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ALONG THE CAMBRIAN ] COAST. (By R. 0 FADOG). PEN AND INK VIGNETTES. I No. IV. His brethren-in-faith at Chwilog met, And tiiere made him, amidst applause, Their president, appreciating his Mast faithful service to the cau.-e. But Indepcndia does not all absorb His services, far he is known Throughout Portmadoe as the man who makes The poor's cause as if it were his own. He helps the stricken in a thousand ways Without parading it, and so His very name shalj venerated be By aH the hearts he's made to giow. One day. with rod and line, he 'tries' the streams. Ami the next day he 'tries' in court; Ho worships every da.y. and tfius com- bines The law. the gospel. and good sport. ■» No. V. • A workin, phlasolihc eciiric i l l And councU'or as wc?, Who, at Pvvi'lheM Council, has Some weighty tilings to tell. A critic keen, hits hard and fair, Contemns all cynicism. On cliques lie pours the vitriol OJ'with'ring criticism. Throughout the town wcli spoken of, For his integrity, And so he tills the 'chairs' of trust Tn the community. t > A BtrmLnghnm poultry and egg mer- chant wrote to one ot his agents in Eifionydd complaining that the supply-of 1 eggs he was sending to liini was getting smaller lately, and that if more eggs were not sent, the merciiant would ap- point another agent. The agent repaed that he-os were like the railwayiiieti some- times—they a'so went on ,trike And r ivhcfr on strike rio eggs could be got from tlwm--eve-,i at 5d eaCH; The Poor aif I.- rban Council rates for Barmouth are 13" iOd in the E. :i: ■J Machynlleth Rural Council are awaken- t- ang to the insanitary condition of Pen- ar. but they are now confronted with a fresh diincuLt.?—t.hey cannot get any- ono to undertake the scavenging of the village. Under the w il of the late Rev.. Ed ward Parry. M.A.. Newtown, Mont., a sum of nearly £ 2030 has left to the Cayin- ■- iistic connexional funds. » During my iliness a large number of J friends vhited me. several of whom were Ciiccieth. Fcstin- iog, Penrh yn. Harlech, etc. There was nothing that pleased me more than to hear them say. independently of one another, that they liked this column very much. Three or four of them expressed some concern lest the column should dis- appear if I became permanently blind. I > told them that what one man could do, another man cou'd do also. < One of the visitors from a distance asked me if I knew Itr So-and-So. I re- plied that I did, but that it was some- time s nce I had seen him H e 's a. time nce r had scen him" He is a groat Chronicle man," said my friend, "but is more interested than evor in the Chronicle now since you commenced to write 'Vignettes.' He appeared to be very anxious to be included in 'Rhisiart Q Fadog's Picture Gallery of Celebrities.' but feared that you bad not enough colour to paint his portrait. I toLd 'him to send you some colour, and ho promised to do BO." The colours Itavo not yet arrived. I have received letters asking me to try and get the committee of the Lieyn and Eifionydd Agricultural Sooioty to revive tho show next year. If the show is to be held in 1*930, :t JS time the com- mittee should be moving to prepare tho schedules. The many •• • m Rev. 1). Basi l The many fronds of the Rev. D Basil Jones. M.A., rector of Dyffryn, will be pleased to know that he is progressing -jell after his recent operation. He is now at the Rectory. < < < A Llanbedrog lady has presented to some .of the local school scholars6 be- tween 9 and 11 years of age, apple trees for planting in their gardens, in the hope of interesting them in fruit-growing and malcing them realise what it is to have one.&' appies stolen. Llamvnda Parish Churchpeople are pre- paring for holding a. bazaar on a largo scale after next Easter. The contributions) received from Pwll- heli district toward tilte Red Cross So- ciety for 1918 wer,) as folows ;Abcrorch Corigrogati ona.1 1 sts, £1 7s 9d; Abererch CM. Church. JB9 17s; Abcrerch Parish Church, £8 16s 3d; Babetl C.M. Church, B8 16s; Bryn Engan School, £ 5 12s 6d; Capel y Beirdd (B.). 23 17s; Capel Hoyg (Coog.). £7 7s 4d; (hwilog, C15 15s lid; Engcd;, 1;3 9s; Fourcrosses, J69 18s 6d; Llanarman Parish Murch, LM 13s; Llan- gybi Parish Churuh, Ell 17s; Llwyn- dyrus, E15 10s; Pencaenewydd, E25 89 3d; Pentne Uohaf, S8 13s 6d; Pisrtyll, „ .£9 lis 3d Pencoed, £ 10 Os 6d Rhosfain, jM 14s 9d, Sardis (Llangybil, £ 2 18s 5d; Siioh, Chwilog, LL4 12a 6d; Trevor, jE2 3s » # « • There are rorious complaints made against the system of grading cattle. A farmer said at a public meeting last week hat out of every £50, £10 went -_in ofBciafs* salariea and expenses. t *?  fourcrosses Fair was Itcid yesterday week. but the weather was so bad that the business done was very poor. < < v i a The fo:lowwg tory reaches me via Pwfheti. Carnarvon and Hajtrwst: Me X, and other gentlemen were delegates to a meeting held at one of the towns men- tioned. jThoy dined at an hotel, and afterwards left for the meeting. But Mr X found that the umbre'la had dis- appeared from the stand m the hall, and that an old gamp with broken ribs had been left thero instead. He spoke to the licencce about it and said that he had only just been presented with the um- brella by Mrs X. « The licencee suggested that the loss should bv announced at the delegates' meeting with a request that the umbre'la should be returned Thts advice was car- ried out. but the lost article was not returned. Mr X became' very angry and t hreatened to demand from the liceucee tho value of his new umbrella. A good umbrella had been left at tho hotel about two months before, and the hotel keeper pffere,J that to Mr X, and the offer was »cee}>ted. » » A week later Mr X received a lawyer's letter donianding ■ the nnmediate return '{" t he umbrella, or le^aj proceedings would foUow. Th'e umbrella was sent to ?e iavwo- "Mr X is stUi without his. Nlr 4X is stiu without his. — s- Ald.-rman Bfeter Joriis, of Aberystwyth, chairman of the Cardiganshire County Council, probably holds the record of lengthy service to the public of V\ He wa, or.e of the old Town Commission- ers, tho predecessors of the Town Council at Aberystwyth, lifty-one yellrs ago. Ever since he has been most prominent on \Ve"t Wales pub' c bodies, and last week he at the Welsh Home Rule conference at Shrewsbury. v < It seems that the legend of the Devils Bridg(/ is found at Pont A'nergiaslyn. In an old book the writer say., the Evil-One is supposed to have bui't the bridge on condition that he should have the first that went over it for hi- trouble and ex- pense. But a method was contrived to de.fraud him by driving a dog over that was all the pay that he had." Real mean of the inhabitants. < A great revival is expected in the Welsh slato industry, and in this connection it :s of interest to not that-there is now a de- mand for slate waste,which, ground to powder, form-, an important ihgnedicnt in tii, manufacture of bricks, cement, asphalte, and a variety of other things where acid and weacher-resisting qualities are required. In fact. there is no end to the uses to which slate dust may be ap- and a big lllarke-t for it is confident- L I ly expected. » a » Jones" figured iirominently in a wedding, on Tuesday, in- a West Wales village. The bride was Jones, the bride- groom was Jones, the two bridesmaids wore Jones, the two curates who a-si'ted in the ceremony were Jones, and the or- .gani.,t wa,3 J011l'