Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



It is always a I question and I often an important one as to where the buyers' interests will beet be served ? in the matter of m ■ the purchase of m Furniture. f This can only be g decided satisfactorily and finally by a careful comparison by the purchaser of the actual goods and prices of various firms. So many claim to be the Biggest, Ctieapest, and f[ M Best, ■while only HG f Best, while only HG f can really be so. We are always glad | to afford every facility for such comparison, and to allow our goods and prices to speak for themselves. Catalogues Free. GAF3, Tlie Fu alsUer, Commercial-st., NEWPORT. HIGH CLASS Artificial Teeth, IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Personal Attention. Moderate Charges. Advice Free. Old Sets or Misfits Re-made. Teeth Stopped, Healed and Extracted. WM. SPENCER JONES, A-1 S.E.A.T. Fourteen years with Messrs. White and Little, Newport, Mon. ADDRESS: "Llan Walli," 46, Chepstow Road Newport, Mon. Attends MB. SWEETS, Bridge Street, Usk, every 1st q- 3rd Monday in the month, from 11 to 5. WILKINSON'S Great Winter.. Clean Sale Commences This Day, Friday, Jan. 4.1907 UNPRECEDENTED BARGAINS IN GENERAL DRAPERY, CARPETS, MATTING, FLOOR CLOTHS, MILLINERY, MANTLES, JACKETS, FURS, ETO. Carriage Paid on Parcels value C. WILKINSN, Commercial St., PONTYPOOL. JOHN H. RENNIE Member of the Auctioneers Institute by ltzam- ination.) AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUO- TlONEER, TENANT RIGHT & TIMBER VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT, HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER Newport. Usk, 8f Chepstow Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, U8K, and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses in NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Chief Offices and sauroom:- 6 and 12, SKINNER 8TREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone, 339. Telegrams, Rennie Established 1849. NEWLAND, DAVIS, & HUNT, Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors, Sf Land Agenfs. I Sales of Fat and Store Stock at NEWPORT Cattle Market every Wednesday; CHEPSTOW, SEVERN TUNNEL, and LYDNEY, fortnightly. Offices: 19, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, and WELSH STREET, CHEPSTOW. 50,417 (20th December, 1906.) Investing Rural District Council with Urban Powers; Determining Special Expenses. PONT-Y-POOL RURAL DISTRICT CONTRIBUTORY PLACE OF LOWER LLANVREOHVA. æ lao fe ural district (g-ottttcil '-= of PONT-Y-POOL And to all others whom it may concern. WHEREAS Part III. of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890. so far as it is thereby declared to be applicable in a Rural Sanitary District, is in force in the Rural District of Pont-y-Pool; And whereas We, the Local Government Board, have received aud duly considered applica- tions from the Rural District Council of Pont-y-Pool for the issue of an Order putting in force in the contributory place of Lower Llanvrechva, in their District, certain provisions of the Public Health Act, 1875, as herein-after mentioned, and declaring that a certain Dart of the expenses incurred by the said Rural District Council in execution of the powers conferred upon them by virtue of those provisions, including the expenses of any works incidental to or consequent upon the execution of those powers, shall be Special Expenses: NOW THEREFORE, in pursuance of the powers aiven to Us by the Statutes in that behalf, We do hereby Declare and Order as follows ARTICLE I.-Until We by Order otherwise direct, the provisions of Section 154 of the Public Health Act, 1875, shall be in force in the said contributory place, so far as may be necessary to enable the lIaid Rural District Council to purchase premises for the purpose of widening, opening, enlarging, and otherwise improving that portion of the street known as Lower Pontnewydd Road which is situate in the said contributory place; and the said Rural District Council shall, for that purpose, be invested accordingly with all the powers, rights, duties, capacities, liabilities, and obligation* of an Urban District Council, under those provisions, in the said contributory place. ARTICH II.-The sum of Ninety-six Pounds, being part of the estimated expenses to be incurred or to become payable by the said Rural District Council in the execution of the powers conferred upon them by Article I. of this Order, including the expenses of any works incidental to or consequent upon the exercise of those powers, shall be deemed to be Special Expenses withia the meaning of Section 229 of the Public Health Act, 1875, chargeable upon the said contributory place, but shall be raised in like manner as General Expenses, and not by such separate rate for Special Expenses as is mentioned in Section 230 of the Public Health Act, 1875. ARTICLB III.—This Order shall come into operation on the Fourteenth day of January, One thousand nine hundred and seven, and the said Rural District Council shall cause it to be published once in some newspaper circulated within their District befnre that date. Given under the Seal of Office of the Local Government Board, this Twentieth day of December, in the year One thousand nine hundred and six. JOHN BURNS, Pt esident. H. C. MONRO, Assistant Secretary. timr-fci^rrrrnn^r^im- ''i** i" Village of Llandenny. TO BE LET, with early possession, BRICK COTTAGE,—Apply, E. WADDINGTON, Usk. Usk Castle Estate. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, the FALLAGE of the BARN WOOD, situate in the PABISH OF GWEHELOG, containing about 10 Acres, together with 97 Oak Timber Trees, and 11 Ash Trees, numbered in white paint; also 33 Larch Trees dotted white and standing therein. All other Trees and Stores, and those ringed or dotted with red are reserved. MiL HENRY WILLIAMS, of Cwmcayo Farm, will show the wood Tenders to be sent in on or before the 15TH day of JANUARY, 1907, to MR. E. WADDINGTON, Solicitor, Usk. .J Bunting Appointments. THE LLANGIBBY HOUNDS will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 8th Llantarnam Station At 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 11th Mardy, near Usk At 11 a.m. MR. CURRE'S HOUNDS will meet on Tuesday, Jan. ftthtv ——-INIMTII—: At 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. Ilth -Pandy Mill At 11 a.m. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE HOUNDS will meet on Monday, Jan. 7th Three Salmon's, Graig At 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 10th.. „«.Maindiff Court At 11.30 a.m. APPOINTMENTS, ke.. FOR WEEK Ending January 12th, 1907. Jan. Sat. 6—Pontypool Petty Sessions. Football—Uak v. Abergavenny, atUsk, Sun. 6-Epiphany. Mon 7-Usk Market. Pontypool Rural District Council. Tues. 8-Aberizavenny Market. Usk Urban District Council. Wed. 9—Newport Cattle, Corn, and Cheese Markets. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Thurs 10—Usk Petty Sessions. Annual Meeting of the Usk and Ebbw Board of Conservators, at the West. gate Hotel, Newport, at 10.30 a.m. Sat. 42—Pontypool Petty Sessions Football—Usk v. Croeayceilog, at Croesyceilog. Cyclists, Light 11 p Saturday, Jan. 5th. 5. 3 Sunday, of 6th 6. 5 Monday, „ 7th. u I. 6 Tuesday, of 8th. 5. 7 Wednesday, 9th 5.8 Thursday; xum U. v Friday, 11th 5.11 Saturday, 12th. 5.12 Being One hour after Sunset. 4 4th Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers. ? G COMPANY, USK. Recruits may now be enrolled at the Armoury on Monday between the hours of 7 and 8 p.m. By order, H. J. WILLCOX, Cuptain, Commanding G Company.

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