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CARNARVON. ) SNOWDON FLAKE FLOUR in Cotton bags. Present prices: 3^1 bo. Bags, 83d; Tibs, Bags, li 5d. PERSONAL.—Mr Owen Jones, Wigan Houo-e, Llangefni, is taking up h?-. reÚdenoe at Rhos- g??fari, Carnarvon. ga?PfEa.?n, DREF CHAPEL.—n? members of Pen- dref Chapel, on Sunday evening, unanimously elected Mr T. J. H. Roberts, G-raig Wen. LLan- berisroad, as secretary. ASSISTANT LIBRA RIAN.-M-ios Priohc.rd. Tower House, has been appointed assistant lib- rarian RAILW A Y OFF¡CIAL'S RETIH.1E:T.- Mr G. W. North, High-street, who has been traffic superintendent of the N01 -n Wales Nar- row Gauge Railway Company for the 20 years, and who, sinoe the 'outbreak of war, has also been acting manager, is retiring from tne service of the company, and will ba leaving the district the end of the year for Epping, Essex. CARDIFF CONVENTION.—"Tha three re- preeeutatives of thl-s parish at the Oard'iiE Con- vention—Mr Trevon Hughes, Supi-irinttriiHient Williams, a.nd the Vicar, states the "Dawn of Day," "were gre.atly impressed with the kind- new and hospitality shown them. In hoinely phrase, they were 'very well doti'3, But tho Coliver.Li.c,ii lteeit ";as rnatrvofilouiS. ^vi-any vvtiit tharo expecting a Babel—and fount a Pentecost. There were not Pairtiiians, Elamites, etc., thecc, but there were people of aa great, <iiv eim.tty La tone and tongue. Many had sonedules of aiiiejil- meats and were prepared to fight to tlve death 'A'a i es (yr of over the question of Ohiuroh in Waks or of Wales. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS A3 PASTOR.— Upon the completion of 25 years as pastor of the English Presbyterian Chuiroh, the Rev. DJ. Hughes was on Sunday night presented by the members of the church and congregation with a set of books and a timepiece, a peœ of furni- ture being also presented to Mrs Hughes. Coun- cillor Alfred RiettLLi,ds made the presentation." ABSENTEE IN A CUPBOARD.-At a spe- cial Court, on MoiKtay, Private Ebcnezer Jones, of Llanxug, was charged with being an absentee. P.C. Ellis (22), Cwmyglo, said 1IIe had been searching for the defendant for tteys. He called upon the defendants wife, who said he w not 111. He urgtni her for twenty minutes to open the door, but she declined, and even- tuaJiy he forced his way in. The kitchen was in dairkness, but with the aid of hia dash-lamp he discovered- the defendant hidliing in a tail cup- board near the firepla.ce. Defenoont was re- manded to await an escort. The Magistrate (lr Bowen Jones) awarded the consfbabie 15s for the intelligence he had shown. CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FOR BOY SCOUT. —At the Carnarvon County School, on Wednesday, the Headmaster (Mr K P. Evans, B.A.) presented Master E. H. Hall, son of the Borough Sm veyor, wuth a Ceruhcate of Merit, awarcied by the Chief Soont, for good work, on behalf of the movement. the sUiidm-d oeiiiand for this certificate is ve.ry luigih, and Scout Hall is the first Scout in Carnarvonethiare, Anglesey, and M er 1 o 1 leW ishiir 0 to gain it. CO UNIT SCHOOL. — A meeting of the Governing Body of the Comity Sct?ol w? h?&id oil Suawxlay afternoon to consider the report of the Finance Committee on the revised suale of salaries for the teaoiiers.—It was agreed tlat W per ctMi-t. of the inuroasBcl gruntis silOUkl be devoted to ttte augnijcvi 1 tauon of assistant teaohcr:a ealar-ies.—The Cftairman (Dr. Parry) addressed th-Q members of the bibail who bad been invited by the governors to meet them. He congratu- lated tiie staff on the good work they had done during the year. He had always felit that "teacltCirs were not ua.tcly paid., but it was the wair that awakened public interest in this In <JIÜ('t1' m C\RDIFF'S NEW SURVEYOR.-T-be Car- diff City Council have appointed Mr E. Lleurwg r -Mwgan, A.-NI.I.C.L- borough engineer and sur- veyor of Bolton, to the position ot oity engineer and surveyor, at a salary of £1000 per annum. Mr Lleurwg Morgan is a brother ot Mr J. R. Prince of Wales Hooel, Carnarvon. C.E.M.S.—The C.E.M.S. Rooms are found very usefui and mudh appreciated by the Sap- fpecs. Mrs Crebbin is working modt auccc?s- u?lliv to entertain the many soldiers who fTe- quent ?e looms. i MILITARY NEWS. I Mr Cutler, 7, Protona teuiraoe, has received "news of the- deiatii of hia son, Driver George .Cutler, R. F.A., in Frranje. Winiiiot he was lead- ing his lioraea out ol action a Ge-ritiaii airman dropped a bomb with fatal resuite. Mr Cutlea: ■has tinree other sons isarvung their counitry. One Í6 in hospital wouniied for the tififih tome, and anofliieir w leported missing The number of Carikarvon men who have SaAin in the war is 100. ftivat.e Jonee, son of Mr and Mrs Jones, Park Lodge, was home oa leave Last week, from F'i»noe. Mr Allen S. Jonee, who belongs to a Motor Corps, was also borne from Frai),e for a short leave. Pmates John Jones and Lewis Joae.s, brc)ulier-s liviiLg in, came home last week on a tew daye" furlough. SeoondLieut. R. Bunnwbt Jones, The Priory, now attached for duty with a Divisional Cyclist Company alt Canterbury, has been promoted lieutenant. A brass tablet, given by Mr and Mrs Wilki,n- son*, in memory of their son, the Late Private W. J. VVilk-inaon, wlil) was killed in action, bas been unveiled above the seat in the ohoiir stalls a.t Christ Church, which the deceased occu- pied. < HARBOUR TRUST. I A meeting of the Trust was heM on iuesaay, Mr '1. Morgan Lioyu tchairman) presiding. A coininiiiee reported fiaving considered an application for land in the harbour for certain business, but had decided not to entertain. it. The Surveyor said the committee had other land they could suggest to the applicant. Iho Chairman gave notice uiat he would at the next nteetiiig iii(>, e tho election of Mr C. Crebbin to fill the vacancy on the Trust caused by the death of Mr ti. Rienards. Mr J. Prichard also gave notice that ho would move the elec- tion of Mr D. O. Evans, Bryn Alon, electrical engineer. ihe Surveyor (1r Bowon Jones> said the great gale of the 2yui uit. did some damage at Abermenai. The timbers at the after end of the cross groynes were carried away. An immense quantuy of sand was swept avftLy, and the con- figuration of the coast line had been altered 1Il parts beyond recognition. it would be desir- able to make good the damage as soon as the weather permmed. the tide seemed to have been thy Highest since October. 1896. COCTY POLICE COURT. I Saturday, before Messrs Wynne Wi,iiam3 .■hairman;, Trevor Hughes, G tl. Humphreys, G. J. Roberts, A. W. 3. Williams, and Bowon j Jones- Gunner T. R. Evans. R.F.A.. Groeslon, wa3 charged with being an absentee since October L5th On promising to return to Carnarvon when the escort arrived, he was allowed to go. John Thomas Williams, farm labourer, Brvn- cynan Fat-it,. Olyrmog, charged with riding a oicycle without a rear lamp, was ordered to pay 4s costs. John Parry, Bryn Seiriol, Rhostryfan, for whom Mr H. Roberts appeared, was charged "with not cariving a lighted Trout lamp on his bicycle He ww ordered to pay 4s costs. --Griffith Jones, Beudy Isaf, Groeslon, was "JI'.thaTg")d with allowing a child to be in a room with an open firegrate.—P.C. Hugh Williams (25) stated that the defendant calico upon him and said that his child had been severely "scakied Subsequently the child died. At the inquest it was stated that the child, aged fifteen months was left tr. a room with two other child- ren, aged;lve years and f"ur yours, and deceased upset a ketle full of boiling water.—The defen daiit stat-d that he was ignorant of the law on the subject. He had since ordered a lireguard.- The Bench ordered he defendant to pa.y 4s. The Chairman warned parents as to the necessity of providing guards, as a large number of children were burnt to death. I OA RE OF GUARDIANS. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on- Saturday, the Chairman (Rev. R. Vi. Jones) presiJi n.g. The Finance Committee reported that the sup plem^fitary valuations had been under their consideration 'The rtteable value of the Union had been decreased by E2781, from Ell,2,121 to sum required to be raised bv tho a rate of Is 7d in the £ wout 1 be required, together with 3d in the i; for a working balance 'J he new rate, Is 10d in the E, would ba Id in the £ lower than was the osc six months ago The rates for different parishes would show a decrease more than ld, as the Board would be able to transfer to them the whole of the working balance idiscd six months ago. There are 43 soldiers in the Military Hospi- tal which is controlled by the Board. The Clerk (Mi Wynri Roberts; reported that the daily cost of food given tho1 soldiers wa* Is 8^d per head, this being the loSvest amount, of any Auxiliary Hospi tat in the Western Command. The House Committee leported that controlled tea was bein^ bought for the workhouse at 3s a lb.-I,t was decided to allow the officials of the workhouse to niuke jon«« arrangements when tiiey are provided with weekly rations. The Local Food Coi.'aol Committee have granted 2241bs. of sugar a month for the workhouse, and* 1921bs. a month for the Military Hospital. In one of the cases for out-relief it was stated that several farmers who had employed the man had not paid the insurance confrihv ions, with the result that the man, who was ill, required oil t- relief. -The Clerk said that the man was 65 Nt-ars of age.—Mr A. H. Richards propose d that the employers should be reported to the Insur- ance authorities.—It was stated that the man I did not work regularly with anyone, and tho matter was adjourned.