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-Unveiling the Memorial


Unveiling the Memorial Admission to St. Mary's Church was by ticket, and a large and fashionable congregation awaited the arrival of Lord Roberts and party, the organist (Mr W. R. Carr, A.R.C.O.) meanwhile playing appropriate solos The approach of Lord Roberts was announced by vociferous cheering outside. It was just after 11.30 when his lord- ship, with his host and Lord Tredegar, entered the Church by the west door, where he was met lav the Vicar and Curates (Revs Morgan Gilbprf MA, B. J. Evans, and H. C. P. Belcher), and escorted to the reserved seat. Lieut. J. l Mansel (7th Dragoon Guards) had the honour of being his lordship's aide-de-camp. ur The scene in the Church was as effective as it was impressive, for the bright-hued uniforms of the military officers, the equally brilliant robes of the Mayors, and the summer array of the ladies lent welcome relief to the setting of the grey walls. The service commenced with the singing of the well. known hymn 0 God, our help Ilia ages past," and was followed by prayers. Psalm xxiii. was then chanted, and one of the assistant clergy read the Lessou-Ephesians vi., 10-18. The memorial, which was hidden beneath the ample folds of a Union Jack, is affixed to the south wall, some ten yards from the western entrance. Immediately beneath the tablet two pews had been kept vacant, and thither, at this point, Lord Roberts was conducted, walking in company with Lord Tredegar and the Marquess of Abergavenny. and the Mayor and Corporation. Arrived beneath the tablet, Councillor Wheatley (chairman of the War Fund Committee) said: Mr Vicar, in the name of the War Fund Committee, I present to you and your successors this Brass to be preserved to the glory of God and in commemoration of the services of the Volunteers of Abergavenny who took part in the South African War, 1899-1902, and in memory of those who lost their lives in the campaign. The Vicar said: Mr Chairman of the War Fund Committee, for myself and my successors, T gladly and willingly accept the sacred trust you have committed to me, and will shew all possible care and diligence that this Brass be duly esteemed and preserved to the glory of God and in commemora- tion of the services of the Volunteers of Aber- gavenny who took part in the South African war, 1899-1902, and in memory of those who lost their lives in the campaign. Councillor Z. Wheatley, addressing Lord Roberts said: My Lord, it gives me very great pleasure, as the chairman of the local war fund, to have the honour of asking your Lordship to unveil this tablet. Our thoughts run back to the early stages of the war in South Africa, when our Army was suffering reverses, and an appeal was made for volunteers to go out and fight for the honour of the Empire. We know how readily our own volunteers and those of the colonies responded to that appeal. Amongst the units which formed part of that large army, was that from Aber- gavenny and we felt proud to watch their various actions, and we know how well they merited the high opinion we had formed of them. Whilst the husbands, fathers, and brothers were away fighting we locally formed a committee to administer to the wants of those loved ones they had left behind, and I should like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who so handsomely subscribed to the funds. We also felt, at the conclusion of the war that some permanent record of those who had volunteered their services should be made, and the outcome of that resolution is the erection of this tablet, and we trust that, as they and their friends look upon it, it will show that we appre- ciated their services, and will form an inspiration to the present and future generations. A number of those whose names are inscribed upon this tablet are present with us now, and whilst we offer them our thanks, we cannot forget those whose names are also inscribed, but who laid down their lives for the honour of the Motherland, and we offer to their friends our deepest sympathy. We had hoped to have had one amongst us whose name heads the list, one who went out as a trooper, but came home with distinction by holding a commission in Her late Majesty's Army, but God in his wonderful wisdom has seen fit that it should be otherwise, and we bow to his decision. Now, my Lord, on behalf of the War Fund Committee, and the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of this our Ancient Borough, I ask you to kindly unveil this tablet. LORD ROBERTS, I in unveiling the tablet, said: I very gladly accede to the request to unveil this tablet. I con- sider it a great honour and privilege to be permitted to do so, and to take part in this interesting ceremony. I congratulate Abergavenny on the part which the Volunteers from this Borough took in the war in South Africa, and I am sure that the Volunteers themselves must be greatly pleased at their services being thus publicly recognised. The relatives and friends of those who lost their lives during the campaign must also, I think, feel highly gratified at the honour paid to the memory of those near and dear to them by their names being inscribed on this tablet. It shows, as Councillor Wheatley has just said, how much their services are appreciated by their fellow. citizens, and it cannot fail to inspire those that come after them to follow their noble example. After further prayers, the hymn commencing "For all the Saints who from their labours rest," was sung, and the service closed with the Benediction. The tablet, which is brass-mounted on a marble slab, bears the following inscription:— "This tablet was erected by the inhabitants of Abergavenny and the neighbourhood to com- memorate the services of the Volunteers of A.ber- gavenny and District who took part in the South African War, 1899-1902. Also in memory of those who lost their lives in the campaign. Imperial Yeomanry: Captain William John Reginald Marsh (4th Co., Glamorgan); Lieut. Ernest J. Straker (3rd Co., Glos,); Sergt. E. G. Morgan; Troopers Henry Charles William Jones, Arthur S Williams, and William Williams (who died of enteric fever), 2nd East Surrey Regiment; Lance- Corporal Daniel Holland (died at Ladysmith, 4th May, 1900), 4th V.B.S.W.B.; Captain Herbert Rosser; Privates Joseph Shave, John Williams, T. Jones, J. Storey, Joseph H. White, Charles Williams, G. H. T. Powell, H. Evans, A. G. Morgan, F. C. Walby, J. Prosser, T. S. Lee, and E. Gibbons (died at Springfontein, 1st January, 1901), Luther Davies, J. Meredith, and George Harris (died at Abergavenny, December, 1901).

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