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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

LOCAL FLOWER SHOWS. I T OVERTON. I On Friday the annual show in connection with the Overton, Bangor, Penley, and Erbis- tock Horticultural Society was held in Brynypys Park, Overton, near Wrexham, by permission of Mr Hugh Peel. The day was gloriously fine, and t h ere was a large attendance. Considering: the dry season the exhibits were of a most satisfactory character. The principal prize- winners were Viscount Southwell, Kliolton Hall; Messrs. Hugh Peel, Philip Yorke, Erd- dig; C. Bate, Overton Bridge; J. Jenkins, Overton; C. Johnson. Knolton; H. liursey, Cress Lanes; J. Jones, Erbistock; Edwin Jones, Overton; J. Wilson, Overton; E. Hayes, Knolton; R. Pierce, Erbistock; J. Muriay, Overton; W. Shone, Overton Bridge; W. Egerton, Overton G. Davicti, J. Franklin, and Thomas Jones. Penley; W. J. Phillips, W. Cross, and J, Roberts, Eyton; F. Rhone, C. Pierce, D. Lloyd, G. Ilaynes, Victor Lee, and W. Gillam, Cross Lanes; Percy Jones, W. Gabriel, W. Franklin, Cecil Roberts, and Ernest Burgess, Overton Bridge; E. Holland. G. Al- lan, A. Holland, and John Dodd, Bangor; K. Jones, Penyllan; A. Roberts and A. Trevor, Erbistock; F. Barratt, J. Harrold, Wm, Cl,cis- ters, J. Goderieh, and George. Edge. Erbistock; A. E. Stokes, and John Williams. Argoed; T. Morris and R. Huxley, Bangor; W. Ellie, the Rev. Ellictt Simpson, and Mrs. and Miee Brcok- fieid, Bangor; Mrs. Peate, Eyton; Mrs. Bate, and Mrs. Pritchard, Erbistock; M:hS Egerton and Miss Annie Jones, Erbistock; Miss Ethel Jenkins, Lightfoot Green Alifs Ethel Edwards, Erbistock; Mrs. Paddock. Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Stors, Mrs. Wright. Miss Richards, and Mrs. II a rrISO II Erblstock; Mrs. Lansky, Knolton; Mrs. J. Gough,, Knolton; Mrs. Morgrove, Erbi- stock Mrs. Capper and Miss Parry, Bangor. For the first time there was an exhibition of poultry, and some good spcciments were shewn, Viscountess Southwell exhibiting several good birds. A programme of athletic sports was gone through, the officials including Lord Kenyon, Lord Southwell and Mr. Hugh Peel. BROMBOROUGH. I The 105th show held under the auspices of the Bromborough Pool Horticultural Society was at- tended on Saturday by a largo number of people. The collection of fruit a.nd vegetables was very fine, and would have done credit to a larger show. Tho entries were more numerous than laet year, the workpeople of Messrs. Price's Candle Company displaying the greatest zeal both in liotticultiux) and -the l«>ophig of mente in a btato of much natural beauty. In tho COUITBO of the day a band contest, for which t here were fift-oon entries, took place; as weJl as a cricket match between Bromborough Poo! a>nd St. H«!er)S Recs. The following is a list of the ,vinners Twelve whito kidney potatoes: J. Faulkner (1 a.nd 3); H. Jones. Twelve coloured: K. W. Jones; E. Lavender; K Green. Twelve round: J. H. Jones (1 and 3); J. M'Grath. Six long cariots: E. W. Jones; W. Evans; J. Adams. Six short.: E W. Janes; W. Evans; E. Tiliev. Six parsnips: E. riney; J. lhompson; S. Min- nis. Six onions: J. II. Jon<r>; T. Peers; E Lavender. Four turnips: Critchley, junr. J. H. Jones; A. Dodd. Six ieeks: J. Mar- ge ri son; T. Peers; H. Lavender. Four lieet: W Faulkner; J. II., Jones, C. Spencer. Two cabbage: J. Bennett; J. H. Jones; J. Marger.- son Twent.v pods of peas: J. Critchley, junr. J. Mergerison; K. Green. Twenty pods of run- n ■ hüns: H. Jones; J.. H. Joins; R. Price. beans: J. II. Jones; A. Dodd; H. Jones. Th:cf st,'ek, white celery: J. Margorison; J. F<u)kn?r; H. Two r,-(i cabbate: J. H Jones; J. Faulkner; K Waters. Pair vegotablo marrows: J. E 1st on; W. Evans; E. Waters. Pair cucumbers R. Hay man (land 3); J. Bennett- Two cauliflowers: J. Faulkner; J. II Jones- H. Jones. Mixed vegetable (eight kinds): J. Margerisoa; E. Wat-e^; J. Falllkllr Collection of potatoes: E. iV. Jones; vv. Wil- liams; J. Faulkner. Six heaviest potatoes: J. H. Jones; J. Margcrison; J. Hoberte. Pair window plants: J. Faulkner Sing-to window p'a.nt: J. C. Boyle; A. C. Dodd Pair fuch- sias: J. Faulkner. Ilair geraniums: J. Faulk- ner; E. Lavender. Three asters: J. II. Jones (1 and 2); J. A. Clough. Three stocks: J. A. Clough; J. Eaton (2 and 3). Three gladioli: C. Spencer. Three show dahlias: J. Adams; J. Gratrix. Throe 4caattia dahlias: J. Gratrix; C. Spencer. Three pompom dahlias J. Faulkner; B. Eliis. Four carnations or picotees: M. Wal- lace (1 and 2); C. Spencer. Three, roses: A. Dodd; C.. Spencer: W. Fauiknor. Three holly- hocks: J. Margerison; J. Faulkner; T. Peers. Three phlox J. A. Clough J. Margerison W. ITosker. Twenty-four cut, (lowers: J. Margeri- SOli; J. Faulkner. Twelve- cut flowers: J. A. Cough; T. Peera; W. Williams. Bouquet: T. P^mts (2). Six bunches sweet peas: J. H. Jones; W Williams; J. Critchlcy, junr. Buttonhole: C Spencer (1 and 3); M. Wallace. Six d's&crt apples: J. Dalziel; B. EJis. Six culinary apples: B. E!iis; T. Pee re; E W. Jones. Three culinary apples: R. J. Greatbanks; F. Foster; J. Woods. Six tomatoes: W. King; C. Spencer; J. Bennett. Allotment flower borders: J. Faulkner; W. Faulkner; J. Margerison. Front gardens, right-hand side, of streets: J. C. Boyle; G. B. Boyle; T. Jones. Ditto, south view: W. Williams; J. Faulkner; T. Peers. Model garden: J. Woods; J. Faulkner; W. Hozicr. Midd'ehurst collection: J. Margertson; J. Faulkner; H. Jones. Bouquet wild flowers: A. Woods; M. Gray; F. Waters. SHAVINGTON. j The Shavington and District Flower, Irmt and Vegetable Show took place on Saturday after- noon in beautiful weather. The exhibition was opened by Dr. Turner, of Nantwich. Among tho awards were the following :-Window plants: R. Walker and J. Etchells. Stocks and alters: J. Newton and F. Grocott. Gladioli: J. Newton. Dahlias: W. Crawford and W. Ankers. Car- nations, pansies and sweet peas: J. Newton. Fruit and ve?etAbtp?—CoIkcMon of vegetables: J Harding. COlourQd potatoes: F. G rccott.! White potatoea J. Harding. Broad beans: R. Dutton and J. Harding. Peas: J. Harding and F. Grocott. Tomatoes: F. Grocott, J. Etchehs and J. Wilkinson.




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