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Skin Disease after Measles.

North Pembrokeshire Farmers'…



GOODWICK NEWS. HOCKEY MATCH.—St. David's Hockey Club will play Goodwick Club on the Sands at 3 o'clock next Saturday afternoon. DEATH.—We regret to record the death on last Saturday evening of Patrick Donohue, the three months' old child of Mr Patrick Donohue, 2, The Cottages, Goodwick. The funeral took place on Monday last, and was conducted by Father Nightingale. The procession left the house at 2 o'clock for Llanwnda. DEBATING SOCIETY.-The next meeting of the Debating Society will be held in the Heading Room at 7.30 to-morrow (Friday) evening. The subject for discussion will be Married v. Single Life," which will be opened by Mr M. Mosps and Mr E. Anthony. GOEDWIG.-Next Sunday morning a prayer meeting will be held instead of the usual service. The evening meeting will be con- ducted by the Rtv. Evan Davies, Llangloffan. ENGLISH CAUSE.-Tho services in connection with this cause will be conducted in the Reading Room next Sunday by the Rev. W. E. Evans, St. Florence, near Haverfordwest. SMOKING CONCERT.—A successful smoking concert was held in the Reading Room, at 7.45 last Friday evening, for the benefit of Dick Blake, Mr E. H. Sansome in the chair. The following programme was gone through :— Comic song, Now we shan't be long," Mr E. W. Drew. Song, "The Village Blacksmith," Mr Gad Edwards. Comic song, Mr Fred Stevens. Song, Queen of the Earth," Mr Bob Smith. Duett, All's Well," Messrs Canning and Moses. Song, Mr George Harries. Song, Genevive," Mi E. H. Sansome. Duett, Larboard Watch," Messrs Price and Edwards. Imitation of farmyard sounds, Mr F. Morris. Song, Wedding Bells," Mr H. Dellar. Song, Mr F. Morris. Comic song, The Railway Porter," Mr F. Stevens. Song, Killaloe," Mr J. Ronan. Comic song, Mr E. W. Drew." A smoking competition toole place during the evening. The following was Mr E. W. Drew's original comic song, Now we shan't he long" :— el, Our football team, just think of them, They started very bad. And every time they played a match We all felt very sad. Then Georgy Moses he turned up And said Let's try once more," Till Canning smiled, and then he cried Until his throat was sore. Now we shan't be long Now we shan't be long, For very shortly r can see Our chaps from ridicule will be free; We've had so much of it, I know I can't be wrong, The football will go All over the show, So now we shant be long." Our football team now gained a step Whilst down at Letterston. Our men they very soon made three, And Letterston made none. Then Cardiff sent. Dai Lewis up, He knows the way to play; And then came Charley Mason, so We always now can say Now we shan't be long, Now we shan't be long; We gave the Fishguard chaps what for, They'll never get a goal no more, We've had so much of it, I know we can't be wrong. 4 We'll shew 'em the way' Is all I can say, So now we shan't be long." We have a friend not far from here I Who lives upon the sea, His name is David Jones, you know, He's very fond of spree. He has not troubled us. so much For seven years or more, But soon as Sansom turned his back I He then began to roar: I (With) "Now I shan't be long, I Now I shan't be long; I'll blow the shanties upside down, The waggons and rails into Fishguard town. I've had so much of it, I know I can't be wrong f When Sansom comes back I'll make him look black, So now I shan't be long." We've had some jolly fun to-night In smoking the cigar; We must confess our boys are strong, There is no doubt they are. They pulled like niggers every one Because the smoke' was long; Then someone said 4 Where are you, Gad ? Says he, I shan't be long.' 44 No, I shan't be long, No, I shan't be long; I've nearly smoked my little 4 Fag,' My head it just begins to way. I've had so much of it, I know I can't be wrong, So hold up the prize In front of my eyes, For now I shan't be long." ( I FRENCH INVASION ANNIVERSARY. The children of Henner School have been granted a half-holiday to-day, being the anniversary of the Landing of the French in 1797. At two o'clock they will march down to the stone erected to commemorate the French Landing. The headmaster, Mr E. Anthony, will provide them there with light refreshments in the shape of buns. It was intended to give them a tea, but this has been postponed. MARRIAGE.—On the 21st. inst., at Ebenezer Chapel, Haverfordwest, by the Revs. J. W. Mendus, pastor, and J. Jenkins, Hill Park, Miss Francess Josephine Palmer, daughter of the late Alderman Win. Williams, J.P., and Mrs Williams, Waldon House, was married to Mr Arthur James, son of Mr James Rowlands, Merchant, Haverfordwest. The bridesmaid was Miss Lilian Maud Rowlands, sister of the bridegroom. Mr D. Llewellyn', Chemist, Good- wick, acted as best man. The bresents were numerous and costly.