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I THE next card is that of Mr. Evan Rees, who is not quite sure whether 1 he is a liative or the town." The latter we should imagine by the number of capital 11 I's' which adorn his address. He is, however' sure of one tiling, and that is, he has resided in Ward T. for 50 years." This gives us a mathematical problem all at once. The greater is contained in the lesser, or the town lives in Ward 1. Mr. Rees promises to support a mem ber of somethilJg if he applies for relief. He is going to sweep away with one fell blow all workhouses," and send the workhouse children far far away. Surely, if this is his object, he has mistaken the Board he desires to be upon. The Guardians have to administer the law as they find it. It is the duty of the Local Government Board to sweep the workhouses away and to consent to sending the children away, and Mr. Rees should certainly apply for a seat on that Board. He is going to support fair and equitable assessments. This is good, but be must make sure first of being elected on the Assessment Com- mittee. Being a Guardian will not ensure this. He is also going to reduce the salaries of the officials. Perhaps he does not know that the Local Government Board will have a word to say on this matter as well. If Mr. Rees finds favour on Monday, we may look forward to a continual warfare between him and the Local Government Board, with a perennial smile on the face of the latter.

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Shop Assistants' Union.I

Attacked on the Highway. I

Theatrical in Trouble.

Railway Company Defrauded.

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