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USK URBAN "DISTRICT COUNCIL. I The monthly meeting of this Council was held sat the Town Hall, on Tuesday evening, when there were present Messrs Frank Jennings, J.P. .,(Chairman), S. A. Hiley, R. Morgan, W. Marfell, G. Mundy, T. J, Smith, W. Workman, H. Ault, E. W. Waters, J. Knight, A. F. Lucas (clerk), and T. Bees, junr. (surveyor, &c.) LIGHTING. I The Secretary of the Gas Co. (Mr C. A. Morti- mer) wrote stating that in consequence of there being no quorum at the April meeting of directors, the letter from the Council with regard to the public lighting would have to be held over for con- sideration at the May meeting. LORD TREDEGAR'S TRIBUTE. The Chairman gave a report of the public meet- ing which had been held. STREET COMMITTEE. Mr Waters reported that the Street Committee itecommended that the building line in Mill-street, • Suggested by Mr Morgan, be approved of as a very fair one. The report was adopted. y COLLECTOR'S APPLICATION. It was decided to take the Collector's applica- tion for an increase of salary in committee at the ,end of the meeting, when, we understand, it was refused. Mr Rees pointed out that whereas at Caerleon the Collector was paid 917 for collecting F,300, he received only B12 10s. for collecting 9600. At Crickhowell 5 per cent, on the total collection was paid. THE CORONATION TREE. The Clerk read the minute relating to the taking -over the balance (E6 8s 2d) of the Coronation Celebration Fund, from which it appeared that it -was for the purpose of providing an iron guard for the cedar in the Town Hall Square, and for plant- --Ing further trees. Mr Mundy and Mr Knight urged that the guard should be obtained at once, and it was suggested that Mr Bunning and Mr Probert should submit -tenders. Others advocated delay. Ultimately the Street Committee were asked to report upon the matter at the May meeting. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that he had had the pav- ing laid outside the Cattle Market, and the weigh- bridge had been put in order. The drain at Lower Mill Cottages was stopped through the sewage tank requiring cleaning out. He would require 350 yards of metalling during the year. Whoop- ing cough had abated, and the Infants' School was re-opened on the 3rd inst. Two cases of erysipelas had been reported, and precautions taken to pre- vent its spread. The patients are recovering. It was decided to serve the usual notices on the cwner of Lower Mill Cottages. It Wad resolved to ask Mr Davies, Cilfygan, for a *?e *°r the stone required, which would bring up a stock total of 500 yards. FINANCE. on the Sq16'"1? t,je Finauce Committee, held the folio • ^arflh» to wind up the financial year, ordered acc,jUnfc from the Surveyor was ^E3 Is 101 • jPa^d:-—Manual labour, main roads, anark-t, 6s 6lJto. ^er roads. 3s 4d; ditto, cattle j?3 igs Qitto, scavenging, 6s 4d total, The following- ao_ „ paid:—S. A. Hue J01^ were nW ordered to be vmeaiow. less ,0/ se4wa*e Lucas, cierk, ha*f B,l; y'ar « salary, £ 12 10s; ditto, S T'a ""to wei"hin £ »S and S m, W &? *,chine> W. Jones fixing g 5H 5<1 Waterworks Co.. -T« e* reUi cerXH> Lewis> weights and inn ri,}g market machine, ■5s; W. Workman, jun Coal aucj w » Town -lighting, £ 26 13s lid, diito, Town Hall £ 2 9s 2d; Sarveyor, viz., manual law, main roads, £ 2 18s lOd ditto, other roads, 6s4d • ditto cattle market, 6s 6d ditto, scavenging, 6s'4d; T'. Morgan, hauling, main roads, £ 1 6s ditto, cattle '•market, Is: ditto, scavenging, l 9s. The Clerk reported a balance in hand at the end of the financial year of £ 125 15s. 8d., as compared with £ 192 last year. I LICENCES. I fgAU the slaughterhouse licences were renewed. I TRINITY FAIR. The Clerk reported that he had received an ap- plication from Mr Danter, Newport, for the Twyn Sqnare, and the Clerk had written suggesting that he should make an offer for it, but had received no reply. Mr Morgan proposed that the charge should be £6, and this was seconded, Mr Hiley did not see why they should lower last year's price, 2T 10s. Mr Mundy said he understood that by sub-letting it last year Mr Studt got about £13.: It was ultimately decided to adhere to last year's figures, and to leave the matter in the hands of the Chairman and Clerk, I ANNUAL MEETING. It was decided to hold the annual meeting on Tuesday evening next.fl Tllesday evelling next., I FAIR DAYS. On the suggestion of Mr Marfell, it was decided to again advertise the fact that the April and October Fairs would be held on the third Mondays in those months. I EDUCATION. Mr Mundy, in the course of a speech of some length, pointed out that technical instruction re- ceived not only the proceeds of a fd. rate, but the free use of the Town Hall with fire and gas. The cost of that should be, at any rate, shown as a con- tribution from the town. Further, the classes were attended not by the poorer classes, but by people who could afford to pay for them. Elemen- tary education was neglected, four qualified teachers in the old days being now replaced to what amounted to two-and-a-half teachers. It was time they took steps as a body to effect a change. The old Grammar School endowments had been annexed for the benefit of the West Monmouthshire School at Pontypool, and the sop of the Agricultural College at Usk, offered in ex- change, had never been given them. Mr Morgan said they had an equivalent of the Grammar School in the present school. They had lost nothing. The Clerk said they had had to fight Vfr r hard for what they had retained. Mr Hiley, in reply to Mr Mundy, spoke at length on the work done at the technical classes, which, he pointed out, were open to the poor as well as the rich. He was sorry Mr Mundy did not appreciate the work which had been done. Mr Mundy replied that they would know nothing if they did not ask for information. Mr Smith also protested against Mr Mundy's remarks, but vouchsafed the information that between Y,700 and JE800 had been set aside as the nucleus of a fund to found the Agricultural College. He alluded to the excellent work which was being doae by the technical instruction classes. —









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