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CURRENT SPORT. ] FOOTBALL LEAGUE, FIRST DIVISION. The following games were played on Satur. ;day:-Newcastle United v. Blackburn Rovers: At Newcastle, Newcastle United won by twc goals to one.—Notts County v. Sheffield W ednes- day: At Nottingham, Notts County won by one goal to none.—Manchester City v.. Sunderland: At Manchester, Manchester City won by twc goals to one.—Derby County v. West Bromwich Albion At Derby, Derby County won by four goals to two.—Aston Villa v. Bury: At Bir- mingham, Bury won by two goals to, none.— Middlesbrough v. Liverpool: At Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough won by one goal to none.—Stoke v Small Heath: At Stoke, Stoke won by one goal to none.—Everton v. Vfolverhampton Wan- derers At Liverpool, Everton won by twc goals to none.-Shei-ield United v. Notts Forest: At Sheffield, the United won by two goals tc none. 0 Easter Monday games:-Small Heath v. Bury: At Small Heath, Small Heath won by one goal to none.-Sunderland v. Notts Forest: At Sunderland, Sunderland won by three goals I to one.—Wolverhampton Wanderers v. Stoke At Wolverhampton, the match ended in a point- less draw.—Everton v. Sheffield Wednesday: This game, at Goodison Park, Liverpool, ended in a victory for Everton by two goals to nil.— Notts County v. Sheffield United: At Trent Bridge, Nottingham, Notts County won by two goals to one. SECOND DIVISION "SOCCER." Saturday matches :—Burnley v. "Woolwich Ar- senal At Burnley, Burnley won by one goal to none.—Preston North End v. Bradford City: At Preston, Preston North End won by four goals to none.—Manchester United v. Leicester Fosse: At Leicester, Manchester United won fey one goal to none.—Grimsby Town v. Glos- sop: At Grimsby, Grimsby Town beat Glossop by two goals to none.—Blackpool v. Bristol City At Blackpool, Bristol City won by one goal to non e.-Chesterfield v. Lincoln City: At Chesterfield, Lincoln City won by one goal to none.—Stockport County v. Burslem Port Vale: At Stockport, the result was a draw-one goal each.-Gainsborough Trinity v. Burton United: Playing at home, Gainsborough Trinity suffered defeat, the Burton United beating them by two goals to one. Monday fixtures: Woolwich Arsenal v. Glossop: Woolwich Arsenal beat Glossop at Plum stead by two goals to one.—Burton United v. Burslem Port Yale At Burton-on-Trent, no- thing being scored, the game ended in a draw.—■ Grimsby Town v. Blackpool: At Grimsby, Grimsby won by four goals to nil.—Leicester Fosse v. Gainsborough Trinity: At Leicester, a draw of two goals each.—Barnsley v. Bolton Wanderers A^ Barnsley, the home team won by one goal to niL-Chesterfield v. Bradford City: The result of this match at Chesterfield .was a draw, each side scoring once. SOUTHERN LEAGUE. Saturday's games resulted thus :-Tottenham Hotspur v. Luton: This match, at Tottenham, v f1/1 a ^raw one §°al each.—Brentford Southampton Visiting Brentford, Southamp- ton won by one goal to nil.-West Ham United ew Brompt-on At Canning Town, the meet- ing between these sides resulted in a pointless ,d,.W.-Portsmou-th v. Fulham: Nothing being scored at Portsmouth, the match ended in a clraw. Wellingborough v. Plymouth Argyle: This game at Wellingborough ended in a win for the Argyle by three goals to one.—Reading v. Swindon At Reading, the game ended in a draw, each side scoring once.-—Brighton and Hove Albion v. Millwall; Nothing being scored, this match at Brighton resulted in a draw.— Bristol Rovers v. Queen's Park Rangers: A draw of one goal each was the result of this match at Bristol. The matches decided on Monday in this com- petition were:—Southampton v. West Ham United: This game, at Southampton, ended in a draw of one goal each.—Northampton v. Luton: Tius match, at Northampton, ended in a point- tess draw.—Reading v. Plymouth Argyle: At Reading, the Argyle won by three goals to one.— Wellingborough v. Kettering: At Welling- borough, each side scored twice, and the game was clrtsinolith v. Tottenham Hotsnur: This game, at Portsmouth, ended in the defeat of the Hotspur by one goal to nil. MIDLAND LEAGUE. Saturday's ga,mes :-Thornhill, two; Work- sop, two.—Gresley Rovers, two Whitwick White Cross, one.—Denaby, two Gainsborough Re- serves, two.-Shef-r;eld Wednesday Reserves, four; Rotherham, one; Hinckley, three; Lin- coln Reserves, two.-Sheffie-ld United Reserves', two; Newark, none. < Bank Holiday Matches .-Sheffield Wednesday Reserves v. Chesterfield Reserves At Owlerton, Sheffield, the Wednesday Reserves won by two goals to none.—Newark v. Derby County Re- serves: At Newark, the home players beat the Derby Reserves by four goals to one.-Doncaster Rovers v. Barnsley Reserves At Doncaster, the Rovers beat the Barnsley Reserves by two goals 'to one.-Rotherham v. Gainsborough Trinity Re- serves: At Rotherham, Rotherham won by two goals to none.-Sheffield United Reserves v. FGresley Reserves: At Sheffield, the Sheffield Re. serves won by five goals to none.—Thornhill v. 'Whitwick vv nite Cross: These clubs played a drawn game at Thornhill, nothing being scored. f- ENGLISH LEAGUE V. SCOTTISH LEAGUE. At Manchester on Bank Holiday the thirteenth annual match between teams representing the English and Scottish Leagues was played. The game nroved a big attraction, about 35,000 people AssPimhling to see the play. England won by two goals to one. LONDON LEAGUE.—PREMIER DIVISION. Millwall v. Queen's Park Rangers: At Mill- wall on Monday Millwall won by three goals to one.—Brentford v. Fulham These teams met at Brentford on Monday. Fulham won by one goal to nil. ARMY CUP.—FINAL TIE. Royal Marine Artillery v. Service Battalion Royal Engineers: Ten thousand spectators as- sembled on Easter Monday on the Army Athletic 'Ground, Aldershot, to witness the final tie for 'the Army Cup. The Marine Artillery won by one goal to nil. t- BANK HOLIDAY SOCCER" FRIENDLIES. Aston Villa v. Third Lanark: At Birmingham, Aston Villa won by two goals to none.—Glen- "toran v. Partick Thistle: At Belfast, the result ^as a draw, nothing being scored.—Newcastle United v. Queen's Park: At Newcastle, the United beat Queen's Park by two goals to one. ESSEX SENIOR CUP.—FINAL TIE. Ilford v. South Weald At Leyton on Monday Ilford defeated South Weald in the final tie of the Essex Senior Cup by seven goals to none. "AMATEUR CUP.—FINAL TIE. Sheffield v. Ealing: The struggle for posses- sion of the Amateur Cup proved a considerable attraction at Bradford, and, the weather being fine, 5,000 people asseniMed, the success of Die Yorkshire club by three goals to one naturally being very popular. GLOUCESTERSHIRE CUP.—FINAL TiE. Bristol City v. Bristol Rovers: Playing on their own ground, the City won the Gloucester- s ire v^up, defeating the Rovers by two goals to -one. JO "RUGGER" GAMES. Northern Union League.-Division I.-Old- ham, eleven; Swmton, two.-I-Iunslet, seven; Halifax, none^—-Leeds, eleven Hull five. Sal- ford, fiver Wigan, two.—Broughtoi Rangers, eleven; Keighley, five. Northern Union Leagiie.Divisi-)n II.—Bramloy, ten; Ponte- fract, seven.—Dewsbury, seven; York, non e.- Brighouse Rangers, none; Rochdale Hornets, r.GDe.-Birkenhead, seven; Normanton, two. CLUB MATCHES. Bridgwater Albion v. Pontypridd: At Bridg- water, Bridgwater Albion won on Monday by two goals and two tries to nothing.—West Hartlepool v. Lennox: At West Hartlepool, West Hartlepool won by three goals and a try to nothing.—Bristol v. Gloucester: At Bristol, Gloucester won by two tries to nothing.—Swan- sea v. Old Barbarians: The Barbarians sus- tained a reverse at Swansea, the Welsh club beating them by a goal and six tries to nothing. —Exeter v. Old Merchant Taylors: On the Exeter ground, the Old Merchant "Baylors gained a victory, winning by a dropped- goal and two tries to notliing.-Devoiij)oi-t Albion v. Dublin Old Wesley: At Devonport, Devonport Albion won by two goals and two tries to a try.— Llanellv v. Manchester Welsh At Llanelly, the home side won by two goals and five tries to nothing.—Newport v. Leicester: On their own ground the Newport fifteen won by four tries to one try.—Northampton v. Aberavon: At Northampton, the only score was a penalty goal to Northampton, kicked by II. E. Kingston.— Cardiff v. Rockcliffe The third match of the southern tour of the Rockcliffe Club took place at Cardiff. The Welsh club won by twenty- rine points to none.—Bath v. Broughton Park: At Bath, the Broughton Park team proved suc- cessful by two goals (nine points) to a goal and a try (eight peints).-E,.iling v. R.N.C., Greenwich: The Royal Naval College team, at Ealing, beat the local club by three goals and two tries to nothing (twenty-one points to none). —Bridgwater v. Hartlepool Old Boys: A capi- tal game was witnessed at Bridgwater, and ended in a win for the home team by three tries to nothing. EASTER TUESDAY "SOCCER." At Barnsley, in the Second Division of the League, Manchester United advanced another step in the Second Division table beating Barnsley by two goals to one. Swindon beat Fulham, in the Southern League, at Fulham, by two goals to one. Tottenham Hotspur placed a mixed team in the field at Tottenham against New Brompton. The Hotspurs won by one goal to none. Brighton and Hove Albion v. Luton, at Brighton, ended in a draw of two goals each. At Brentford, Plymouth Argyle beat the home team, in the Western League, by one goal to nil. The West Ham team had such difficulty in returning to London after their drawn match with Southampton on Bank Holiday that it was thought advisable to play mostly a reserve team at Canning Town on Tuesday against Reading, and the experiment answered so well that a drawn game was the result, each side scoring once. At Kensal Rise Queen's Park Rangers beat Bristol Rovers by three goals to none.




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