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Ie A wado hyn aed a hi; A gwaded i-r Haul godi. w low "Feallai mat ffanti neu arferiad ydyw, ond alla'i gael dim Tt yn un man yn debyg I D6 PMllips." W. PHILLIPS & Co., LIMITED, TEA MERCHANTS, IROTABLISHE-D, REXHAM. DISTRICT AGENTS Mr. T. M. ROWLANDS, Castle Street, Llangollen. Mr. ELLIS EVANS, Chapel Street, Llangollen. Mr. R. DA VIES; Vroncysyllte, nr. Llangollen. Mr. ELLIS WILLIAMS, Garth, near Llangollen. Mr. D. DAVIES, Bridge Street, Corwen. Mr. W. EVANS, Cynwyd, near Corwen. I TO TRADESMEN AND OTHERS. HUGH JONES, Bookseller & Stationer, LLANGOLLEN, Begs to call attention to his STOCK of LEDGERS, Cash and Day Books, etc., etc. Plain & Fancy STATIONERY, a Speciality. tt." J. feels confident that he Has never shown Bettor Assortment nor Better Value. I HUGH JONES. 'Ad~ LLANGOLLEN. | L EWARD TICKETS.-The "Scripture Jewels," containing 48 Tickets, arranged on perforated Penny Sheets. Also, Larger Size Cards 82 for One Penny, and 24 for One Penny, Scripture Text Cards for Walls, beautifully coloured, Id., 2d. Sd. and 4id. A h-endlebo selection. Huaa JoNEs's Advertiser Oiffoe,Llangollen. ee J. EILILIS (Late BENBOMO Gunsmith and Fishing Tackle Dealer. SPORTING AMMUNITlON-A SPESIALITY. RABBIT CARTRIDGES, 7s. per 100. GRA NI) PRIX, Do., 8s. per 100. THE ABBOW, Do., 8s. 6d. per 100. The above cannot be beaten for Reliability. CF When you want a Gun, inspect my stock before purchasing elsewhere m PABMEBS-1 GUN-D.B. BAMUEB, XS 3s. (The All-British, Strongly Recommended) D.B. HAMMERLESS GUNS, from OeS 8s. A Good Selection of SECONG-HAND GUNS always in Stock, at Low Prices. Rabbit Rifles from 12/6. Revolvers from 10/6 TAYLOR'S "EYE-WITNESS" CUTLERY. BEPAJBS AND GRINDING-ALL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. 25, BAILEY STREET, OSWESTRY. (x594) GAEFELIN LAUNDRY, LLANGOLLEN. SEASON'S SPECIALITY. WR are now open to do all Kindt of CTJBTAIN8, at a FEW DAYS NOTICE, at 9d, PER pair. SHIRTS & COLLARS, a Speciality also. PLEASE 02VZ US A TRIAL, Miss ORSON. TO LODGING-HOUSE KEEPERS, etc.- -L Printed Cards and Slips bearing the following words may be had at HUGH JONES'S, Castle Street LlangollenApartments, Lodgings, To be Let Furnished Furnished Rooms to Let, Accommodation for Cyclists, Lock up Room for Cyclists,Well-aired Beds, Good Beds, Breakfasts Luncheons, Teas, Refreshments, Do. and Wash & Brush-up Refreshments at Moderate Charges, Meat Tea, Plain Tea, Ham and Eggs, Sandwiches, Ices, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, List of Charges. Soda and Milk, Fresh Milk, Genuine Home-made Herb Beer, Tea Room Upstairs, Ladies' Cloakroom, &c. &c. rHE GREAT WELSH HEALER GOMEB'S BALI Hft Noted — Remedy for Skin fj=f IW Flesh jV and Bone Ailments. My leg has been very bad for a long time, almost unbearable, until I used GOMER'S BALM," which tt once eased my pain and very soon cored me." IT WILL NOT CURE CANCER. It has a Marvellous power in Alleviating Pain, Soothing, Healing and Curing Sores, Wounds, Skin Rash, Eczema. Burns, Scalds, Scabby Heads, Erysi- pelas, Bad Legs, Irritations, Excoria- tions, Gal lines in Women and Children, Itchings, Scurvy, Piles, Ringworm, In- flamed Bunion, Corns, Gout, Stiff Joints. Rheumatio Limbs, Lumbago. There is nothing so effioaoious for —— BAD LEGS. PEOPLE TESTIFY. PRAYED FOR DEATH. Sir,—I have forthe last four years suffered dread- trll pains front an Ulcerated Sore Leg. At times I have beeh laid up for weeks, and so affected my whole system that I became a confirmed invalid, so weak and helpless that I have prayed for death to put an end to my Bufferings. I have been a patient of both the Infirmary and Hospital, and used all kinds of medicines to no good purpose. I was per- suaded to try your GOMEB'S BALM for my leg. I am happy to say that the result has been wonderful. I also took some of your "HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS which quite renovated my system, and the GOWEB'S BALM "healed up my leg, and now I feel so, well 'i ever. Your Remedies are worthy of every recom- mendation. Dean Lane, Brystol, M. McASH SCABS AND RUNNING SORES. Sir.—I feel ? my duty *° bear testimony to the grand effects of your celebrated "GOMHB'S BALM" My little girl suffered severely with a bad head, which broke out in Soabs and Running Sores (whioh had a most offensive smell), the whole hmfl being aBolean and in a foul state. I tried everything to no affect, but after using your "GOMEB'S BALM." as directed, for a little while, it healed and the head is now as well as ever. It is truly a most effective remedy, and no mother should be without it. J. B. Jbnkins' Victoria Terrace, Abertillery, Mon. Thousands are cured of all manner of Affections of the Skin, Flesh and Bone. It is harmless and most effective. It should be in every house. TRY IT. OUBB IS CERTAIN Ask for 11 GOMERIS BALM," ana see that the name full is on ?box, also name of JACOB HUGHES, without which none is genuine. Refuse a ay substitute. Sold by Chemists and Patent Medic- ine Dealers, at Illi or send value in Stamps or P.O to Maker— JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.DS MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, (m729) PENARTH, CARDIFF.