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CURRENT SPORT. ■ I ENGLAND BEATS SCOTLAND AT "SOCCER." J England's victory over Scotland by one goal to nil at Celtic Park, Glasgow, on Saturday, was completely merited. The reason of the suc- cess lay first with the superiority of their half- back play, and extended to the left wing of the forwards, where S. S. Harris, the Cambridge captain, astonished most people by the clever- ness of his dribbling, his pace, and the facility with which he developed the game for the men each side of him—Blackburn and Woodward. Then the defence of England was particularly good; Burgess, who had been somewhat of a failure against both Ireland and Wales, was very clever as left full back, and Baddeley in goal excelled himself. The discomfiture at half- back made all the difference to Scotland between failure and success. As it was, however, their wing forwards played extremely well; but Brown, the ex-Tottenham Hotspur player, who was "capped" for Scotland two years ago, was a failure on his reappearance, and Wilkinson, the English centre half, always had the measure of him. Generally the Scottish full backs played a splendid game, but on the occasions that they erred the goalkeeper had a very bad time. The substitution of Jackson at full back for I M'Combie at the last moment did not weaken the Scottish team to the extent expected, for he did a vast amount of hard work. Taken I all round, the Scottish team was not nearly so food as it was at Sheffield last spring, and [amilton and Livingstone, who cried off two llays before the game, were sadly missed. The j ftodnd went a long way to destroy the precision of the play, and the snow showers and sleet in the hours immediately preceding the game made the ground treacherous. Indeed, so heavy was the storm in the morning that there was just a I chance of no match but it moderated, and the game was mostly played in sunshine. There was an immense attendance, the number of spectators being estimated at more than 40,000. I LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. The course of Saturday's play in the competi- tion enabled Sheffield Wednesday to establish a substantial advantage at the head of the list, for while they beat the United the Manchester City eleven, without three of their best men, "went under" to West Bromwich Albion. Sheffield Wednesday, with an extra match played, were left four points better than Man- chester City. Stoke's success at Goodison Park and Newcastle's loss at Nottingham were among the surprises of the afternoon. Re- sults — Sheffield Wednesday beat Sheffield United by three goals to none, at Owlerton, Sheffield. West Bromwich Albion beat Manchester City by two goals to one, at West Bromwich. Stoke beat Everton by one goal to none, at Goodison Park, Liverpool. Small Heath beat Derby County by one goal to none, at Small Heath. Bury drew with Middlesbrough at one goal all, at Bury. Aston Villa beat Blackburn Rovers by three goals to none, at Blackburn. Notts Forest beat Newcastle United by one I goal to none, at Nottingham. SECOND DIVISION TUSSLE. For the second time within nine days Preston North End and Woolwich Arsenal on Saturday played a drawn match, while Manchester United, by winning, drew closer to the positions of the leaders. With two additional games to play the Manchester team are now only four points behind Woolwich Arsenal, and the fight for promotion honours is by no means finished. There were nearly thirty thousand spectators of Saturday's football at Plumstead. The play was not particularly good, but Woolwich ought to have won considering the chances that fell to their forwards. Results:- Woolwich Arsenal drew with Preston North End (no score) at Plumstead. Bristol City beat Gainsborough Trinity by two goals to one at Bristol. Bradford City beat Grimsby Town by one goal to none at Bradford. Stockport County beat Chesterfield by two goals to none at Stockport. Lincoln City beat Bolton Wanderers by one goal to none at Lincoln. Glossop beat Leicester Fosse by five goals to none at Glossop. Burslem Port Vale beat Burton United b1 three goals to one at Burslem. Barnsley drew with Burnley (one all) at Barnsley. Manchester United beat Blackpool by three goals to one at Manchester. I SOUTHAMPTON AGAIN SOUTHERN CHAMPIONS. ) With the win over Brentford on Saturday Southampton completed their programme in the competition and made secure their position at the head of the clubs. They are to be heartily con- ) gratulated on their retention of the champion- ship, for throughout the winter months they have usually played extremely good football and their conduct lias always been thoroughly sportsman- like—in short, they have played the game as it should be played. Pesults:- Southampton beat Brentford by one goal to none at Southampton. Tottenham Hotspur beat New Brompton by one goal to none at New Brompton. Millwall beat Portsmouth by one goal to none at Millwall. Reading beat Wellingborough by one goal to none at Reading. West Ham United beat Kettering by one goal ] to none at Kettering. I Fulham beat Northampton by two goals to none at Fulham. Queen's Park Rangers and Brighton played a drawn game (one all) at Kensal Rise. OTHER SATURDAY "SOCCER." London Senior Cup.—In the final tie at the Essex Ground, Leyton, the Leyton Club beat Ilford by one goal to none. Notts County v. Clapton.—Notts won this match at Upton by two goals to none. Western League.—Plymouth Argyle drew with Bristol Rovers (two goals all) at Plymouth. Surrey Charity Shield.—In the semi-final tie at Thornton Heath, Townley Park beat Croydon by two goals to none. Middlesex Charity Cup.—At Ealing, in the semi-final, Ealing beat West Hampstead by two goals to none. Casuals v. Hampstead.—At Tufnell Park the Casuals won this match by four goals to none. "RUGGER" COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP. Kent won the Rugby County Championship at Blackheath on Saturday, beating Durham in the final match by one goal and a try to two tries. It was a tremendously hard game but only on a few occasions did the play reach that high standard which marked Kent's football in the early stages of the competition. The reason for this was obvious, the gusty, baffling wind making anything like precision either in kicking or pass- ing almost impossible, while from the hard ground the ball came at all sorts of angles and paces. For the greater part of the time fortune ^as kind to Durham nothing would come off for Kent, and the last quarter of an hour was Ijsached with Kent looking virtually a beaten side. ■h^nr^ese last few minutes furnished the most JiavAan^ football of the match. Nothing could trv nnrlrXasse<^ ^e Play that yielded Morgan's it nn^iKi i1 tlle untiring energy of Rogers made casual kioir,-„ ? In a game of so much to estimate tfe^eri!jTrf th'^ d.ifficult haps, just deserved To w?n ThHef Kef> per' at times very good, aid outlid!J0™™^ W6re Livesay jfoyeS resource; but E .W. Dillon, botl in attack and defence, distinguished himself more than any- body on the field, and his genius for the game was never better demonstrated than whel h« developed the attack for Morgan's great try. Durham's forwards did little genuine scrummagl ing, and strove to turn the game by the kick and the rush. J« T. Taylor was as clever as ever as a centre three-quarter, and S. Horsley, this year's Cambridge captain, played with rare judg- ment at full-back for Durham; his kicking was superb, and he had no chance of saving the tries which Kent made. ———-——- x BRIGHTOK ROAD RECORD BEATEN. The inter-team walking race. between the Blackheath and Ranelagh Harriers, from West- minster Bridge to Brighton Aquarium, on Satur- day, proved to be a close match, as the Harriers of Blackheath only won by five points, with the lower score of 25 points to the Ranelagh Harriers' 30. It was the performances accomplished by the Stock Exchange, walkers T. E. Hammond and F. B. Thompson which rendered the race remark- able. They both beat the best on record of 8hr. 43min. 16sec., standing to the credit of J. Butler, of the Polytechnic Harriers, who accom- plished that feat on March 21, 1903. Butler was deprived of his title of seven miles' champion on Saturday, so that he lost two honours in one day. Hammond and Thompson had both been previously placed in London to Brighton walking races. The former finished third to E. F. Broad and G. D. Nicholas in the Stock Exchange walk last May, and in the previous March Thompson had beaten P. L. Fisher over the same route in the Ranelagh Harriers' members' race. The first nine men on Saturday beat Broad's Stock Exchange time. Fisher did faster time than he had ever before accomplished, and yet he only finished eleventh. The order of finishing was as follows:—T. E. Hammond, Blackheath, 8hr. 26min. 57 2-5sec., F. B. Thompson, Ranelagh, 8hr. 37min. 13 3-5sec., 2; F. Unwin, Ranelagh. 9hr. 3min. 18 l-5sec., 3; J. T. Jull, Blackheath, 9hr. 7min. 1 2-5sec., 4; E. H. Neville, Blackheath, 9hr. 15sec. 51 l-5sec., 5; P. Bellingham, Ranelagh, 9hr. 18min. 45 3-5see., 6; J. R. Barnes Moss, Blackheath, 9hr. 25min. 9 4-5sec., 7; A. E. Culver, Blackheath, 9hr. 26min. 29sec., 8; Russell Davie, Ranelagh, 9hr. 27min. 40 3-5sec., 9; F. Bloff, Ranelagh, 9hr, 30min. 31 l-5sec., 10; P. L. Fisher, Ranelagh, 9hr. 39min. 30 3-5sec., 11; W. Williams, Ranelagh, 10hr. Imin. 48 3-5sec., 12. MONDAY'S "SOCCER." At Manchester, on Monday, in the First Divi- sion of the League, Manchester City beat Bury by three goals to> none.—At Derby, Derby County triumphed over the. Blackburn. Rovers by three goals to none.—Playing at home in the Second Division Competition, Bolton Wanderers beat Bradford City by one goal to nil.—The Tottenham Hotspur Club showed how well off they are for reserve players by beating Fulham on the West London ground in the Premier Division of the London League by five goals to one.—At Millwall the Millwall team brought their programme of matches in the London League to a conclusion with a victory over Brentford by one goal to none. They have- thus gone through the season without a defeat in the competition, having won eleven matches and drawn, one.—When Queen's Park Rangers and West Ham United teams met in November in the Western League, a, substitute was allowed to replace an injured man. The result was a draw, but the League ordered the match to be played again, and this was duly done at Kensal Rise, when the Rangers won by three goals to one. TUESDAY'S FOOTBALL. Playing at home in the Second Division of the Association League, Grimsby Town gained a victory over Manchester United by three goals to one. At Holbeck, under the rules of the Northern Union, the Holbeck men beat Normanton in a Second Division game by five goals and seven tries to nothing. GOLF. It has been arranged to play several Inter- national matches in connection with the ladies' championship meeting at Troon next month. The events will be decided on May 5 and 6, and will probably be held in the following order: England v. Ireland, Scotland v. England, and Scotland v. Ireland. On May 9 there will be a stroke com- petition, only open to championship entrants. The first prize has been presented by the Duchess of Portland.


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