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I e DAVID'S. I ] ST. TS SOLVA.—We have had the j pleasur^x^ _ns week a carrot weighing 21ns. < 12ozs., T,- W. I). Lewis, Goat Street, St. ] David's. \lJLlage blacksmith" of Solva will j therefore he has been beaten by a City <■ gardener LANTERjf^l'RE,—Under the anspices of the Churoh 1 Aid Society, the Rev. II. A. Powell, VieJ .:( Shirehampton, Bristol, and formerly a cf v of the C.P.A., at Ley ton, Essex, gave a nteresting lecture on Lon- don over the B 4t The chair was occupied by the Very Rev )ean Smith, who, after the singing of Rock Ages," opened with prayer. The worthy Chain m r-aid: My dear friends, we are met to hear a titure on London ever the Border." It may iterest us a little more to j know that Ley ton i in the Diocese of the Bishop of St. Alban's, who.iast October, came here and I preached in our cat dral. Dr. Pusey, who was I not given to exagge^tion, said London was the grpatest heathen cit, in the world. The popula- tion of this country i creases by 1,000 a day, i.e., < there are 1,U00 mon births than deaths every day thus adding a population equal to Manchester every yet:. The population is in- creasing in all our lar;e cities, and owing to this j it is very hard to eed them spiritually. A former Archbishop c Canterbury, Archbishop Tate, stated that no cergyman could officiate to more than 2,000, but there are parishes where the population is even -,wenty and thirty, or even forty thousand, as it vas when he went to Swan- sea first. The clergy .f England should work as hard as if they were tie only spiritual body in the land. The Church Pastoral Aid Society has been the means of estallishing 600 parishes in the land, which would :ot have probably been brought into existenci but for this Society. Daniel Webster, that geat American, said the glory and strength of tie English Church is its parochial system. Th agents of the C. P.A.S. reach six millions of petple, which is about one- fifth of the population. The Rev. H. A. Powell, at the outset of his ablt address, put on the screen a diagram showing tht population of London, and the number ot worshippers, only 19 per cent were worshippers in 19(3. Those who do not live at Ley ton do not think of it as a part of Essex, but as a part of London. The great novelist, Charles Dickens, coined the phrase London over the Border." In the district he went to labour there was not a single place of worship for 4,000 or 5,000 people. He described what in- genious plans they had to carry out in order to build a church. He gave some wonderful in- stances of self-denial on the part of the very poor. He put on the screen the photo of a lad who is very anxions, the rev. gentleman inci- dentally remarked, that he would be glad if someone would give him X100 so that he may have the young lad educated and sent out as a missionary. At the close the hymn was sung "I hear the voice of Jesus say, Come unto Me and rest." The Chairman at the close thanked the rev. gentleman for his interesting address. A collection was then made for the C.P.A.S. ST. DAVID'S AND DISTRICT TEACHERS' Asso- CIATION.—The quarterly meeting of this local branch of the N.U.T. took place at the National School, St. David's, on Saturday last, commen- cing at 2 p.m. The following members were present:—Miss Green, St. David's Mr. W. D. Evans, Solva Mr. Thomas, Brawdy Mr. Fred Lewis, St. David's Mr. Appleton, St. David's Mr. Williams, Carnhedren; Mr. Davies, Croes- goch and Mr. Jenkins, Hendre Cross. The out- going president, Mr. William, Carhedren, presided throughout in the absence of Mr. Wheeler, the new President. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. It was unanimously carried that Mr. John Thomas be the Vice-President for the ensuing year. Mr. W. D. Evans, Solva, was elected Hon. Secretary, Miss Thomas, Solva, re-elected Hon. Treasurer Miss Green re-elected Par. Secretary Mr. Fred Lewis re-elected Press Secretary. The Hon. Sec. was appointed Secretary of the Benevolent and Orphan Fund. Mr. F. Lewis was elected to represent the Association at the N.U.T. Confer- ence to be held at Scarborough in Easter. Mr. F. Lewis proposed, and Mr. Williams seconded, that the best thanks of the Association be given to Mr. John Thomas for the very able way in which he bad carried out the duties of Hon. Sec. for the past eight years. The different motions to be considered at the Conference were next looked into. The teachers now sat down to an excellent tea supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Appleton, to whom a very hearty vote of thanks was passed. The next meeting will be held at Brawdy School in May.



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