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THE HOTTEST WEEK. I T I HARVESTING SUSPENDED. I HEAT CASUALTIES IN CHESHIRE. The great heat wavo reached a record in in- tensity on Friday, when the shade tem- perature was not only the highest of tl, sum- mer, but the highest that has been cxporienced in England since 1893. Even the 93deg. then recorded were equalled at Marlow, on the Thames, and, according to unofficial reports, the record was nearly approached in London, j The official figures for the Metropolis were. 91 cleg, in the shade and 128 in the sun. whi!c the returns from several parts of the country bordered on 90 in the shade. On Friday afternoon at &-deston a shade tem- perature of i?deg. was recorded, while on 6atur- day at 1.30 the glass rose to 91deg. So high a temperature as this has not been recorded at Eccleston since l'JOi. In Chester on Saturday Mr. J. D. Siddall secoided 120deg. in the sun. A slight barometrical depression, however, gave warning of a coming change, and indications of this were apparent on Monday morning, when shght ram fell in Chester and brought a cooler atmosphere. From a comparison of readings in previous Augusts, Friday's heat has seldom been ex- ceeded. Tho record for the series of thirty-six years ending with 1906 was set up on August 13, 1876, when tht, mercury rl)so to 86<k.-g. in tho shade. In 1893 it touched 93 on ouo occasion. In 1034 it reached 92, two yours ago 91 was made, and in 1899 OOoog. was tho highest, ail these figures being for August. Tho terrible beat has been responsible for many tragedies. numbers of peoplo succumbing, j and hundreds of eases of sunstroke occurring. Iron works wero compelled to shut down, and j m many cases harvesting and other outdoor Occupations liitd to bo suspended. Sealido beaches were d-eseritxd as a. forest of paw.sols, --k,d bathing WillS tho only popular form of plea- j lure—and it had unfortunately its tragic s:de ii numerous fatalities. ¡ Harvesting operations had to be temporarily His ponded at Llangollen. Fears are entertained ihat corn awaiting carrying will become ignited 3y tlie heat wave. Many females fainted at I Dvenoa Horticultural Society's exhibition. In tho Crewe railway workshops several men j employed in the forge were overcome, a.nd had to bo relieved from duty. Men employed on the railway Ridings aiso j were severely affected, and with great dJficulty carried on their duties. William Dyson, a man employed iu the rail- way company's gas department, was stricken down, and had to be conveyed to the hospital for treatment. At noon on (Tuesday), in London, 75 dtgrc( 8 were recorded in the shade, and 165 in the sun. DEATHS FROM HEAT. j On Saturday and Sunday the heat was quite as trying as it was on Friday. The temperature was abnormally high all over the country. In j Toudoii ninety-three degrees in the shade were registered at noon on Saturday, while at the j Wlutworth Park Observatory, Manchester, the figures recorded were ninety point nine on Satur- day and ninety point five on Sunday. In the sun, on Sunday, the temperature reached a hundred and twenty-seven point four. At Glasgow the shade temperature on Saturday was eighty-three point four, the highest for twenty- j eight years, and at Guernsey eighty-eight, the warmest day in the island for forty years. Iron- workers at Warrington and Blackburn had to cease work. Two deaths were attributed to the heat, and there were numerous tires in country districts. j No abatement of the heat was noticcablo in I North Wales on Saturday. In the Vaie of Llan- yollen several cases of prostration occurred during tho day. Throe dri vers of conveyances were discovered in tho afternoon lying helpless t <n the Holyheed-roud, near Vangollen, over- lowered by tho fierce heat of the sun. At 2 p iii. at LlangoUen the previous day's OT^ture ot ekdeLTcL } jre-es was registered. The scorch- ug heat made almost farcical the opening of j tiie football season at Ruabon, where the Druids iuid Crewo players seemed at times on the )ùint of fainting. A water famine prevails in parts of the rural district of Llangollen. Tho continued drought has necessitated the j culiaiimen-t of the water suppiy of Wrexham. Since Thill's day the water has been turned off between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and on Sunday it was turned off at 4 p m. until 3 a-m on Monday. The Water Coin- ) oany has also given notice that, in .w of the continuance of the pro- sent exceptionally dry -weather, it has be- come necessary still further to ourtail the con- sumption of water, and consequently ail trade supplies will be withdrawn. A LOCOMOTIVE DERAILED. A mishap to a passenger engine at Ashing- ton on Sunday suspended the train service over pa.rt of the North-Eastern. Railway's Northum- berland district for five horns. While engaged in shunting a theatrical earn-ago truck at 1.30 p.m. into Ashington, the engine jumped tho uhook" rail. It damaged the petrnanent way, and finally came to i4 standstill near the station ^atform. The engine lay across tho metals, blocking both the up and down lines. A break- down gang arrived fiorn Gateshead during the course of the afternoon, and the engine was lifted on to the me-tais, the permanent way was repaired, and traffic was resumed a.t six o'clock. TiM mishap is believed to have been caused by the heat expanding the cheek rail. The engine was damaged, but no one was injured. FOG IN THE IRISH CHANNEL. II PASSENGERS' NIGHT IN THE TRAIN. I Tho Great, Eastern oxpress boat train, due at Cardiff at nine o'clock on Saturday morning, did not arrive until eight o'clock in the even- ing According to the passengers, tho steamer, on her journey from Fishguard to Rosstaro the previous evening, had to remain all night out- side Rosslare owing to the dense fog. In tho j meantime the passengers brought to Rosslare for embarkation, by the Irish railways had to spend tho night in the train waiting for tho vessel's arrival. The fog lifted1 in the morning, and the return voyage was accomplished in aver- age time. TARVIN. The great heat experienced during the latter part of last week was the greatest on record for many yeais past. On Friday the reading of the thermometer was 120 in the sua and 90 in the shade, while on the Sunday, which was the cf-.ottest day, it was 124 in tho sun and 93 in the shade. During Saturday night the glass stood It 70. ROSSETT. The intense heat experienced during the past week was severely felt throughout this district A work-non engaged in harvesting was so much overcome that his comrades had to convey him home, where he received medical attention. A gardener's wife was simila.rly affected. The easterly winds prevailing did not appear to improve matters. One aged inhabitant declared that such weather bad not been experienced for nearly sixty years. STACK FIRE AT NESTON. A fire tiroke out about nve o clock on Saturday evening at Broadlake Farm, Neston, occupied by I Mr. William Jones. Three stacks of new-mown hay became ignited and burned with great fury throughout the night and part of yesterday morning, the flames lighting up the countryside for a long distance. The damage, estimated at 9160, is covered by insurance. The outbreak is believed to be the result of the phenomenal heat. FIRE AT CREWE. I The excessive heat caused a serious fire in a tobacconist's shop in Exchange-street, Crewe, on; Sunday afternoon. The shop belongs to Mr. William Fisher, and the heat of the 000 ignited a quantity of matches behind the counter. Tbe fire Spread and destroyed the whole contents of the shop, as well as the fittings. The fire brigade were quickly in attendance, hut the fire raged for three hours, and gutted tho premises, causing ge% eW hundred pounds damage.





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