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ir WANTED, A rcspcctabfe vccll educated Youth, AS an APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and .<.tïl APOTHECA It Y. i A Premium nill be required, as the practical advantages ¡ill be very considerable, and every possible attention will Jibe given ti) liis tivaii,eci,.iciit in every branch of professional V "knowledge. Address to Ir. B. WILLIAMS, Surgeon, &c. Swansea. tJ-:3 I' nut a D. Jxnktx yn hysbysu. Vio tzladicyr, fod y Mo adieu Mcddifgin iacth ol canlyno!, ag sydd ar icerlk ganddo cj; yn bur ac yn ddigymmysg. I I). JENKIN,. ..It l J. 'f( 1. f PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, S) MUSIC SELLER, CASTL E-STIIE ET, S WANSEA, SELLS THE FOLLOWING PATENT AND PUBLIC t iletotttnes." For Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions. s. (I. Ci 5" ODBOLD'sVEG ETABLEBALSAM 018 6 D \V io* Vegetable Syrup OM f) '• Pnrlancl n -aliua; S'ilis 0 f 9 i "CitydeH' l> s u of Honey 0 2 9 ?r<int?Dr?. 019 )¿n; son's i i„es 0 1 2 ionj'i Balsam ot Uorehomid 0 1 Evan's L-scat'e of Coltsfoot 0 J ft! I .lurch's Cough Drops 0 2 9 alsli's Colt's-toot Lozenges 0 1 2 0 1 ?? Oxtui-dLux?.?'s 0 ? Si Plan's R -4 i v Medicine 0 2 G J)r. Fotln i i \-torai.i\e Nervous 0 1 (i Tca. 029 •-JDr. Kvnn 11 v >«s-Tincture 0 1 (» () 1 (j HUA'I I-I tare of Peruvian Bark 0 3 0 Solomon's iialui of Gilcad 0 11 0 1 I'l 0 Smith's Restorative Drops 0 11 0 D¡,eascs illcÙlcnl to Females. Dr. SiblyV Lunar Tinrture 0 10 6 i''it.hergiif= female Pills 0 2 9 l'il Is 0 1 2 0 2 9 1 Trow bridge Golden Pills ■ U 1 2 Fur tile Rheumatism. lfcmacathartic Tincture 0 4 0 "Whitehead's Esseace of Mustard 0 2 9 Mustard I'ills 0 2 9 .Dt-.natcma?'sPcctornt Drops 0 1 6 Lssoneeof Jamaica(iinger 2s.9d.and 0 i (> I < Cumberland'sBiUunhwas Flttid- U 2 .9 •. For Scorbutic ('omptaints. C) o Li'. Solomon's A nti-hnpetigines Oil 0 ?:')-c i ?-/ /'or Cutaneous Eruptions. H' 0i)li.iient 0 19 ?tk-? Ointment 0 1 9 I bolomou's A bstergent Lotion 0 2 9 <iow land's Vegetable Lotion S'.?d.aud 0 5 ?! ?t'. M !iCc!ti('y? Ointment 0 19 1 cnercal Jffi eliom. ?:i]!?r'sJrsHirsD!-ops 0 2 9 i. ?;!kp'MPiHs 0 2 9 t tn-akc's Purifying Drops 0 2 ) .?<?of/.< Cow?M?'. Ibrcb, n1ihi1ion.'< Pills. 0 5 6 ¡ ))iek"o;s ntiLiJions Pins. 0 2 9 Dr. J nmesV Analeptic Pias. 0 4 6 "(..?t's Pills 0 1 « Dr..N orris's Antimonial Drops 0 2 9 7?t««'?e<-? of the Bonr h. t ? ?ic'?'sTrr?DairY?Elixit- ?.?!):id 0 2 5 F'?'?nti'CY'?'uidiat 0 1 0 .5 inericaii Soothing Sirup 0 2 9 iadolisr-. Elixir 0 1 2 ?t.x?'Eii?r 0 2 (? yiluire's (hand Elixir 0 2 0 ls,,('¡¡ce of Pt'ppenaiJ!t 0 1 4 4 -Leauinc (|0 ic 0 3 t) Viultirsoifs Scots Pills 0 1 2? hlhY's C:Hwinathc 0 I D ?"Xt?'?CU!aPil? 0 1 2 t* «:>vs's Magnesia Disorders of Children. "?s?r:tN:npsht 0 3 6 De-nry's t'aieined Magnesia, in Bottles 0 2 9 ?'??<nrtLo?-()g<-x Is. 2d. and 0 2 9 "?''tii's?onnTt-a, U ) ? 1\LtgueÚa Lozc!:?cs, for Heartburn 0 1 2 ]) L' Sprains, Uruises Wounds, §c. 1'. "h't'I"s () 1 11 0 2 9 Y)r.St?,o ?'? 0 2 9 '^ttoiva British Oil 0 1 ¡ t Jlo}wrt" 1\1, lIfl.'iCF1.LLVEOf!S. | j in icrt ? s Mcdi?t,? ? ??.?t:?)!(. ? utcr, an Ef!cctmd ??'y?"'?Sc,-o.).,u!norKin?'=Evi: 0 6 0 ITh, u.tsApcncntF?uivPiUs 1 0 1 2 L:?.?rLo?-?s,f..rL<?nc.sofSpH;t. 0 1 2 ?)-d?sAst'n:d!c(-andy 0 1 ? .■Jjath « Restorative, or .Strengthening Pills 0 1 (; Oil, lor te',it'e Gl.t)?? t?i 4)1?' ll;iir 0 8 0 (),il, fol, I)itto 0 3 6 Jr I. J'n'?))utn's Pi)! tor the Stone; 1 Gravel 0 2 9. "?tt?tit:imSa)ts 0 ? 9 -hall's Uuniversal Cerate, t?r ?urns, Sc;dd?, Chil- .?&< U 1 ? p',?''?????'PrH?,fwi)itto 0 1 2 ?h?"'s(.!))d(')??c()iuU)u-)it 0 2 i' I) i ?  '???''sa?ofLiic 0 ? 0 (?-h?.ti?z?t, ? „ ?-pr<?"t)? ;-? o t ? 's Em!) ttto 0 1. 2 ??i???.?.?cH..i..n,Co?. J' f ?. )utch Ditto 1' 0 ]' ??Ditto ?',j? (: ('U." 1';1)" ,00,'n, PJ,'lhter 0 1  ?"??''P'?u,T 0 1 '2 j^vmn-y's issue Pla;ster .?. 0 1 0 ,? ???:.Hi.??s.\?h?-cntOi,?)i?-:it '• 0 4 6 'v?«Mey's P()\nl('r 0 2 (; T)ufs> J nfal'i,lc German Corn Planter 0 1 2 X-n ¡' ,erman COni Plaisler () 1 2 J i ("n: s Beinedy for Deafness 0 8 G DenJr s Aromatic Vinegar 0 2 9 St(.(. ?'S"???'"g''s 0 I o J?['u??L.uoricc 00 (; Du(ls ?n. j5!oa<'hil1S Liquid 2s. and 0 ? 0 ?t!?''??'st<- '-)s. -.111(i -?'?Sn????????n??cr 02 6 j0rl> Tobacco 0 0 3 "(I(] fj 0 £ ((^ H?? C?/?!?'.? Pocket-/looks for the y?' JS1;}, common, and e.vcra. I ilsh und t,relish dlnvaiueks. various sorts. .(\o.¡ \L '¡", OJ' POPULAR SCHOOL BOOKS C. CRADOCK Si- W. JOY, ,No.32, Paternoster-Row, London; Aii(I may be had of D. JEKKIN, Printed of this Paper; and HAitniES, Swansea and ilAiutrs,- Carmarthen; Wir-MAsrs, Mcrthyr-Tydlll; LKWIS, Cardigan; Or.E, Denbigh PHILLIPS, Ruthin JONES, J)ol,ylle!J; S,\LJNDE¡¡SOX, Uala; IÆWIs, I\cn-port; and all other Booksellers, 1. The SECOND I-.DITIOX, with numerous Cuts, enlargedaud liiueli G UPS NEW BRiTiSH I?!MH?, for ?? ( hiidren of an cady Aq intended to precede the | \J-V URI i JSTL SPELLIAG-BOOK, aud other similar Residing Books. 2. 1 he SKVEXTII EI»mo'>F, ON fine paper, corrected and much improve.; in the arrangement, HIt 10 new Cuts added, price is. 6d. bound, {;U\'s NEW BRITISH SPELLING-BOOK, or an Introduction to Spelling and Reading, in Seven Parts, con- taining a great variety of easy Lessons exactly adapted to the capacities' ot Youth, and arranged in a new, easy, and plcaillg urder; the Tahles of Words are divided and ac-, cenled according to the purest modes of pronunciation. J. On fine paper, and handsomely printed, price is. neatlv beanl, GU\'s NEW BRITISH READER, or SEQUEL to his N EW Burnsa SI'Eixrvc-iiooK, containing a great variety of easy Lessons, selected from the most approved Authors; EXHIBITING a very easy gradation, and adapted to the junior classes ot Ladies' ami Gentleuieu's Schools. J. Just published, the TUMN EDI I-ION', enlarged, very con- sKierably improved, aud handsomely printed, price IS. (id, honml in red, Cil;s ENGLISH SCHOOL GRAMMAR: in which by Rules, Examples* and Exercises; adapted throughout to the Use ot Schools and Private Teachers. 5. SECONO Enrrio.v, enlarged and much improved, royal 18mo. v, ith seven handsome Maps, price 3s. bound in red, GU V's SCHOOL (»EOGUAPI! V on a ;ICH easy, and highly approved plan; comprising not only A complete general Description, hut much Topographical Information, in a well digested order; exhibiting three distinct Parts, and yet forming one connected Whole. Expressly adapted to t'vcry Age and Capacity, and to every Class* of Learners, hoth in Ladies' and Gentlemens Schools. Tne Maps on A handsome drawing paper, neatly co- loured, are sold separate for the convenience of Teacners, price 2s. sewed. G. SCHOOL CIPHERING-ROOK for Be.<r-n- ners; containing a, complete Set- of Sums in the first tour Rales of Arithmetic, printed in large Figures, the Copy- book Si/e, having all the Sums set, and all the Lines ruled on excellent writing paper, SECOND EIMTIOV, price 3s. 6d. LLO. half-hound. Also, A KE\ to the above Sums, price6d.. j 7. SIXTH I-.DITION, on tine paper, handsomely printed, with near two hundred new articles added-, and the whole carefuHy corrected, and much improved^ price 7s. boards, j or 7s. (id. neatly hound, (; F Y's POCKET CYCLOPEDIA; or, Miscellany of Useful Knowledge, from the latest and best • Authorities, designed for$cnior Scholars in Schools, and for young Per- sons in general; containing much useful Information on various .Subjeefs necessary to be known by all Persons, and yet not to be found in Looks of general ( Schools. BY JOSEPH GCJY, late Professor of Geograiihv, &c. Royal MI- litary College, (NEAT Marlow. 8. GUY's CM ART of GENERAL HISTORY, Ancient and Modern; on a large sheet ot Colunibier drawing paper, the SICCOXI) EDITION, corrected, pricc 7s. coloured; on canvas and rollers, 10s. 6d.; and varnished, price lis. 9. In royal 4lo. price 18s. neatly half-bound; or full co- loured, „C 1* Is. ATLAS; containing dis- ti. nct .Maps of all the principal States and Kingdoms through- out the W orld, from the latest and best Authorities, includ- iii,, zi of allcierPt Greece, and of the Roman Empire; the, whole correctly engraved upon 30 plates, royal Ho. and beautifully coloured outlines. 10. The FOURTH EDITKW, just published, with considera- ble Additions and Improvements, price 7s. 6d. 12ino. neatlv bound, All INTRODUCTLOY to GEOGRAPHY and AS- 1 RONO:\1Y by the Use of Globes and Maps; to which are added, the Construction of Maps, and a Tallie of Lati- tudes and Longitudes. By E. and J. I5IU;CE, of Newcastle- upon-Tyne.— In this edition the population of towns in Great Britain is taken from the Population Returns of 1811. 11. Now first, published, price 2s. (id. sewed, A Kl, N- ti) URUCE's GEOGRAPHY containins; An- swers to the Problems in the Geography. By J. Butx-I:. 12. Just published, the FIF'rn EDITION, corrected and much improved, with a Geographical Frontispiece, price L. bound, A SYSTEM of ANCIENT and MODERN GEOGRA- P5HA Y, with a series of Geographical Examinations. By JOIHX of Manchester, Author of many elemen- I, tan llooks. 13. SECOND EDITION, illustrated with Copper Plates and Wood Cuts, price 3s. (id. A TRE ATISE on the CONSTRUCTING and COPY- [ ING all Kinds of GEOGRA PLILCA L MAPS, in Pour Parts. By THOMAS DIX, Master of North Walsham Aca- d(,jiiy, iii(i -%tttiiot- of a Treatise on Land Surveying, See.— I Part I. Elucidates the (rlobular, Stereogniphic, and iMerca- tor's Projections of the. World.— Part 11. On the Projection of Maps of particular parts of the World.— Part 111. A J-Description of Instruments, by the help of which the ME- ridiaw; and Parallels of Latitude may be drawn with great j facility.—Part. IV. Directions for inserting places, drawing rivers, sea-coasts, and other boundaries, and for copying, i colouring, mounting, and other minutiie for Mapping. i 11. Price Is. bound, the Foun-RU EDITION, (with consi- derable Improvements), ARITHMETIC'; adapted to different Classes of Learn- ers, but more particularly to the Use of large Schools. In Turee Parts, arranged in a new manner, and enlivened with numerous original Examples on interesting subjects. With an Appendix, containing Five Classes of Recapitulatory Exercises. By ROBERT GOODACIIE, of Standard Hill Aca- demy, Nottingham. 15. The THIRO ECR rioN, very much enlarged, price 5s. 6d. neatly bound, A KEY to GOODACRE'S ARITHMETIC; contain- ing to in that Work, w ITH the Solu- tions, nearly at fIlii length, of MORE than ONE thousand of the most important. Examples, interspersed wit71 explanatory Notes and Observasions; by tlte AlIthor of the Arithmetic. IFI. AN ABRIDGMENT of GOODACRE's ARrrn- fill. of, ".)Ctljois junior Classes, price Is. (id. half-bound. Also, the necessary TABLES in ARITHMETIC aud M E? S C HA T!0?, arranged in 0.? pa?e, post 4?- On a sn?M type, and on une stint paper, price ?d. 1 I ï. DHI)(leeimo, price .k hound, A TREATiSE oh !?OOK-KEEPi\?, adapted to the Use of Schools; containing two Sets of Bo? by Simt? Entry, one by Double Entry, and an Outline Set to be tilled up by either method; to which is a.ldcd, a Familiar Dissertation on the various Bills and Notes used in .Com- m'Tcc as Substitutes for Cash, By ROBUUT (1QUDACR£. '• very much altered aud improved, jn-t published, price 3s. fid. bound, The TUTOR'S ASSISTANT MODERNIZED, or a regular System of Practical Arithmetic; comprising all the modern Improvements in that Art which are necessary fori the Man of Business and the practical Scholar. By the Rev. 'THOMAS PEACOCK, Denton, near Darlington, Durham. la. The SECOSD EoxTioiv, illustrated with Plates, price; 4s. (id. E'ino. bound, The PRACTICAL MEASURER; containing the Cses, of Logarithms, Guntcr's Scale, the Carpenter's Rule, and] the Sliding Rule; the best and most approved Mo'de&jjf drawing Geometrical Figures; the Doctrine of Plane Tri- gonometry, and its application to Heights and Distances; the Mensuration oi' Suporlices, Solids, and Artificer's W ork, and the Methods of Surveying, Planning, and Dividing Land. The whole illustrated with a great Variety of Ex- amples and ti) tlit, o.t, Noll; Scholars, and suited to real Business. Ry the Rev. TaoM.vs PEACOCK. j 20. II1 Hvo. with numerous Wood Cuts by Bew ick, and dedi- cated to the Lord Bp. of Durham, price 10s. (id. boards, ) Surveying, designed for-the Use of Schools. By the Rev. JOHN FURNESS, Ponteland, Northumberland. 21. In a handsome thick Time, volume, with an elegant Frontispiece, price 8s. fid. bound; or on large paper for Families, forming a large 8vo. volume, price 12s. fid. boards, The WORLD DISPLAYED; or the-Characteristic Features of Nature and Art exhibited. On a new plan, iil- tended for Youth in genera!, as an Outline of the 11104 striking Parts of Human Know»"dge, and as a Remem- brancer to those of riper of Isles: tileii- Laws, Constitutions, itc. Of Maps, their Varieties. Cu- rious Animals, Vegetables, Fossils, &c. Extraordinary Efforts of Human Art aud J ndllst ry, Mechanical Powers; various Philosophical Subjects. On the Aurora Borealis, Thunder, Lightning, Earthquakes, Winds, Springs, Saltness of the Sea, tic.; the Links that join the animated and ina- initiated part" of the Creation; Biography, Foreign am! Domestic, Lives of the Heroes at the Siege of Troy, &c. By doUN GiiEKt, Private of Author or ;iii Introduction to the Use of the ('lobes, Ladie.s' Aritit- j! metic, Heavens Displayed, Expeditious Instructor, 22. The EICIITII EDITION, price Is. in coloured paper, The CATECHISM of NATURE; for the Use of Chil- dren. By Dr. MARTINET, i?oft?K<rof Philompj¡ at Zut- phen. Translated from the Dutch, by the Rev..ionx HALL, | !of the English Church at Rotterdam.  IkÙd nalun', nature is a friend to truth," Yml/lÇ[. 23. SINTIJ EDITION, price 2S. neatlv bound, M. CORDERII COLLOQUTORUM CENTER.!A S'.LECTA or, a Select Century of M. Coiiieria,' Co)!o-j ijuies; in I'our Book-; the two tir-t accompanied with a i Literal Translation. To whieii are added. T?o?Oc?hnta-' tll(, !h>t: of which contains the Conjunctions, Preposi- tions, I uierj ections, and the more common Adverbs that oc- cur in this Selection; the second, the Nouns, Pronouns, V erbs, Participles, aud the le?s common Adverbs. Also a Scheme of Latin Numbers. By the Rev. Jonx FARUEU, formerl y Master of V. ilton-le-Wear School, in the county of Ditrhaiu, and late icar of Stanwix-, Cujnberhind. 21. A Niiiv EDITION, done up in coloured paper, with a j head of the Auilmr, price 2s. (id. sewed, The A RCA N A of SHORT HAND; or, Expeditious "Writing made Easy. TO W hicii are now added, Regular Lessens, for want of which few have gained a perfect knowledge therein.

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