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I I Crick et. I ,-I

Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

Crick et. I USK V. POXTYMISTER. I In delightful weather, Usk opened their season, oa Saturday, their opponents being Pontymister. The wicket proved a sift one. The visitor- won the toss and elected to send the U.-kites to the wickets first, A. G. Wallace aud J. Jenkins starting to the bowling of W. J. Lewis and G. I Lewis. A. leg-bye and a couple for Jenkins, was all that was scored in the first over, and, in the former truudler's second over. Wallace succumbed to a eftfeh by R >botham behind the sticks, after J contributing a single. Hill joined Jenkins, and ten was soon registered. The former cut a ball from W. J. Lewis splendidly, but a smart field saved a boundary. At lo, Jenkins snicked a ball into the hand* of Rosser at point, after making six. Rees filled the vacancy, and got a single first ball, and Hill with a beautiful drive to the boundary sent up 20. These two kept together till 32 runs had been scored, and then on the seventh ball of the over, given by the visiting umpire, Reen was taken behind the wickets. G. Edmunds followed, and without cracking his duck retired at 37. G. Lewis who was bowling at the bottom end, then came off the field, being ill. and G. ('lev^rley took up the trundling. W F. Roberts joined Hill, and with a couple of 2's sent up 40. At 42, Roberts was cleverly taken at mid- on, by Morris, from a hard drive after contributing 5. The Usk skipper then appeared, and registered a couple in his first over. Hill got yorked at 47, being top scorer with a well-played 26, and A. J. Thomns, who followed, rau himself out with no addition to the score. Parker and Edmunds, were now together, and the half century was signalled, but one run later the skipper was clean bowled by W. J. Lewis. Saunders opened his account with a couple, and Parker also got a couple from a good drive. Sixty went up, and with au addition of 2 singles, Saunders came a oropper to a ball from Cleverley, 62-9-8. Marfell, the last man, obtained a single, off Cleverley, and then Parker skied one to A. Cleverley at square leg, the innings closing for 63. Cleverley took 4 wickets for 15 runs; W. J. Lewis 4 for 28; and G. Lewis I for 17. Pontymister sent in Morris and Robotham to the bowling of Roberts and Wallace, and the former got a boundary off Roberts' last ball of the over. Robotham was caught by Marfell off Wallace before he had scored, and G. Lewis, who followed, scored a couple, and then fell to a very smart catch at point by G. Edmunds, 6-2-2. Cleverley joined Morris, but came down to a catch by Ross, off Wallace, one run later. Morris joined hi namesake, and came down first ball. Wallace had now taken 8 wickets for 1 run. G Oleverley went in, and 10 was sent np with a bye and a couple of singles. At 19, Cleverley was caught by Hill off Wallace, 19-5-6. W. J. Lewis followed, aDd the 20 went up with a single by Morris. At 23 Marfell re-placed Roberts at the bottom end. Wallace disturbed Morris after he had made 14, 26-6-14. Rosser joined W. J. Lewis and the 30 went up, but at 36 Rosser was bowled with a good ball from Wallace, 38-7-8. Horton followed, and Lewis took the score to 41, when the former came down to a catch by F. J. Edmunds off Marfell, 41.8.0. With Evane in runs came faster, and the half-century wae registered. Lewis sent up the 60 with a 4 off Wallace. Hill re- placed Marfell, and bis first ball was sent to the boundary which won the match, 70 went up with a couple by Lewis. Hill captured Evans after he had made 16, and Tyrell was ran out for nil. W. F. Roberts took one wicket for 8 runs; A. G. Wallace, 6 for 39; J. Marfell, 1 for 15; and F. Hill, 1 for 10. Score tTSK. A. G. Wallace, c P. Robotham, b W. J. Lewis i J. Jenkins, c G. Rosser, b W. J. Lewis 6 F. Hill, b G. Cleverley 26 T. Rees, c Robotham, b G. Lewis. 5 G. Edmunds, b W. J, Lewis. 0 W. F. Roberts, c A. Morris, b G. Cleverley 6 F. J. Edmunds, b W. J. Lewis 2 A. J. Thomas, run out 0 W. Parker, c A. Cleverley, b G. Cleverley o. o* 6 E. Saunders, b G. Cleverley 8 J. H. Marfell, not out 1 Extras 3 Total 613 PONTTMISTER. J. J. Morris, b A. G. Wallace. 14 P. Ribotham, o J. H. Marfell, b A. G. Wallace, 0 G. Lewis, c G. Edauuull, b W. F. Roberts 2 A. Cleverley, c T. Rees, b Wallace. o A. Morris, b Wallace,, a G. Cleverley, c F. Hill, b Wallace. 6 W. J. Lewis, not out 28 G. Ro-ser, b Wallace 8 W. H' rt 'a. c F. J. Edmunds, b J. H. Marfell. 0 T. Evans. b F. Hill 16 D. J. Tyrell, run out. 0 Extras 5 Total. 79


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