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Cricket. !

Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

Cricket. USE V, Y.M.C.A. (CARDIFF.) 1 The second match of 'he season between these teams was played at ITsli on Saturday last, in splendid weather. Usk went to the wickets first, T. Rees and S. A. Hiley facing the trundling of W. K. Duncan and B. Cheetham. Hiley was missed in the slips off the first ball from Duncan, but was clean bowled next ball. F. Hill partnered Rees and opened the so ring with a boundary hit. Rees •was run out before any addition wits made to this Score. A. C Hiley followed, and the score was taken to :38, before he was dismissed, A change in the bowling was made here, J. p Jones relieving Cheetham at the pavilion end. F. J. Edmundt, went in, and after hitting a two was caught at point 'bv W. E. Bulmer. S. C. Moseley followed, and after 8 runs had been added to the score, Hill, who bad 'been batting well, was oat l.b.w. A. G. Wallace and Moseley were then together, and the lformec, after getting 2 singles and a boundary, was ,dismissed by Joues. W. A. Williams and Moseley made a good stnndf but the former was missed ty Thomas before he had scored. The score reached 92 before Moseley, who had compiled 18. was clean bowled by Cheetbam. W. F. Roberts and M. Baines were both dismissed by Cheetham before breaking thir "ducks." WilKanas carried out has fcat for 19, and the Usk innings closed for 96. G. P. Thomas and W. E. Bulmer opened the T.M.C.A. inning to the bowtrog of W. F. Roberts and A. G. Wailace. Bulmer was bowled by Roberts with the score at 3, and Duacan, who followed, was Tun out without making any addition. F. Bulmer partnered the Cardiff skipp«r, but his stay was also trief, being dismissed by Wallace, after a bounèary jhit. Butterworth and Thomas tock the score to 30, when a double change was made in the bowling, F. J. Edmunds relieviug Wallace, and W. A. Williams taking Roberts' place. Wallace missed Thomas off Williams' second ball. At 47, Butterworth, who bad contributed 11, was smartly caught and bowled by Edmunds. B. Cheatham joined Thomas, and' the latter, after 2 runs kad been added, was sent back by Williami;, tfter contributing a steadily compiled 45. Felly joined Cheatham, and the half- cetitury went up. Wallace relieved Edmunds ht S9, and Cbeetham with a boundary, subsequently passed the U k score. Moeeley missed Pelly m the elipa a run after the placing of the century, but "Williams disturbed Cheetham after he bad made 45. D. C. Duncan's stay was brief, he being bowled first fcall from Williams at the same total, aDd the innings closed far 123. Scores-- csc. T. Rees, run out 0 S. A. Hiley, b W. K. Duncan 0 F. Hill, lbw J. Jones 24 A. Hiley, b Duncan 0 19 F. Edmunds, c W.E. Bulmer, b Cancan 2 8. E. Moseley, b Cheetham IS Rev H. J. Bates, lbw, b J. P. Jones. 6 A. G. Wallace, b J. P. Jones 6 W. A. Williams, not out 10 W. F. Roberts, b Cheetham 0 S. Baines, b Cheetham 0 Extras. 2 Total.96 CARDIFF (Y.M.C.A.) G. P. Thomas, b W. A. Williams 19 W. E. Butuler. b W. F. Roberts 1 W. K. Duucan, run out 0 F. B. N. Buluner, b A. G. Wallace 11 R. Butterworth, c and b F. Edmunds 11 B. Cheetham, b W. A. Williams 45 J. G. Pelly, c Williams, b Wallace 20 D. 1 •iiman. b W. A. Williams 0 A. H. Morgan, not out 6 F. Kitto, lbw, b A. G. Wallace. 1 J. P. Joi Hfj. b A, G. Wallace 0 Extras o 9 Total 123 MR. H. G. POWELL'S XI. (USK), V. PENRHOS. This. the second match, was played at Penrhos on Wednesday, and resulted in a win for the visitors ty 39 runs on the first inniDgs, thanks principally to the batting of G. Edmunds. The Rev W. C. Feethsm bospititbly entertained the teams to tea. &ores PiRNEHos-First Innings. J. U. Thumper, c Williams, b Thomas. 9 W. C. Feetham, b A Thomas 14 J. Bradney, c Powell, bT. Williams.. I C. Evan. c Williams, b T Williams.. 15 A. Da vies, e and b T. Williams 0 J. Seotborne. b J. Marfell 1 Tom Jones, b J, Marfell 6 J. W. Trurnppr, b T Williams I Thos. Rees, ran out 0 Thos. Drtvien, st Edmnnds, b Williams. 0 A. Prosner, not out 2 Extras 5 Total 54 Second lauinga. J. H. Trumper, c Etheridge, b Hiley 7 Rev W. Feetham, a Marfell, bHiley.. 3 J. Bradney, c Powell, b Hiley 0 <3. C. Evans, b Edmunds 16 R. Davis, c Smith, b Watkins I J. Seaborne, c Edmunds, b Watkins 9 Tom Jones e Edmunds, b Watkins. 2 T. Rees, b Hiley 3 J. H. Trumper, b Edmnnds 4 "Thos. Davies. b Edmunds 0 Â. Pro r, b Hiley 0 Extras 1 Total 46 UpK. A. C. Hiley, o Evans, b Trumper 7 ]R. J. Fdwards, b Feetham 6 T. Williams, run out 3 It. Etberiige, b Feetham 16 ,A. J. Thomas, c Feetham 3 B. G. Powell, rnn out 3 L. S. Davies. b Feetham. I <3-. Edmunds, not out 36 J. H. Marfell, b Feetham 1 F. Watkins, b A. Davis. 0 Tom Smith, c Trumper 4 Extras 13 Total.. 93 )

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