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For Cleaning P+curtains, car p ets, dra p er i es, blankets; 5  ?S?   ???''?$L????3  ? wa l ls an d woo d wor k Hoors an d ~[t~9BS V'??????&\??!????? tiles; bat h s, sta i rs, stoneware, l i no l eum, paint, eart h enware— i everything in the house. li^MfftPfimOUTC 4 «K^- ??makes Sprm g -cleamn g light. In Naphtl-tolite ?rou get soap and ot h er cleans i n g ? ??????\???? ,? '?\ ? Naphtholite you get soap and ot h er cleansing a g ents, rea d y mixe d for rou g h c l eanin g scru b bin g tf s??°'??????? ? an d all S p ring-cleaning wor k ????????Mj?????? ?.? You nee d use nothing e l se; simply Naphtholite an d I !? ??? f?\ ??? ? warm water.0 It gets at its wor k at once 1 -l/lr //?/ —?? ? ?? ? ?? quick time— d oes it we l l. It ? i? ????T????? ??9 ???? more *^an soa p because it !smore than SGptv LA if The house Spring-cleaned with Naphtholite is ''C j healthy, for Naphtholite disinfects as well as Spring-cleans. 1/s) ?f) ?/x)? O   W You can clean everything—metals excepted iiajll pfV ') n\Y)??y??E?? with Naphtholite. It harms nothing. Get a tablet of Naplitliolite-21.for your M ■ '? ?L??y?/1?? ? Spring-cleaning. Well begun is half done. iilijl il ? Hr 1^ iPfeJy Evet? grocer and oilman stocks NaphthoMte, W r) j )/? WVSS/0.1 v/O \V but be sure you get the right Naphtholite y Pj( in orange wrapper—not "something similar." ?\ in oran g e wrapper—not" something s m H ar. ? ??/?yy SPRING-CLEAN RIGHT: USE NAPHTHOLITE. ? *X/Y CHRISTR. THOMAS & BROS., Ltd., BRISTOL. CHRISTR. THOMAS & BROS., Ltd., BRISTOL.

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