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CARNARVON. I SNOW DON I-LARK I'i.OUn, in Cotton Bags. Present }.;ices: 7\b:> L" lOJ; 3lbs, lld; 351 as 1 0(1 SYMPATHY i; cxtcn-ikd to Dr. and Mrs "tum Roberts, Wrexhan. (i'crmei-ty of Carnar- *.i-i l?(,slk, aj,d von ), on the death cf t, ???, Les l ie, aged "??LISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.— A successful sale of work was held at Cactte Square English Presbyterian Church yester- day week The cpenir.g oeremony was per- formed by the Mayoress. PERSONAL. — Mr E. Nefydd Jones, Iliga- ati cet, who has bee i away recuperating, has ruurned home much improved in health. amvy Owen, Corner Stores. NANKING SUCCESS. — Mr Harry Wynne Griffith, eon of Mrs Griffith, Glanydon, Llan- bcblig-road, has passed the entrance exami- nation in connection with the N.P. Bank, and has been nn point eel tCo the Pwllheli Branch. WAR AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE.— Mr John Jones has been appointed represon- ti.rivo of the Town Council on the County Wat Agricultural Committee. Christ Or.nrch, last Sunday, a Confirmation service was held by the Bishop of Bangor. ixty- jight candidates were confirmed. PENDiiET BAND OF HOPE.—Yesterday week, at Tanybcnt Mission Oh ape 1, the final D.oeting' ot the PciidTef Band ci Hope was hi Id wneu the children enjoyed an excellent tea. ACCIDENT TO THEE FELLEl. On lY.ebday, Mr Owen J ones, Cefnynysoedd,Llan- fag.'an, n-car Carnarvon, whilst felling trees at iiufod y ILhisgl, Llanfaglau, met with a se-rious accident. A large: tree feU on his legs. Ifc is feared that both legs hare been fractured. thit L-ulii Lave 1.).c-n SCRIPTURAL EXAMINATION. On Sat- urday, the annual County Scriptural Exami- nation in connection with the Arvon CM.- wis held. Twenty-four candidates sat at Carnarvon, and 34 at Pont- ile vv yd d. PEKbONAL. — At the Quarter Sessions, last week, the members of the court cn the .Standing Joint Police Committee were re- ekdeJ, Air Lloyd WLlIains being substituted for the late Mr Issard L'a vies. Messrs ,Wynne Williams and Charles A. Jones were placed on vacancies created on the compensa- tion authority. Mr Trevor Hughes was elee- ted assessor under the Clergy lJiMiplilliC Act, and Mr Wynnc Williams was electt.d to fill a vacancy among the visiting justices to U.M.'s Prison. INLAND REVENUE OFFICIAL'S AP- TEAL.—At the Gwyrfai Tribunal, on Tues- 3ay, in support of an application fur exten- sion (if time made by Mr Bradsliaw, who is lm charge of a Government Stamp Office at Carnarvon, Mr N. Roberts presented a peti- tion fciguect by local solicitors and bank mana- gers on tiie ground that the removal of Mr Erad;i.ivv would result in the cflioe being jSifccontinued. Three months' exemption was granted. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.—The elementary school children have been granted an exten- sion of their Easter holiday this year, and in place of the uual week's holiday they have Seen given a fortnight in order to enable boys to work on the land. The boys of the Central School and the Council School axe already working on allotments at Clae (Ymrvson. hlLl)REN'S EISTEDDFOP.-A. success- ful children's eisteddfod in connectic-n with 6.1011 Bach Mission Baud of Hope was held a hiloh Chapel yesterday week. Mr R. U. Ovon (Pencerdd Liyfnwy) adjudicated the tfwic Mr Thos. Jones, Vaynol-strect, the recitations. Mr Robert "W iliiains, Bron Ccris, presided, and Mr T. J. Roberts, East- gate-street, conducted. The chief prize- ■wjauvrs were Miss Kate Morton Jones, Mary iHe-wla-nds, Sally Herbert, Lizzie Jones, Robt. Salisbury, Gwladys Thomas, Sally Humph- reys. ttiA Tommy Jones. Two juvenile choirs contested—SiLch Fawr (Mr Evan Williams,1 and Siloh Bach (Mr Robert Williams). The term or won. ENGEDI BAND OF HOPE.—At Engedi Chapel vestry, yesterday week, the. final ireeiing in connection with the Band of Hope :was held. Forty-five wounded soldiers from the Eryri lio-spaal were invited to the tea, (which was arranged by a ladies' oommittee, under the presidency of Mrs Owen, Bryn Reuno, assisted by Mrs Humphrey Evans. Mrs Rowlands, Frenheulog; Misses Davies, Jlcu! ¡ yyu; Owen, Corner Stales; Edwards, Bryn Beuno; Dora L. Roberts, Cynfal; and Mrs Parry, New-street. The Rev. John Oven, M.A., presided over the evening meting. The following were awarded pr izes:—Heuiwen Williams, Evie Stanley Jones, Katie Hughes, Myrddin Williams, Hxzic PaTry, Lizzie M. Jones, Myfanwy Wil- liams, Tudor Jones, Katio Hughes, Maggie Will lams, L. M. Jones Enid Jones, Lizzie J. ilrVilli'iuis, Katie Huxley, Eiuncd Williams, T. p, W'lLams, L. Parry, Owain How-lands, and (Llwiadys Griffith. Th-e following contributed fA dialogue:—Katie Evans I li. Hughes, L. M. jiones, Maggie Williams, E. Stanley Jones, G adnr Jones, and Rcbert Ieuan Edwards. The Baii-d of Hope chi'dien, trained by Misses Price Jones ncv, Myfanwy Owen, performed action songs. Master Owen E. Owen, Bee Hive, also gave a recitation. The secretaries jtrere Misses Price Jones and Lizzie Davies; land t no accompanists, Miss Augusta Davies iftioes Miss Griffith (Armon Cottage), Miss I', Le. and M. Bank, and Miss Myf- CONCERTS. I'itoraav week, a concert was held at the. jEryri Hospital for IVeiinoded Soldierti. Part was taken by an orchestra hinder the leader- thip of Mr Pounds), Corporals J. Mcintosh, Percy Cheshire, Sapper H. Bell, Miss Peggy f'Janes, Messi's R. Kadford Jones and E. J. Bnghes. Miss Hamer also gave a musical Sketch. Ou Sunday evening a concert was held at the Guild Hall presided over by Mr H. L. Gardener. Mr H. R. Phillips conducted, and the following took part:—Mrs Lythe, Sap- pets Bell, Kippax, Roberts, Boyd, Hunting, aDd Mr H. Vaughan Dariea. The accom- panist was Mr W. Morris. MILITARY NEWS. u Ml1' NE!Vi. ur iuonaay ivtr llobert Roberts, picture ftamr Pool-street, left to join the Army. tir Roberts had been choirniaster at St. David's Church for some years. He was a auooeaeful conductor of children's choirs. Mrs W iPjarn.">, 15, Cha.pel-strect, has re- ceived a letter from her son. Corporal W. Williams D.C.M., from the British Red C,xois ai--a Order of Sf John Hospital, Salon- ikn. seating that he has been admitted into Ikt institution. Itfiiice-Covporal J. K. Crispin , Jløtd. wh.) is serving1 with the Royal En- gitieers, has been promoted corporal. On bil-lidav at a Churoh parade in Cam- Saidge the Military Medal was presented to t't A. 1. Williams (cephew of Mr and Mrs A. J Williams, Plas Menaa). He gained .is diJÜction for gallantry in Mawota ,Wl), when he shot five Germans who were in cnarge of a gun. Cadet Williams has "11iseJ his examination for a commiBsian t ;tlJ honours. Gunner James Jones, son of Mr and Mrs 13araes Jones, Balaclava-road, has been home CO teave. Air-Meohauic Edgar Wright Palace-street, of the Royal laying- Corps, is home on leave. Gunner Griffith Williams, Williams-street, wbo prior to joiuiug the R.N.R., was in the «■ n;ploy of Harbour Trust, and Sub-Lkmt R I. Davu-s, Edward-street, have been home an leave. Priva E R Wilhams, Weafey-strcet, is At ?sfM? tat in Leictcr &fter eefving in France for two years with the RW.F. NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME. I ? piibuc meeting for tho purpose of stimu- I  ;nLerLt in U? Nattoa?i Service sobemc I t a ?ra.n.voa on Fri4a, evca? addressed by 5lr Hamar Greenwood, M.P., Mr Towrn, M P., Junior Lord of the Treasury, had also been announced to .?pdl?, but w?3 ah^nt on account of indis- ?c'?t?n. 'The Mayc.r (Mr Chjrtes A. Jcuco? I resided. The following mM.?c was received by Sir Hamar Greenwood from too Premier too late to 1) road at the meeting: "Bast wishes for tho -iccpss of your f-ndeavour to enlist re- cruits for National Service. Fed confident my constituents will readily respond to the appeal." THE HARBOUR TRUST. J ?- Presiding at a meeting or the Harbour Trust, on Tuesday, Mr Alfred Riohards re- fm rt-d to the great lc%:L; sustained by the Trust through the death of its chairman (Mr sard UavÍ-e61, who .had been a member for 27 years, and cf Alderman Richard Thomas, vneve membership extended over thirty-five years. Both gentlemen had reraer-ed publie, services of a varied and most valuable char- acter. Votes of condoknco were passed with the respective families. Mr Itib-crt Willi Mas (Xiondon City and Mkii.i.Lid Bank) was electod to a vacancy called by the death of Mr Thomas Hughes, and Major Ileskoth Hughes to another seat formerly occupied by his father, the late Al- (krrrun lliward Hughes. I A FARMER AND THE SALE OF SEED I POTATOES. 1 I At Carnarvon, on Monday, a prosecution took p!aoe under tho Food Control Order of the 2ith February, Rice Roberts, of Peny- bryn Farm, being summoned for selling seed potatoos al. a nricd exceeding the authori-xd price. The person to whom the potatoes were s<,ld was a working man named Henry AViI- liams, who said tlu,t ho paid 4d a pound. for them. Tho sale took place at the Market Hall. T'ho defeniant admitted the ste. lie explained that he had been selling since the beginning of February, but he had only charged what other peoplo charged. He had also seen a copy of the Order, which, how- ever, made no distinction between the price oi eai-i,, potatoes and that of late potatoes. Supt. Wiiiianis, who prosecuted, pointed out the maximum price allowed for early po- tatoes was 3d per lb. In this ca&o the de- fendant was hi» own grower, and the pota- toes sold wore bought by him last year for N. Tho defendant asserted that he followed the prices ruling in the Market Hall, but, unfor- tunately, the notice put up there contained ■ no reference to potatoes, and, as a matter of fact, no one asked him to sell for 3d. per lb. A fine of 15s, including casts, was imposed. The Defendant: You are simply making a scapegoat of me, The May-or: I know that you are not the cnly one, I paid 5d per Ib, for po- tatoes (laughter). Supt. Williams: Well, I should like to point out that the buyer as weU as th-e sell- er is responsible (laughter). I OBITUASY. MR TUDOR EYANI>, TW THILL-TERRACE. On Sunday the death occurred of Mr Tudor Evans, sou of Mr and Mrs Samuel Evams, aged a4 years.









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