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t The bounty Observer Fifty-Sec nd Year "of Publication. -0- Scale for Advertisements. PBB INSERTION. Official Announcements. Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. I Legal Notices •» f Per 'me* Prospectuses of Companies ) Election Addresses "1 Property and Stock Sales I Auction Sales I Municipal and other bodies | Ordinary Notices. r 3s. per inch in depth. Balance Sheets I Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted Houses to Let J Entertainments "I Agricultural Shows I Subscription Lists la. 6d. per inch. Wedding Presents | J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. I Servants Wanted. E words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacai it. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d, Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. ICuct be paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges wiU be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. ,g t":)8 JPrinting of every Description ATJCTIONEEBS' Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. unotolw Prospectuses lithographic Maps, & Plan. TaADBSKBNtS Cards, Bill 73[eads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, by pth May, STROXG GIRI^ 'for FARMHOUSE—Apply, MKS WILLIAMS, The Slough, Gwernesney, Usk. ANTED, respectable young GIRL. Miss \V CHURCH, Ty Fry, Nantyderry, near Abergavenny. WXT AXFTED WAGONER, who understands W h2; also TWO HAYCUTTERS.- Apply, G. MUKDY, TJsk. XI7 ANTED, WORKING FARM BAILIFF, to W manage Home Mixed Farm of about 60 acres, with WIFE (good Poultry and Dairy Woman), must have small lamily.—Apply, nrst instance, 100, Observer Office, Usk. HOUSE-PARLOURMAID WANTED, second JLL week in May.-MRs. COCKSON, Llanllowell ■Rectory, Usk. ROOM-GARDENER WANTED end of April. G —RECTOR, Llanllowell, Usk. YOUNG GIRL (21) seeks SITUATION as KITCHEN-MAID or BETWEEN-MAID, in Of near Usk preferred -Apply, "M," Observer Office. £ 15tO £ l,OOQ. INTEREST 2/6 in the £ .~W. JACKSON, 70, N Plymouth Grove, Manchester. Tel. 234, Rusholme. _——— A SEVEN-ROOMED HOUSE TO LET. Apply, A T. J. SMITH, Draper, Usk. rj o LET, from the 1st May next, Yew Tree and. JL Brook COTTAGES, Gwehelog.-Apply, WAT- KINS AND Co., Pontypool. fl^O LET, SHOP and llOUSE in Bridge Street, _L Usk, rent £ 16 per year.—Apply, JENKINS, Usk. OR SALE, MAIL CART.-Apply MRS. CALE, Twyn Square, Usk. OR SALE, GOOSE and ii LLS.-Apply, F WILLIAMS, Post Office, Bettws Newydd. RUDGE-WHITWORTH LADY'S CYCLE FOR SALE; splendid condition. BUNNING, Usk. RATS, MICE, MOLÉS, COCKROACHES, and XV BEETLES, greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and dcgs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d.— G. W. HARBISON, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Usk: P. AULT, Chemist. ARMERS & OTHERS wanting any quantity of GOOD ASHES for MANURING PUR- POSES free of charge, apply WILLCOX, Surveyor, Pontypool. £ 1 Reward. 1' OST in Usk, or on river bank (Llanbadoc J side), between Usk and C^dyprior, on Monday, April 8th, a GOLD SCARF PIN, with diamond centre.—Anyone returning same to POLICE STATION, USK, will receive the above Reward. —zz=r_ zrz: £ 1 Reward. LOST, near the Bridge, Usk, ,a PET BI1CH, white body, black on. head and on rump, bushy tail, very small, answers to name of FLOSS. The above Reward will be paid to anyone return- ing same to W CHARLES. Bridge Cottage, Usk, or to Police Station; anyone, detaining it after this notice will be Proseouted, =-.a: 1:1 -laig 'f GIGANTIC STOCKTAKING SALE i:) FURNITURE Pianofortes, Organs, Carpels. Floorcloths, &c, &e. BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD., Clarence Street, PO 1STTPOOL, Opposite Town Hall, NEWPORT\ CarditT, Swansea, Llanelly, aza., Announce their Great Annual Sale now proceeding. All Prices reduced Twenty-five per cent., in order to effect a clearance for the 57th Annual Stocktaking. of these Walnut £ 3 II) iB 8 >7$7 y- of these Walnut SIDE- | W/J([/ ,(|f SIDE- BOARDS j ) "i'f j||! BOARDS offered daring the js-M t offered during the sale 8. sale at at each. each. 3/19/6 I 3/19/6 Usual Price j j Usual Price Five Guineas. |; J i. Five Guineas. fortes :—Sixty-nine, warranted, from 15 17 6 Organs :-Forty-tbree, Great Bargains from 7 17 6 "armo"iu*nS *-T wenty- five, worth double, from 2 12 6 Bedsteads :-Hundreds, Black and Brass, from 0 12 9 Dining SUiteS:-TI-ioroughly Reliable, from 3 17 6 Bedroom Suites Largest Selection in Wales, from 2 19 6 Pariour Saites:-Newest Designs, from 5 12 6 Carpets :-Handsomely Bordered, from 0 13 11 Linoleums:-Acres,and Acres, from 013 Overmantels:-An Immense Selection, from 0 15 9 DELIVERY FREE. v CATALOGUES GRATIS, v AGENTS WANTED. ONE AND ALL NEW GARDEN SEEDS. Id. and 3d. Packets. < LARGE VARIETY. SEND FOR CATALOGUE, R. HERBERT, TWYKT SQUARE, XT SIC. M. THOMAS. HAS A Special Show of SPRING MILLINERY. Trimmed & Untrimmed, in the Latest Styles and Shades; also B. IX-3:- THOMAS, OUTFITTER, HAS A FINE SELECTION OF CAPS, TIES, BOYS' SUITS, HOSIERY, ETC. Bridge Street, 1:Tsk. FULL REPORT OF vin lr%TT PONL HIL DISTRICT COUNCIL NEXT WEEK. I l « r Cash Discount. 1 SEASON 1907. | cffTSJSS'nt. Red Clover-ist quality Sid. per lb. I Mangolds- Cow Grass Hurst Monarch Yellow Globe 7d. per lb. Dutch (white) gfj] Hurst Champion Yellow Globe. 6d. „ Alsike Mammoth Long Red 6d. „ Tref< ••• 4d. „ Swedes— Rye Grass—Italian 4/9 per bushel Ward's \ictory 9d. „ English Perennial 4/6 0 Sutton's Champion 7M. „ Spring Vetches. 6/- „ .Tl Field Peas- White Marrowfats 8/- „ Skirvmgs 75d.. „ Prince of Wales 10/6 Turnips- Seed Potatoes-Early and Late.. Green Globe 6id. „ Prices and descriptions on application. Devonshire Greystone 7cl. y 2 Cash Discount. ( (t:T A PRIZE of ONE GUINEA will be given for j the BEST CROP of not less than ONE ACRE of 2 ld. per lb off all Seeds. YELLOW GLOBE MANGOLDS grown from Seed sup- 3d. per bushel off Rye plied by me, at the Annual Meeting of the Usk Farmers' Grass and Field Peas. Cl ub. V. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. X.L.F.H.B. Stands for « EXCEL FARMHOUSE BREAD," which is baked in the Farmhouse Style, which, litter all, cannot be beaten. It does not get dry and chippy the second day, but keeps fresh and sweet for days. Usual Price. A<SA^\A^VVV>V\«VVVWV^VVV\i None Nicer. Try it and be Convinced. EXCEL STORES. TJSK. Opposite London & Provincial Bank, The" Connty Ofamr" iewsflir I Pitii Goiaif, Ltd. I PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK I;tt Ou baa been established 50 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH -and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property j lor Wants of all kinds, within a radius of many miles, I It is read by all classes of the community, being essentially A FAIfllfcY PAPEB I combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parish j Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes j on Local and General Current Topics, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden ¡' Operations; Housekeepers' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and I Literature; Markets; A Serial Story I And a variety of other interesting reading matter. Special Reports are given of the Meetings of the Monmouthshire Oounty Council, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture, c., With which no other Paper in the County attempts to vie.

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