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A HltiiwlY OF GUN COUNTRY FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD. Now commencing in Weekly Parts, price 6d. net, The EMPIRE EDITION of CASSELL'S History of England -t SPECIAL FEATURES OF THIS NEW ISSUE. A Series of Rembrandt Photo- gravure Plates expressly pre- pared for this Edition from Famous Paintings by Eminent Artists, Numerous Pictures in Colours, and A Series of Specially Prepared Coloured Maps. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Bookseller* DON QUIXOTE TERCENTENARY. Now commencing in Fortnightly Parts, price 6d. net, a NEW FINE ART EDITION of 0 Don Quixote, Profusely Illustrated by GUSTAVE DORÉ. This work is uniform with "The Dore Dante." 11 In illustrating the immortal pages of perhaps the greatest humorist that ever lived," says the Daily Telegraph, Gustave Dore is thoroughly at home. The book is a delightful one, a possession for ever, worthy to be an heirloom." CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD.,Lendem; mtiaM BtoknlUn. The Sources of Britain's Wealth, the Foundations of her Power, and the Causes of her Greatness, ARE FULLY DESCRIBED AND ILLUSTRATED m Britain at Work: A Pictorial Description of our National Industries. With PART 1, ready Jan. 27, price 7d. net, will be given a Large Rembrandt Photo- gravure of "The Birth of a Titan," by W. L. WYLLIE, A.R.A. To be published in Monthly Parts. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. Part i of a NEW ISSUE, in Fortnightly Parts, of < j '!§ The Battles of the Nineteenth Century Will be published at ths end of February, price 6d. net. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. A GREAT BEEB OF HEROISM -t.uJ A very interesting scheme has just been started by that famous boys' publication, CHUMS, in which readers, cf whatever age or ability, can take part. The scheme in question is designed to bring under the notice of every boy and girl in the British Empire, in a new and attractive form, one of the most heroic events in our history. In order to arouse interest in this great national story of devotion to duty and splendid self-sacrifice, it will be narrated in detail, and readers all over the wcrld will bs invited to briefly retell it in their own words. A Free-Whee! CtlUMS Bicycle, t,loney Prises, and a large number of volumes will be given as prizes. For further particulars see the issues of CHUMS for January iSth and 25th, price id. each. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Booksellers. Behind the Ac olumn. -r- A series of Dramatc Stories, founded upon facts dfawn from the most remarkable c,,¡;ur.n ire the daily press, in which some of the iSlimitaWs Frauds and Follies, Tragedies and CcjsrsecStea of actual life are unveiled and unra-veiJecJ. .N>:iáJ commencing in CASSELL'S Saturday Journal. Weekly, 1d. CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD., London; and all Newsagents- Do you .want A Grand Piano for Nothing? I Viii vf¡., I'-( If you do, you should read the particulars of a NOVEL SCHEME appearing in this week's issue, price id., of The fl'islca! Home Journal, in which a Grand Piano, an American Organ of the latest type, a genuine old Violin, Mandolines, Banjos, Phono- graphs, Music Cases, Ac., &c\, are offered. On Sale at all Newsagents. CASSELL & COMPANY LIMITED, La Belle Sativage. I Z: E.C. &811. "The contents of CASSELL'S MAGAZINE are beyond expectation —beyond hope."—THE TIMES. See the February Part, reany Jan. 27, p-ice 6d. At a'f "BOO!-? AND the <>aitwag HSOCLTstalls. «« T&-? iP Of J1 t A'„n i t a. >-< v -J a v ^«• sr.ys a leading religious JoarKaS. "aliin- for quality and quantity, for variety d literature aisd for charm of n;str.tí' stands at the top of the p See the Feb- uanj Pad rean-f Jan. 27, price 6d. CASSELL & OM?.'iKV, LTD.don and *U IholxelUri YOU BUY FURNITURE THEN KINDLY CONSIDER- Immense Showrooms containing a very large selection of goods suited in style for every taste, in price for every purse TIZA T'S SELECTION* A name which for nearly a century past has been found for the production of goods of high quality—■ THA T'S MEJLIAMSIJLMTY. All goods marked in PLAIN FIGURES for Cash Payment, and bearing a moderate margin of profit only TIM A T'S Sd! VIJYG. Those characteristics that are alone found in goods designed by men having the artistic sense, and made by competent workmen TIIA T'S SA TISJFA CTIOJV. Our South Wales Branches at 161 and 162, Commercial Street, NEWPORT, and Queen Street, CARDIFF. Our FURNITURE FACTORY and HEAD SHOWROOMS at BRISTOL-TIIAT9S THE IDDR-ESS. CATALOGUES FREE. GANE, Furniture Specialist, r n ¿ 17 APPOINTNENTS, &c., FOR WEEK Ending April 15th, 1905. Apr. Sat] 8-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Football-Usk v. Pill Reserves, on the Sun. 9-Fifth Sunday in Lent. Mon 10—Monmouth Market. Tues. 11—Abergavenny Market. Chepstow Petty Sessions. Usk U.D.C. Meeting. Wed. 12—Newport Cattle, Corn, and Cheese Markets. A bergavenny Petty Sessions. Cookery Demonstration at Town Hall, Usk. Thurs. 13-Cwmbran Petty Sessions. Sat. 15-Pontypool ¡Petty Sessions. Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Apr. 8th. 7.42 Sunday, 9th. 744 Monday, „ 10th. 7.46 Tuesday, 11th 7.47 Wednesday, 12th. 7.49 Thursday, 13th. 7.61 Friday, 14th. 7.52 Saturday, 15th 7.54 ? Being One hour after Sunset. County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTS will be held at the several Court-town on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGE OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the me hereuuder meutioned Time, a.m. Feb. Mar. Apr.— Chepstow 10 6 10 Barry 10 7 28 11 Cardiff 10 8 1 12 11 10 9 2 13 I It 10 10 3 14 „ 10 11 4 15 Abergavenny 10 13 17 Blaenavon 10 6 Tredegar 9.30 14 7 18 Pontypool 10 15 8 19 Newpoit 10.30 16 9 6 „ 1030 17 In 7 Monmouth 10 21 14 8 Ross 930 4 — 1 Cricbhowell 11 3 25 Usk 11 2 20 Hunting Appointments. MR. CURRE'S HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Monday, April 10th Pen-y-Park At Eleven o'clock. Friday, April 14th. Cobblers' Plain At Eleven o'clock. MONMOUTHSHIRE HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Monday, April 10th Hoel Gerrig At 12 o'clock. To Finish the eason. itli Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers. G COMPANY, USK. qmcer on Duty- Sergeant: Lee.-Sergt. Thomas. Corporal: Corpl Groves. Bugler: Bugler Rowen. Orders for the week ending 15th April, 1905. Monday, 'April 10th—Adjutant's Parade, undress uniform, waist belt, frog, and one pouch, 7.30 p.m. Thursday, April 13th—Recruits' Drill, plain clothes, 7.30 p.m. Every member should attend the parades whieb, are carried out in the Armoury as a preparation for outside work. Intending recruits are requested to attend at the Armoury ou the nights fixed for drill. By order, H. J.1 WILLCOX, Captain, Commanding G Company. For Printing of all Description try the County Observer Office. JOHN H. RENNIE Member of the Auotioneers Institute by Exam- ination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUC- TIONEER, TENANT RIGHT & TIMBER VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER. Nezvport. Usk, 9" Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, USK, and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses n NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Furniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM, periodically. Chief Offices and Saleroom 6 and 12, SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Telegrams, "Rennie Auction Fixtures. 1905. Apr. 12-Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market. 12-Meadow Hay at Newport. 14—Large and Important Sale of House- hold Appointments, 2 Pianofortes, Motor Cycle, and other Effects, at Skinner Street, Newport. 17-Fat and Store Stock, at Usk Fair, at 10 a.m. 17—44 Shorthorn Cattle, 20 Cross-bred Couples, 11 young Cart and Nag Horses, Implements, &c., at Bradbury Farm, Crick, for Mr T. J. Protheroe (quitting), at 1.30. 18—Fat and Store Stock, at Chepstow Cattle Market. 19-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 19 -Ten Dwelling Houses, in Archibald Street, Maindee, and Upper Jeddo Street, Newport, at the King's Head Hotel, Newport. 25-Att.ractive and Unreserved Sale of Farming Stock, at the Bowdens, Penhow, for Mr John Jones (leaving) > 26-Fat and Store Stock, in Newport Cattle Market. 27-Important Sale of Live and :Dead Farming Stock, Poultry, Appliances, &c, at St Bride's Mill, near Magor, for Mr J. Carter (who is giving up the Mill). Errly Date.—The Valuable Live and Dead Farm- ing Stock, Produce, Grass Keep, &c., at Twyn Argoed, Raglan, for Mrs Price (leaving). Particulars and Catalogues from the Auc- TIONEER, as above. 1- By Messrs. MARFELL & POOLE. Llanusk Farm, Llanbadoc, 1 Mile from Usk. M R EDWARD WILLIAMS has fixed MONDAY. APRIL 17TH, 1905 (Usk Fair Day), for his Annual Auction of 100 Acres of Etch Meadow Land for Grazing. Full particulars in Catalogues, to be obtained 10 days prior to Sale from MABFELL & POOLE, Auctioneers, Usk. Usk Fair, Monday, April 17th, 1905. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE will OFFER ff- BY AUCTION, in theCATTLE MARKET, at 11 o'clock, 3 Pedigree Hereford Yearling Bulls, Bred by, and the property of MR. R. H. MAEFELII, Llancayo. Full particulars and pedigree at time of Sale. — — -» A COMPASSIONATE STIPENDIARY.-An old man named Thomas Seaton was summoned at Leeds for keep- ing a dog without a license. He said he could not afford it, and would have parted with the animal only that his sick child was so fond of it. The stipendiary discharged him and paid the costs himself. UNFIT MEAT.—For exposing in Spalding Market meat unfit for human consumption, Richard Andrew, butcher, was sent to prison for a month without the option of a fine. Higher Grade School, Usk 1 (Formerly Usk Grammar School.) THE NEXT TERM will commence on JL TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH, 1905. Fees (15 weeks at 9d. per week), lla. 3d. Books and Stationery are found by the Managers. Subjects of Instruction. Boys' DEPARTMENT-Latin, French, Mathematics (including Algebra, Euclid, Mensuration, and Arithmetic), Geography, History. Scripture, Reading, Writing, Book Keeping, Vocal Music, Drawing. Grammar, and Science. The Classical and Commercial Subjects are optional. Besides the above. Mental Training, Physical Training, is given, and also Manual Training (Educational Carpentry). GIRLS' DEPARTMENT—Reading, Writing, Arith- metic, Geography, History, Grammar, Scripture, Composition, Needlework, Vocal Music, French, Drawing, Domestic Economy, and Physical Training. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations. All Candidates for admission must pass an examination equivalent to Standard IV. of the Elementary Education Code or, if a scholar in a Public Elementary School have reached that Standard, an examination for admission will be held ou SATURDAY, APRIL 22ND, at 2 p.m. For further particulars apply to the HEADMASTER, Mr A. J. Smart; or to me, the undersigned. A. H. WATKINS, Clerk. Monmouthshire Education Committee. THE COMMITTEE invite APPLICATIONS JL from suitable young GIRLS, not less than IS years of age, for the post of SUPPLEMENTARY TEACHER in Gwehelog Non-Provided School. Salary, Y,30 per annum. There are also Vacancies for Supplementary Teachers i, other Schools in the County area. Further particulars and forms of application may be obtained from the undersigned. JOHN W. HALL. Director of Elementary Education. County Council Offices, Newport, Mon., April 6th, 1905. TEETH I I I MR TIBBERTON will attend every MARKET DAY at MRS ROWEN'S, Bridge Street, Usk, from 11.15 to 5.30. Sets of Artificial Teeth from One Guinea. Mr Tibbertou has just returned from abroad and is thoroughly trained in the latest methods of making and fitting Artificial Teeth. Extractions Extractions Painless, by new system..2s. 6d. Gas Extractions 5s. Fillings inserted from 3s. 6d. upwards. No Money taken unless perfect satisfaction given. Usk Borough and Usk Polling ?5 District Conservative Associations A MIIMHST WILL BE HELD AT THE THREE SALMON'S HOTEL, XT S 3EC, ON Wednesday, April 12th, 1905. LT.-COL. COURTENAY MORGAN AND E. E. MICHOLLS, ESQ., Will be present and give SHORT ADDRESSES. The Chair will be taken at 7.30 p.m., by R. ST. JOHN BEASLEY, ESQ. A good musical programme will be arranged. Admission Free. all cordially invited.




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