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FRANK JONES, OAR PROPRIETOR, v PENDDOL, LLANGOLLEN. Landaus, Victorias, Dog Carts, Brakes and Char-a-bancs for Hire. GENERAL UNDERTAKER. 8^ Thirty Years9 Experience as a Joiner. .4 r All Orders promptly attended to. ELLIS EVANS'S, VICTORIA STORES, FOR GROCERIES y AND PROVISIONS OF THE FINEST QUALITY. Sample Order Solicited. ELLIS EVANS, VICTORIA STORES, C LLANGOLLEN. The PAVILION, Llangollen. Proprietor T. M. ROWLANDS. The Place to Spend a Pleasant Evening. ANIMATED PICTURES. MONDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, at 8 p.m. Entire Change of Programme. Doors open at 7 45, toCommenoe at 8 p.m. Admission-Bd. and 6d. BMLjtNBWSHMMMKS. j "Nóthlng better could be wished tor."—British Weekly. 1 Far superior to ordinary guidea.—PaiEy Chronicle. f VISITORS-TO LONDON (AND RESIDENTS) SHOULD USE DARLINGTON'S London & Environs. By E. C. COOK & Sir Ed. T. COOK. 6th Edition Revised, 6/ 30 Maps and Plans. 30 Illustrations. Very emphatically tops them all ."—Daily Graphic. I A. brilliant book."—Times. I "Particularly good."—Academy. I Beat Handbook to London ever issued."—Liverpool Daily Post. 100 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 3/6. PARIS, LYONS, and the RIVIERA. 60 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 5/ ISTORTGL WALES. 100 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 5/ DEVON AND CORNWALL. SO Illustrations, 6 Maps, 2/6. NORTH DEVON & NORTH CORNWALL. 50 Illustrations, 6 Maps, 2/6. SOUTH DEVON & SOUTH CORNWALL. 1/- THE MOTOR-CAR ROAD BOOK and Hotels of the World. Complete List Post Free from Darlington & Co., Ll»ngollen. Complete Lbt P-Mt Free from DMtlngton t Co.. U?n?oUen. t.1&Dgolle2f P: B:f'sIJ(PJUN'8.. RAILWAY BOOKSTALLS. ND ALL BOOKSELLIBB. PHOTOOBAPHS. Beautiful Photographs of Scenery. Ruin.. &c.. in Norway. Sweden. Denmark. Russia, Germany. France, Spam. Portugal. Switzerland. Italy, Greece. Turkey, Palestine and Egypt, also the English Lakwand North Wales, 1/ 1/6. and 2/ List po.t free. DARLINGTON & CO., LlaiyspUen^J-_J IMMEDIATE lOAII. We make no oharge whatever unless Gash is ADVANCED. LONDON & PROVINCES DISCOUNT CO., V LIMITED, 54, LONDON ROAD, LEICESTER. ADVANCES from X10 to .21,000 on NOTE' OF A. HAND ALONE or other Seourity, to all respectable classes. If desired, Representative will attend at your home with the Cash, and carry out the advanoe THERE and THEN. Call, or write (in confidence) to the Manager— G. K. HOWE, (M613) 54, LONDON ROAD, LEICESTER. PL AS NEWYDD, LLANGOLLEN. V ISITORS ADMITTED TO VIEW THE HOUSE BY Tickets. 2s. 6d, eachs To be obtained at HUGH JONES'S, "ADVERTISER" OFFICE, CASTLE ST I L EVERY DESCRIPTION OF 1 PRINTING PLAIN and i ARTISTIC. FROM A VISITING CARD to a BIG COLOURED POSTER, | DONE WITH DESPATCH AT THE if ADVERTISER JJ OFFICE, CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. 1 ^~Y V. GOSTYNGIAD YN Y PRIS. COFIANT A PREGETHAU X DIWBDDAB PARCH. MOSES ROBERTS, TILANGOLLEN, DAN OLYGIAETFF Y PABOH. H. OBBNYW WILLIAMS, D.D., OOBWJllt A'B PABCH. B. CEFNI JONES, HIBWABN, GYDA DARLUNIAU. Pais, Is. 60. Ar werth gan HUGa JONES, Swyddfa'r "Advertiser," Llangollen. B. T. JONES, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR. 1, eHAPBL STREET, ZZJUTGOLLEir I I L Muminated gBBREtÐEi EXECUTED in BEST STYLE, By LONDON ARTISTS,  ?G?JO?HS,  ADVERTME? OFF!CE, liIiA]4GO £ klkE|4. -? nna?GonnB?. L You Can Rely On ?■ £ £ WEE Remedy, In either Sex. for all Acquired or Constitutional Discharges from Urinary Organs. Gravel. Pains in the Back and kindred complaints. Over 50 Years .Success. Of r I 9 CUTfl 6 allCSemists, 4/6 per box. or V 1 ll V O sent direct, post free, for Sixty Penny Stamps by the *> A «fl S11« Proprietors The LiQcoin 0*±lL H.iJH)?' and Midland Counties Drug Co.. Ltd.. Lincoln. (Free from Mercury)' THE SHOP FOR PRESENTS, etc. |  t.. ? jy??? ??jrj??  ? IS NOW SHOWING A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF THE LATEST t Presents in Leather Goods. i (, l. { Gents' Military Cases, Ladies' Dressing Cases, Writing Cases, §8 Companions; Autograph, Address, Post Card and Cigarette Albums J ST eg jji Work Handbags, Baskets and Boxes; Wallets, &c., &c. Prese-n- tation and Reward Books js Biography, History, Story, Poetry, Fiction, etc., Books for the 11 Jagg Young, Annuals, and Toy Books (English an d Welsh). Jg .1 Select Toys and Games. P y AN EARLY INSPECTION IS CORDIALLY INVITED. L $"ADVERTISER" OFFICE^ ft. J Castle Street, Llangollen, p ;WW- & &: ■