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USK URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. SUMMARY OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS Of the Urban District Council of Usk, on account of the Public Health Act, 1875, and Local Government Act, 1894, For the ITear ending 31st March, 1908. General Expenditure Account. 1903. EXPENDITURE. March 31at. £ s. d. £ 8. d. First-In respect of PUBLIC WORKS, viz: Sewerage 13 16 4 Sewage disposal. 44 9 3 Urinals 2 0 0 Repairs of Main Roads 80 7 11 Ditto other Roads 29 3 0 Scavenging 27 18 4 Lighting 89 211 Public Clocks 6 5 6 Public Oiffces 51 11 10 Public Works Loan Board, Interest on Loan No. 1 2 2 0 Public Works Loan Board, Interest on Loan No. 2 91 16 3 Ditto, 3rd and 4th Instal- ments of Principal, Loan No. 2 100 0 0 538 13 4 and-In respect of PRIVATE WORKS: Hoard- ing Dangerous Building 1 8 0 Third-Ia respect of GENERAL EXPENDITURE: Salaries of Officers, balance 65 0 0 Establishment Charges 22 16 3 Open Spaces 6 0 0 Usk Technical Instruction Committee 5 0 0 Return of Deaths 0 5 10 99 2 1 Irrecoverable of Rate, voids, and on appeal 19 9 2 Balance 117 16 oi X776 8 n 1903. RECEIPTS. J March 31st. £ s. d. Balance from last year's Account ..121 6 4 General District Rate, made 4th July 490 16 IH Town Hall Receipts 20 14 4 Licenses .156 Rents 32 9 7 Market Balance 65 6 10 Sewage Field 25 17 6 Mi,geellaneous 18 11 7 L776 8 7! (Drainage j £ ccoiznt. I EXPENDITURE. 1902. ;C S. d. March 31st.-Balance last Account 3 12 4 Nov.— Public Works Loan Com- mis,ioners, 28th Instal- ment of Principal 20 0 0 £ 23 12 4 RECEIPTS^ —— 'V 1902. £ s. d. Nov.— 28th Instalment of Princi- pal 20 0 0 1903. Mar. 31st.-By Balance 312 4 X23 12 4 Market Capital Accoant. EXPENDITURE. 1902. X a. d. I March 31st.—Balance 2860 0 0 JE2850 0 0 RECEIPTS. 1902. £ J s. d. May 33rd.— Public Works Loan Com- missioners, 3rd half- yearly Instalment of Principal. 50 0 0 Nov. 23rd.— 4th Ditto 50 0 0 1903. March 313t,-Balance 2750 0 II £ 28-50 0 0 balance Sheet 31st March, 1903. I To £ s. d. T. Rees, junr., balance in hand 0 10 OJ 2 Treasurer, on Drainage Accouut 36 7 8 Drainage, Capital Account 3 12 4 Market Capital Account 2750 0 0 Treasurer, General Account 117 6 0 Ditto, Technical Instruction Committee 71 7 5 X2979 3 õj 2 [By £ s. d. General Expenditure Account 117 16 2 Public Works Loan Board, Loan No. 1 40 0 0 Public Works Loan Board, Loan No. 2 2750 0 0 Technical Instruction Aet, 1889 71 7 5 .f29793 5 £ ARTHUR F. LUCAS, Clerk. I have examined the several Accounts, of which the foregoing is the Balance Sheet, and I have compared the various payments credited to the Treasurer with the vouchers, and I hereby certify that the entries appear to be correct and legal, and that the balances of the Treasurer's Accounts, viz., £ 117 6s. Od. General, J686 7s. 8d. Loan, and X71 7s. 5d. Technical Instruction, agree with the balances which by the Treasurer's own Books appear to have been in his hands at the time of closing such accounts. W. G. COX, Dated this 14th August, 1903. District Auditor. !I A A-1 A. JOHN H. RENNIE, BY itM. AGRICULTURAL and GENERAL AUCTIONEER, & VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, &c., Office and Sale-rooms f, & 12, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT. Fat and Store Stock Sales held in Newport, Usk, and Chepstow Markets, on Market Days. Auction Fixtures. 1903. Aug. 24-Live Stock, Hay and Grass Kaep, at Garn-wcn Farm, Cwmbran, for the Representatives of the late Mrs A. Richards, at 2 p.m. 25—Fat and Store Stock, at Chepstow Cattle Market. 26-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 26-Horses, Carriages, Carts, and Harness, at Newport Cattle Market. Sept. 2-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. Early date.—Household Furniture, Pianofortes, and Effects, at Salerooms, 1, Skinner- street; Newport. 7-Fat and Store Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, at Usk Cattle Market. 8—Fat and Store Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, at Chepstow Cattle Market. 9-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. Early date.—Prime C!over and Hay, at Coach and Horses, Caerwent. (Further entries respectfully solicited). Catalogues and Particulars obtainable from the Auctioneer, as above. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Educational. Usk Technical Instruction Classes. SESSION begins MOND XY, 7th SEPTEMBER. S Evening Cla-ses wiil be held in Workshop & Commercial Arithmetic, Shorthand, Elementary Drawing (for beginners), Art Drawing and Manual Training. Early application to join classes is invited. Fee, each subject, 2a 6d, For further paiticulara see handbills, or apply ARTHUR F. LUCAS, Usk, 20th August, 1903. Secretary. THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT. Usk Higher Grade SchooL ri^HE above SCHOOL will be KE-OPENED on 1 TUESDAY, the 8th Sept., for a Term of 15 Weeks. All Candidates seeking admission must pass an Examination, mid will be required to attend at the School, at 3 c'olock in the Afternoon of MONDAY, the 7th frept., for that purpose. All Fees must be paid to the Undersigned, who will attend to receive the same in the Afternoon of THURSDAY, the 10th Sept. A. H. WATKINS, 14th August, 1903. Clerk. THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT. Usk Higher Grade School. rPHE SCHOLARSHIP MANAGERS announce JL that they are able to offer Bursaries to Children attending, or who wish to attend, the Usk Higher Grade School. These Bursaries will be money payments, granted at the .discretion of the Scholarship Managers, and it is hoped will enable Parents, otherwise unable, to keep their Children at School for a longer period. They will be awarded on application to the Scholarship Mauagers, such application to be made on a form supplied by S. A. Hiley, Esq., on or before the 5th day of September. A. H. WATKINS, Clerk to the Scholarship Managers. Ty Newydd, Usk, 4th August, 1903. Llanbaddoc School Board. WANTED, immediately, for the Glascoed School (Mixed), an ASSISTANT MIS. TRESS (Article 68). Salary, L25 per aunum.— Apply, with copies of testimonials, to E. WADDINGTON, Usk, Clerk to the Board. To Let FROM February 2nd, 1904, PENTWYN FARM, Gwehelog, containing about 100 acres of Pasture and Arable. -Apply' by letter to R. RICKARDS, The Priory, Usk. 4tli Vol. Batt. South Wales Borderers. "G" (USK) COMPANY. Orders for the week ending August 29th, 1903. Monday, Company Parade, dress drill order, at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday, Class Firing, 3 p.m. Thursday, Company Parade, dress drill order, at 7.30 p.m. Saturday, Class Firing, 3 p,tm Rifles etc., will be issued from the Armoury at 2.45 p.m., on days of firing. By Order, STANLEY M. WILLIAMS, Commanding G Company. :¥" Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Aug 22nd. 8.9 Sunday, fcSrd 8. 7 Monday, 91 24th S. 5 Tuesday, „ 25th 8. 2 Wednesday, 26th 8.0 Thursday. Jt 27th. 7.58 Friday, 28th 7.56 Saturday, 29th. 7.54 Being One hoar after Sunset, Registration of Voters. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. SOUTHERN DIVISION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that EDWARD ANNESLEY OWEN, Esquire, Barrister-at- Law, having been appointed to Revise the Lists of Voters and County Electors in the Election of Kuighta of the Shire for the Southern Division of the County of Moumouth and of the County Authorities, will hold Courts for that purpose, at the places and times, and for the several Parishes and Places respectively undermentioned, viz. AT MONMOUTH, At the Shire Hall, on TUESDAY, the 15th day of September next, at 12.16 o'clock in the After- noon, for- Cwmcarvan Penalt Dixton Rockfield Mitchel Troy Wonastow Monmouth AT TRELLECK, At the Police Court, on TUESDAY, the 15th day September next, at 4.30 o'clock in the After. noon, for- Llandogo Trelleck Parish Llanishen Trelleck Grange Llanvihangel Tor-y- Trelleck Town mynydd AT USK, At the Sessions Houle, on WEDNESDAY, the 16th day of September next, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, for— Bettws Newydd Llanllowell Gwehelog Llantrissent Gwernesney Monkswood Kemeys Commander Newchurch East Llanbadoc Newchurch West Llaugeview Trostrey Llaugibby Usk Llaugwm Isha Wolvesnewtou Llangwm Ucha AT RISCA, At the Urban District Council Offices, on SATUR- DAY, the 26th day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Duffryn Graig Risca Rogerstone AT NEWBRIDGE, At the Newbridge Hotel, on MONDAY, the 28th day of September next, at 11.20 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Abercarn Mynyddielwyn AT RAGLAN, At the Police Court, on TUESDAY, the 29th day of September next, at 11.45 o'clock in the Fore- noon, for- Bryngwyn Llanarth Clytha Pare Grace Dieu Dingestow and Hamlet Penrose of Treworgan Penyclawdd LI an go van Raglan Llandenny Trcgare Llansoy AT BEDWAS, At the Board School, Bedwas, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of September next, at 10.40 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Bedwas Lower Machen Lower Bedwas Upper Machen Upper AT CASTLETON. At the Coach and Horses Inn, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of September next, at 4.30 o'clock in the Afternoon, for- Marshfield Rummey Michaelstone-y-Vedw St. Mellons Peterstone AT NEWPORT, At the Town Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of September next, at 6.30 o'clock in the Afternoon, for- Bettws Nash Coedkernew Newport Christchurch St. Brides Wentlooge Henllis St. Woollos Malpas AT CHEPSTOW, At the Police Court, Chepstow, on THURSDAY, the 1st day of October next, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Caerwent and Crick Peaterry Caldicot Portskewett Chapel Hill St. Aivans and Hamlet Chepstow and Hardwick of Portcasseg Ditiham St. Arvaus Grange Ho wick St. Kings mark I'tou St. Pierre and Runstone Kilgwrrwg Shirenewton Mathern Tiutern Parva Mounton AT MAGOR, At the National School, on THURSDAY, the 1st day of October next, at 5.20 o'clock in the After- noou, for- Bishtou Llanvair Discoed GoldclifE Llanvihangel Roggiett If ton Magor Llangstone and Llan- Pellhow beder Redwick Llanmartiu and Llan- Roggiett devaud St. Brides Netherwent Llanweru Undy Llandavenny Wilcrick Llanvaches Whitson AT CAERLEON, At the Police Court, oil FRIDAY, the 2nd day of Octobar next, at 10.3'J o'clock in the Forenoon, for- Caerleon Llatiddewi Vach Kemeys Inferior Llanheunoc Llangattock-juxta- Llanvihangel Llantarnam Caerleon LUnfrechfa Lower Llandegveth Tredunoc AN EVENING SITTING. AT NEWBRIDGE,. At the Newbridge Hotel, on MONDAY, the 28th day of September next, at 6 o'clock p.m. AT NEWPORT, At the Town Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of September next, at 6.30 o'clock p.m. The. punctual attendance of Overseers at the time fixed is required. Overseers are requested to attend personally. together with their Assistants, and to bring with them to the Revising Barrister's Court, the several Notices of Claims of Voters. Occupiers' Lists, and all Notices of Objections to Voters, and Notices of Withdrawal or Revival of Objections, sent or delivered to them, with all Bills, Receipts, and Vouchers for expenses incurred by them also all Rates made for the Relief of the Poor between the 5th January, 1902, and the 15th day of July, 1903. Overseers are also required to publish this Notice in their respective Parishes and Places. N.B.—Neglect of duty in any particular required (as set forth in the Act of 6 Victoria, Chap. 18, and subsequent Acts), will subject an Overseer to a fine not exceeding Five Pounds, nor less than Twenty Shillings. H. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Clerk of the County Council. Newport, Mon., 19th August, 190-3. ipmvnsEm &c., FOR VTOK Ending August 29th, 1903. Aug. Sat. 22-Pont.vpool Petty Sessions. Cricket—Usk v. Panteg, at Usk. Sun. 23-Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. Mon. 24—Monmouth Cattle Market. Tues. 2o—Abergavenny Cattle Market. Sale of Compact Freehold Property, at the George Hotel, Chepstow, by Messrs Davis, Newland, and Hunt. (See advt.) Wed. 2G-Newport Cattle, Cheese, & Corn Mkts. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Thur. 27-Usk Petty Sessions. Choral Festival at St. Mary's Church, Usk Sat. 29-Pontypool Petty Sessions, 11 a.m. Raglan Petty Session*. A Few Miles only stands between you and tbe LARGEST STOCK of FURNITURE fn this part of the country. But not only is a LARGE SELECTION at your disposal, the added advantages of plain marking at CASH PRICES Will Save you Many Pounds in money, if you are purchasing to any extent. We shall be pleased to send you our ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE showing the cash price of every article. As to the quality you will need no further assurance when we say that all goods bear the name G-ANE, which, for nearly a century, has borne an unblemished reputation for the manufacturer of ARTISTIC RELIABLE FURNITURE. Many firms have done ns tbe honour to copy our trade terms, and, as far as possible, our methods of business. But No local house, indeed, few in the kingdom, can equal the Sterling value we give, or show you Such a magnificent collection of FURNITURE as that we hold at t61 & 162, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT. and at CARDIFF and BRISTOL, and a visit of inspection (to which we cordially invite yeu) will prove this assertion. G-ANE, Furniture Colosseum, NEWPORT. Sales by Auction. by MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE. Oakfield House, Llandenny. Quarter mile from Station, G.W. Railway. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF Antique Furniture, Silver and Plated Goods, China and Effects, WHICH MESSRS. MARFELL AND POOLE HAVE been favoured with instructions from the Executors of Mas. MOXHAM, deceased, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises as above, on FRIDAY, AUGUST 28TH, 1903. PARTICULARS: Antique mahogany table with cabriole legs, ditto with original brass handles, very fine carved antique oa.k chest, grandfather's clock in oak case, Chippendale arm chair, two Chippendale chairs, rosewood chefFonier, books, Piir of old paintings on glass "The Nativity," and "The Resurrection," pair of antique steel engravIngs by J. K. Sherwin "The Deserted Village," and "The Happy Village," kitchen utensils, &e. BEDROOM APPOINTMENTS, including antique walnut inlaid chest of drawers. & collection of silver and plated goods assort- ment of old china and glass, including examples of Worcester, Wedge wood, Old Staffordshire, Brown Derby, &c.; quantity of old English cut glass, pair of fine bronze figures, &c.; also invalid chair fitted with shafts. 2 casks, 1 tram, and about 50 fowls. Sale at 1.30 o'clock. Auctioneers' Offices, The Willows, Usk. By Messrs. DAVIS, NEWLAND, & HUNT. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Iii the Parish of Llanvihangel Tor-y-mynydd. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. DAVIS, NEWLAND & HUNT have been favoured with instructions from Nfit JOB DAwEs, to offer for iALE BY AUCTION, at the GEORGE HOTEL, CH EPSTOW, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 1903, at 3 o'clock in the afterr. ion, under Conditions to be then produced, the Compact Freehold Farm called NEW STAR," situate adjoining the main road, midway between the two Market Towns of Chepstow and Usk, containing 29a. 2r. 34p. of sound o d pasture, fertile arable land and orchard- ing, with Dwelling House and set of suitable Farm Buildings, now in the occapation of the owner. The property occupies a warm aud sheltered position, commanding most extensive views of the I surrounding country, is nicely timbered and exceptionally well watered. To view apply to Mr Job Dawes, Berth Grwyn Farm, Llanvihangel Tor-y-mynydd and further particulars with Plan may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Chepstow and Newport; or of MESSRS. MORGAN, FRANCIS, STANTON AND PARNALL, Solicitors, Chepstow and Newport. FREE INSURANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. COUPON TICKET SPECIALLY GUARANTEED BY THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUAKANTEE CORPORATION, LTD., 40, 42 & 44, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. (to whom Notice of Claims, under the following conditions, must be sent within seven days to the above address). -C?" OO will be paid by the above Corporation to the c* next-of-kin of anyone who is killed by an accident to the IIAIIJWAV Til A. IK, TRAM CAM, OMNIBVtI, CAKRIEU'S TAX, CABT, CABXtlA GH, Or WAGGON (within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands), in which the deceased was travelling, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby (should death result within three calendar mouths after such accident). rove Should such accident not prove fatal, but produce, within the same period of three months, permanent total disable- ment, i.e., the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of each, by actual separation above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive £50, or for the loss of one limb, under the aforesaid conditions, will be paid, ZC25 PROVIDED that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person, OR HAD LEFT AT HOME THIS PAPER, IN ITS ENTIRETY, WITH HIS, OR HER, USUAL SIGNATURE, writ- ten, prior to the accident, on the space provided below, which is the egsence of this contract. This Insurance holds good for the current week's issue only is limited to one Coupon for each holder, and carries the benefits of, and is subject to the conditions of, the "OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, Limited, Act, 1890," Risks Nos. 2, 8, 5, and 6. The Corporation admit that the purchase of this Paper is the payment of a premium under Section 84 of the Act Railway Servants on duty excepted. Signature

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