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CLUB WINDOW. To salute him with the left hand is to insult the Mohammedan in the East. < < Scales are now constructed so delicately that a pencil signature written on a piece cf paper can be weighed. The shark holds the record for long-distance swimming. One of these creatures has been known to cover 800 miles in three days. » While in prison, a convict, who was a stone- mason, carved the stone pulpit in the prison chapel at Wormwood Scrubbs. » Whistling, according to some physicians, will do much toward the development of a robust physical frame. » < < In the Tyrol the Government still pays for the extermination of poisonous snakes. It is the one European Government which now does so. Paris spends -020,000 a year to keep her trees in order, and to plant new ones. Every street of a certain width is entitled to a row of trees on either side, while every street of a certain greater width has a double row. < 100,000 bales of cotton would, in 1800, have lasted the Lancashire mills for a year; now the same amount only feeds their spindles for a day and a quarter. » < A large brain does not necessarily indicate in- tellect. The brain of an illiterate person has been found to weigh more than those of the most cele- brated scientists, poets, and philosophers. Mr. George Meredith prefers his verges to his stories. o < Sir Gorell Barnes's colleague, Mr. Justice Bar- grave Deahe, is an enthusiastic Volunteer. He was appointed to the command of the 21st Middle- sex in 1888. < The favourite hobby of the Rev. R. J. Campbell, of the City Temple, is his garden. < Mr. Pinero had his first play produced when he was 22, at which time he had been three years on the stage. • • « Mr. Stephen Phillips, who is busy with a new play, was formerly an army tutor. He has also had experience as an actor in the provinces. ? Mr. John Morley has never taken much inte- rest in athletica, but he played football while at school » < Mr. Alfred Lyttelton, the ex-Colonial Secretary, is an accomplished musician. » » If the paper on which there is black-lead pencil writing is covered with a thin coating of white of egg or varnish, the pencil-marks will be rendered permanent. < < Mr. Mark Twain, who has been many things in his time, was once a soldier. But his period of service extended over five weeks only! < < < The wealthiest member of the Irish party in the House of Commons is Mr. John Redmond. e Mr. Hall Caine seldom sits down at a desk when he is in the throes of novel production. He almost invariably writes on his knee. Fifteen hundred words a day is the limit of his output. At the age of fifteen Sir Edward Elgar was sent to occupy a stool in a lawyer's office. After twelve months in this situation he left to take up music. < The King of the Hellenes, whose recent visit to this country has caused his subjects much satis- faction, is a model ruler. On his arrival at Athens after having been made King, he announced that he had selected as his motto the following maxim: lgv Ptrength is in the love of my people." t Plants sometimes display what might be called intelligence. If, during a dry season, a bucket of water be placed near a growing pumpkin or melon, in the course of a few days the plant will turn from its course, and get a'1 least one of its leaves in the water. ff 4I!. • The King of Spain, whose engagement will, it is expected, be officially announced shortly, can speak three languages besides his own—English, French, and German. A fact not generally known is that his youthful Majesty is a capable boxer. ? The German Emperor's orders and decorations, which are valued at about a quarter of a million pounds, accompany him on his journeys and voyages, hunting expeditions alone excepted. They are in the constant care of a court official. There are over 200 crosses, badges, and stars in all. Dr. Frederic Cowen, the composer, works long and feverishly at each musical task until it is com- pleted and he is exhausted. He then takes a long interval of rest. He employs his leisure largely with books, of which he has a fine collection, and he is fond of entertaining his friends with im- promptu verses. • • • Lord Minto, who has recently arrived in India to take up his duties as Viceroy, is the third ex-Governor-General of Canada who, within the last fifteen years, has been selected to fill a position which has often been described as the greatest office a British subject can occupy." it Mr. Pelham Warner, who is captaining the team of English cricketers in South Africa, holds some unorthodox views on the game at which he is such an adept. Although well off himself, he was quite willing some years ago to become a professional. j Prince Arthur of Connaught, who is proceeding to Japan on a special mission to the Mikado to confer the Order of the Garter upon his Imperial Majesty, is a general favourite. He has a lovable disposition, is close upon six feet in height, and. although young, is celebrated for his tact. # # • Sir Wilfrid Lawson's views as regards total abstinence run in the family, and seem to come by way of hereditary succession. Sir Wilfrid's largo family are all abstainers, whilst the first barone., of that name was a strong advocate of total abstinence when drunkenness was regarded among all classes as merely a matter for jest. < It is not generally known that sixteen out of fcbe twenty-one English coronations that occurred between William II. and Elizabeth, both inclusive, were held on a Sunday. For each of the five ex- ceptions there was a special reason. After the time of Elizabeth not a single coronation took place on that day. • • • Mr. Horace Avory, K.C., has a quick and sting- ing repartee. A hardened criminal at the Old Bailjey once listened to a very uncomplimentary description, by Mr. Avory, of his character and past record. With a simulation of being hurt, he interrupted at last: You will be accusing me of murder next!" The counsel stopped in his recapitulation, and turned over a few papers. Then, in Jus cold, matter-of-fact manner, he asked: To wbicb murder do you refer ? I have here parti- culars of three m which it is said you have been concerned." lnat prisoner was silent for the rest of the hearmg. • # Mr. David Devant, the well-known conjurer and illusionist, tells an amusing story of a predicament in which he once found himself when he was in the act of doing a certain trick with an egg. He stepped down from the platform with a dish con- taining several eggs in hiS hands, and invited a member of the audience to select two eggs. His request being acceded to, he endeavoured, on his return to the stage, to break one of the eggs to prove that it was a genuine one. He cracked the shell, but nothing issued from it. He ta-ied anotherwith a similar result, and then the horr ible truth revealed itself. A kind-hearted lady, who was greatly interested in the performance, and who had provided the eggs, had boiled them hnrd, fearing that if Mr. Devant were to accidentally drop a raw egg he would be laughed at.


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