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The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. -0 Me for AdTertis8ments. PBB HtSBB'nON. Omeial Announcements.? Single Column. jPtU-Iiamentary Addresses.. t .?? ?Legal Notices ? 6d. per hne. ?roBpectuses of Companies 7 Election Addresses J yfoperty and Stock Sales t Auction Sales t ????"?. ? ? p.r?.n?. Balance Sheets. Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted Bousea to Lot .J Entertaiumentt3 Azriculturat Shows. ascription Liats ? la. 6d. per mch. bedding Presenta ) J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 oft-vmts Wanted. J2 word. 18 words 24 words BH-nationa Vaca-nt. Apartments Wanted Aps,rtments to Let M. M. 1.. Ijbney to Lend Articles Lost. .Ancles Found. Aretes for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. MMt be paid for when the order M given, or double the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. Prin,ing ore-very Description ACOnoNBEBS' Particniaro, Posters, & Catalogues. ØOLDmoRS' ProBpectuaes Lithographie Maps, & Plan. TnAvMxz#fj Cards, Bil7 -79ads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, rtJomrn OB8ERVM O&ce, USK, Monmouthahire. t?TA?TED, immediately, strong ?1? ? W GENERAL. Reference required; wages -112.-MRf3 EDWABD8. 112, Chepstow Road, Newport. TINNET. STAKES. HURDLES, FOUSALE, 1 at Cwmbir Wood, Llaullowell.-FRA.Nx StRATON, Ueb. T?RIVATE CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS .P from 2s. dozen. Send f<-r or call and see book of specimens at E. K JoNEa. -T OST. NOVEMBER 19TH. from OLD HoMB, LLAN- JLv?R Discos, 6 WELSH EWES. m?ked JC. both aides, tar mark between ehoulders, ear. marked.-SXITII, Old Home. -TT OST. OCTOBER 27TH. from HALL INK, L G?? WELSH EWE. panted dot on colder and back of neck.-Information to HALL XNN. 'TO BE LET OR SOLD, DWELLING HOUSE IL and SHOP in BsiDtm 8TRMET, Uax.—Apply, luz-BBAS MARrmL & POOLE, Auctioneers, Usk; or WATXMS & Co., Solicitors, Pontypool and Usk. -fTOUSE TO LET.-Apply, T. J. SMHH, j[jL draper, Uak. 0 It I a o, .0- '0. 2?0 ? SUN FIRE OFFICE. Fnods io hand— &:o,S:352,93C)CP 3For all particulars apply to Ms. THOMAS REES, JuNR., AGENT AT USE. ANTIQUE CLOCKS. tt is tn undisputed fact, the C'oM<'e<o?''s Magarine <aya, that French clocks of the seventeenth, <etghteenth, eMiy nineteenth centuries have, 3beaidea their antiquarian interest for the collector, a special attraction for lovers of the beautiful in decorative design. The mventor of the jBrat portable clock was a Frenchman, by name Carrovage, and the discovery of the laws of gravity by Galileo and demonstrated by him with the pendulum had some innuence on the constructica of seventeenth century clocks; and, towards the end of that period, when furniture became more sumptuous in design, clocks became elaborate in Jkeeping with it, and artists and designers lavished their talents on their decoration. Francis 1. granted the nrst statute of incorporation to French clock- makers in 1544, and the Associated Clockmakers governed the trade till 1789, when all the old guilds were done away with. 1 For Printing of all kinds try th. Oaunty Observer" ogice. THE PIANOFORTE SEASON Having now commenced, and BBVAN AND COMPANY Being determined to greatly increase their already large Musical Instrument portion of their Business, are now offering Pi?nfnrtpp!? fbfnnc ndmt)ut& mi Ui? At Prices never before heard of I The following are their leading Instruments for the current season, every one of which is the production of an eminent Manufacturer, and every instrument is warranted for ten years. PIANOFORTES:— THE "MARVEL" Is a Pianoforte of Seven Octaves, has Iron Frame, Check Action, Splendid Walnut (or Ebonized and Gold) Case, and is the best value ever oRered. Cash. Pr1ce, MIS 17 6. THE "CENTURY" Is an Instrument of peculiar sweetness and power; warranted for Ten Years.. ,A wonderful Piano at the astonishing price of THE:" MOZART" £25 4 0. This splendid Piano still selling In large numbers, THE "EMPRESS" £29 80. A magnificent Overstrung Pianoforte, of which we have sold hundreds. It has never failed in giving the highest satisfaction. A really grand instru- ment, with all the modern improvements, aMbS 0 0. t4ï ORGANS:— A Solid Walnut Grand Toned Organ, 7ft high, with two Knee Swells, thirteen Mops, ten years' warranty. A truly wonderful Organ for Cash, &3LO 70, Only. BEVAN & COMPANY. LTD., WALES' LARGEST FURNISHERS, CLARENCE STREET AND j??T??VD??T" HANBUBYBOAD, JC"?JLYjt??(7??/ ALSO CARDIFF, NEWPORT, SWANSEA, AND FONTTPRIDD. Write for large Illustrated Catalogue. Delivery of all goods Free of Charge throughout the Principality and Border Counties. MOTORS) T. Ctl:'PY' ? MOTORS AND ?. ? ?,——?- —? ( Oastle Parade, ) ?? CYCLES.) ?rs? ? CYCLES. Sole District Agent for HUMBEB, EXOELSICE, WEBNBB, CLEMENT !GABROD, and RiLET MOTOR CYCLES; and for HUMBEB, SWIFT, RUDGB- WHITWORTH, ROYAL ENFIELD, PREMIER, and TRIUMPH CYCLES. ? ,Several good Second-hand Cycles ror Nalefrom 80s upwards. -8 Agent for CarIeM, Capel, and Leonard'a Petrol. Cycling taught by Competent laatructoM. Agenta for Baaainettes and Go Carta. Motor and Cycle Acceaaoriea kept in Stock. ¡ PMtmE t)f Every BmDtim AT THE "f?tr n?prvpr" Hffipp ?uUHiHj UUMitui Ui!iHi, IND COOPE & CO.'S BOTTLED ALES AND STOUT. Family Ale Imperial Pints, 2/6 per dozen. Family Ale Imperial Half-Pints, 1/9 per dozen. Double Diamond Imperial Half-Pints, 2/- per dozen. Double Extra Stout Imperial Pints, 3/6 per dozen. Double Extra Stcut Imperial Half-Pints, 2/- per dozen. -V V. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. THREE SALMON'S HOTEL, USK. ? N"e"tiV JVCM? Tariff throughout. Excellent Cuisine. Jloderøte Charges. Wines and Spirits of the Best QHaHty. All the Best Propneiary Brands at Market Prices. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. HUNTER KEPT FOR HIRE, All the best Burton Ales in Gask and Bottle. PORTER MEETS ALL TRAINS. BILLIARDS. WILLIAM SMITH, Proprietor. IRT ? "M t)))mr" Newswr aM PRIDDRI Cnmm, LN. PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USE ¡f .0"19 '¡sf,iIfØ has been estabiiahed 49 ye&rs, Md from the advantageous poeitton of the PubHahinr (M&eea— IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH —and its Cumulation in the Rural and Agricultural Diatriete It xtanda PRE-EMINEN.T AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property; ior Wanta of all kinda, & within a radiue of many milea. It ia read by all claMea ef the community, being cMentiaUy A .FAMtJLTT JPAPER combining Beporte of Local Eventa (many not dealt with at all by other journals $r very ehortly noticed), Local Courte; County, District and Parish Councila, and other Public Bodice; with Intereeting Notea on Local and General Current Topica, Sporta, &c.; Historic Sketchea; Field, Farm, and Garden Operationa; Bouaekeepera' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literafture; Markets; A Serial Story; And a Tariety of other interesting reading matter. igpocial Beports are giv- of the J{Htmg, of the MOAmoufhahire County OOHml, tha Monmouththirs Ohwmbw of AgricuUwre, e., Wtth whMh M C&M Paper m <ha CMrnty attemJ. to rie.

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