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I " Clywedion o Bontyberem."

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I Can i'r " Looking-glass."



— ■■■■- ■■■■ tmmmm■—— J&k Prun-wics ia k or ORATES S     mCYGd:S SEW? ?ACH:?ES 1 Hr RAlLiMS^, D6SS SCkQGKEBS, 1 ?? ad e' 'r' vai;y of orn d"entd Ironwork: an,l ev,r-, vart??"y o.jrj? @ ? m,qil!nCe:1t 'Ios?,y L?ia:c ?ike ;h;t of H ?j a newly stoved 1);c,,c -e.. t- R S at 2'?d., 4-1., and 6J. eacn f om all iron- II monge's, colormen and a ce sttres. B f,), STOVO anii soe that it is in a H H de' orate d tin. —\V v» l p-i i v 0-0:71 lie A T anu- In gB f.ctiirer—JAMES RUDMAN. Cambrian Color Si g Works, Bristoi. MONEY. rn HE Old-established PROVINCIAL UNION JL BANK continues to lend immense sums daily From P,10 to £5,000 on Note of Hand alone, or other security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instal menta. No good application refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted business in the Kingdom. Thou sanda of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transac tions with us. If desired, one of our officials will attend at your residence at once with cash and carry out the advance there and then. Call, or write in confidence to the Manager, Mr. STANLEY DOWDING, 645 1, Queen Square, Bristol. COAL! COAL! COAL! JOHN CHESTER & Co.,  Coal t CO M ? Merchants tta  **?" ''?taBas?e'M9  *'?B!'? jL- ?  General 41 Carriers, 2, ALS STREET, Llanelly. Best House Coal at Lowest Prices delivered in Loads or Bags. fiT A THIAL ORDER USSPECTTPLLT SOLICITED. 3098 W. J. BOW EN, IMus-Bac., A.T.C.L., LL.C.1I., &c,, &L. LESSONS PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, RUDIMENTS, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, &c. PREPARATIONS FOIt ALL EXAMINATIONS. I Local Sec. of Lois W;n College of Music. I For Terms, &c., Address — HAWTHORN VILLA, COLDSTREAM ST. Gower's "DULCI DERMA" i For Chapped has-.ds and the Complexion. Keeps the Skin as soft as velvet. I 6Do & Is PER BOTTLE. I Prepared only by f I JOHN GOWER, M.P .S., Dispensing Chemist I (from Lojidon slid Cheitcuham). VAUGHAN STREET. LLANELLY. "-1 I COAL J.^ COAL j COAL  I Rn:G 'n_ >. Nat. Tt?l I UP 16t I D. & E. WILLIAMS (Bros.) Coal, Hay, Corn & Chaff Merchants, Stores 7. WATERLOO ST., LLANELLY. I A trial solicited. Prompt attention given to all orders. I QUALITY GUARANTEED, 2318 SUFFERERS FROM RUPTURE Had better consult Mr. David Charles, Pen JIecb Cottages, Pwll, Llanelly, who has received the following testimonials and about t,084 others, which will from time to time appear in this paper:— Bridge Cottage, Penygroes, Llandebie, li.S.O May 15th, 1908. Dear Sir,—I feel greatly indebted to you for the marvellous, complete cure my little girl has received through, your excellent treat- ment. As she was ruptured -so badly, and being only a little baby, we were quite de- spaired, and considered her ease hopeless, until we got her under your c&re. After the ftret application of your wonderful plaster she got much better soon, and got cured all right in a few months, and she has remained so ever since. All suiferds from rupture should not hesitate to com.e to you. I shall ever recommend, you to all I oorne to bnow of suffering from rupture. You arc at liberty to make any use you Uke; of this. Yom* faithfully, TITOS. HUGHES. I\1ntY51:lnd Road. Skeweru Neath, S March 11th. 1909. Bear Sir,—I hEl very glad to have the pleasure of writing these few lines in recom- mendation of your ointment, for the benefit I I hAVQ received from it, having been suffering for months from rupture. I am now eorn- pletely eurod. I can now go without a truss, I thanks to you and the friends who told me a.bout your treatment. I will recommend you to all such sufferers I Youw faithfully, THOMAS W. DAVIES. NOTICE. LATE JAME3 JONrS. BILLPOSTER, STATION I ROAD, KIDWELLY. THE ABOVE BUSINESS has now been taken over by the son, \11 work entrusted to him will be executed per- sonally, and to your satisfaction. Au Inspection invited

The Beat-all Ointment.