Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I 1 The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. Scale for Advertisements. PJIB IHBBBTIOK. Official Announcements. Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. ( I*gHl Notices ( 6d. per EM. Prospectuses of Companies J Weetion Addresses Property and Stock Sales I AoctienSales I Municipal and other bodies | Ordinary Notices 3B. per inch in depth, Balance Sheets Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted Houses to Let J Entertainments Agricultural Shows I BSbscription Lists la. 6d. per men. Wedding Presents SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. florraats Wanted. 32 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let fid. 9d. b. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale ) Three weeks for double above charges. lfott b* paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges will be made. the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. Printing orevery Description AtJOnOBfKEBs' Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. amoofosel Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. y»inwinf!i'» Cards, BiT eads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, ObuinrY OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, to put 60 to 80 EWES on HALVES. Apply, R. JONES, Mardy Farm, Llan- denny. BARGAIN—GENT'S High-Grade COVENTRY MACHINE as new, not soiled fitted witn ball-bearing free wheel, rim brake, plated rims, feast tyres, mud guards, gold-lined, guaranteed; all accessories, gas lamp, bell, bag, etc. Rare bargain, price, t4 10s.; approval willingly before cash sent. 0. HOUSJS, Elton, Ashcombe Park Road, Weston- «oper-Mare. OTICE.-All Persons TRESPASSING on New House Farm, or Caerdapwell, Llan- geview, in pursuit of Game, or otherwise, will be prosecuted. r TRXZS THAT GIVB US OOBOA. CooCa and oocoanuts are, of course, obtained from two distinct trees. The cocoanut is the fruit of a tall and graceful palm tree, where- as the cocoa, or more properly cacao, is the Cwdered seed of a small and handsome tree aring no resemblance to the cocoa palm. In fact, the cacao tree is closely allied to our linden or lime trees. No one who has ever seen the peculiar appearance presented by the cacao tree twill be likely to mistake it for anything else. ffho tree itself grows to a height of twenty or twenty-five feet, with a rather smooth and elen- ider trunk, bushy and symmetrical top, and fcandsome broad, oval leaves of a deep purple jar bronze colour. Instead of growing at the lend of the branches or twigs, as do most blossoms, the flowers bud out directly from the hrk of the limbs and trunk. The flowers are femall and insignificant, but the fruit, shaped like a cucumber, grows to a large size, some- times eight or ten feet in length and three or four inches across. It is brilliantly coloured iorange, red, or yellow, and under favourable conditions fairly covers the tree, and is a beauti- I sight. Cost 1/—Save 10/- m Wood-Milne z&xuzsm nv AA 11 #,1 IJ I A' 1-4 7. balsoreator uvv comforil lmarter WASIL Y PIXBD. UhtaÐd 12 mont "T ordinary wear. S ood-KtlneoB H wliwi? every- STstjiF" j|SSjjSF FIRE OFFICE. b. 0. .-O.D Funds ia balld- £ 2,563,000 .11 particulars apply to ILI. THOMAS REES, Julit., AGENT AT USK For Printing of all kinds try the s; oounty Observer Office* SAVE 25 PER CENT. In your FURNISHING and MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ORDERS by placing them with BEVAN AND COMPANY „ Limited, known throughout Wales and registered as CaraitT Furnlshera" AMERICAN ORGANS! PIANOFORTES!! SUITES! BEDSTEADS! BEDDING! CARPETS! WARDROBES! SIDEBOARDS!! OVERHANTELSM! LOWEST PRICES! HIGHEST QUALITY!! FAIR DEALING! There is no mistake about the matter, that the long experience, immense selection, and great resources of this well-known Firm enable you to SAVE 25 PER CENT. On all Furnishing Orders. Free Delivery by the Firm's own Vans throughout Monmouthshire and South Wales. REV AN AND COMPANY, Llmltea, CLARENCE STREET AND 7) f\ A77TT7D f\f\T • HANBURY ROAD, r M X JT U KJli NEWP0B1; CARDIFF, AND SWANSEA. Pill of Every Description AT THE Oberver" Met!. FULL REPORT OF THE USE PETTI SESSIONS NEXT WEEK. HARVEST ALEJ. P"I '1 9 Gallons 6/3. 18 12/6. 36 „ 22/6. 3 Barrel Lots, One Guinea per Barrel. '<J V. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. I n7i nn fie "Connij Otarnr" Nevspapgr and P a filtri Cony, Lid PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK anuc SomtilgSlhsclitit has been established 49 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices— IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH —and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property; for Wants of all kinds, & within a radius of many miles. It is read by all classes of the community, being essentially A FAKILT PAPER combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parish Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes on Local and General Current Topios, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden Operations; Housekeepers, Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literature; Markets; A Serial Story; And a variety of other interesting reading matter. Special Reports are given of the Meetings of the Monmouthshire County Council, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture,$c,9 With which no other Paper in the County attempts to vie.

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