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The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. -0- Scale for Advertisements. PEB INSERTION Official Announcements. Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. ( Legal Notices j 6d. per line. Prospectuses of Companies ) Election Addresses Property and Stock Sales Auction Sales Municipal and other bodies Ordinary Notices 3s. per inch in depth. Balance Sheets I Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted I Houses to Let J Entertainments Agricultural Shows I Subscription Lists }► Is. 6d. per ineh. Wedding Presents I J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Servants Wanted. J2 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. lis. money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double abeve charges.' Must be paid for when the order is given, or deuble the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps, Printing orevery Description Avanoxzzusl Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. oonmmra' Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TRADESMEN'S Cards, Bfl11aads,& Note Headings. All enmmunications to J. H. CLARK, COUNTY OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT.— Apply, MRS J. J. EDWARDS, 13 sk. WANTED, WOODCUTTERS.—J. H, KNIGHT, Usk. FOR SALE, a few White Wyandotte COCK- ERELS also some Plymouth Rock COCK- ERELS, pure bred.-HEATH, Llandenny, Usk. IANOFORTE.-Lady must SELL at once, 63- 3. guinea black eboiiy UPRIGHT GRAND, on massive brass sounding-plate, fitted with grand repeater check action, heavy gilded steel frame, handeome marqueteiie and bevelled panels, carved pillars, nearly new; maker's 20 year's warranty transferred. Take 20gs. Approval willingly. Carriage paid both ways if not approved. No finer instrument could be detjired.- Apply, LANCASTER, 231, Burdett Road, Bow, London, E. 0: TO LET, good SIX-ROOMED HOUSE and GARDEN—G. ROWLAND, Llancayo, near TJsk. TO LET, HOUSE aud GARDEN, Maesllech, Llangibby.—Apply, MR FRANK ADAMS, Llangibby. TO LET, COTTAGE, with LARGE GARDEN, at BLACK BEAB, near Usk.—Apply, MAEFELL, Llangeview, Usk. TO LET, good COTTAGE & GARDEN.— DAVIES, Woodbine, Usk. 5Sa Reward.. LOST, a WAGON ROPE, between 9th and 20th September, by COLD HARBOUR,—Apply, GBOSQB DAVIE, Sunny Bank, Gwehelog, =- THE llandenny Hand Laundry (Under Government Inspection). Ho Machinery or Chemicals used. Family's Work Contracted For. Terms and Price List on application to the PROPRIETOR, LLANDBNNY, NBAR USK. ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, ACCIDENT & DISEASE (Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Appendicitis &c) BURGLARY & FIDELITY INSURANCE. RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims paid: £4,600,000 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. YIAN, Secretary. Agents required, in Unrepresented Districts. ] Local Agent: Mr. H. HBMMING, G.W. Railway, Crane Street, Pontypool; and MR JAMES STRAKER, Abergavenny, I BEVAN AND COMPANY Are now offering the remainder of an eminent Manufacturer's Stock of handsome Saddle-Bag Suites. A TEN-GUINEA SUITE FOR £5 19 6 ftfw1 OQ ,P^0I^pt. Cash- Thfy are,of excellent finish, very handsome designs, and each Suite is warranted for the long period of Ten Years. aThey form one of the GREATEST BARGAINS y We have ever offered, and cannot be repeated at the price after this consignment is sold out I I ——— JD JS I, I'VE RY -P -& -E -E 1 y ——————=————————- Catalogues Gratis and Post Free. O SyV y^ All Goods Delivered Free, X/ y y" 4 s Another v1 Great Bargain! 4 <) V For Cash only, consists of the ,a. ý Entire Furniture for a y 4\ 00 SITTING ROOM! i Viz., a strong leather cloth Suite comprising a large jty Couch, Gent.'s Easy Chair, Lady's Easy Chair, and Four Small Chairs, reliable Walnut Centre Table, Bevelled Plate A ^y Overmantel in Walnut, handsomely bordered Tapestry Carpet -Jy made and ready for laying, heavy Brass-rail Fender, set of Fire /f Brasses, Cornice Pole, with brackets, ends, and rings complete, a pretty pair of Lace Curtains, and a reliable Timepiece. X The Lot— £ 8:17:6—THe Lot. Everlasting Wire Mattresses, 9/11; Massive Iron Bedsteads, £ 1/9/6; Solid Walnut Sideboards, jee/io/e Handsome Cabinet*—— stAjA/o, u-ner»i Bedroom Suites, £ 3/17/6 Solid Satin Walnut ditto, £ 6/19/6; Strong Leather Cloth Suites £ 4/10/0; Capital Saddle Bag Suites, £ 5/19/6. Have you seen our "Principality" Pianoforte, 28 guineas celebrated Iron frame, full compass, check action, walnut or ebonized case, double candelabra, splendid touch, tone, and finish, and fully equal to those often sold at forty guineas. Ten years warranty. Cheaper Pianos from 18 guineas, BEVAN AND COMPANY. m U ON Good Coal! Cheap Goal Z! THE PHCENIX COAL COMPANY, LTD., Are now offering, at undermentioned prices:- s. d. I Best Forest 16 O Rest Red *Ash 18 O s. d. Cobbles 15 6 Nuts I 0 Rest Greg Isls, I Ss. Od. At their 1\ DEPOT AT USK RAILWAY STATION". Ø" Rest Forest House Coal a Speciality* .8 TRUCK LOADS AT COLLIERY PRICES. Manager:-MR. A. HATHAWAY. ^ssa^^vs^H^^MHflBflsnalfGBSSSBasaBessxnsasnMnsrBsssrsssi^sssssssssaaatcsssBsns^sasssaaasssssasESBSs DT J.Collis Browne's NLY GENUINE. ^^The ORIGINAL and N ONLY GENUINE. Bjf The Best Remedy known for I I Admitted by the»Profession ■■ f HOUGHS, GOLDS, Remedy ever discovered. HB IASTHMA.BRONGHITIS, £ rll JSffUSti? I H nnllCIIUDTinU ■eSSlB The only Palliative in B ;m IMIn&UWlr 11UH. gjgaf| KEuraL61A, TOOTHACHE, # BSaoir. RHEUMATISM. CHOLERA and jS&jfjn Overwhelming Medical Testi- M/j DYSENTERY. IIHBSfll mony accompanies each bottle. JKJ SOLD IN BOTTLES BY ALL CHEMISTS; 1/1 J, a/9, and 4/6 each. IND COOPE & CO'S BOTTLED ALE AND STOUTS. U b,¿I Family Ale Imperial Pints, 2/6 per dozen. Family Ale Imperial Half-Pints, 1/9 per dozen. Double Diamond Imperial Half-Pints, 2/- per dozen. Double Extra Stout Imperial Pints, 3/6 per dozen. Double Extra Stout Imperial Half-Pints, 2/- per dozen. 1 v. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. AMMUNITION FOR I UNIONISTS. I The Benefits of Unionist Rule, 1805-1805. In Foreign Affairs they have worked for "PEACE WITH HONOUR." Mr. Haldane, a Radical, said that Unionist Foreign Policy "MADE FOR PEACE. Haddington, October 10, 1905. PEACE with France was given by THE ANGLO FRENCH AGREEMENT, 1904, which settled many difficult questions. PEACE in the Far East has been made more secure by THE JAPANESE AGREEMENT. 1905. 1895-1905. AUSTRALIA united, IMPERIAL PENNY POST set up, ALL-BRITISH Pa.cific Cable laid, Many BOUNDARY DISPUTES settled, during UNIONIST RULE. Colonial Conferences, 1897, 1902, resulted in Preference given by CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, and NEW ZEALAND to British goods. Colonies give more, in money and kind, towards coat of IMPERIAL DEFENCE. The RADICALS left Egypt with disgrace; Gordon murdered); the Soudan ravaged by Dervishes. The UNIONISTS have WON BACK the Soudan avenged GORDON and put EGYPT in a position of "UNEXAMPLED PROSPERITY." The RADICALS gave up THE TRANS. VAAL by a Shameful Peace with Dishonour. The UNIONISTS have REGAINED it for the EMPIRE, and wiped out I THE RADICAL DISGRACE. UNIONISTS have kept up A STRONG NAVY (i.) To PROTECT our shores (ii.) To KEEP WATCH over our commerce (iii.) To GUARD our food supply. OUR LIFE as a NATION depends oa A STRONG NAVY. YOUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION and WELFARE in after years VASTLY IMPROVED by the Better System of EDUCATION Set up by the EDUCATION ACTS. 1902-3. Out of nearly 40 Factory Acts passed by Parliament 24 axe the WORK OF CONSER- VATIVES. Of their last Act, passed in 1901, Mr. C. Bowerman, Labour Candidate for Deptford and! President of the Trades Union Congress, 1901, said that it was:—"In all respects the Most Comprehensive Measure of the Kind yet placed on the Statute-book."—Swansea, September 3, 1901, 7,000,000 BRITISH WORKMEN benefited !by the WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION ACTS, 1897 and 1900. Mr. W. Abraham, M.P. (Mabon), Miners' Member for Rhonda Division, said:—"He was propez-ad to admit to the full that the Work- men's Compensation Act was The Greatest Measure they had received from any Govern- ment."—Birmingham, October 3, 1901. THE UNEMPLOYED ACT, 1905, is the FIRST measure of its kind ever passed in this country. Don't forget it was PASSED BY THE UNIONISTS. RADICALS did nothing when they had the chance. HERE are some reasons why you should VOTE FOR UNIONISTS. Mr. Mundella, ex-Radical Member for Sheffield (Brighteidie Division), and President of the Board of Trade, 1886 and 1892-94.—"The Conservative Party had always been the friends of the toilers."—House of Commons, May 6, 1874. Mr. H. MACDONALD, ex-M.P. for Stafford, at one time Secretary of the Miners' Association for Scotland and President of the Miners' National Association. You have gained more from the Conservatives in respect to matters affecting the working men than the Liberals would ever diare have granted."—Stafford, January 13, 1879. Mr. BEN TILLET, Secretary of the Dock Workers' Union.—"I should be a hypocrite were I not to say the Conservatives of late had done more for the working classes than the Liberals had."—Bradford, January 15, 1892. CRIMINAL, DISEASED, and UNDESIR- ABLE ALIENS of all kinds kept from CONTAMINATING our own PeopLe, by the ALIENS ACT. 1905. UNNECESSARY PUBLIC HOUSES done ame-y with without costing you a single HALF- PENNY. Value of NEW LICENSES secured to THE PEOPLE by the LICENSING ACT, Ä904. Dangers of Radical Rule. ■<i m ■ What ie the RADICAL PROGRAMME NOW? TO KEEP OUT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY BY ANY MEANS, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT. What is their Programme now they have come unto OFFICE? Read THE FOLLOWING and you will see. WHAT IS THE RADICAL PARTY? "A Party of active-minded politicians of many shades of view. "—SIR HENRY CAMPBELL- BANNERMAN, M.P., at Bradford, May 15, 1901. "They wouM nOlt be a Liberal Party if they did not like differing and disputing among them- selves."—MR. H. GLADSTONE, M.P., at Leeds, March 25th, 1902. ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT YOUR SAFETY AND WELFARE into the hands of such a DISUNITED BODY? You have TWICE refused to break up the Empire by giving Home Rule to Ireland. The Radical Party still sticks to iit. cc Self-government was the remedy they woonild apply to Ireland. "-Sir HENRY CAMPBELL- BANNERMAN, House of Commons, May 4, 1904. SIR HENRY CAMPBELL-BANNER said this at Stirling, even more emphatically, in December, 1905. Don't forget RADICALS wisii to break lip &2S2QN and EMPIRE- I RADICALS will continue to help the Foreigner to sell his goods here cheaper than we can make them. That means Less Work, Leaa Wages, and Misery and Starvation for yoti. RADICALS will not help you and your; countrymen to seM more of your own goods in other countries by getting Foreign Tariffs Lowered. UNIONISTS will. That means MORE WORK, MORE WAGES, and HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY FOR YOU. 1 i RADICALS tc,ok us to Esvipt. They ad.. vaaieed, THEN THEY RETIRED they claimed the Soudan, then THEY GAVE IT UP thev. sent out General Gordon, then THEY DE- SERTED HIM thev sent out Lord Wolreleyq rfoeu THEY WITHDREW HIM; they went too EkrviD't wii H honour, and THEY CAME BaCKi WITH DISGRACE. Radicals scpent £ 7,000,000 IN LOSING THE SOUDAN. Unionists spent £ 1,300,000 llf WINNING IT AGAIN. RADICALS surrendered the TRANSVAAIi to the BOERiS in 1881, and søuJttled out of the country. That was one of the causes of the late War. During that War many RADICALS were in open sympathy with the enemy. They slandered and abused our hiiave soldiers. They, itried , to prevent the War from coming ■to a successful end. When RADICALS controlled the Army, theifl policy was "TO LEAVE IT ALONE" (Sir Henry Oamipbell-Bannerman, House 01 Commons, March 11, 1893). They succeeded so well that if we had gone to war in 1895, OUR ARMY WOULD SOON HAVE STOOD IN THE FIRING LINE WITHOUT A CART* RIDGE TO FIRE. The UNIONISTS have given you a STRONG NAVY to protect our SHORES atnd guard ouq COMMERCE and FOOD SUPPLY. The RADICAL IDEAL is a WEAK NAVY. MR. LEE, Late Civil Lord of the Admir8tltfj said: "He found that the Radicals had voted against the increase in the number of men in 'the Navy, against the amount of money fon their wages, against money for works and buidd. in,-is for the Navy, and finally against the stri building vote." -GoBipoTlt, February 6, 1905. RADICAL NONCONFORMISTS, like Dr Clifford, want to make vour Children have tiha "CIVIC METHOD" of Teaching. It is the method of NO BIBLE, The Godler.0 Ed uoaltion. If the RADICALS had been aible to stop tha Aliens Act from passing, THE FOREIGN PAUPER, THE DISEASED OUTCAST, TUll PROFLIGATE and the DISORDERLY woufci have been able to come into this Country unm checked. RADICALS opposed the Temperance Refarg Bill of the UNIONISTS. It does away with unnecessary puMic fac' seiS^ The owner will be fteitirly treated. He will be COMPENSATED for fe' '3' means of living taken away. '1 The compensation is found by the r. 'l Rev. < THIS DOES NOT COST YOU A SlSC HALFPENNY. IÇLEST YOU POP-GET. i\ RADFCALS d-irg the last TEN tomb* HA. VII supported the Enemies of <tih«e Couratwj. forifehe Children. r** Voted £ pr_the Disorderly Foreismefr. ffiap-ported Unfair Corapet&iion. Jgppased the Development otf SodHfo Afriea- 5 'y<o4ed against Temperance Reform. IRE BEST by experience. Thousands of users find WASHING AT HOME IRE BEST by experience. Thousands of users find WASHING AT HOME with Bradford's "Vowel" Hashing Machines is the best way. Catalogues and full particulars post free from THOMAS BRADFORP & p°-> Crescent Iron Works, Salford; ISO, Bold 8t., Liyerpooh Victoria Avenue, Beanagate, Manchester; London •