commendable thoroughness and despatch. The following is The List of Awards. I I.-OPEN CLASSES. POT PLANTS. Class 1.—Group of foliage and flowering plants, "arranged in a space of 10ft by 8ft, quality and general effect to be the leading features 1st, X3 3s (given by Dr Rutherfoord Harris), Colonel C. T. Wallis, Newport (Mr D. Powell, gardener); 2nd, Z2 2s, Dr Rutherfoord Harris, Llangibby 4Castle; 3rd. El Is, Rev W. M. Wiliefct, The Helmaen (Mr J. B. Greening). 2.-Four stove or greenhousa plants in flower, distinct varieties: lat, XI 10s, Mr J. C. Hanbury, Pontypool Park; 2nd, 17s 61, Colonel Wallis; 3rd, 10s 6d, Rev W. M. Willett. 3.-Six zonal geraniums, distinct varieties, named—1, 5s, Mr H. Freeman, Plas Newydd (Mr ..J. George); 2, 2s 6d, Colonel Wallis. 4.—Six decorative plants for dinner table, at least three distinct varieties, not exceeding 6-inch pots-I, as, Colonel Wallis; 2, 3s, Mr H. S. custard, Pcrthycarne House (Mr A. Sjmouds). 5.—Six stove or greenhouse ferns, distinct varieties—1, 6s 6d, Colonel Wallis; 2, 38 6d, Rev W. M. Willett. 6-Six gloxinias, distinct varieties—1, 5s, Mr H. S. Gustard 2, 3s, Rev W. M. Willett. 7 -Six double tuberous-rooted begonias, distinct varieties—1, 5s, Ur fi. S. Gustard; 2, 3s, Mr H. f-Freeman. S—Six single ditto—1, 5s, Mr H. S. Gustard 2, 3a, Colonel Wallig.i 9—Two fuchsias, distinct varietie4-1, 3s, Mr H. S. Gustard; 2, 2a, Mr B. F. Stockham. I)-Four coleus. distinct, not to excted 6 inch pots-1, 5s, Mr R. Rickards, The Priory (Mr A. J. iOdam) 2, 2s 6d, Mr H. Freeman. H—Four ornamental foliage begonias, distinct— J, 5s, Dr Harris. 12—Six cockscombs—1, 5s, Mr H. Freeman 2, 2a 61, Mr R. Rickards. 13 -Six balsains -I, 5s, Mr B. F. Stockham 2, -2s 6d, Mr T. Jones. 14-Six celosias-l, 5s (given by Mr J. George), Jilt H. Freemau 2, 2s 6d, Mr H. S. Gustard. VEGETABLES. 15-Collection of nine varieties—1. £ 1 Is (given ,by Mr S. T. Griffiu), Mr S. Dean, Westgate Hotel Newport; 2, 10s, Rev W. M. Willett; 3, 5s, Mr H. S. Gustard. 16-Dish of six tomatoes—1, 4s, Rev W. M. 'Willett; 2, 2s, Mr E. Rowen. 17—Brace of cucum berll-I. 4s, Rev W. M. Wriett.; 2, 2s, Mr S. Dean. 18—Twelve spring onions—1, 5s, Mr H. S. bustard 2, 2s 6d, Mr B. F. Stockham. 19—Six Autumn-sown oliions-1, 51 (given by Mr H, Freeman), Mr Freemau; 2, 25 6d, Mr S. ,Dean. 20-Thirty pods of peas—1, 3s, Mr R. Rickards 2, 28, Mr H. Freeman. 2L-Thirty scarlet runners—1, 3s, Mr R. Rickards; 2, 2s, Mr H. S. Gustard. 22—Six varieties of potatoes, 8 to a dish—1, 7s 6d, Mr D. Greeniug; 2, 5s, Mr H. S. 'Gustard. 23-Six leeks—1, 3s, Rev W. M. Willett; 2, 2s, Mr S. Dean. 21-Six sticks of red or white celery—1, 3s, Mr T. Knight; 2, 2a, Colonel Walbs. 25-Two red cabbage (given by Mr E. Price)-I, 3s, Mr H. Freeman 2, 2s, Rev W. M. Willetc. FRUIT. 25-Two bunches of black grapes—1, 5s, Rev W. M. Willett. 27-Ditto, white grapes-I, 5j, Rev W. M. "Willett. t t 28—Melon, scarlet or green flesh-I, 5s, Mr H. -Freeman; 2, 2s 6d, Rev W. M. Willetts 29-Six peaches-I, 5s, Mr H. S. Gustard; 2, 3*. Rev W. M. Willett. 3t>-8ix nectarines—1, 5;0, Rev W. M. Willett; 2s, Mr H. Freeman. 31-Rix pears, dessert-I, 3s, Mr S. Dean 2, 2s, .31r H. S. Gustard. 32—Six apples, dpssert-l. 3s, Mr B. F. Stockham 2, 2s, Mr E. Knight. 33-Collection of apples of 6 varieties-2 dessert, -4 culinary—5 fruits to a dish (given by Mr John Basham, Bassaleg). Nurserymen aud market gardeners not allowed to compete—1, log, Mr B. F. -Stockham; 2, 5s, Colonel Wallis; 3, 2s 6d, Mr C. J. Francis. CUT FLOWERS. 34—Six rose?, three varieties—1, 3s, Dr Harris 2, 2s, Mr H. Freeman. 35-Twelve cactus dahlias, six varieties-I, 3s, JUr H. Freeman; 2, 2s, Mr B. F. Stockham. gg—Twelve cut asters, six varieties-1, 3s, Mr .R. Rickards; 2, 2s, Mr B. F. Stockham. 37 Twelve double zinnias, at least six varieties- 1, 3s, Mr B. F. Stockham 2, 2s, Mr R. Freeman. 38—Twe^ double begonias—1, 3s, Mr H. S. Cfustard 2, 2s, Colonel Wallis. 39—Six spikes gladioli—1, 3s, Dr Harris; 2, 2s, .Mr R. Rickards. 40—Button holes—1, 3s, Rev W. M. Willett; 2, ..2Mr R. Rickards. 41-Spray-1, 2s 6d, Mr H. Freeman 2, Is 6d, Hev W. M. Willett. 42-Collection of six vases of sweet peas, -arranged with gypsophila fern or other foliage, not less than six varieties-1, 58 (wen by Mr J. B. Greeniiig), Rev W. M. Willett; 2, 3s (given by Mr A. J. Odam), Mr R, Rickards 3, 2a 6d (given ;by Mr A. H. Symonds), Colonel Wallis. 43—Six bunches zoual geraniums, three trussets to a btiiich-1, 5". Rev W. M. Willett; 2, 3s, Colonel Wallis; 3, 2s, Mr H. Freeman. 2.-AMATEUR CLASSES. l'OT PLANTS. 44—Four zonal geraniums in flower-I, 3s, Mrs Wm Phillips 2, 2s, Mr B F Stockham. 45—Four tuberous-rooted betronias in flower-1, 3s. Mr B F Stockham 2, 2s, Mr Thos Jones. 46—Fuchsia, single or double—1, 3s, Mr B F Stoekham 2, 2s, Mr Thos Joues. 47—Three petunias in flower-1, 3s, Mr Thomas Jones: 2, 2s, Mr B F Stockham. 48 -Three Coleus—1, 3s, Mr B F Stookham. 49-Three greenhouse feros-I, 3s, Mr B F Stockham. FRUI". 50-Six culinary apples—1, 3s, Mr A W Trot- man 2. 2s, Mr A F Lucas. 51-Six dessert apples-I, 3s Mr B F Stookham. f>2—Six dessert pears-No entry. 53 -Six plums-I, 3-, Mr A F Lucas 2, 2s, Mr J Lewis (Marvport-street). 54—Plate of red or white currants—1, 3s, Mr B F Stockham. CUT FLOWERS. 55-Six roses, three varieties—1, 3s, Mr Thomaa Jones; 2, 2s, Mr W J Sweet. 56—Three bunches of zonal geraniums, three trusses to a buneh (prizes given to Mr J Watkins) — 1, 3Q, Mrs Wm Phillips: 2, 2s, Mr B F Stockham. 57—Six cactus dahlias, not less than three varieties—1, 3s, Mr Thos Jones; 2, 2s, Mr W J Sweet. 58—Six asters-I, 3s, Mr B F Stockham 2, 2s, Mr T Jones. 59-Six zinniis-1, Ss, Mr B F Stockham 2, 2s, Mr T Jones. ôO-Three spikes gladioli-No competition. 61 Six pmsies, not less than three varieties-1, 3s. Mr A F Lucas 2. 2s, Mrs Wm Phillips. 62-Six German Stoctio-1, 3s, Mr F W Gibson 2, 2s, Mr W J Sweet. 63-Spray-1, 3s, Miss B Rowen 2, 2s, Mr B F Stookham. 64-Collection of six vases of sweet peas—1, 3s, Mr Reginald Edwards. 65—Collection of wild flowers, gathered and arranged by children under Ifi years of age, residents in the district (given by Mrs Freernan)-I, 5s, Miss Althea Bowen; 2, 3s, Miss Maud Green- ing 3, 2s, Miss Olive E Lucas. 66—Wreath of wild flowers, ferns, grasses, etc. (given by Mrs Jos Da vies)—1. 3s, Miss B Rowen; 2, 2s, Mr B F Stockham. VEGETABLES. 67-Collection of vegetables, six varieties-I, 10s, Mr T Jones 2, 5s, Mr B F Stockham 3, 2s, Mr A F Lucas. 68-Six tomatoes—1, 5s, Mr B F Stockham; 2, 2s 6d, Mr T .J onps. 69-Two cucumbers—1, 3s, Mr B F Stockham; 2, 2s, Mr T Jones. 70 Six heaviest spring onions—1, 3s 6d, Mr B F Stockham 2, 2s 6d, Mr A F Lucas. 71—Dish of twelve kidney potatoes—1, 3s, Mr A W Trotman 2, 2s, Mr Thos Hatrhy. 72 -Ditto, round notatoes -1, 38, Mr A W Trot- man; 2. 2s, Mr B F Stockham. 73 —Three sticks of celery—1, 3s, Mr B F Stock- ham 2, 2s, Mr T Jones. 7i-Twelve scarlet runner#—1, 3s, Mr R A Rogers; 2 2s, Mr A W Trotman. ALLOTMENTS, 75—Best cultivated and neatest kept allotment garden of not less than 10p., within a radius of a mile of Usk (eiven by Mrs Boulton)—1, 7s 6d, Mr T Jones; 2s 6d, Mr A Smart. FOB LADIES ONLY. 75A-Best arranged and decorated table completely laid for four persons for dessert, without fruit, 3ft 6in bv 3ft—1, value 10s 6d (given by Mr A Allmark, jeweller, Pontypool), Mrs Boulton 2, 5s, Mrs E K Jones 3, 2s 6d, Miss Irene Brown (Llwyncelyn). 3.-COrrAGERS' GLASSES. POT PLANTS. 76-,rhree plants in flower-No compe'ition. 77-Fnchfiia in flower -1, 2s, Mr G Smith; 2, Is, Mr G Watkins. 78-Window grown plant—1, 2s, Mr G Smith 2, Is, Mr G Watkins. 79-Two geraniums in flower-I, 3s. Mr G Smith 2, 2s. Mr Edwin Brown. 80—Petunia in flower-I, 2s, Mr G Smilh. 81—Pot musk—1, 2s, Mrs George 2, Is, Mr G Smith. CUT FLOWERS. 82-Three show dahlias—1, 3$, Mr G. Smith; 2, 2s, Mr A Smart. 83-Three cactus dahlias—1, 3s, Mr A Smart 2, 2s, Mr G Smith. 84 -Six asters-I, 3s, Mr James Powell. 85—Six stocks-2, 2s, Mr G. Smith. 86-Six pansies, not less than three varieties—1, 3s, Mr G Smith 2, 2a, Mr J Powell. 87—Best arranged basket of out-door flowers and grasses— 3s, Mrs George; 2, 2s, Miss Maggie George. 88-ilaiid boiquet of out-door fliwers and grasses—1, 3s, Mr G Watkins; 2, 2s, Mrs George. VEGETABLES. 89—Collection of vegetables, fix varieties—1,. 108 61 (given by Mrs Boulton), Mr G Smith 2, 5s, Mr D Greening 3, 2s 6d, Mr T. Knight. 90—Twelve shalots—1, 2s, Mr G Smith 2, Is, Mr Oliver Preece. 91-Twelve scarlet runners—1, 2s, Mr G Smith; 2, Is, Mr D Greening. 92-Twelve kidney potatoes—1, 3s 6d, Mr D Lewis (Gwehelog); 2, 28 6d, Mr D Greening; 3, Is. Mr G Smith. 93—Ditto, round—1, 3s 6d, Mr E Brown; 2, 2 6d, Mr James Powell; 3, Is. Mr George Smith. 94—Dish of peas, dozen carrots, dozen onions (prizes by Mrs Jos Davies)—1, 3s 6d, Mr J Lewis; 2, 2s. Mr D Greening. 95 -Brace of marrows—1, 3s, Mr D Greening. 96—Two red cabbage-I, 38, Mr Tom Kuight; 2, 2s, Mr G Smith. 97—Brace of cncumbers-I. 3s, Mr T Knight 2, 2s, Mr J Powell. FRUIT. 98 -Six cooking apples—1, 3s, Mr Eli Brooks, Bettws Newydd; 2, 2s, Mr J Powell. 99—Six table apples—1, 3s, Mr Eli Brooks; 2, 2e, Mr Ernest Knight. 100—Twelve gooseberries—1, 3s, Mr G Watkins; 2, 2s, Me John Lewis. 4.—SPECIAL PRIZES. OPEN". 101 -Messrs. Sutton and Sons' (Reading), prizes for collection of vegetables, six distinct varieties- 1, 91, Rev W M Willett; 2, 10s, Mr H S Gustard 3, 59, Mr R Rickards. 102.—Messrs. Webb and Sons' (Wnrdsley, Stourbridge), prizes for collection of vegetables, six di-tiuct varieties, to include two at least of Messrs. Webbs' varieties—1, 10s, Mr Thomas Jones. 103—Mr H>nry Pitt's (Abergavenny), prizes for collection of vegetables, six distinct varieties-I. i 10s, Mr B F Stockham; 2, 7s 6d, Mr H Freeman. 10 1 Llfeasrs. J. C. Wheeler and Sons' (Gloucester), prizes for collection of vegetables, six varieties-I, 7s 6d, Colonel Wallis 2, 5s, Mr B F Stockham. lOo.—Messrs..Daniel Bros.' (Norwich), prizes for collection of vegetables, six variel.ies-l, 7s 6d, Mr B F Stockham. 106 Alessrs. William Clibran and S,) n s' (Manchester), prizes for collection of vegetables, six varieties-1. IOS 6d, Colonel Wallis 2, 7s 6d, Mr B F S'ockham. 107—Best single vegetable in show (excluding tomato), given by Mr H. Freeinati-5s, an onion from Sutton a vegetable collection shown by Mr H S Gustard. HONEY. 108— Six lib sectiotis-1, 5s, Mrs Merrett, Tutshill, Chepstow 2, 2s 6d, Miss Sarah Jones, Coedypaen iog-,rhrel lib bottles of run honey-1, 5s, Mr H Biitclier; 2, 2s 6d. Mr H Freeman. 110-Stiper bell-glass, box, or skep of 1903 honey, not less than 7lbs (given by Mr J Edmunds) -5s, Mr H Freeman. DRESSED POULTRY. lll-Couple of dressed ducks-I, 5s, Miss Sarah Jones; 2, '2a 6d, Mrs S A Heath, Raglan, 112-Couple of dressed fowls-I. 5s, and sitting of Old English Game Egga (given by Dr Rutherfoord Harris), Mrs S A Heath; 2, 2s 6d, Mrs A W Trotman. EGGS. 113-Twelve brown eggos-l, 2a 6d, Mrs Greening: 2, Is, Mrs S A Heath. 114—Twelve white 2i 61, Mrs Greening; 2, Is, Mrs S A Heath. As usua1, Mr Henry Pitt, nurseryman, seedsman, and florist, of AHergavennv, sent a contribution for decorative purposes. A feature was made of sweet peas, of which there were 3t; distinct varieties in all shades of colour, from the purest white to the deepest mRrooc-a, really splendid collection. Some fine carnations were also shown, together with a choice collection of stove and greenhouse plants, and a magnificent wreath of Stephanotis, Panere- tium, arum lillies, &c demonstrated what Mr Pitt could supply in this line. Fine bunches of Muscat and Black Hamburg grapes were surrounded by plates of peaches, nectarines, apricots, and dessert apples. "Sir John Llewelyn," the most prolific kidney potato of recent introduction, was also brought before the notice of the visitors. Mr E. Rowen, Usk, also showed a nice collection of vegetables.















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