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AUCTION DIARY. Sales by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. April 8—At the Blossoms Hotel. Cbester-Licensed Property. Residences and Cottages, at Rhyl, Denbigh, Heswall. Chester, &c. April 10—At Sealard Bank Farm-Fat and Store Cattle, Sheep. Horses, &c. April ll-At the Chester Smithfield-Fat Cae. Sheep, Pigs and Calves April 12—At the Hooton Old Smithfield-F&t Cattle I Sheep, Pigs and Calves April 12-At the Robin Hood HÜ'Al. Helsby- Farm at Helsby April 15—At the Blossoms Hl Chester—Free- hold Property at Ohestec *nd Little Sutton April 17 -At the Shrew,dmry Arms, Hinderton, Wirral-Farminiz Stwk April 17—At Pendue 11 Coleshill-street, Flint- Household Furniture and Effects April 18 and 19-At the Chester Smithfield and Hooton Smithfield—Easter Prize Sales April 19—On the Roodee, Chester-Letting of Refreshment Booths, &c. April 27—At the Oak Bank, Hoole-Valuable Hunters, Hackneys, and an Astrada Carriage By MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. April 11—At "The Hand Hotel," Llangollen—i Family Hotel and Premises April 12—At the Bowden Temperance Hotel, Brook -itrept-Fu rn ture and Effects April 18—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street— Furniture, China, Carpets, &c. April-At the Gymnasium Room, Lower, Bridge- street—Furniture, Silver. Plated Goods, &c. May 2-At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street— Furniture and Effects May 18—At the King's Head Hotel. Holywell- Freehold Farms and Properties May 20-At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester—Free- hold Property at Elton, Cheshire. By MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE Aprii 10—At No. 79. Walter-street,. Newtown- Household Furniture, etc. April 11—At the Ermine Cattle Mart—Fat and Store Stock April 13-At Bumper's Lane, Chester-Farm Effects April 17—At the Flint Cattle Mart—Easter Prize Sale April 18-At the Ermine Cattle Mart-Easter Prize Sale By MR. J. P. GARTER. April 12-At Hooton Cattle Mart-Stock By MESSRS. ASTON & SON. April 11—At the City Auction Rooms, Uhester- Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD. April 18. 19 & 20—At the Crewe Roeposkory- Hunters, Show Horses, and Heavy Horses Bv MR. T. S. ADAMS. April 18-At the Custom House HoteL Connah's Quay-Freehold Building Land April 26—At the Black Lion Hotel, Mold—Free- hold Properties in Flintshire By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. April 10—At the Shotton Hotel. Shotton—Land at Shotton SALES BY AUCTION. HURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS J AND RICHARDSON, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, THE AUCTION MART, FOREGATESTREET, CHESTER. Agenta for the Norwich Union, and Law Uniun and Crown Insurance Companies. Telegraphic Address: "Mart, Chester." Telephone: No. 21U. On Tuesday Next. LLANGOLLEN, NORTH WALES. To Hotel Keepers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Capitalists and Others. Hischly Important Sale of very Attractive First- class Freehold FAiNlILY HO fEL, DWELLING- HOUSES, SHOPS, CUTTAUES, Gardens, &c. ELPHICK & Co. MESSRS. CHUKTON. ELPHICK & CO. _?wi will 6 ElL BY AUCTION, on the premises ac The Hand Hotei," Llangollen, on TUESDAY, the 11th day of April, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in one loi, and subject to conditions— The very Attractive Fully-Licensed First-class Freehold FAMILY HOTEL, known as "THE HAND HOTICL," very pleasantly situate in the picturesque and far-famed town of Llangollen, with extensive fruntage to the river Dee, and within four minutes' walk of the Railway Station, together with the Stables, Coach-houses, Pleasure Grounds, Gardens, and Drying Grounds belonging thereto; also two DWELLING HOUSES and SHOPS in Bridge-street and Church-street, several Lock-up SHuPS, COT i'AGES, Slaughter House, &c. The Hotel, which enjoys a high reputation, has been very suoeessiuily carried on for many years by the owner, is fully furnished and contains 15 public and private entertaining-rooms, billiard-room, and 42 oedrooms. kite lien, score-rooms, larders, laundry, very extensive owliaring, and other conveniences. Possession of the Hotel and Premises will be given on completion of the purchase. The Fixtures and Fittings to be taken at a valua- tion to be declared at the time of sale. The Furniture and Stock-ra-Track- may be taken at the option of the purchaser. Particulars, with plans and conditions of sale, together with any further information, may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers, Chester; or to Messrs. LONGUEVILLE & CO., Solicitors, Oswestry. Under a. Bill of Sale. ON WEDNESDAY NEXT. Sale -,f Household Furmture, Glass, China., Linen., Blankets, Gas Fittungs, and other Effects, at the BOWDEN TEMPERANCE HOTEL, No. 114, BROOK-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHIOK & CO. will .H'JL SELL BY ALCnON. on We-dn5d&y, the 12th April, 1905. oomm-eoenng at 11 o'clock am. punctually, the above-mentioned HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including dressing and wash tables, iron and brass bedsteads, feather and wool beds, mahogany-framed dressing glasses, oik 3-tier dinner wagon, set of 6 bentwood single chairs, 5 antique miaid mahogany ditto, ditto butler's tiay and stand, 2 wicker afternoon tea tables, writing table, exoellent cottage pianoforte, by Herbert Ells, Cheater, in walnut case; 2 eboaised music stools, pair walnut-framed dining duurs, 2 wicker arM,. ditto, iron, and brass fenders, kitchen dre=<ser_ wringing and mangling machine, woodwork and gi&ss forming conservatory, quan- tity of kitchen utenails and other miscellaneous N B.—Any further information may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Chester. Sale of Superior Household Furniture, Glass, China, Carpets, and other Effects, removed for convenience of Sale to the AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. l. have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on TCESDAY, 18th April, 1905, at 11 a.m. punctually, the above-mentioned valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. Further particulars and Catalogues will shortly be published. Preliminary notice of a highly important sale of superior HOUSEHOLD FUltiNIT URE, Pictures, Silver Plate, Plated Articles, and other Effects, which have been warehoused by Messrs. Garnett and Son at their rooms, and removed for convenience of sale to the GYMN ASIUM ROOM, LOWER BRIDUE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. have received instructions from Messrs. Garnett and Son to SELL BY AUCTION about the middle of April, 1905, the above mentioned valuable effects. Further particulars and catalogues will shortly be published. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. l?i. will hold a Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNI. TURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 2nd Mav, 1905. Preliminary Notice of Sale of Valuable Freehold farm, known as Tati-ybryo. situate near Caerwys Railway Station" Tenement known as "Plcii-yn-CiLiaip,situate at Ddol, and several Pieces of Land near thereto, small Field near Ysoeiiiog CIILLTH, Farm known as "Bwlch," situate at Lixwm, Farm know as "Waen Isaf, near Holywell, newly-erected Dwelling House and Four Fields situate near the old Holywell Racecourse, the Dwelling-houses and Premises known as Basingwerk-Terrace, situate at Green- field. Holywell, Including the Post-office, Shops, the Basingweii: Stores with Off-licence, and several Cottages with the Gardens and Land be, longing thereto; also a valuable Field of Build- ing Land at Flint, with excellent brick clay underlying the same. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will J.M- SELL BY AUMON', at the King's Head Hotel, Holywell, on THURSDAY, May 18th, lWf), in lots and subject to conditions, the above- mentioned valuable Freehold FARMS and other PROPERTIES, full particulars of which will sliorfcly be published- In the meantime any fur- ther information may be obtained, on application -to the Auctioneer; or to MessiG. BIRCH, OULLIMORE & DOUGLAS, Solicitors, Chester. ELTON, CHESHIRE. preliminary Notice of Sale of a Valuable FREE- HOLD PROPERTY, situate at Eiton, close to the El tot- and Inoe Station, on the Hooton and Heisby .Railway. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. will ?'JL SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel. Chester, on SATURDAY, May 20th. 1905. .at 3.50 o'clock p m. punotuaily, in. lots and subject to cond i tioru; Tho Very Desirable FREEHOLD FARM, kmyvn as "Rook Farm," comprising dwelling- house and farnl buildings, several very desirable building plots, accommodation, agricultural and meadow land, comprising together about 70 acres, which will be offered in lots tosllt puxchasers. Particulars with plaus will shortly be published. and in the meantime aav further information may be- obtained on application to the Auctioneers, to Messrs. Barker, Coppaek and Wickham, Land Agents; or to ].ti£1f, BIRCH, OULLIMORE & DOUGLAS. Solicitors. All of Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. This Day (Saturday). ABERGELE, DENBIGH and CAER- WYS, in the Counties of Flint and Denbigh; HESWALL, in the County of Chester; and CITY OF CHESTER. Highly Important Sale of Valuable Freehold LICENSED PROPERTY, comprising Hotels, Inaa, and Public Houses, and Freehold RESI- DENCES and COTTAGES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. UU?NAH & ROBERTS, at the ivi Btu?duma Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, Aprii 8th, 1905, at 3 p.m., in the following or such other lots as may be determined upon at the time of SaJte, and subject to conditions— Lot 1.—The Fully-licensed PREMISES known as "The Red Lion Hotel," Dyserth, near Pres- tatyn and Rhyl, with the three-storiied Dwelling- house, double-fronted Lock-up Shop, and Cottag.e adjoining, and tne stables, coach-house an d loft adjacent. The above is in exqelient repair, Pres- tatyn watier ia laid on, and the Hotel is lighted with acetylene gas made on the premises. Lot 2.—The Fully-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE known as "The Angel Vaults," with the Brewery and Malthouse thereto belonging, situate in Hail Square, Park-lane, and Factory-lane, Denbigh. Too Brewery is in full working order and equipped with modern machinery. Lot 3.-The Fully-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE known as "The Drovers' Arms," Caerwys, with the Cottage and Crofts adjoining, containing 2r. 23p. or thereabouts, and the four valuable Pasture Fields, containing lOa. 2r. 23p. or there- abouts, situate on the Holywell-road close to the village of Caerwys. Lots 4 and 5.-Four valuable Semi-detached DWELLING-HOUSES, situate on, and having good frontages to, the main road from Gayton to Birkenhead*, close to Heswall Station, and adjoin- ing the Victoria Hotel, Heewall. The above will first be offered in one Lot, and if not sold will be put up in pairs. Lot 6.—The valuable and substantially-built Fully-licensed PREMISES known as "The Green Dragon Hotel," Foregate-street, Chester. The Hotel is fitted with all the most modern conveniences, including electric light and gas. Lot 7.-The recently-erected Fully-licensed! PUBLIC-HOUSE known aa "The Grotto Inn," Bridge-street, Chester, with the three Cottagee, Nos. 5, 7 and 9, Commonhall-street adjacent thereto. Vacant possession of the Inn will be given on completion. Lot 8.Steam Roller" FLOUR MILL with the Yard and Outbuildings belonging thereto, situate in High-street, Abergele, equipped with modern machinery and appliances. If not sold, the machinery will be offered by auction in Lots on the Premises on the 5th May, 1905. 190;ii5 ;e above Licensed Properties will be offered as free and untied houses. All the Lots are free- hold and free from chief rent. The trade fixtures and stock-in-trade in Lots L 2, 6 and 7 to be taken by the respective pur- chasers thereof at valuation. For further particulars apply as to Lot 1 to W. H. Churton and Son, Solicitors, Chester; as to Lots 1 to 5, to Walker, Smith and Way, Solic- itors Chester; as to Lots 6. to Oliver Jones, Bill- son and Co., Solicitors, Liverpool; as to Lot 7, to Tyrer, Kenion and Co., Solicitors, Liverpool; as to Lots 1 to 7, to Royle and Reynolds, Solicitors, Chester; as to Lot 8, to Alsop, Stevens and Co., Solicitors, Liverpool; and as to all the Lots to the Auctioneers, Chester, and to J. W. Davidson, Cookson and Co., Chartered Account- ants, Liverpool. On MONDAY NEXT, April 10th, 1905. Important and Extensive Sale of the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, prime Fat Stock, and a portion of the Household Furniture, at SEALAND BANK FARM, half a mile from Queen's Ferry Station, one mile from Shotton, and two miles from Saughall Stations, and 51 miles from Chester. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are fav- 1, oured with instructions from F. L. Roberta. Esq.. (who is leaving the farm to) SELL BY AUC- TION, his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, EIGHT WORKING CART HORSES. SMART PONY TURNOUT. 42 Prime Fat Shorthorn BULLOCKS. 25 Well-bred two-year-old Shorthorn BUL- LOCKS. 12 Choice Coloury two-year-old HEIFERS. 119 Ripe Fat Cheviot WETHERS. 45 Ripe Fat Black-faced WETHERS. 9 Fat Hoggs and Gimmers, 3 fat Ewes, and Shropshire Shearling Ram, 11 Pigs, 20 tons Oat Straw, 15 tons Wheat Straw, Poultry, Impletnenbs, Tools, Gears, Dairy Utensils, and a portion of the Household Furniture. Lunoh (by ticket) at 10.30; Sale of Farming Stock at 11.30; and Dairy Utensils and Furniture at 3 o'clock. Full particulars in catalogues, from the Auc- tioneers, Grosvenor-buildings, Chester. TUESDAY NEXT, 11th April, 1905, at 11 o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE, SHEEP. PIGS and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. WEDNESDAY NKXT. 12th April, 1906, at 1 o'clock. AT THE OLD SMITHFIELD, HOOTON. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS wxU hold l?LL their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE. SHEEP, PIGS and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices. Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On Wednesday Next. HELSBY, CHESHIRE. Important Sale of a Valuable long leasehold Farm House and Farm Buildings, containing 2 roods and 5 perches cr thereabouts, known as SPRINGFIELD FARM, HELSBY, situate near the Robin Hood Hotel, and mile from Helsby Station, held under a lease for 999 years from 23rd June, 1877, at a ground rent of £6 per annum, and now in the occupation of Mr. Arthur R. Savage, to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the HJL Robin Hood Hotel, Helsby. on WEDNES- DAY, April 12th, 1905, at halfpast four punctu- ally, in one lot, and subject to conditions, the valuable, compact and well arranged FARM PREMISES. Any further particulars and cards to view may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Grosvenor I Buildings. Chester; or from Messrs. Brown and Dobie, Solicitors, 53, Northgate-street, Chester. COUNTY AND CITY OF CHESTER. Sale of a desirable Freehold Family Residence, known as Abbot's Cottage. Chester, and a Double-fronted Shop at Little Sutton, in the County of Cheater. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, 15th day of April, 1905, at 3 o'clock p.m., and subject to conditions— Lot I.-The FAMILY RESIDENCE known as Abbot's Cottage, situate on the Liverpool-road, Chester, containing hall, 3 entertaining rooms, study, 6 bedrooms and box room, bathroom and w.c., back staircase, kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry, good cellars, and the usual out-offices, and good stabling. The house is approached by carriage-drives both from Liverpool-road and Victoria-road. The Land contains 2,760 square yards or there- abouts, and having a frontage of 51 yards to the Liverpool-road and 33 yards to Victoria-road, offers itself as one of the most eligible and valu- able building sites in the neighbourhood. Immediate possession can be given. Lot 2.- Douhle-fronted SHOP with the DWEL- LING-HOUSE thereto, together with the ware- house and storeroom in the rear. situate in Little Sutton, in the County of Chester, (8 miles from Chester), in the occupation of Mrs. Putt, grocer, SEC. For further particulars and for orders to view apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or to Mr. R. L. St. C. Nicholson, solici- tor. St. Werburgh-street, Chester. On MONDAY, April 17th, 1905. SALE of FARMING STOCK, Horses, Cattle, Ewes and Lambs, and Pigs, at the SHREWS- BURY ARMS, HINDERTON, WIRRAL. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. MONDAY, April 17th, 1905. PENDRE" COLESHILL-STREET, FLINT. Sale of valuable Household Furniture, Pictures, Statuary, Books, Piano, Oriental Cabinet, Iron Safe, &c. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are M favoured with instructions from the Administrator of the late Chas. N. Hull, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including mahogany chiffonier, mahogany boakcase, dining and drawing room suites, handsome Chinese ebonized cabinet, handsome walnut cottage piano, water colour, by F. Beswick oilpaintings, books, tan- talus, iron safe, bedsteads, hair and other mattrasses, feather beds, bolsters, and pillows, mahogany and other chests of drawers, washstands, dressing tables, wardrobe, dressing ease, garden seat, four terra- vases. Sale to oommence at Eleven o'clock prompt. Catalogues may be had on application to the AUCTIONEER*, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. TUESDAY, 19th April, 1905. On the ROODEE, CHESTER. To the LICENSED VICTUALLERS OF nnraTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS have j?Li.- received instructions from the Chester Race Co., Ltd., to LET BY AUCTION on April 19th at 5.30 o'clock p.m.. REFRESHMENT BOOTHS on the ROODEE for the May meeting, in tents to be supplied by the contractors. Auction Offices. Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On THURSDAY, April 27th, 1905. Highly Important Sale of Prize-winning Hunter and Hackney Horses, and Carriage, at OAK BANK, HOOLE, It miles from Chester Station. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are -A- favoured with instructions from E. PoweU, Esq" to SELL BY AUCTION 10 valuable RaNTERS and HACKNEYS, and an ASTRADA CARRIAGE. Sale to commence at 2.30 prompt. Descriptive catalogues may be obtained at the AUCTIONEERS' Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Cheater. TO BE LET, with early possession, a SMALL JL FARM, with good commodious house and outbuildings. about 3 miles from Wrexham.-Apply to Messrs. Cunnah & Roberto, Laud Agents, Chester, SALES BY AUCTION. „ EASTER PRIZE SALES by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the I'M CHESTER SMITHFIELD. TUESDAY, 18th ApriL and at the HOOTON SMITHFIELD, WEDNESDAY, 19th April. Prize Lists from the AUCTIONEERS. Early entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On MONDAY NEXT, April 10th, 1905. Sale of Household Furniture at No. 79, WALTER- STREET, NEWTOWN, Chester. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have received instructions from Mr. A. Tomkinson to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. etc. Sale at Two o'clock prompt. ERMINE CATTLE MART. On TUESDAY NEXT, 11th April, 1905. At the above Cattle Mart, MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE iVt will conduct their weekly sale of- 600 Head of STOCK. Bacon Pigs badly wanted. On THURSDAY NEXT, April 13th, 1905. Sale of capital Cart Horse, Spring Market Cart, two sets of Harness, Drill Plough, American Hoe, set of Harrows, Corn Bin, Wheelbarrow, &c., at BUMPER'S LANE, CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have received instructions from Mr. Charles Dandy, to SJE[. LL BY AUCTION, the following FARM EFFECTS, viz :—Capital Cart Horse, Spring Market Cart, to carry 30 cwt. two sets of Harness, new Drill Plough, by "Ransomes and Sims"; American Hoe, set of Zig-zag Harrows, Hay Cutter for hand-power, new Corn Bin to hold six sacks, Cross-cut Saw, small Stack of Upland Hay, Double- light Garden Frame, Dog Kennel, quantity of Rhubarb, Cabbage, Lettuce, and Asparagus Plants, and a number of small Farm Implements. Sale to commence at Two o'clock prompt: PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold t. their EASTER PRIZE SALE at the MART, FLINT, on MONDAY, April 17th, 1905. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold their EASTER PRIZE SALE at the ERMINE, on TUESDAY, April 18th, 1905. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. JP. CARTER'S HOOTON CATTLE SALE. ? ? Auction Offices Newgate Chambers, Chester. CONNAH'S QUAY. TO BUILDERS. SPECULATORS, INVESTORS AND OTHERS. Important Sale of valuable Freehold Building Sites and Shop Property, occupying splendid business situations. TS. ADAMS, F.A.L, will SELL BY PUBLIC T. AUCTION at the Custom House Hotel, Connah's Quay, on TUESDAY, April 18th, 1905, at 6.30 p.m., subject to conditions to be then pro- duced, the undermentioned Freehold BUILDING LAND:- Eight valuable PLOTS, Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, as per plan, situate opposite to the Custom House Hotel, Connah's Quay, each having 16 feet frontage to the Holyhead main road, depth of 140 feet, and each containing 244 square yards or there- abouts, very eligible for the erection of shops, houses, &c., in this rapidly developing neighbour- hood. Two valuable PLOTS near the foregoing, Nos. 16 and 17, as per plan, having frontages to the proposed new road of 19ft. 6in. each. The attractive Block of BUSINESS PREMISES, lately known as the "Prince of Wales," situate at the comer of Dock-road and Main-street, Connah's Quay, with frontage of 29ft. 4in. respectively, in the occupation of Mr. H. Tozer. a capital business situation. For further particulars, and to view plan, apply to the Auctioneer, at his Estate Offices and Sale Rooms, Chester-street, Mold, or MESSRS. BOYDELL & TAYLOR, Solicitors, 2, Pepper-street, Chester. FLINTSHIRE. Highly Important Sale of Valuable ATTRACTIVE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. To Close a Trust. MR. T. S. ADAMS, F.A.I., will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, on WEDNESDAY, April 26th, 1905, at 3-30 p.m.. prompt, subject to the conditions to be then produced, the under-mentioned PROPERTFES- Lot I.-The oompact FARM HOLDING, known as "Tryddyn Cottage," Tryddyn. comprising dwelling-house, three-stall stable and cart house, shippon. for four oows, piggeries, yard. etc., to- gether with 9a. 2r. 7p. or thereabouts of excellent LAND, in the occupation of Mrs. Sarah Roberta, at the annual rental of 217. Portions of the land have main-road frontage very suitable for building purposes. Lot 2.—The attractive Freehold and RESIDEN- TIAL and SPORTING ESTATE, known as "Posnett Hall," or "Wem To," Bwlchgwyn, about three miles from Cced Talon and Coedpoeth Railway Stations respectively, in the occupation of Mr. John Jones, at the annual rental of 280 per annum. The Property comprises capital twelve-roomed old-fashioned Residence, with entrance hall, ap- proached by carriage sweep through ornamental grounds and finely-wooded plantation, together with workman's cottage and garden at the rear, large yard, and two ranges of superior and exten- sive outbuildings, consisting of shippons for 25 head of cattle, calf kits. piggeries, chop and cart houses, large barn, stabling and loose boxes, har- ness room etc. The whole is enclosed by a high stone wall, and contains about five acres. Also 1481 acres or thereabouts of capital Arable, Pas- ture and Wood Lands, including a remarkably good! Moor affording noted bags in this magnifi- cent sporting district. LOT 3.-The Desirable Freehold FARM HOLD- ING, known as "Green Lodge." adjoining Lot 2, and comprising a convenient House with ample Outbuildings, Yard, Gardens, and 52 acres or there- abouts of excellent Pasture and Covert, affording capital shooting, at the rental of M per annum. For further particulars and plans apply to the AUCTIONEER, at his Estate Offices and Sale Rooms, Chester-street, Mold; HENRY SWETENHAM, Esq., Land Agent and Surveyor, Northgate-street, Chester; Messrs BoYDELL & TAYLOR. Solicitors, Pepper-street, Chester; or to K BRASSEY, Esq., Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. On Monday Next, BENJAMIN PIERCY, DECEASED. MR. FRANK LLOYD will SELL BY AUCTION at the Shotton Hotel, Shotton, on MONDAY, the 10th April, 1905, at 6 p.m., Two Lots of Excellent Accomodation LAND, situate at SHOTTON, and close to the Connah's Quay and Shotton Station of the Great Central Railway, and to the main road between Connah's Quay and Queensferry. Particulars and conditions of Sale may be obtained at the Shotton Hotel, Shotton, from the Auctioneer, Parr's Bank Chambers, Wrexham or from Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & CO., Solicitors, The Priory, Wrexham. ft ASTON & SON, CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooms are always open to receive FUltNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, Ac., Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-street. Chester. CITY AUCTION ROOMS, CHESTER. TUESDAY NEXT, April 11th, 1-30. ASTON & SON will SELL BY AUCTION A- FURNITURE and EFFECTS, consisting of Parlour, Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture, Oil Cloth, Linoleum, Carpet Squares, Rugs, items of Clothing, &c. On View. Sale TUESDAY NEXT, April litb, 1-30. 800 HORSES. £42 PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. GREAT APRIL PRIZE SALES. Final Week for making Entries. HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD. I TUESDAY, APRIL 18th: Hunters and Harness Horses, 15-2 and over WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19th: Superb Show Horses, Cobs and Ponies. THURSDAY. APRIL 20th: Heavy Horses of all classes. At the recent March Sales, Mr. Threlkeld's Show Cob, "Model Queen." made 200gs. to Mr. Clarke, Whaley Bridge; Mr. John Whalley's Shire Stallion made 3002-8. to Lord Rothschild and Mr. T. Simpson Jay's Shire Gelding made 104gs. to Mr. Thomas Edwards, Liverpool. Many important Studs are already entered for the April Sales. Entries finally close Tuesday next, April 11th. Entry Forms and Prize Lists now ready. LEY FOR CATTLE. BOLESWORTH CASTLE LEY. Divided JO into two parts. Plentiful supply of water and good shelter excellent herbage. MAY 12th to OCTOBER 12th. Yearling Heifers, jEl. 10s. Two- year-olds, 22. 2s.-Address Mr. WOOLLEY, Boles- worth, Tattenhall. 2624 SEASON 1905. STUD CARDS. TASTEFULLY PRINTED. MODERATE PRICES. SEE SPECIMENS AT FHE OBSERVER PRINTING WORKS, I THE CROSS, CHESTER. j LOST. LOST, a Black and Brindled SCOTCH TERRIER DOG.—Answers to the name of "Scot."—Reward at 17, Eaton-road. 2669 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APABTICBOTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VAOANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BX SOLD, BIBTHB, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following rates I:- NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS— ONE INSERTION I/_ Two INSEBTIONS L/G THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTT-FIVE WORDS— ONE INSERTION. 1/6 Two INSEBTIONS 2/6 THREE INaziaTioss 3/- WANTED. WANTED, BARMAN, single thoroughly experienced. -Apply George Hotel, Chester. WANTED, COTTAGE, with Garden, near W station. Cheap for cash.—Address P 41, "Observer" Office, Chester. 2649 ORRESPONDENCE CLERK, n^ be ?? capable shorthand writer.-Addrei?s 0 56, "Observer" Office, Chester. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS WANTED, for occasional days. Reference required.— Chancellor Cafe, 27, City-road. 2621 ENERAL SERVANT at once, with good Greferences, to sleep in; age about 22.-Apply 32. Chichester-street, Chester. 2630 PONY and light LURRY WORK WANTED, one or two days weekly.—Address V 31, "Observer" Office. 2546 IMPROVER, Fitter and Turner, to learn Motor JL Work.—Apply (mornings 8.30), Dee Motor and Accessories Co., Brook-street, Chester. 2646 WANTED, a good, strong FARM LAD; to V V live in. Must be a good milker. References required.—Apply R. W. Rycraft, Sealand, Chester. W ANTED, APPRENTICES to the Drese- YT making.—Apply Miss Johnson, BollancTs Court House, White Friars, Chester. 2554 WANTED, a TEAM8MAN, to live m good T T wages to a suitable man.-Apply McHattie and Co., Seedsmen, Nortbgate-atreet. 2633 w ANTED, a clean respectable GIRL, about V V 18, for Housework; sleep out. Good refer- ence required.—Apply 26, Vicarage-road, Hoole. WANTED, at once. experienced COAT and TV SKIRT HANDS.—Apply Richard Jones and Co., Ltd., Eastgate-street. WANTED, experienced SKIRT HANDS, also Improvers. 8 to 6, 1 o'clock Satur- days.—Apply Miss Beule, 27a, Bridge-street Row. WAITRESS WANTED at once.—Apply per- W anally. Tamil Cafe Co., St. Werburgh- street. 2656 D RESSMAKING.- -WANTED, Bodice Hands. L Constant employment.—Apply J. Apple- ton. Bridge-street Row. 2658 COMFORTABLE HOME WANTED for a young lady in business, with or without board. Terms moderate. Address S 42, "Observer" Office. 2659 O EQUIRED (immediately), a capable NURSE ?.?< for three children; aged 7, 5. and 2 years — Address Mrs. E. G. Copley, Wepre Villa, Connah's Quay, Flints. DOPTION.—HOMEWANTEDforhealthy Baby Girl, few months old. No premium nor payment. References exchanged.—Whishaw, Orphanage, Arnside, Carnforth. 2627 1v RErSSM AKING and Plain Sewing.-Young H Lady seeks DAILY ENGAGEMENT at ladies houses. Address by letter to 0 55, Observer" Office. 2645 W ANTED, by a young Gentleman in business, W a HOME as paying guest, or boarder with widow lady; no boarding houses need reply.— Address S 41, "Observer" Office. 2626 DRESSMAKING. Good SKIRT HANDS WANTED, also APPRENTICES.-Apply Head Dressmaker, Co-operative Society, Foregate- street, Chester. 2652 WANTED, a Young LADY for Wholesale TV Warehouse, must be smart at figures; one just leaving school preferred. Address X 47, just leavinf Office. 2636 Observer' 2636 WANTED, after Easter, in School near Vt Chester, STUDENT GOVERNESS; arithmetic, music, certificated, Address M. D., Messrs. Phillipson & Golder, Chester. 2569 DISENGAGED, good Plain Cook, £ 24; Cook M General, £ 20; Housemaid-Waitress, Hotel Cook. and several good Generals.—Mrs. Bowden, 20, Pepper-street, Chester. 2620 DVERTISER, 32, married, desires POSITION of TRUST. Not afraid of work; good references; security if desired.-Address T 58, "Observer" Offioe. 2644 GENT WANTED, Live Stock. Fire anA AGeneral Insurances. Special commissions and certain promotion to pushing man.—Agency, Tower, 3, Great Saint Helens, London. WANTED, a GIRL, as Cashier, one with TV knowledge of the Grocery and Provision Trade.—Apply, in own handwriting, stating par- ticulars.—Address J 67, "Observer" Office. 2699 INSURANCE (London and Manchester), RE- JL QUIRE MAN for book for Chester also additional Aerents for Ellesmere Port.—Johnson, Cathedral Buildings, Chester. 2501 KENT'S AGENCY, RHYL, largest, best Kioo SERVANTS WANTED immediately Hotels, Private; excellent situations guaranteed (wages to £ 90). Fares paid. Stamp." 2513 WANTED, an OFFICE BOY; must be a good W writer and quick at accounts.—Apply by letter only to Henry Wood and Co. Ltd., Saltney, near Ch ester. 2634 MRS. LITTLER, Trinity Registry, Chester, requires Cooks and Housemaids, Generals, and others, for Chester and Heswall. Dress- making done at ladies' houses. 2694 GOOD Oook-Generals, Housemaid-Waitress, Generals, etc., required at onoo. Town and GC.en,eraJs, etc., required at onio?e ;gi.9try, 267s country.—Mrs. Hughes, Park Registry, 126 Foregate-street, Chester. 2678 A Gentleman requires oomfortable BED and A SITTING-ROOM, near the Cross. per- mancy if suitable.—Address T 60, "Observer" Onioe. 2666 FOR Ladies' Underclothing, Pillow Slips, -L Dresses, Pinafores, etc., about 200 respect- able GIRLS to learn the trade.—Apply Cramer and Co., Delamere-strect, Chester. 2667 WANTED, an active and intelligent YOUTH for Wholesale Stationery Business; good accountant, and willing to make himself generally useful.—Address G 72, Observer Office. 2635 WANTED, in May, for a month (three if 'T comfortable), in or near Chester, large SITTING and Double-bedded ROOMS, in house with large garden. State terms, which must be moderate, to M 75, "Observer" Office. WANTED, on Saturday, first 1,000 PAIRS Tt OF FEET to fit with Up-to-date Foot- wear. at the Sale of Evans's Stock. Best value for cash.—Apply Manager, Globe Boot Co., Foregate-street, Chester. 2684 WANTED, MAN and WIFE as Caretakers, W without encumbrances preferred, for Bridge House Club. Applications to be sent in not later than 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, 11th April, 1905. Particulars from Secretary, Oddfellows' Hall. CANADA.—Forty Situations Vacant for FARM C LABOURERS, to proceed immediately to Ottawa. Fares from £ 6. 10s. Work on arrival.— Write or apply J. Jackson & Sons, 18, Chapel- street, Liverpool. 2629 REQUIRED, COOKS, jB18 to po; House- maids, Table-maids, Housemaid-waitresses, Under-housemaids, Kitchen-maids, Laundry-maids, Second Laundry-maid, Bet weens, Generals.— Brown's Registry, 8, White Friars. 2587 INTED DOUBLE-FRONTED SHOP (Lock-up preferred) in best marketing thoroughfare of Chester; suitable Tea and Provision business.—Apply, giving full particulars, measure. ments, rent, c., to Box 20, c/o Wills, Ltd.. 151, Cannon-street. London, E.C. WANTED, UPHOLSTRESS, used to carpets, W blinds and general upholstery, also one used to cutting and fitting loose covers.—Apply, stating age, experience and wages required, to Rhydwen Jones & Davies, House Furnishers, Llandudno. 2640 TIO Bakers and Confectioners.—WANTED, by JL steady reliable married Man, PERMANENT SITUATION as Foreman or Single, with boy. Well up in bread, cake, smalls, pastry, pies, &c. abstainer. Good references from present employer. —Address A. T. C.. 81, Potford-street, Old Hill, Staffs. 2679 HOUSE-TO-HOUSE CANVASSERS Wanted JUL (Male and Female). Special facilities offered by Manchester firm of Manufacturers (Textiles and Ready-mades) selling direct to consumers. Values exceptional. Good commission; every assistance to reliable, energetic representatives. Chester and district.—Address X 48, "Observer" Office. 2623 i A STEADILY Increasing Income can be jOL made by an energetic tactful MAN, who has some time daily at his disposal. The work is quite outside the usual line of canvassing. May be done at the agent's own time, and the many attractive features render it easy to obtain business. Specially good terms.—Address Ream box, office of this journal. 2571 Id RS. RED'S REGISTRY, Abbey Buildings, i M- Chester.—WANTED, Cooks, Waitresses, Housemaid- Waitresses, Kitchen and Scullery- maids. Nurses, Head Waitress for Boarding-house, Kitchenmaids and Generals for Private Hotels, useful Boots, French-Swiss Nurse, Help, Vessel Cleaners and Housemaids, good Milkers, Coachman and Groom, useful Lad (must milk), Mother's Help, Generals, Footman, number of Season Servants, Temporary Waitresses, Cook-General (one My, 918 ete- 2677 IMPORTANT. WE PAY CARRIAGE ON ALL GENERAL ORDERS IRRESPECTIVE OF AMOUNT, TO ANY PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. COOPER & CO., THE UP-TO-DATE GROCERS, LIVERPOOL. P.S.-PACKING CASES FREE ——— SEND FOR PRICE LIST. TO BE LET. WILLIAM E. BROWN, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT SURVEYOR & VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 29, Halkyn-road. M. Near Station. 63, Egerton-street; capital House and Shop. 3, Chichester-street. Large House. Union Hall, Foregate-street. Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &o. 86, Gladstone-road. 218. Yard and Building, Garden-lane. 4s. 16, Spital-walk, House with large garden and yard. 6s. 6d. per week. 13, Sumpter-pathway, Hoole. 6s. 6d. weekly. 56, St. Anne s-street. 7s. 43, Queen-streec. £23. 3, Newgate-stroet; several Offices. 23, Leonard-street. 6s. 9d. weekly. 47. Egerton-street. £18. 18s. 33, Gladstone-road. £17. 7. Lumley-road. Furnished or Unfurnished. Stocks-lane, Boughton. £30. 39, White Friars. £40. 18, New-street. House with yard and building. 6s. 6d. 68, Tarvin-road. House and garden. JE24. 26, Churton-road. 6s. weekly. St. Mark's-terrace, Saltney. 6a. 6d. BERESFORD ADAMS, JD LICENSED VALUER, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22. NEWGATE-STREET. CHESTER. TO BE LET:- House, Pretoria-street. Rent 7s. House, St. Martin's Fields. 916 and rates. House, Mason-street. jElH 10s. Bath (h. and c. water). Houses, Newry Park. M and EM. Offices, Northgate Row. £35 and;C28. FOR SALE:- Sevea Cottages, Boughton. £ 1,335. House and Garden; suburban. £ 475. Two Cottages, Water Tower-view. Price S360. One Cottage, Water Tower-view. JE180. House, Cuppin-street. £200. House, Prince's Avenue. "0. House, Hoole-road. £925. Cottage (rent 4s. 3d). Price £130. W AKEFIELD, DODD& THORNELY, TV LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENTS, 16, CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 74 and 76, Hough Green. B50 15, Crane-stieet. 8s. weekly. 13, Crane-street. 8s. weekly. Temperance Hotel, Francis-street. 220. 114, Brook-street. 224.  WILLIAMS, Estate Agent, Etc., 9, St. J • Werburgh-street, has TO LET:- 40, South-view, Sealand-road. 7s. weekly. Leonard House, Leonard-street. 7s. 6d. weekly. 5, Pickering-street. 6s. 6d. weekly. 56, Parkgate-road. 225 year. 59. Saughall-road. 916 year. 2668 mO LET, Two BOX-STALLS, at the Bars.- TApply P. Cosgrove. 2628 APARTMENTS for two gentlemen Required. A-Full particulars to V. 34, "Observer" i Office. 2679 TO LET, 19, BOUVERIE-STBEET, Gardeu- I hine; rent :CI7.-Apply Black Lion Hotel, Boughton, Chester. COTTAGE TO LET in Masonic Place, Fore- gate-street.-Apply Manager, Globe Boot Co., Foregate-street 2683 C OMFORTABLE, homely APARTMENTS TO LET. Terms moderate; no children or other lodgers.-29, King-street 2671 BOARDING HOUSE FOR LADIES. 5. Vue Terrace Bath-street, Rhyl.-For terms apply Miss Maud Clarke. 2660 RESPECTABLE LODGINGS for one or two t men. Moderato terms.—Apply at 10, Albion-street, Chester. 2664 TO BE LET, THE FERRY HOTEL, Abergele road, Foryd, near Rhyl.—Apply Northgate Brewery, Chester. HOUSE TO LET, 16, Egerton-street, Chester. t t Rent 7s. clear.—Apply Killon, Coal Ex- change, Chester. 2651 Q1 WATER TOWER VIEW. TO LET.- 31, Apply Messrs. Sharpe and Davison, 12, Abbey-square. 2639 8 LORD-STREET, 8s. 6d. per week clear 8, newly decorated. Present occupier leaving the town.-Apply on the premises or No. 6. 2632 HYL. -Corn fortable APARTMENTS, two Xii minutes from promenade moderate terms. Mrs. Lloyd, 10, Aquariun-street. 2585 FIRST-CLASS TEMPERANCE HOTEL TO LET, or Private Residence.—Apply 1, Hunter-street, Chester. 2616 rpO BE LET or Sold, HOUSE, Newy Park, 1 Brook-lane; electric light throughout. -G 73, "Observer" Office. 68 TARVIN-ROAD, Cter; two sitting- ?0 rooms, four bedrooms, bathroom, green- house and small garden.-Apply to Mr. W. E. Brown, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street, Chester. S ALTNEY, Stone Brlid r — TO LET, GROCER'S SHOP and Dwelling-house, in main thoroughfare; fixtures, &c.-Apply to W. Williams, 35, Foregate-street. 2637 TO LET, HOUSES, in Belgrave-street (close JL to Station), rent 6s. 3d. per week.—Apply Walter Conway, Chartered Accountant, 8, Old Bank Buildings, Chester. 2641 TO LET, 13, MOSS BANK, Parkgate-road; JL sitting-room, 2 kitchens, wasb-house. 3 bedrooms, bathroom (h. and o. water) garden. Rent £ 19. 10s.-Apply on the premises 2663 ARVIN BRIDGE, CHESTER, Good i- HOUSE, with 6 bedrooms.—Apply to Mr. W. E. Brown, Estate Agent. 39, Pepper-street, Chester. 2691 TO LET, 20, MOUNT PLEASANT, Saltney; JL good clean house, three bedrooms, bath- room, hot and cold water, gas cooker; rent moderte.—Key at No. IS. 2672 OOLE.-Clood HOUSES TO LET, 7s. and 8s. JLl 6d. per week clear; monthly; modern con- veniences, and clean.-Apply Shone, Watergate- street, Chester. 2618 To LET, NO. 1, PANTON-ROAD, Hoole; two JL sitting, four bedrooms, bath (h. and c. water). Rent £24. J. H. Cooke, 6, Queen-street Chester. 2549 O LET, No. 45, HALKYN-ROAD, Hoole; Ttwo entertaining rooma, five bedrooms, bath, etc. pleasant outlook.—Apply E. Andrews, Incor- porated Accountant, 6, Newgate-street, Chester.  NEWRY PARK, Brook-lane; two sitting- 5 rooms, four bedrooms, bath, etc., two kitchens, good garden; immediate possession.—Apply 55, Bouverie-street. 2520 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS for two Young Mea. four minutes walk from Cross; terms 13s. 6d. weekly with board no children.— Address N 33, Observer Office. 2573 CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CHESTER.-TO BE I LET (occupation June 25th), HOUSE in Chichester-street; two sitting and seven bedrooms, bath. &c., good kitchens and garden. Rent M.- Apply Thos. Johns, Northgate-street. TO LET, 7. New Crane-street, good FAMILY HOUSE pleasant outlook Minton tiled hall; parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, four good bed. rooms, bath, h. & c. Rent £17. 8s.—Apply S. f Rycroft, 28, Frincese-street. 2574 • TO BE LET. I HOUSE TO LET, No. 2, Steel-street; rent 6s. L- per week.—Apply 6, Bold Place. 2686 AN elderly widow residing in Crewe suburbs Aoffers quiet, comfortable HOME; very low terms; would suit person with small income. I References exchanged.—Address 0 57, "Observer" Offioe. 2661 j 1[JOUS]?6?LET7 4 bedrooms, bathroom (h. Hand c.), lavatory, etc.; wired through electric light, large garden, 3 greenhouses. JE25 and taxes. —Apply J. H. Emerson, Builder, 10, Queen's Park View, Chester. 2687 GROCERY AND PROVISION SHOP, with goodwill, fixtures, fittings, etc., about C200 the lot; doing nice trade. Excellent opportunity for beginner.—Particulars from E. Noel Humphreys. C.A., Old Bank Buildings, Chester. rpo BE LET, No. 11, HALKYN-ROAD. TChester, three minutes from General Station; two sitting-rooms, five bedrooms; modern con- veniences. Rent £ 26.—Apply Maurice Thomas, 13, Coal Exchange. 2653 ) COMMERCIAL HALL, Foregate-street and Frodsham-street.-ROONIS TO LET, suit- able for workshops or storing furniture. Ground floor 2s. each, 1st floor Is. 6d. each per week free.— Apply to W. Williams, 35, Foregate-street, Chester. 2534 A Semi-detached VILLA TO LET at Upton Heath. containing two sitting-rooms, kitchen, scullery, pantry, coal-house, wash-house and w.c. in yard, four bedrooms, bathroom, hot and cold water throughout; large garden in front. Also COTTAGE To Let.—Apply G. Austin, Gables, Upton, Chester. 2680 nn0 BE LET, from March 25th, 1905, SEMI- TDETACHED HOUSE, situate in Kilmorey Park, Newton. Cheater (four minutes' walk from General Station); three entertaining, eight bed and two dressing-rooms, kitchen and back kitchen. Rates low.—Apply W. H. Nightingale, Auctioneer, 4, Newgate-street, Chester. TO LET, with immediate possession, convenient TDWELLING-HOUSE, No. 4, Abbey-square, Chester. Commodious WORKSHOPS, with Yards and two Cottages, The Kaleyards, Chester. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to Messrs. Barker. Coppack & Wickham, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester. mo BE LET~WAREHOUSE ROOMS, two JL upper floors in GodataM-Iane; each over 100 feet long together or separately. Low rental. OFFICES, Godstall Chambers one on ground floor, one on upper floor, with excellent light; quiet, central. Low inclusive rentals. STABLE, excellent one-stall, with cart shed and large lock-up loft, Princess-street. Apply H. B. Dutton, 100, Eastgate-st., Chester. TO BE SOLD. FOR SALE, Three Freehold HOUSES in Jf Loui.street, Cluster.—Apply Bridgmans, Solicitors, Chester. AIL CARTS and PERAMBULATORS.— ITJB- New Opening Stock just arrived.—J. E. Newman, Ironmonger, 12, Bridge-street. F OR SALE, Wicker MAILCART (single); two -L positions, with summer canopy complete; 23s.-27, Louise-street, Garden-lane. 2685 MILK:T0~~ BE SOLD, 10 up to 25 -LrJL gallons daily.tate, price to X 48, "Observer" Office. 2654 T- OBESOLD, a Grey MARE. 15.3: good M worker in single or double harness.- Address T 61, "Observer" Office. 2697 —Sweet-toned HARMONIUM, in good oWO case and excellent order convenient small size.—Dale, 51, Bridge-street Row. 2682 HUMB-ER- MOTOR-CAR, 5-h.p., new May, 1904. in good order. £ 70.—Smith, Glen- dale. Ktlmorey Park, Chester. 2657 i Flat HANDCART, almost, new. FOR SALE. ASuit furniture remover. Also body of another; to be seen at 2, Park-street. 2695 TO BE SOLD a CHIP POTATO BUSINESS, Tin leading thoroughfare in Chester. Low rent. —Address C 40. "Observer" Office. 2625 m^PECIAL OFFER.—Excelsior Motor CYCLE, ?? M.M.C. Engine about 3-h. p., also a Royal Enfield Tandem; £ 5. Apply W. Maher, 34, Bridge-street. Chester. Beeston GREENHOUSE BOILER, suit- B, able to heat a house 30ft. by 10ft. only used few times. Cheap.—A. Tennyson, Horticuf- tural Builder, Crane Bank, Chester. 2675 mo BE SOLD, Five Freehold COTTAGES, in JL centre of city, in good condition, all tenanted, yielding 13s. per week total. Will be sold cheap, to close.—Address S 43, "Observer" Office. 2700 IRON-FRAME PIANO, splendid instrument; JL just returned from hire; good as new, ivory keys, check action, fine walnut case. Bargain.— Dale, 51, Bridge-street Row. 2681 FOR SALE, Plot of valuable Freehold BUILD- ING LAND, situate off Liverpool-road, Chester.—Apply to Emanuel L. Smith, Surveyor, etc., 14, St. Werburgh-street, Chester. 2610 To CLOSE AN EST A TE.- Two or Four de- sirable HOUSES in Hene h all-street, Chester; always well let.—Apply to Mr. W. E. Brown, Estate Agent, 39, Pepper-street, Chester. TOOLS for JOINERS and Edge Tools for all Trades. Fine steel, careful tempering, highest quality, reduced prices.—Brassey, Iron- monger, Chester. To BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, FOUR TCOTTAGES. Pickering-efreel, and one in Philip-street, Chester.—Apply to A. C. Lockwood, Solicitor, Chester. ADIES' DRESS LENGTHS, stylish colour- ings. Voiles, Canvas, Crt-pes, Knop Tweeds, 3/11. Carriage paid. Patterns free.-Bradford Dress Warehouse, Shipley, Bradford. 1959 LADY leavin* Chester in June wishes to J dispose of her beautiful 50gs. German Rose- wood PIANO. Will accept any reasonable offer. —Address N 35, "Observer" Office, Chester. GARDEN TOOLS of all eorts, a good second- YJT hand Roller, also a Lawn Mower, TO BE SOLD, cheap. Lawn Mowers repaired and sharpened by experienced workmen.—Charles G. Shaw. Ironmonger, Eastgate-street, Chester. MAIL CART, modem design, upholstered in art green leather, with canopy complete. Very little used. No reasonable offer refused or would exchange for Lady's Cycle.—Apply T. M., c/o Aston & Son, Watergate-street, Chester. 2648 ON SALE, first-class BROUGHAM, for pair or single; also GIG, equal to new, built by Lawton & Co., Chester; both have indiarubber tyres. One set Double HARNESS, brass-mounted, equal to new; and one Ditto, silver-mounted, in very good condition. Late the property of Dr. Elliott.-Apply W. C. Thornhill, St. Michael's House, Chester. 2559  AGENT.'G MATCHLESS, S7 0 0 net cash. LADY's E.NLCHANTRESS, 10 0 „ Lacas Accessories free with above. I THE GOVERNMENT HAS ORDERED 800 CYCLES FROM MESSRS. ALLDAYS. As MORE THAN 50 LEADING MAKERS COMPETED, THIS CONTRACT MEANS AN EXCBLLBNT TESTI. MONIAL AS TO DESIGN, QUALITY AND REAL VALUE. The Cycles are fitted with free wheel and two rim brakes, bright parts heavily plated, and the re- mainder highly finished in black enamel. The new pattern frame for Lady's Cycles gives ample room for easy mounting and dismounting. 1 Gent.'s Tricycle, Sparkbrook, in good condition £ 4. 10/- 1 Gent.'s Tricycle, James, do. do. £5. 10j- J. E. BRASSEY & SON, LTD., CHESTER ø- THE SECOND MUSIC SHOP FROM THE CBOSS. TFJMHONF, ?-? ? ?? V\? ? ???S.?  Ono   TEL^EPHONE PPIAN0S'  ??PIANOLA8, V ?-?? ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, MUSIC, STRINGS, TUNING. SOLE AGENT FOR- STEINWAY AND BL UTHNER. PIONEER FURNISHING STORES, 9 TO 19, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. LOWEST PRICES ( FOR CASH, OR ON OUR IN THE EASY PAYMENT KINGDOM. ( SYSTEM. Call or Send for Catalogue and Terms. A. RICHARDSON'S CHESTER MODEL IRON PIANOS ARE THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. THEY STAND LIKE, Å ROCK. NO FICTITIOUS OR SOLICITED TESTIMONIALS, BUT THE BEST AND MOST RELIABLE LOCAL REFERENCES GIVEN 21 GUINEAS CASH. Three Years' System, 15s. 2d. per Month. A. RICHARDSON'S POPULAR IRON PIANO. 14 GUINEAS CASH. Three Years' System, 10s. 6d. per Month. A. RICHARDSON'S POPULAR AMERICAN ORGAN HIGH MIRROR TOP, TWO KNEE SWELLS, 12 STOPS 12 GUINEAS CASH. Three Years' System, 9s. 4d. per Month. INSTRUMENTS BY ALL THE HIGH CLASS MAKERS. SOLE AGENCIES: STEINWAY, BECHSTEIN, BLUTHNER, KAPS, WALDEMAK. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF HIGH-CLASS SECOND-HANDS AT VERY LOW PRICES. A. RICHARDSON, 43, BRIDGE STREET ROW, CHESTER: AND BANK BUILDINGS, REGENT STREET, WREXHAM. SEASON 1904. EDWIN LLOYD, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES,. 13, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER, Is now receiving DAILY SUPPLIES of the CELEBRATED SCOTCH HADDOCK, Aberdeen Haddock, Loch Fyne Kippers, Ham Cured Herrings, PALETHORPE98 SAUSAGE, HORNERS FRESH CREAM. COUNTRY BUTTER AND EGGS. ALL ORDERS THANKFULLY RECEIVED, PERSONALLY SUPERINTENDEDt AND TELEPHONE 251. DELIVERED PROMPT.